Sanvello: Anxiety & Depression Reviews

Sanvello: Anxiety & Depression Reviews

Published by on 2020-12-21

The #1 app for stress, anxiety, and depression with over 3.5 million users.
Rethink how you manage your mental health. Sanvello has all of the support you
need in one place: therapy, coaching, self-care tools, and a community that gets
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Sanvello: Anxiety & Depression Reviews

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    Going to give this a shot because suffer with both disorders. Trying to get healthy and comfortable in my own life, every day stressors and things to do. Have an app productive helps with reminders and keeping me on track have a very busy life. I’m a student getting a bachelors degree in college, mother of 5, and CNA as well then recently remarried today’s our 2nd month Anniversary and thinking it’s going to get even better every day the new life I’m creating for myself and this family. Think absolutely this app will help me get and keep my life going in a good way. Not mention help me achieve good grades and happiness for myself more in such a fast paced life I’m living in at the moment. Saw this app has a way to Coach me to breath more often like my watch says and the activity app but, also help me break a moment to get or take that breath and exhale it and repeat a few times then back to the races again. I’m going to try the free app first and then, see if I purchase the premium version like I read in the review. Having a chat group and all sorts of other features especially updates and updating app to improve and help the app user fighting depression and anxiety disorders that’s amazing and very admirable to help keep up the fight with all of us and helping us possibly find a way to end these fights for each of us who have these disorders.

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    Excellent tool to manage mental health

    I've been using this app for about a week now. It has several tools for managing mental health- I feel like a lot of mental health is noticing patterns, and this app is really good for that- you can log exercise, meals, family time, and other habits (both good and bad), there is a place to log your mood (which is made of three parts, you describe your mood on a good-to-bad wheel, and then you can optionally both tag words to describe your mood, and write out accompanying thoughts, which is good depending on if you do/don't have much time). I am recommending this to everyone I love who struggles with managing mental health. They have a lot of good, bite-sized meditations too. There's more tools than what I've described (thought exercises) but they are very elegantly laid out so it's not cluttering or overwhelming. A lot of CBT-style thought management, creates some good mental patterns for examining thoughts and not letting them spiral out of control- A very useful tool for someone who struggles with depression and anxiety. I am very grateful to the creators of this app. Cool that you can sync it to your therapist too so they have ability to see how you did over the week (caus it can graph your data over time). Thank you Pacifica.

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    I feel like I can actually get better

    This app is amazing if you want to be able to track your mood and habits in one place, learn new skills for your mental health, meditate, and vent. It really is an all in one app for me. I can’t afford therapy so this is so incredibly helpful with learning CBT and it’s almost like a game- you get to see your progress and you have levels. With your mental health, you can’t see how much you’ve progressed and how much you’ve grown, but with it all in the app, you can see how you’ve changed and all the things you’ve done and it makes you feel so good about yourself. For some improvements, I think the hope board would be great with some tags or maybe having the pictures in a different layout since it’s all on one page and then it’s more difficult to see. Also, you can have different tags for different situations you need hope for. Like, school stress motivation would be different from social anxiety motivation, you know? In the thoughts when you have to then highlight the thoughts and label them, it would be helpful to see them while you label since sometimes I forget what I actually said lol. But that’s just nit picky.

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    I Came Across This App While Reading a Magazine About Tools To Help Anxiety/Depression And Decided To D/L It As I Suffer From Depression, Anxiety, Mental, Emotional And Physical Abuse. I Never Used It Until Just Recently And Let Me Just Say... This Has Been My Saving Grace. WHY Did I Wait So Long To Explore What It Has To Offer??? When I Saw That I Can Actually Express How I Am Feeling With Their Words And Then Write About What It Is That Is Going On In My Thoughts Or With My Moods, I Became Hooked. I Am a Person That Can’t Verbalize My Internal Emotions. It’s Difficult For Me To Open Up And Let Anyone In Because I Am Always Judged And For Those NOT Going Through These Afflictions, It’s Easy To Give “Advice” That They Themselves Would Never Use. I Just Can’t Take Anymore Mental And Emotional Abuse. Being Able To Come Here And Truly Express The Things That Hurt And Haunt Me... Without Judgement... Has Been Healing To Me. I Thank Those That Created This App And Praise Your Daily “Gift” Of Using a Premium Selection Because People Like Me That Are In Difficult Situations And Have No Financial Resources, It’s Such a Godsend That Otherwise Wouldn’t Be Possible. You Have Given Me & Others Like Me, A Ray Of Hope For Peace... Thank You...

