Mojo Sportsbook (NJ) Reviews

Mojo Sportsbook (NJ) Reviews

Published by on 2023-09-22

About: Mojo is the ultimate asset in sports — a new way to invest in an athlete’s
career performance, just like a stock. INTRODUCING MOJO Finally, you can
turn your sports knowledge into real cash by investing in an athlete’s entire

About Mojo Sportsbook NJ

What is Mojo Sportsbook NJ?

Mojo is a sports investment app that allows users to invest in an athlete's entire career performance, just like a stock. The app is licensed by the NJ Department of Gaming Enforcement and is available in New Jersey. Users can buy and sell stocks instantly or hold them for as long as they want. The share price is based on an objective statistical formula that entitles the user to a guaranteed retirement payout. The share prices move with performance, news, and anything else that affects the market's expectations for career-ending value.



- Invest in an athlete's entire career performance, just like a stock

- Buy and sell stocks instantly or hold them for as long as you want

- Share price is based on an objective statistical formula that entitles the user to a guaranteed retirement payout

- Share prices move with performance, news, and anything else that affects the market's expectations for career-ending value

- Users can make money by going long or short on stocks

- Customize risk/reward and juice returns with free multipliers

- 300+ NFL players available to invest in

- Year-round price movement means the action never stops

- Low, transparent fee

- Regulatory oversight and controls for responsible investing

- Industry-best customer support available 9am-1am, seven days a week

- Licensed by the New Jersey State Department of Gaming Enforcement

- Secure online banking for deposits and withdrawals via Plaid

- Guaranteed payouts, backed by best-in-class funding and proper financial reserves.

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Key Benefits of Mojo Sportsbook NJ

- Easy interface

- Quick KYC process

- All time graphs

- Excited for NBA and WNBA

- Sleek app

- Easy sign up process

1071 Mojo Sportsbook NJ Reviews

4.7 out of 5


Really easy to use

Really easy interface. Was able to make a trade really quick and KYC was super quick compared to some competitors in sports betting space. I was rly intrigued by the all time graphs and excited for NBA and WNBA!!


A fun way to invest in sports

Been investing in Crypto but that didn’t work out, now investing in something I know a little better - first move is to buy Justin Herbert. Very sleek app!!



Love MojoSportsbookNJ already! Sign up process was super easy, excited to make some trades


this is SO cool

I’ve been waiting for this concept for years!



What a concept — a stock market for athletes! Fun and easy interface.


This is what I’ve been waiting for all my life

Love Mojo!


Now this is innovation!

Great new concept, and beautifully implemented in MojoSportsbookNJ !


Cool idea

Fun alternative to sports books


310 DAD

Go Mojo Go! Great app with lots of fun and excitement !


Great app

Good luck! App is gorgeous.


Top App

So happy to finally have a platform like this! Easy to use and well-detailed!


Best place to bet on my favorite athletes

I was initially worried to play on mojo at a high level because it was a brand new concept and app. I am glad I went for it - there is nothing else like it. Not only do I have player stocks in the nba, nfl, and mlb, but I can also bet money lines and props now as well. The customer service and vip events have been an amazing perk of MojoSportsbookNJ . Looking forward to more sports to come.



MojoSportsbookNJ in it of itself is a great concept and all, I wish the customer service reps would be as good as the idea of MojoSportsbookNJ is and that MojoSportsbookNJ would be as responsive to the problems that a customer faces as quickly as well. I’ve tried connecting multiple bank accounts ever aince I created the account. I’ve referred multiple people to the all and they’ve creates the accounts and received their respective referral bonuses as well, I’ve called multiple times only to be told that they don’t know whats going on and that they’ll escalate my issue to Plaid and Mazooma but nothing ever changes and I’m so tired of calling them only for nothing to be done.



As someone interested in finance and sports, this is the best of both worlds. Used to buy sports cards as a way of player investments but the market is so illiquid and selling is such a hassle that it almost became a chore. Mojo allows me to invest in my favourite players at prices based on actual and expected performance and provides immediate liquidity when I want to cash out. Love MojoSportsbookNJ.


Amazing customer support

Started using Mojo about 2 months ago. Was contacted by their vip rep, Justin David. He has been an amazing rep and helped me with any questions that I have. Mojo not only have great customer support, they also send out exclusive vip promotions and events. They actually make u feel like a true vip and are very generous. They also got super clean UI, highly recommended!


A Welcomed New Challenge

For the most part, my experience with Mojo has been a positive one. As with any startup, there are always little things that need to be worked out. My one issue is that I would like to be notified of when bonus codes are set to expire, as I was unaware of the last one I had before it expired. Otherwise, I look forward to bigger and better things with Mojo.


