U.S. Bank Access® OnlineMobile Reviews

U.S. Bank Access® OnlineMobile Reviews

Published by on 2022-09-22

U.S. Bank Access Online Mobile is designed for commercial card customers who
want secure, anytime access to their U.S. Bank Corporate Travel, Purchasing, or
One Card accounts. NOTE: If you are a U.S. Bank customer with a personal or
small-business account, please visit usbank.com/mobil...

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Reviews (24)


Unclear Titling causes non-corporate customers to download wrong app - very poor naming of apps

The authors of USBankAccess do not tell you in the title that this version is for corporate customers/users. It cannot be used by regular bank customers for a regular US Bank account. Customers must download the other poorly titled US Bank app. It would be helpful if the US Bank management cared enough good customer service and carefully titled their apps so customers don't have to drill down into all their apps in the store to find the right app that meets their needs by creating useful, explanatory titles for the apps that tell the customers the target audience of USBankAccess . Examples of better app titles are: US Bank online for regular customer accounts US Bank online for business accounts Ya think!


Get app directly from US Bank website

I went to the US Bank website and pull USBankAccess from there. I've only used it once – but so far it seems to work great!


Is bank app

Every time us bank updates redo the apps there is few things wrong some area that want you to type your phone number or some number ,ok I can see where you put numbers in but nothing it looks like blink line or no where to put your number in so I keep tapping in the area where I think that number goes after an hour of trying it pop up where I can put number in. I know it is not my cellphone because I tried with my son’s cellphone same thing. I give them a 2 stars.


Unreliable App

People, please be aware. This is the worst financial app in a way that you can’t even have access to your accounts for online banking and Most of the times during the day when I try to open the account it prompts “oops error our side, try again”!! Called their technical support and their representative acknowledged that they have lots of complains from customers and she just passes the complaints to developer. By the way this has been going on for months...


Two major problems so far

This is my first time using USBankAccess on my iPad mini 4 that I just bought specifically to do online banking because it always screws up on my iPhone 7. Right off the bat I found two major problems/inconveniences. One, it doesn’t rotate so that I can use my keyboard and two, it doesn’t give a total amount scheduled in bills so I have to continually add up the payments scheduled manually. One shouldn’t have to rely on a laptop or larger technical apparatus these days to perform simple bill pay.



USBankAccess is misleading. USBankAccess has an option for registering online, but the answer from customer service, when called, because of registering problem, is that USBankAccess can access online only after registering the card first on a desktop with windows system. Also, Customer service quality survey option only disconnects the call without allowing for actual quality survey.


Pathetic TouchID performance

The TouchID functionality is a joke in USBankAccess. It doesn’t work most of the time. The person in charge of USBankAccess development should get another job. I have used the USAA mobile app with TouchID for 2.5+ years and it hasn’t failed a SINGLE TIME. This pathetic excuse of TouchID functionality in the US Bank app needs to be disabled immediately to stop misleading it’s customers.


Good for review but lacks features

I was hoping to see that you could use a smartphone to take a picture of a receipt and attach it to the transactions. Like you can in web version. However, there are limited features. Good for a general summary overview of the account but that's about it


“Upgrade” that made app unusable

We used USBankAccess to pay bills. The last 2 days we got a blank blue screen. After trying to fix it ourselves called support. No help. She claimed change was a month ago but we paid a bill a week ago. Blamed our I pad for being too old. A “minor bug fix” that destroyed USBankAccess for some device users is very poor coding.



Stop trying to get a survey on ease of use while I am trying to USE USBankAccess , might get better reviews.


Worst bank app ever.

If you are looking for heartache look no further, the US bank app is for you. The user interface for both their app and their main website is such a insult to navigate around, It’s like they tried to make it purposely difficult to pay your bills, even just finding your balance is a nightmare. If this was not my corporate card and I was forced to use it by my job, I would never in my entire life use US Bank. US Bank if your reading this, I beg you to get all your crap together and then fix that crap. Please and Thank you! J.


Almost there…

To truly replace Access Online we need transaction management - specifically the ability to add allocations using accounting codes. All other features are working great.


So frustrating

USBankAccess is so frustrating. This is second time I have gotten a new phone and tried to log into USBankAccess . Well guess what? It wants a phone number. Enter my phone number. Guess what? It’s already being used. Yes! By me! Why can’t my app data transfer? Now I can’t log in.


Ridiculous App!

USBankAccess worked ok till today when it quit letting me access my transactions. Useless US Bank “help” cannot figure out why I can log in with my PC but not with USBankAccess . All my software is up to date, nothing changed with my credit card details and no one has any solutions. Don’t waste your time!


Almost useful

Will not let you approve transactions Will not let you scan receipts, instead you have to take photos Will not let you add comments.


Hate This Card

Constantly locks me out, doesn’t recognize my name, password, security questions. I don’t get billing information until it’s overdue. Why can every other banking institution get it right and you are just awful.


So sad

This is funny though, even the review feature won’t work. Online banking via website won’t work either. Good news! Bank by phone works, took no time, meanwhile USBankAccess is still trying to load. Changing banks today.


New app is awful. Please bring back the previous version

New app is awful. 1. Sometimes remembers previous login. Sometimes does not. 2. GUI does render correctly on an iPhone SE. I think the developers user larger smart phones and have not adequately tested legacy smart phones. 3. Bill pay has added an extra, no-value ID step to making a payment. More clicks required to get something done. Been thinking about returning to Bank of America so I can painlessly accomplish mobile banking.



Rename your app - USBankAccess has the correct logo on it, but is not for consumers. The other one I’m actually supposed to use has a different US bank logo I’ve never seen before leading me to question its legitimacy before I even download it.


Still can’t save payment accounts

Is this 2005? Bc USBankAccess seems to be stuck in it. Let me pay my account with an external account without entering the checking and routing EVERY time I need to pay (like EVERY other bank out there....)


OK, but the fonts...#FIXED

Yes it is my corporate choice and it works well for me to preview the charges before they get dumped into my expense app. However the UI can use some improvements. I use an iPhone 6 and the font for the cents displayed in the list of transactions is so tiny; they are unreadable even with reading glasses! What does it take to up the size a bit as they have no settings for this? I can get nowhere with the bank’s customer service... UPDATE: Fonts have now been fixed I latest app! Thank you!



Randomly says my login is wrong, frequently says that app is not available, won’t let me use fingerprint to login, just not very reliable. Also limited ability to pay my mortgage.


The reviews say it all.

After hours and hours of troubleshooting and bouncing between multiple support departments I’ve given up wasting my time. Website works fine - Ap is trash, uninstalled.


Just a customer

I tried to download an app tp use on my iPad. What I got was jerked around on some kind of a corporate card thing. Fortunately my credit union app works. I’m moving all my money over there. Your lame IT just cost you a customer. Paul Fleming

Is U S Bank Access Safe?

Yes. U.S. Bank Access® OnlineMobile is quiet safe to use but use with caution. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 1,836 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.4/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for U.S. Bank Access® OnlineMobile Is 30.8/100.

Is U S Bank Access Legit?

Yes. U.S. Bank Access® OnlineMobile is legit, but not 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 1,836 U.S. Bank Access® OnlineMobile User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for U.S. Bank Access® OnlineMobile Is 30.8/100.

Is U.S. Bank Access® OnlineMobile not working?

U.S. Bank Access® OnlineMobile works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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