DHgate-Online Wholesale Stores Reviews

DHgate-Online Wholesale Stores Reviews

Published by on 2023-12-26

About: The DHgate shopping app allows free access to the DHgate wholesale marketplace
on the go – connecting you directly to wholesale sellers and getting you the
best prices available. The DHgate app provides one-stop solution for your
online purchasing, from international logistics and payment, to internet finance
and customer services.

About DHgate Online Wholesale Stores

What is DHgate Online Wholesale Stores? The DHgate shopping app is a mobile platform that provides free access to the DHgate wholesale marketplace. It connects buyers directly to wholesale sellers and offers the best prices available. The app offers a one-stop solution for online purchasing, including international logistics, payment, internet finance, and customer services. It features over a million Chinese wholesalers, 40 million products for sale, and has amassed 10 million buyers from 230 countries and regions.



- Secure, organized, and reliable mobile platform

- Shop directly from sellers and enjoy lower-than-retail prices

- Check daily deals to find new discount products every day

- Make purchases individually or in bulk (for additional discounts)

- Filter and customize to find the perfect product

- Get smart product recommendations based on preferences and browsing history

- Read customer reviews for insight on any product

- Pay using innovative and easy payment options

- Ship using worldwide delivery on most products

- Scan QR codes to jump straight to a product’s page

- Shop at the $1.99 store for the best discounts

- Join the VIP club to receive exclusive benefits including 24/7 customer support and more

- Redeem seasonal promotions for coupons on all your favorite seasonal items

- Shopping categories include electronics, cellphones, apparel & clothing, home & garden, jewelry, fashion accessories, watches, toys & hobbies, shoes, and much more.

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Key Benefits of DHgate Online Wholesale Stores

- Easy to navigate

- Tracks clicks and displays items similar to favorites

- Allows customers to save favorites

- Seller stats, reviews with photos of satisfied buyer items

- Asks seller to send a photo prior to purchase

22 DHgate Online Wholesale Stores Reviews

4.5 out of 5



I have been a customer on DHgateOnlineWholesaleStores for probably 3 years. I had no issues at first and then covid happened and I moved unexpectedly and somehow I never got 4 items. Defiantly no ones fault just crazy times. I recently started making purchases again and over all I’m happy just about every time. Granted I do my research. Once I find something I like or if I came looking for something specific I will look for seller with the most sales and positive feedback. I will not purchase for a seller with less than 500 sales but prefer over 1000. It’s hard I would really love to support new shops but there’s so many on DHgateOnlineWholesaleStores and generally anyone who has issues it’s with a new seller. Someone’s you’ll 1 or 2 reviews for a new seller and their mind blowing amazing. DO NOT BE FOOLED! It’s not that hard to have your loved one your even yourself purchase something and leave a review. Anyways! I’ve good luck and once I find a seller I like I make I follow them and send referrals. The one thing negative I will say is when I have had issues something the communication between my self and the seller is Difficult because the language barrier and also because how things are Done in the US as far as shipping compared to overseas is a lot different. But nothing ever Going to be perfect when you operate on such a large scale like DHgate.


DHgate is NOT for idiots

DHgate is a fantastic E-commerce Store..... and if you try to navigate it like a western society store you will not fair well. I have been using DHgate for a few years and have had a couple snags..... 2 items sent to different states (resolved)but that was in the beginning when I was a bit
Naive and still green behind the ears. Here I will brake down the ins AND outs of how to come out ahead and be a winner. Rule # 1. Know the product you want to buy and do your research on it. Rule #2. (Most important) look at multiple stores selling the item you wish to purchase and “ONLY BUY FROM SELLERS THAT HAVE MULTIPLE REVIEWS WITH PICTURES along with multiple sales ” Repeat “ONLY BUY FROM SELLERS THAT HAVE MULTIPLE REVIEWS WITH PICTURES along with multiple sales” very very important. And that just about wraps it up.
It’s that easy peasey lemon squeezy. 99% of anything is an UA Repro so don’t think you are going to get real pair of lou V’s ok. Ask sellers to send you actual photos of the product before you buy as well. The cheaper the repro the cheaper the materials the more expensive the repro the better the materials. Have fun and be smart. Know the game play the game.... don’t let the game play you.
Follow these rules and guidelines and you should be just fine.... don’t believe the hate. Educate😉🤙🏼


Frustrated !!