MOJO is the BEST

I have only been using Mojo for a few weeks now but I absolutely LOVE it. I have finally been able to put my obsessive sports knowledge to the test by investing in athletes and watching their price move based on performance. So far, my Jalen Hurts and Justin Herbert stock is through the roof! I would recommend MojoSportsbookNJ to any sports fan, it’s way better than betting!


Sports Betting Evolved!

Mojo is a fantastic app that continues to make updates & enhancements. I would recommend MojoSportsbookNJ even if you have no interest in betting, but just love sports. It keeps you in tune with athletes who are trending & storylines to follow. Mojo made the 7th round of the NFL Draft exciting this year! I recommend that every sports fan at least gives it a try.


Innovative and easy to use!

I’ve never been interested in sports betting simply because I didn’t understand all of the nuances to placing the bets. Mojo let’s me be part of the action by distilling all of my thoughts and hunches on who going to be great one day into a simple and easy to use gaming experience. I can’t wait to see how MojoSportsbookNJ and company grow over time!


Smooth UI and easy to navigate

Love using MojoSportsbookNJ, the UI is super clean and I have no issues finding the props I’m looking for. Mojo’s got an even better a customer service offering relative to other sports books that allow you to directly text representatives. Totally foresee myself being a customer here for the long haul.


Great App for Sports Betting

Mojo is truly unique and has made themselves standout in the sports betting space. The idea of buying shares is really creative and very fun, and provides the user with a multitude of ways to wager on sports. The Sunday Slams promo is fantastic and very fun as well, and mojo has the absolute best customer support of any sportsbook/gambling app I have found. My favorite app to wager on!


This is crazy fun

I love sports betting and fantasy sports but have never seen anything like this. Easy to sign up, market feels alive, and honestly kind of thrilling to watch prices move. Can’t wait for more sports.

Also, appreciate that it’s legal/regulated and safe - it feels way more legit than some dupes I’ve seen


More fun than traditional betting

I’m obsessed with Mojo. Watching the share prices move in real during during the games is way better than watching fantasy points.

Been doing pretty well so far. Don’t sleep on the free Multipliers. Got 25x returns on Jimmy G last night!!


New favorite way to sports bet

I’ve been using MojoSportsbookNJ since it came out and absolutely love it. The idea is fantastic, and the developers are great about listening to feedback and rewarding frequent users. Highly recommend!



Has a bug that once you log in it won’t say you’re signed in and will ask you to do the same think, just keeps repeating the same process without letting you ever sign in


A dream

Used to buy sports cards so I could invest in players I thought were going to do well. My investments were tied more to the sports card market than the players I bought. With Mojo, I’m now investing in a player’s career stats. And I can go short. Love it.


Never seen anything like this

Really fun app. I like how you can see athletes share prices over time and get in or out whenever. I was trading during the game this weekend with friends and found it pretty cool


Best sportsbook

The customer service is extremely responsive and helpful unlike its larger competitors whose support is outsourced to unknowledgeable reps who don’t hold the power to actually help when there are issues.


Innovative, User Friendly, and Fun!

Mojo provides a user friendly interface that allows sports fans to engage with their favorite players and teams in a unique and innovative fashion. Highly recommend!


Loving it!

The way the betting works took me a few days to get used to but once I did, this just feels more fun than traditional betting. Their support team is super generous and friendly too!


Mojo is great!

A very new and exciting way to bet… love using Mojo. I’m exited to see how it’ll grow when it gets to more states.
And they have a great customer service team who will help you with anything!


Awesome Concept

Just been using this on a recommendation from a friend.

It’s early but love that it’s a bit of fantasy football and a bit of NFTs. Find underrated players and buy low, sell high. Grabbed Kyle Pitts and went short on Tua.

It looks like the advantage is not having to find a buyer as they are the “house”. I bought some good rookie NBA NFTs but the value has tanked with the drop in crypto.

Mojo is limited to just football so hoping they launch baseball and basketball soon.

Promising app though.


Customer support amazing

Cynthia and LJ! Had small issue with withdrawing funds and both were ON TOP of things. Continuous check ups to see if I got my money, all the information I asked for and ZERO DELAY in responses. LJ reached out to me consecutive days not waiting for me to bring complaints but proactive with updates. Never experienced customer support like this. Very impressed!

Is Mojo Sportsbook NJ Safe?

Yes. Mojo Sportsbook (NJ) is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 656 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.7/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Mojo Sportsbook NJ Is 46.0/100.

Is Mojo Sportsbook NJ Legit?

Yes. Mojo Sportsbook (NJ) is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 656 Mojo Sportsbook (NJ) User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Mojo Sportsbook NJ Is 61.5/100..

Is Mojo Sportsbook (NJ) not working?

Mojo Sportsbook (NJ) works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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