Zego Resident Reviews

Zego Resident Reviews

Published by on 2022-07-28

Make payments, view utility bills, connect with your community, and control
smart home devices all from your mobile device using the Zego Resident app.
Everything you need to do in a Zego-powered community can be managed from your
phone via this intuitive mobile app. - Zego Pay: Pay you...

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Reviews (34)


Problems logging in, confusing app design

I tried to log in using Google and Facebook but received an error for both but it didn’t tell me what the issue was. Once I was able to log in using my normal email address and password I was able to acces other features of ZegoResident . I also wish that the rental payment (a recurring monthly payment) was set to what I owe my landlord and I did not have to type it in every time. Even if my previous payment amounts were used to determine how much this recurring payment should be it would be greatly helpful. I did appreciate that ZegoResident presented me with a receipt. I wish I was able to save this to a pdf instead of having to take a screenshot or waiting for an email (which may never be received).



These fees are CRIMINAL. I cannot fathom why my apartment complex would use this company. I liked the other one so much better but this is just hurting people! 40$?! FOR CREDIT USE?! ARE YOU INSANE?!!! 14$ for “EXPEDITED PAYMENT?!!!” AFTER I already paid my rent?! And then you don’t even tell me what my rent is. Say THAT TO MY FACE 🤬!!! YA’LL JUST AN ANNOYING BROKE MIDDLE MAN. FIRST AND FOREMOST you’re telling me your app cant even give my apartment complex their money on time and then to top it off you want me to pay for your app to do it’s job “FASTER” ?!!! IM NOT GETTING A LATE FEE FROM MY COMPLEX FOR THEIR DECISION TO USE YOU. THATS ON THEM I PAID ON TIME THATS ALL I CARE ABOUT. Mark my words. If y’all don’t stop trying to squeeze your users out of every penny I promise you will be down to your LAST penny. None of your tactics work on me. I swear I hate ZegoResident for how SCAMMY it is. It’s convenient if you have a bank account but what if you dont?! Hm?! What if you’re going through hard times?! Or have a strict income?! This is just a slap in the face. The expedited payment part made had me laughing at the audacity. The other app also had a much cheaper fee. I AM BESIDS MYSELF. I WOULD NEVER RECOMMEND YOU. literally cheaper to go write a CHECK. if I wasn’t getting deployed I would absolutely do exactly THAT!!!! 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬


It’s ok.

I love the fact that I can pay my rent online with an app. It makes my life so much easier. But, TBH, ZegoResident itself is a little sketch. Everytime I log in it has an error about no info has been found but it logs me in anyway. Once logged in I get in error telling me that no payment information has been found but it appears on the screen anyway. I always get a little nervous using ZegoResident . With that said, my payment always goes through without a hitch. I love not having to write a check And because of that I will continue to use ZegoResident. I’m hoping they fix the little bugs though.


This app is bologna

Besides being able to pay your leasing office without seeing them face to face ZegoResident is terrible it doesn’t show any electronic billing banking statements except what you have paid is a major let down for a user! Which it lacks with many systematic issues! The high fees for using credit cards/debit cards as well as the express pay is ridiculously high outrageously outlandishly expensive for these times paying the bills should be a decent experience with much more information than what ZegoResident provides! You might as well go to a safe way or Kroger to get a money order to pay your bills without paying so much out of pocket like those without legitimate bank accounts too



I had problems at first, then I call my rental office and they gave me a long in number to use. I have to problems with it now. I like it because you can split your rent up into two partial Payments, Therefore today I with start paying my rent in two parts and it will still be on time. My rental office see the money as soon as it post, I know because the fist time I tried ZegoResident I called my rental off to make sure they had it. ZegoResident make it easy to pay rent, it cost if you using ant debit or credit card it depends on how much you sending. Checking account debit is free and it takes two to three days to come out your account. That is better than a week or two. I have been using for three months now and glad It ‘s trust worthy. I have spoken to Zego representative a couple of time and they was helpful and polite on phone.