I am a very new buyer in DHgate, i made my only first order over November 6th i received 3 of the 4 items that i bought, the first one was just junk plastic not replic at all bad print bad quality, i don’t think i am gonna use it at all and i just think about to return it, second one was really good purchase that is the only reason for my 3 stars good quality looks like the original i’ve being receiving very good compliments i am happy with this purse i got my review and pictures over the page, but the third one was just broke the first day that i used and i was in the middle of my trip not even close to the hotel to change it, was really embarrassed, so the number 4 i couldn’t say anything because i just didn’t receive it yet and is almost a month and a half since i made the purchase now i just realize costumer doesn’t exist anymore it’s just closed i am not receiving any response from this seller and i decided send a message to dhgate to ask directly and they said my item is schedule for “February” 3 months after my purchase for me this is very long time for a delivery even from china i have no clue if i am gonna receive it or not but if is not, definitely this is gonna be my first and last purchase over DH gate app i am not waste my money or my time anymore !!


Web site changed for worse

I’ve been loving this dhgate , I’ve been shopping now for 3 years. up until last month it’s been a nightmare . I try to shop for items on my favorite stores . Dh gate won’t allow me to access the full merchandise on that store. When I shop at that store , for certain items I go to category click on pants and it shows how many pants the store has. Before I would be able to see all 547 items of pants. Now with this new system , I go to The stores category and click on pants it says 547 items in category but I can only scroll down to 20 pictures to shop for . then at the bottom of the page it displays NO MORE !! Meaning I can’t shop for the rest of the items the store has . It’s like looking at the clothes in the store window when your shopping at the mall . but you can only see what the window display is, no walking inside to see more clothes. Same situation It’s frustrating for me and the seller. the seller has no items to display because DHGate won’t allow them to show all 547 pants items only20 . It only displays 20 of eachCategory. I’m trying to stay here but I might have to start shopping at Yupoo . I’ll wait for a response from dhgate but I’m thinking it’s not going to be resolved . I wish I can send a short video of what I’m experiencing . I hope I’ve explained it right to you guys . I hope you guys don’t exprience what I’ve been going through .


Learn Labels and Logos

Those who remember iOffer and how effortless it was to search designer brands, also realize that’s EXACTLY what crushed their website and lost sellers millions in designer repos. It seems most get frustrated attempting to locate designer items via DHGATE by searching the actual brand names outright, which will typically get you nowhere. Study the designer logo and trending styles (forget the traditional FF for example and spot LL instead) sellers cannot blatantly advertise these popular brand names or images as is, so expect a blur in the logo or misspelling like ASCHEL as opposed to CHANEL. Once you get the hang of it and start saving favorites, DHGate will track your clicks and start to display items similar to your favorites. Keywords like “LUXURY, HIGH END or NEW 2022” might lead in the desired direction also. Also be sure to check seller stats, reviews with photos of satisfied buyer items and ask the seller to send a photo prior to purchase. Nine times out of ten, you’ll get a WhatsApp text post purchase, offering direct links to the Kingdom of Knockoffs!! Take your time and shop as if you’re playing a game of hide and seek for shoppers with great taste, yet ball on a budget. Happy shopping y’all!! 😎✌🏻💯


If you plan on receiving what you order don’t use this.

3 orders thru them over the course of 2 months. Not one of them did I receive what was ordered.
Ordered one item was told was already shipped and then 3 weeks later they then sent me a message for me to pick something else which I did not like. Then when I said I wanted a refund they they said never mind they found my product. 5 weeks later it was received but to a address that was in PA but I live in ID. When I questioned they said sorry they will reship it. 2 weeks later nothing. I messaged again they said sorry they will send out the next week. Still nothing. Refused to do a refund saying I just need to wait as shipping is slow. Still nothing... 2nd item ordered was watch that said hands all moved. (There were many of the watches that said the hands did not move and those were 75% cheeper then the one I ordered). Received it no they don’t move and watch looses about 15 minutes a day and casing fell apart on the first day. Requested a refund they denied it and said they will ship a new one. Same problems with it. Still no refund... 3rd item, sunglasses stating they are polarized, nope when I messaged them they said they will fix if I do another order with them and would not refund the original. Like ordering shrimp from a guys car trunk in AZ might look great on surface but you won’t get what you think your ordering...