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    Amazing for my bipolar depression

    Don’t be put off by the fact that this contains in-app purchases. The most helpful features are free. One of my favorite things about this app is the option to track various health habits alongside my mood. It helps to look back on my personal record and make connections. For example: “oh, I exercised every day for a week and it improved my mood” or “I didn’t sleep well that night; that must’ve been why I had such a bad day.” Also: I suffer from bipolar depression, so there’s a cyclical nature to my depressive periods. When I use the mood tracker frequently, I am able to notice patterns. In my experience, I’ve noticed that, on average, my worst slumps last around five days. When I use the mood tracker, I’m able to recognize how much longer the period of depression will last (i.e., “I’ve been really numb for the past four days, so I’ll most likely feel better in a day or two”). All in all, this is a great app for anyone, especially those suffering from an anxiety or mood disorder.

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    Great start to journaling and sharing

    I’m not usually compelled by guided programs, but I’m off to a great start. This is highly professional and polished, allowing lots and lots of flexibility and different types stimuli. Allows places for free-flow and guided-response journaling and sharing (chatting) with others in several topical community areas. I like the music and relaxation imageries, even though I’m not typically one to be guided, it works well for now, although I usually appreciate shorter text-based programs. One thing that confuses me, maybe I just haven’t quite figured it out: the reminder notifications allow me to journal my current moods. Not sure these are random, and not sure where that journaling is saved. And the daily page is also unclear when I’m to do these different activities or where they are saved. I need more clarity on how I see my progress. For now, I’m highly impressed by the content — and Thanks to the publishers for that — even though the process isn’t totally clear to me yet.

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    The best app for depression

    I’ve been using this app for the better part of a week, which isn’t too long in the big picture, but from what I can tell by this point is that this is the best app for coping with depression to be found. I already feel a difference with my condition after using Pacifica. What sets this app apart from others is that it doesn’t just analyze your thoughts or feelings, but is proactive and helps you move in the direction of healing. There’s much more focus on hope and not just how bad things feel. I’ve been more inspired to make progress since using this. There’s a lot of content to work with on the interface, which I found a little overwhelming at first, but it’s manageable after some learning. Some features are locked for the premium members, but they’re more of the bells and whistles - you’ll still have access to the most important tools of what you need to get on a better path with the basic account. The prices for upgrading are a little daunting if you don’t have much extra money, but I do understand when comparing to the cost of meds/therapy. There’s obviously a lot of continuous effort put in here from the makers, and I plan to upgrade if I end up using this for the long term, to support them. I’ve been in a really bad place lately and having some form of help that’s working means a whole lot. So, if you’re having issues with depression or anxiety, absolutely give this app a try!

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    Absolutely amazing

    I have depression, GAD, ADHD, and borderline personality disorder. Pacifica helps with all of that and then some. Not only is being able to track my mood throughout the week incredibly helpful on its own, but the meditation and mindfulness activities have helped me a lot when it comes to dealing with stress and bringing me back down to earth when I’m upset or having a panic attack. On top of all that, the community feature is spectacular. Knowing that I can quickly and easily talk with hundreds of other people who are going through similar issues helps to put my mind at ease. This app is simply amazing. The only issue I’ve had so far is that it doesn’t seem like it’s been updated for the iPhone XS Max yet. Closing windows can be hard because it places the ‘X’ way up in the corner behind my battery monitor. Some of the other windows act weird on this phone too, but nothing too bad. Hopefully this gets updated soon so it’ll be perfect!

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    The app is my best friend right now!

    Within the last few months, my anxiety has skyrocketed; and within the past few weeks, I've been suffering from a lot of anxiety attacks and depressive states. The app has been very helpful this past week. I discovered it after experiencing a meltdown and feeling like I needed to escape from my own bedroom and home. It helped me calm down and monitor myself. My boyfriend checks my journals every so often to understand me better (as I never know how to explain my emotions during and after my anxiety attacks); and he even opens the app for me when he realizes I'm starting to feel anxious and tense to calm me down (since he doesn't know how to help me on his own). Needless to say, I've come to love this app a lot. I'm actually considering to see a therapist because of this app to better understand myself and assist with the coping process. I'm also considering upgrading to the yearly premium. Hoping to see more great things to come!

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    100% Honest Review (Read)

    I’m a 30 yr old Autism mom with G.A.D and social anxiety. Living with depression, daily physical pain, RA arthritis and migraines. Believe me when I tell you. Just the great free advice, help, RESOURCES oh the resources!, tools, community love and support and much much more. I have tired everything (medications & cannabis) and nothing has done it like this app. I see me in the data gathered and i can see where to fix myself. It’s a mirror to the true self in a healthy professional way. I’m informed about my diagnosis’s (must communicate to family), emotions are tracked to easily see triggers (coffee, bad memories) and advice on the best approach to tackle goals and all (step. U step). Trust me... As a mother. Woman. Once young. Once dumb. Once inexperienced. Once so so so tormented by my diagnosis’s now I’m on a steady road to recovery. I CAN see the light at the end of the tunnel. REMEMBER the part of the app you pay is worth it even more. But just give it a true and honest chance. Peace and love everyone!