My review would simply be about the fee that we have to pay to pay our rent, don’t you think with how bad the situation is now with Covid-19 . Maybe then they would adjust the fee from $3.95 to maybe $1.95 and I probably imagine that more people would actually pay their rent on the website without thinking twice because the price is fare. We are all struggling together.


Ineffective App

I found the account set up process to be quite easy. 1 star earned. When ZegoResident works it is a great way to pay what I owe to my landlord especially since I am currently 1500 miles away. Now for the bad part. Even though I was able to set up my profile and add my bank account information to make the payments necessary and had made 1 payment already ZegoResident didn’t tell me what my move in balance is (which would be helpful so I can simply log in pay what I need / want to for the day and still having a running balance remaining) loss of 1 star. Upon attempting to log in with my phone which I set to remember my user name and password with a facial recognition ZegoResident is not loading past telling me to log in. It gives me simply a white screen with no loading activity (loss of 2 stars) When on this white screen of death as I shall call it ZegoResident doesn’t even let me go backwards to attempt to refresh the connection and move forward. Loss of another star.


Log In issues

Can’t log in for weeks now - I am using the same email and password for app and gives me “Unknown Error”. When I use the same credentials on a desktop website there are no issues, so now I bookmarked the webpage in my home screen to make it look like an app. It would be nice to see a “Payment Amount Due” instead of me paying and going back to my payment history, I have a roommate who also uses the account to pay their part. Maybe all the developers are still working from home lol they moved out of their building in Sorrento Valley


Total Crap - I would give it zero stars if I had the option

This new app is total crap. When it was paylease it was better and I was able to pay my HOA via that. Now from the time it got upgraded may be a year or so, it always says “we are in the process of upgrading our app” and always redirects me to the mobile web version. Why even have an app when you can’t integrate your login / payment API with ZegoResident . You can simply use the mobile web view on ZegoResident container or just spend your efforts on just having the mobile web view instead of spending on effort on developing an app that doesn’t even login.


Pay a Fee to Pay Rent...???

I have to PAY a FEE to PAY my RENT?!? Even if it’s straight from the bank, there’s a $2.95 fee?! Before my current property was purchased we used PlacePay. Not only did it NOT charge a fee when using your bank to pay your rent, it also had a way better user interface that established a connection to the experience. It also provided helpful information like MY half of the rent in a form of readable text that signaled whether it had been paid or not, and if your roommate has paid theirs or not. PayLease doesn’t indicate the amount due, unless my landlord hasn’t established it on his end. ZegoResident is bogus.


Was unable to set a one time payment for rent

Follow up to issue, customer service representative contacted me an was able to figure out the issue and resolved. Reinstated to 5 stars fir great customer service. Instead I had to set up an auto payment for current month and then will have to figure out how to delete, so that, I may pay the following month.


Sub par customer experience (ZERO customer support) - RentTrack was superior

I thought I was the only one who’s credit took a big hit after my RentTrack (acquired by Zego) account was closed due to the migration. Credit dropped dozens of points at two reporting bureaus. I had login issues trying to use google sign-in, but found finally found a workaround. I could NOT however, find a workaround in getting credit reporting set up. Got an error message saying I was “ineligible” for this feature. Others have reported this issue in the reviews. ZegoResident development team responded with an email address to report the issue to, which I tried, but no response yet. Did I mention that I waited for an hour plus for phone customer service, without success? Had to return to work duties and chose the call back option - days later still waiting for a call. A very rocky migration, with ZERO customer support. Bring back RentTrack!!!


Excellent for Making your Payment

I find it excellent for setting up my rent on auto pay avoiding having to worry about it each month. Logging in to make my utilities payment, which varies each month, takes only a minute. I also love that it reports our payments to all 3 of the major credit bureaus. Great app all around!



Our mobile home park, just recently transferred to this company in doing so they have taken away our opportunity to see and pay our rent early. This is made many of us very unhappy, we would really appreciate and like if we are able to see and pay our lot rents a couple of days early like we used to. We went from using rent track so now using Zigo and this is caused many of our neighbors as well as us to become confused with this company‘s way of handling our lot rent and payments.