This one seller

So overall I love DHgate. I’ve been using them for a few years now. So here’s the issue. I purchase a pair of sneakers for my husband in March and they were sent to an address in California and I live in New Jersey. So I send a message to the seller open a dispute and they agree to send another pair. Now it took them almost to weeks to resend it and this was in April. So now here comes June I’m waiting on the second pair. I check the tracking and now this pair has been sent to an address in Texas. No now at this point this possible cannot be the fault of the post office. I have sent a couple of messages to the seller advising my order has been sent to the wrong address again with a screenshot of the tracking on where the package was sent too. They send me a message back saying that the problem has been verified. And I’m trying to tell them that this is the second order that I have sent and now they won’t respond. This is not acceptable. If you keep sending peoples order to the wrong place for the second time you should immediately send a refund not ignore your customer. I can’t dispute it again because if I close the first one then the seller will get my money. And I can’t find a way to contact DHgate directly. Oh by the way to use seller “leeace8889” they don’t communicate with their customers. After all this time of using DHgate I have never had an issue until now.


Hit or Miss! Watch out for the swing!

I dove quickly in to DHgateOnlineWholesaleStores with out really looking into the water. Just purchased with out looking for reviews, photos and ratings. But I did message the seller asking for photos. They showed me good photos, I saw them and purchased! It came in the mail a few weeks later, my wife was extremely happy and so was I. But I have learned some hard lessons about not receiving photos from sellers and just ordering items where the prices just seemed to good. Here is the HIT, message the seller before you purchase. Ask them if they can provide photos before shipping out the item or items. Make sure you like what you see and if the photos aren’t enough ask for more and if the don’t answer cancel your order. The MISS. If the price is to good to be true... it probably is. Stay away from social savings! It’s a scam! You think they are selling by the bulk but it will never reach you! Stay away! Last but not least the SWING! Look for reputable sellers with reviews, pictured reviews and can respond back when you have messaged them. Ask for photos ask all questions before purchasing! After purchasing if you don’t get a photo! CANCEL! Freeze that payment! Because it will be 10X more difficult to get your total amount back if any! Don’t believe the 4 1/2 star rating on DHgateOnlineWholesaleStores! It’s a lie!


Not trustworthy

I had been a good customer and very considerate with so many sellers who had sent me poor quality and false advertised products. I just wanted to help them not to lose their business. But finally I got fed up when I bought a dress for $62 and was not the same as the picture and is too small for me as opposed to their advertisement as one size. This should be at least bigger if one size not small size. They should at least say it’s small size. The design is different from their picture. Totally nightmare. I’m not after a discount or give it to me for free but a matter of principle. On top of that, when I filed a refund/return they sent me an email saying they finalized it and released the payment to the seller. But they did not send an email instructions the format or guidelines for returns. I almost followed up via emails this matter to all the depts concerned who could assist and no one replied. I sent numerous emails and I was helpless. It was a nightmare and I wanted to use this platform to warn the whole world how bad DHgate is. They don’t help or assist if you need help and they have sellers who are scammers and DHgate don’t care. They only care for the money that they will earn. This company should not be trusted. It’s buy at your own risk. I wish there is an agency who should audit their wrongdoings.
Thank you for letting me air my grievance as this completely bothered me for months.


Great Items at Great Prices, Just Don’t Get Lost!

As the title implies - there are tons of items available on DHGate for very low prices. As long as you have some knowledge of the product you’re looking for beforehand & you pay attention to what you’re ordering, you’ll find you can get some awesome deals. In fact, my expectations have been exceeded on every order I’ve placed! Shipping only takes about 16 days as well...and I seek out sellers who offer it free of charge.
The only hangup I have found is in the search functionality. Often times, items do not come up in your search even though you know full well they’re offered on there somewhere. Additionally, once you click on a suggested item, if you go ‘back’ to your search results afterward, you will NOT be taken back to where you were...you’ll have a whole new set of items to peruse. So click with caution!
Other than that, I say just enjoy your shopping! You’ll find stuff you never knew you needed, stuff you didn’t know existed, stuff that makes you laugh, and some stuff you’ll wish you never even saw. It’s good fun!