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    (Used to) Love it!

    I do not like the new update. It almost made me instantly delete it. I'm not a fan of change as I'm sure most users aren't. The home screen makes no sense. I prefer the old look 100%. I've stopped using this app almost completely since the update. Before the update I loved my home screen, it was easy access to everything I used the most. People with Mental and emotional issues do not like change. I want my old home screen back. I loved this app and I'm honestly angry and a little heartbroken. I tried to leave feedback on the setting page of the app but every button on that page works EXCEPT the feedback button. Take that as you will. I found that interesting. Thoughts before the update: I mostly use the Health part because visualizing my day into individual scales is very helpful for me. It's helpful to see the little heart fill up and I make it a goal to get it fuller than the day previous. Sadly I feel like most chat groups are in active. I was very excited about that but I posted in 10 in one night, two were for insomnia (it was 3am) and no one responded to any of the 10 groups.

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    One of the Best

    I struggle a lot with trying to help myself be the best that I can be, often with both my mental and physical health, and I've always tried a lot of apps seeing if I could find one that really works for me so I can improve myself and also attempt to track my mood and better understand my feelings. I saw a promotion for this app under an article by the app store and it looked interesting to me compared to all the other apps so I thought I'd give it a try. To this day I am very thankful of myself that I did try it because it has helped me become better aware of my health habits, taught me a bit on how to meditate, gives me a place where I can put inspirational thoughts down to help keep me going, write down all my goals, and so much more. I'd say if you're struggling with any kind of anxiety, maybe even depression, or really just you want to better yourself, give this app a try and I think you'll be a bit suprised.

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    Actually helpful

    I've tried quite a few mental health apps, but this one has by far been the most helpful. It's been great to use it alongside going to therapy. I like that it breaks things down into simply steps and never makes you feel like you're on your own. one step at a time. The Hope board is probably my favorite part- I've added pictures, quotes, and reminders that I can now easily access to help calm myself during times of anxiety or sadness. And the reminders you can have the app give you to check in with yourself help me as well. A few small notes- I hardly use the health goals portion of the app because for some reason the sliders don't really appeal to me and are slightly confusing. I also find that sometimes the background color changes to a light grey for some reason, making the white words difficult to read. Also I'm really pleased about the new podcast!

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    Problem with Theme Option!

    Hi I don’t know whether you will be getting this message or not because I had written you a review once before with five stars and it was says it was never sent from this even though I tried it twice again today. My new problem is is that I was stupid enough this morning to try a different theme as I was familiarizing myself with this app, And I selected Woodland stream or something to that effect. Well I could no longer get to any of the options within the app all I see is a lovely scenery with trees and a brook and everything else and no way to get out of it!!! I tried to delete the app and reinstall it, and now all I’m getting is the ocean waves. I have no other way to contact the Developer except through this review, I just purchased the premium option on this app, I hope I haven’t made a mistake in doing so. I now hope someone from the development group can get back to me and tell me what is wrong with this app that I’m having a problem with I can’t do use any of the tools or anything.

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    Thanks for Panic Attack!

    I would just like to point out that it was a very, VERY poor move to totally rebrand, change the name, etc. You are an app for people dealing with anxiety and mental illness, who, I’m sure like me- might be triggered or have adverse reactions to sudden change. I received no email of the upcoming change, and there was no mention of it in the app itself that I saw (which would have been the smart thing to do). When I saw it’s name change, I panicked and feared it has gotten hacked and uninstalled. My OCD kicked in and I’m still afraid to download it again because of the fears still in mind of what this change means exactly and what I’m putting on my phone. I used to love this app. I used it a lot to talk to people inside the group chat features and track my moods. But, now I’m afraid to use it again. For an app that claims to have people’s mental health as a core value, this was very insensitive and a bad move. I’m so disappointed. I’m seeing a lot of people are having trouble with the new update, which is further reason to leave it uninstalled. Before this update, I would have given it 5 stars. Now I’m just so disappointed and upset.

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Is Sanvello: Anxiety & Depression Safe?

Yes. Sanvello: Anxiety & Depression is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 13,143 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.8/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Sanvello: Anxiety & Depression Is 64.7/100.

Is Sanvello: Anxiety & Depression Legit?

Yes. Sanvello: Anxiety & Depression is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 13,143 Sanvello: Anxiety & Depression User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Sanvello: Anxiety & Depression Is 64.7/100.

Is Sanvello: Anxiety & Depression not working?

Sanvello: Anxiety & Depression works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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