Peace of Mind

I love ZegoResident and the fact that I can make a payment anywhere and at anytime. My only issue is I am unable to see the breakdown of my rent charges for the month. I recently renewed my lease and the total rent has not matched my lease, Conservice statement, or the amount mentioned on ZegoResident. But I just calculate the rent myself and confirm with the office by email if the amount is correct.


It’s decent

Shows summary of all items and their total costs before processing payment, takes about 4 days to process payment which gave me anxiety not knowing if it was going to go through on time, and after fulfillment it doesn’t show summary of all items costs. I wish they emailed a copy of each month’s pay stub to keep track of budgeting for all individual items listed on Bill.


It’s a great app when it works .....

When it works it’s a great app and very convenient however this past year I have frequently had issues with ZegoResident not working, not letting me log in and all types of error messages . I don’t recall having any problems at all with ZegoResident last year but since about June of this year ZegoResident has frequent sent error messages . And I’m not able to log in about 1/3 of the time .

Total crap

Used it when it was simply Paylease and it was fine. If I had issue it was addressed right away. Now with the change I can’t log in. I request new password and it takes hours to get an email so that I can make the change. When I make the change online I can’t use the password on ZegoResident . Went through this process multiple times since the changeover and still issues abound. Terrible and a total waste of time. Just deleted this crappy app and will just go with the online version.


I don’t really like it

I feel like if I pay my rent I should not have to pay a high fee for using it literally you can pay $22 for using PayPal five dollars for using your bank card $22 for using your credit card that’s just the processing fee. I feel like that is taking people out of moneyEspecially when you already paying your rent on top of that literally it’s a fee and I don’t feel like the fees should be that high.



PayLease has helped me so much. Instead of going to the office to pay, I can just go on ZegoResident and pay. All my information is already there. This has helped me very much and I love the way they have ZegoResident to help you pay your rent. Is never easy when you have to go to the office and pay by cash or money order. But on PayLease you can pay with your card.


New and intuitive

I used to use the older version of ZegoResident, and while it was functional, it didn’t look as modern as other payment apps out there. Really like the new look and feel. And of course, paying rent via an app is wayyyy easier than dropping off a check (literally don’t even own a checkbook anymore).


Charonneau Resident

ZegoResident is easy to use and you’re able to access your history and make payments ahead very quickly as well as set reminders. I’m really enjoying my experience in my first apartment with your company keep up the good work.


covers the essentials of my lease payment

ZegoResident is very easy to use, and does the things I’d expect - like being able to pay my lease from ZegoResident , or view payment history. It also lists upcoming auto-payments, which is helpful.


Great way to pay rent!

I honestly just love ZegoResident, it is so convenient to be able to pay your rent right through your phone without having to go into the office. Sometimes ZegoResident glitches a bit but all apps do. Awesome app!


Slick interface, great functionality

I recently started using ZegoResident and am very impressed with its functionality and look. It’s easy to navigate, to find what you need, and to do what you need to do!


PayLease App

ZegoResident works great! It’s very convenient for me to pay my rent on the go & it keeps my payment history. Whenever I want to move to another page it moves very fast. I love it!!


So far so good!

Just downloaded the new app and I must say it is super convenient. Logging in and navigating through ZegoResident went smoothly I had no issues.



i used paylease for two apartments so far and i couldn’t be happier. the time i did have an issue customer service was great and the follow up from the tech team was great. i love it


Much better

Better than having to go to the office and pay


Paying rent made easy.

I love having ZegoResident. I have my rent scheduled for payment on the 1st of the month automatically. Makes my life stress free. Thank you.


Logging in

I’ve downloaded ZegoResident in November. It is January 13th, ZegoResident still says “we’re working on our app, please use the website to make payments.” How long is this update supposed to be? I even uninstalled and reinstalled ZegoResident . Still, I’m being redirected to the website.


Easy App!

So happy this process has turned into an app. Easy to just pay and go!


Great App

I just trued the PayLease app for the first time to make a payment and it was simple and easy. I recommend it


Login Invalid

I can’t login on ZegoResident anymore after the recent update. But if I go on the browser I can login. Not sure what’s causing me to not be able to log in on ZegoResident .