Okay so after using DHgate for a while I made numerous orders even when I was waiting my previous one. My mistake just couldn’t believe the prices on stuff, yes it’s to good to be true. I ended up waiting super patiently over a month as they said it would take 8-30 days delivery time. Started getting little things here and there never up to par. A xxl and xxxl turns out to be like a medium and a small in Chinese sizes, which I did look for as some put that in the description. Quality and size completely wrong, not to mention half of my stuff never showed up. Used the tracking numbers and some were not even valid tracking numbers and upon calling my post office they found some packages were deliver to Miami or Texas of wherever else except my house. After contacting dhgate customer service they were very hard to work with didn’t speak very good English and didn’t sound like they even knew what they were talking about. After talking in circles with her for quite sometime she said she would send me an email with instructions. Guess what email I never recieved. Reaching out to all sellers to tell them what happened guess who got no response from any of them, yup me. So after losing products all over and payments being released to seller even though I never said I received anything. Will not be using dhgate again and don’t be fooled by the 5 star reviews. They are fake.



I placed an order over 3 months ago. I tracked the order and it hasn’t moved for over 2 months. When I reached out to the seller they blamed it on covid. I checked their store and customers that ordered before and after me received their order. I requested a refund and on the sellers end they agreed to refund once I returned the item. Days later the “system” released payment to the seller. I tried contacting the seller and no response. (Because they have already been paid) I then contacted customer service and I was told the dispute was closed. When I checked the item it’s no longer available. DHGate supports fraud. They’re providing service for people to get scammed. I’m going to my bank to fight the charge with my proof. If you rely on them to conduct honest business good luck. I would not recommend it. The seller: qazwsx02, I don’t know if that would help anyone because they often disappear and come back with new names. I left a review on the item but they made it unavailable now so people don’t see the bad review. I figured DHgateOnlineWholesaleStores review would be the most honest. I should’ve taken heed. Good thing I didn’t buy a bulk load. If you still want to try buy 1 item (as a sample) if you’re happy and it’s still there go back and buy more. Unless you’re a person that likes to gamble and don’t mind losing money.


Worst company to purchase from

They advertise coupons that are nearly impossible to use. They have no way of calling to contact anyone for help - they only communicate through chat, which by the way is a robot chat. You have to wait in the queue to talk to a real person - which will take a very long time. And once you finally chat with a real person you might as well chatted with the robot because they are completely useless. I purchased an order which was a significant amount and was never given the option to use the new buyer coupon pack which my order would have qualified for. When I finally chatted with a real person I was instructed to cancel the order and then I would have to reorder and have them apply the coupon. After further digging they then told me that even if I requested to cancel the order it Woolf have to be approved first - and only if the cancel was approved would I be able to reorder and apply the coupon. They offered no assistance in canceling order, would not contact the seller on my behalf to initiate the process. Ironically after I raised a fuss with the chat agent my item was shipped within hours making it impossible to cancel order and use the 88 dollar new user coupon. Proceed with caution on DHgateOnlineWholesaleStores. They have ridiculous processes in place that leave you with no options. Not to mention they are very rude.



Well, where to start, it started on April 4 when I decided to make a purchase of masks and protective gloves, everything started well since the first purchase everything came without problems in 15 days, the tragedy began with this "store" that has already 4 days after the purchase they had received the money and I 90 days later, that is to say today, July 3, I do not have any product, and with so empty responses from "the sellers" that they already let me know that my purchase was lost, and the resolution center did absolutely nothing, they will never do it in favor of the buyer, and 90 days later you lost the money and there will be no merchandise and nobody will respond. the store never responded to a message, they responded to the request for a refund that they would not, and so you were literally robbed by the sellers, I hope you really think about it before buying on this platform and much more from this store

I hope that if you need something, do not do it, do not buy in this website, half of the merchandise that I received the first time of the first purchase, that arrived on time have poor quality, of course, and the masks are broken before being used. with nothing more to add but the disappointing news of being robbed by these scammers I ask again DO NOT BUY THESE SCAMMERS


Unreliable/fake advertised as 100 Authentic

Plenty of unreliable stores and fake products on this site, be careful with your purchases, because DHgate is not on your side when a purchase goes wrong.( as a buyer)
One of my purchases of over 8k, was received with all counterfeit electronic accessories, I sent DHgate the images of the products Scan, after checking them with the original factory on line.
The best offer DHgate sent me was to keep the fake product and refund me $3500. We informed DHgate that was not accepted, our company would not sale fake electronic accessories, because their unstable and can blow in customers hands, pockets or faces. Their response to our company was to send the products back to China, which we pay for shipping that will cost over 2k. And they can not assure us the full refund still. They mentioned most products will be damaged in that process and the seller can deny our company any type of refund than, lol. So they suggested that we keep the fake and get the $3500 refund, as better option. Even though the products purchased was advertised by seller to be %100 Authentic.
So I decided to take it with my US Chase bank. Did a charge back but DHgate provided the bank the fake products shipping slips out of China. So we lost the fight and the money. Products received was trashed.
Figured to share my experience here, and hope yours will be better some how.


Unsafe Business

DH Gate is a very risky company to do business with in general. 50% of the items I have purchased have been terrible in quality and not useable. The most expensive item I purchased was $300. It was a guitar that literally had parts screwed on crooked and was unplayable. The return process is very complicated and takes months. They offer you a partial refund to keep the item and not return it. They also force you to pay return shipping to only be given store credit for if they reimburse you. Return shipping for this guitar was $150 and there was no guarantee it could be tracked or would make it there. They made sure to explain errors with my customs forms or any loss during return shipping would be my responsibility and that no refund would be issued for such a loss. Then they told me it would be a terrible mistake to not accept the partial refund as many items are not making it back to China currently. So, if you buy something they will not stand behind the product and you cannot realistically return it. Keep that in mind and stay safe.

This review was written after full exhaustion of DHGate’s customer service system. The company is a total sham. Their response to this review speaks volumes to how you will be treated. It’s as if they didn’t even read my words and sent a generic reply.


Insanely good if you know how to play.....

I buy so much stuff. Burned a couple times early on but learned a few things that have been the key to finding criminally good deals, wink wink. Look for pics in reviews to see what’s in the box. Much like online dating the pic doesn’t always match the real deal but here reality is most often an improvement. Only buy from sellers who have over 1000 transactions and have 95%ish approval rating. If they sell crap the reviews will say so. Don’t buy the cheapest option and don’t buy the one option that’s way cheaper than the rest. Watch tracking activity and ask when item will ship after a week if no activity. Many sellers will send you a pic of your package and give you a good tracking number. I apologize when I introduce people to DHgateOnlineWholesaleStores because it will consume you. You will feel like an idiot paying western retail prices after seeing what’s in here. Don’t search jordan 6s. Do search j 6 fashion shoe. Figuring out the way to search is critical to your success. Prepare to be shocked and awed compadre.



I have been using dhgate for about 3 months now. So far I have received 12/13 things that I have ordered and the one order I did not receive dhgate was able to successfully give me a full refund of my money. Currently I have 12 additional items shipping and on their way to my house and I’m positive they will all arrive. I know it’s difficult to find the right buyer and many people don’t like DHgateOnlineWholesaleStores because they don’t get the items they bought but all you do is look at the reviews for the product you want to buy. There is even a filter in the top right corner of DHgateOnlineWholesaleStores when you search things that allows you to find items that have more purchases and better reviews. Use these filters and Look at the reviews people leave and look at the pictures as well so you know it’s legit. By doing this you are giving yourself the best chance to get the best products. The only downside is the wait time but for the great quality of the products you receive and for the price you pay it’s totally worth it. I would recommend DHgateOnlineWholesaleStores to anyone.



Please don’t use DHgateOnlineWholesaleStores. I used it to buy some tools because the prices were amazing. I waited the 30 days and still no tool were delivered. The tracking said that they are still on it’s way. I sent the seller 4 different emails to see if he might have more info that I can’t see. No response to any!!! So I wanted to talk to someone from dhgate and the only way is to chat on a IM. The guy I “chat” with told me that my item was shipped to the wrong address and he would try to get ahold of the seller. Finally the seller got back to me and said that he was only going to give me a partial payment back to me. I payed $30 and he only wanted to give me back $5!!!! I declined and he came back with $7. We did that back and forth and I finally accepted $19. I cheated with the guy from dhgate and he recommend another seller with the same tools for a little more money. So I went for it. I found DHgateOnlineWholesaleStores that gives me more info on tracking so input the tracking number and guess what!!?? It was delivered to the wrong address AGAIN!!! So now I’m waiting for my refund again and dhgates policy says that you have to wait 5 days for the seller to get back to you to bargain on how much money they want to give back to you!! Worst company ever!!! I just want my money back. So Beware and don’t make me say “I told you so”!!!