A better way to Contact apps

You can now contact Zego Resident customer service directly
via Email using our new site - AppContacter.com

Contact Zego Resident directly

Is Zego Resident Safe?

Yes. Zego Resident is quiet safe to use but use with caution. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 1,517 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 3.6/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Zego Resident Is 29.1/100.

Is Zego Resident Legit?

Yes. Zego Resident is legit, but not 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 1,517 Zego Resident User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Zego Resident Is 29.1/100.

Is Zego Resident not working?

Zego Resident works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Reported Issues: 5 Comments

By Pam
May 03 2022

No 1 answers the phone..Also no call back

By 520666850
Apr 06 2022

I have lived at my residence for 3 months. Since I started using your app, my rent is not being paid. Your company continues to state I have insufficient funds. I contact my bank, they state you haven't tried to withdraw monies from my account. This is a heck of a scam collecting late fees and additional charges for insufficient funds. Times can be hard, this is a heck of a way to make extra money.

By Mickeyroberts
Jul 01 2021

My account number now does match with my proper account number

By Mark Michelson
May 13 2021

Since Zego took over our management community 3 months ago, I have had the following problems with their platform.

1. No communications from Zego regarding upcoming payments, or confirmation of payments. I have received nothing from them since they took over the payments at my community in March.
2. Wrong bank info. They show a payment was made from Washington Mutual Bank on April 2, when I have never heard of this bank, nor do I have an account with them. However, they show this as the source of payment for April's payment, with the same last four digits of my actual bank, which is Chase Bank.
3. They could not find the bank (Chase) for my May payment, so I was charged a late payment fee by the management company. I had no idea they couldn't find my bank because of #1, no communications ever from Zego. I only discovered this on the 10th when I saw the funds had not been withdrawn from my Chase bank account. There was an error listed on the payment account that said they could not find my bank or locate my account. The property management company sent me a letter on May 11 that they were notified of an NSF payment, and not only charged me late fees, but also reported me for writing a bad check and charged me additional return check fees.
4. Zego and/or the community manager cut off my ability to pay, using any method (ACH withdrawal, debit card or credit card) because they could not find my bank, which somehow was processed as paid by Washington Mutual the month before. I've never had an account at Washington Mutual. They said I would have to pay with a cashier's check, even though I've never been late with payments at this community.
5. I called Zego today (May 12) to try to resolve this after receiving their communication from the property manager. After explaining my situation to the first person who answered (which was answered after being on hold for 10 minutes) they said they would have to get someone else to help. I was on hold another 10 minutes until the next person tried to assist. Nothing was resolved. They said I would have to wait 3 days to see if my payment cleared, including all the late fees and NSF check charges. Also they promised to call me tomorrow with an answer as to why I am not receiving any communications from them.
5. There was no offer to remove the additional fees, even though I didn't do anything to my account except hit the pay button before the rent was due. There is no way to tell if your payment cleared when you make the payment. They said it takes 3 days to clear at the bank.
6. They claimed they were sending emails to me from the platform while we were on the call. Never received any emails from Zego, even the ones they sent today while I was on the call with them. I have 7 email addresses, and they tried them all. This was 2 hours ago. Still haven't received any email from Zego.

I have serious concerns about the safety of this platform. I don't know why they charged my last month's payment to Washington Mutual, with the same last 4 digits of my Chase account. I don't know why they couldn't "locate" Chase this month to make this month's payment. I don't know why I've never received any communication from Zego - nothing at all, ever. I'd never heard of them until March when I received a notification that my account had been moved from the former payment platform to Zego.

From now on I will use a cashier's check to pay the rent at my community and will not renew my lease.

Extremely poor customer experience. The only thing Zego has said is "we understand and we're sorry you feel this way." Thats about as helpful as thoughts and prayers.

By Myrna Greenway
Apr 21 2021

Since Paylease took over our rental payment, every month the rent has increased; the water, wastewater bills have increased every month. I never know what my rent payment will be and no one seems to have an answer for why this is the case.

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