App and sit is glitchy and company takes advantage of it

Though there are a lot of vendors and items, beware! If something happens, not all the links on their website or app work. Heck, they ask you to go to a FB page if you can’t get through and it doesn’t exist! Their customer service page gives you an error message sometimes. App doesn’t always show messages and alerts. When you try to notify anyone, you get an error message. Lol! Not worth it. They use the errors to their advantage it to take money, by making it difficult. Don’t but anything over 100$ to be safe or not worth the frustration if you need good communication. Go ahead try to submit extra evidence for a dispute case… the error message will great you. The customer service center is horrible and sellers know it so way too many take advantage of DHGate’s lack of technology functioning right. We won’t even go into the vendors lying about product, this is an app and website review. Update - been talking to customer service- it’s like watching a dog chase it’s tail. Unwilling to help with a seller who lied about a product to avoid sending a refund. I wish I could post images. Talking in circles. Be weary of the stars this received.



complique tu file a Disputed I want to inform you that you do not understand this page I spent $ 800 on Makita drills The Wall my Walking put them at an amazingly fast price to pay for the drills removed the store it is as if the Mercer bis cost mysteries put that fake store send you a package from two dollars to a different address in the United States so they have a tracking that Trucking they put on your page as if they had sent the package but the package will not arrive at your address will arrive at another address in the United States I bought $ 800 in drill and things to sell that I am a seller none of the purchase I made came to my house none and they were like seven different purchases and none came and the whole store disappeared and on top of that every time I call Shelby they use it It tells you if the refund is there
Lies of it, they are the ones who do the scan that because many people to get your money back have to do a process and many people as they do not know how to deal with the Internet after they lose the money because the package arrive at the different address because What happens is that the box comes out as if it had arrived on your page but I do not reach your address I arrive at another by then you are waiting thinking that what is coming way but nothing comes because I have been fighting for four days fighting with ithis people for the last 2 weeks for my mone do not make the mistake i make god bless


Social savings

I’m here to warn everyone!!!!!! Whatever you do don’t order from social savings!! It’s an absolute fraud!!! I’ve ordered 8 things and nothing has come!! Them DHgateOnlineWholesaleStores doesn’t let you leave reviews after the horrible long process that you have to go through!! You think you’re getting a little relief which super discounts but you’re not. The refund process is long and DHgate is awful with handling the inconvenience . We get no compensation for the inconvenience just our refund and sellers get to keep selling scamming us!! I made a order and soon as I got the tracking number I called the post office and it immediately told me it’s going to a different city and state !! It’s a fraud. And after as many times as I’ve been through it you would think that DHgate would give me a major coupon or deal but absolutely nothing. For instance I stay in New Orleans and I have packages being sent to Hawaii, Wisconsin all over the place and don’t be fooled by the reviews that the social savings sellers have if any it’s them leaving reviews to themselves to fool us. I’ve tried several times to leave a review but nothing so on packages that I have received from other sellers I leave little comments about social savings to warn y’all. Please please please don’t order from social savings. And DHgate you’ve got to do better period it’s pathetic that we have to deal with the foolishness!!!!!!!! Fraudulent as F@&K., social savings trash!!!!!


Dhgate risk issue message

So I was extremely excited for buying items at dhgate, but unfortunately i was ony able to buy from 5 different sellers. The sellers and the item i purshased are amazing. The issue is dhgate because they blocked my account with a message saying my credit card is at risk. I contacted my bank , my bank said there was no problem in my side. But its dhgate that blocked my account for verification. However ive been emailing non stop dhgate to solve this issue to the security safe fraud department, and they have not responded once. There is only some online chat with robots, and keep telling me to wait for them to contact me. I am very upset at dhgate. They told me to send a picture of my credit card and ohhh nooo i will never do that. No business has the right to ever ask a customer for a picture of ur credit card. Like for what???? So u guys can scam me and use my information???? Be smarter. I am a true customer and the items i purshased were send to my billing and shipping address the same...... so please have better customer service and don’t ask customers for personal information. Other than that issue i have with dhgate, the sellers are a different story, they are cool, professional sellers and deliver the product and good customer service but thats the sellers the shops. Not dhgate.


I agree with some of the reviews

I have been ordering from DHgateOnlineWholesaleStores for about a year now. I had three issues with the Seller’s one my items came damaged and the other issue was I received the wrong item and the third issue was that I never received my item after two months. All of the issues was resolved the Seller’s replaced the damaged items and I was sent the correct order and for the item that I didn’t receive I was refunded my money back and I was given a $30 shopping credit. I have been shopping overseas for years now you must know the rules when shopping overseas. First, know that it will take about 30 days for items to get to you or pay more for faster shipping. Second the sizes are always smaller than the USA sizes so you want to see their size chart before buying. Third, always contact the seller first and then open a dispute with DHGATE if you cannot work it out with the seller. I will continue to shop overseas because I find quality products for very good price. Always read the reviews and look for photos from other buyers when they upload them. Happy shopping!


Great App but sellers can be shady

Seller ratings look like ebay’s but you cant look at recent transactions like you can ebay’s..You should be able to file a dispute or do anything that you could do on your computer on the website... All in all I am satisfied with my experience with the sellers on DH-Gate... sometimes you can get a better, safer deal on Ebay from the same sellers...When you buy something and the sellers store closes/ disappears a day or two later it makes you wonder of you are going to get what you purchased.. Also shoe sizes... even when you use the guidelines from the seller (actual foot length) can end up with shoes that are two sizes too small.. useless ..to the person that you purchased them for... after waiting a month or more... I’m patient for a good purchase... but its disappointing to wait.. and then be even more upset.. There should be reviews.. from buyers of those shoes.. stating the problem.. and the sellers should take steps to avoid sending shoes they now know are too small from my e-mails and review to future customers buying that size and namebrand..


Scammers on Social Savings

DHGATE won’t do anything about scammers selling ultra low priced gear. Here are a couple pro tips: 1) don’t buy from a new seller without a high rating. 2). Don’t buy from a seller without a store. 3). Look at reviews and don’t buy from a poorly reviewed or with Seller with no reviews. 4). If you get scammed two things may happen: either they won’t ship or ship to a wrong address. Contact DHgate’s customer service directly to report shipments to wrong addresses and they will help start a dispute to get a refund. Takes six days from the dispute day to get a refund. IF they don’t ship, you have to wait the 35 days but then you can start a dispute on your own. You need to fight for disputes and be diligent. Scammers are hoping you will forget about the low prices order and they get paid and you get scammed.

Last pro tip: if it isn’t EXACTLY what you expected, starts a dispute with the seller. Honest sellers will work with you to remedy the issue quickly because open disputes hurts their rankings on the site. At the minimum they will give you a partial refund, many times they might refund the item without a return. My issue is always about sizing. Sizing is a big issue but most honest sellers try to make it right.



I’ve had success using DHGate up until 2018. I’ve ordered two football jerseys, a hockey jersey and a necklace. They all took over a month to be delivered to me in Virginia, but they got here. One of the football jerseys is actually such bad quality that the blue bled onto my white shirt I was wearing underneath and ruined my shirt. Beside the point! In 2018 I ordered a hoodie that ended up in Davis, California. I live in VIRGINIA. As if that wasn’t bad enough, I ordered a bag that ended up in Clearwater, Florida. Again, I live in Virginia. I got a refund for the hoodie without problem. However, it’s been over two months and I’ve never gotten my money back on the bag that ended up in Florida. I’ve messaged the seller and DHGate directly without response. When I first brought it up to the seller, they were in such a hurry to close the case, they said they’d give me a refund and never returned another message. And for two things I ordered in November (a bag and a necklace), I still don’t have in almost February. The tracking numbers are most likely invalid. One says “label created, not yet in system” and the other says “status not available”. DO NOT USE DHGATE. Don’t use them if you actually want what you paid for. As someone who’s has previous success with DHGate, I’m telling you from multiple bad experiences to NOT use them.


Online is better than the app

The search bar doesn’t work very well when you’re looking for a specific item. It tells you to refine your search. I refined it to everything and it still has problems finding what you’re looking for. I know DHgateOnlineWholesaleStores sells it because when I go online to DHGATE and not log in. I’ll put the same item in the search engine and it comes up right away. DHgateOnlineWholesaleStores has problems looking for your items. Certain feature on DHgateOnlineWholesaleStores are too close together and get in the way. The camera button is in the search bar. Every time I go to delete my search from the bar I end up turning on my camera because it is too close to the delete button. I like to scroll with my right hand, and that little bear paw or whatever it is always gets in my way and messes up the page I’m navigating through. I’ve had DHgateOnlineWholesaleStores for about 6 hours and have be very unsuccessful on my personalized searches. I think I am going to delete DHgateOnlineWholesaleStores . Although my chances are better finding what I am looking for on DHgate online. I’ll probably just avoid DHGATE all together. I’m already frustrated with DHgateOnlineWholesaleStores . I should have just stayed online instead of downloading DHgateOnlineWholesaleStores . So far this site has not been worth my time.



I have ordered over $1000 worth of items and I received every last one of my items starting frm Feb 2018 til now may 2019..I honestly just had a totally of 15 orders back to back since March 2019 and every item came on tyme all my items came back with Grade A quality I can post pictures of everything I have ordered if anyone need to see them on hand at my home ..I absolutely appreciate this company I have fast and respectfully communication with sellers ..I had sellers send me free samples also of items before I make a huge order ..I try to order from the same sellers everytime ...and always Use PayPal your money will be place back on the card if for any reason you need to dispute ..PayPal stands behind your account faithful..communicate with the seller look at the reviews on the item before purchasing it and d pictures a buyer post of the item ..some ppl might be tryn to stop you guys frm beating them to these great deals at very low prices ..anyone need to contact me for pictures of items feel free....I love shopping With Dhgates and I mean this💞💕🥰🙌🏽🙏🏾


Beware the rating you see on DHGATE is not real

I went into transaction with DHGATE. The problem started right away, they hold my payment on “suspicious fraudulent transactions”, I have been asked to send a copy of my passport and copy of credit card both sides. I called my bank tree times to resolve this issue without a success. It took DHGATE four days to clear my name and money. I contacted my Seller to update on time of delivery and get very disappointed reply that his factory has too many orders and I have to wait sometime to get an update. The seller name is Skyllet. I realize that something is not right and ask for a refund. Skyllet response:” dear. The platform is already processing the refunds for you, and you will receive refund these days”. I waited some days before I contacted the DHGATE to help me with the refund as the Seller kept silent for many days before I got this reply from Skyllet: “You can rest assured that I'll give you a refund as soon as possible.” And same thing continues “PENDING REFUND IN THE SYSTEM”, because Mr. Joke Skyllet is not confirming refund. I have contacted DHGATE customer service live chat and chat with a person called Mariala. I asked how to rate my Seller in the system. Guess what? You can only rate once you successfully purchase a product. Very funny!! Beware the rating you see on DHGATE is not real!

Colin James   1 year ago

Buyer BEWARE. Do not use Dhgate. No customer service and dispute resolution will always side with seller even if they tell you that you are right. Beware!!!!!

Whitneymarieministries   2 years ago

If I could give zero stars I would! This dress looks nothing like the dress I ordered! This isn’t the right color or style of the dress! In my communication with the seller the seller first lies about my dress being shipped out! They gave me an fake shipping number! 2 weeks later from that they provided me with a new shipping number from a different carrier stating to let them know first if the size and of color is off . Which leads me to believe they knew they were sending me the wrong dress I want my full refund! I needed this dress for my engagement photos! I’m ao disappointed and upset’ ... now I have to upload better pictures because the ones I uploaded on the app wasn’t clear? That makes no since! Clearly you can see the dress isn’t the same style color or size of the dress I ordered I want my ful refund! I pray nobody does business with this seller EVER! My order number 3305909150

Is DHgate Online Wholesale Stores Safe?

Yes. DHgate-Online Wholesale Stores is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 414,372 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.5/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for DHgate Online Wholesale Stores Is 63.0/100.

Is DHgate Online Wholesale Stores Legit?

Yes. DHgate-Online Wholesale Stores is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 414,372 DHgate-Online Wholesale Stores User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for DHgate Online Wholesale Stores Is 100/100..

Is DHgate-Online Wholesale Stores not working?

DHgate-Online Wholesale Stores works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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