Tacx Training Reviews

Tacx Training Reviews

Published by on 2021-03-30

Connect your Tacx Smart trainer to the Tacx Training App and increase your
performance! Choose one of the many existing structured workouts based on slope,
power or FTP or easily create your own custom workout in advance on
cloud.tacx.com. During your training your performance is displa...

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Tacx Training Reviews

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    Meets my needs but needs refinement

    Good: The interface is good. It connects with my trainer great. I can upload my own GPS routes and ride them. I get to experience the elevation changes smoothly. The view shows a cool overhead map view as I progress on the course while also showing current cycling data and an elevation profile- all the things I want at once. The rides will sync with my Strava account automatically if I choose. Bad: No way to edit my own uploaded GPS workout names/titles. Also - GPS rides feature a “select subcourse” option but there are no subcourses when I select it and no instructions for creating a subcourse in a GPS file. No instructions for the app on TacX or Garmin sites - and no manual either. Tutorial videos? TacX tutorial videos are way too old and don’t match the current program. FAQs don’t scratch the surface.

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    Enjoying but now frustrated

    I’ve been using the Tacx app for about a year now with my Tacx Bushido trainer, haven’t tried a different app out yet. I really enjoy the first person video of real-life routes and places, given 2020 it almost allows you to kind of escape to a new place for a short time- likely why I haven’t tried Zwift because I enjoy ‘visiting and seeing’ new places. I’m a slightly above average cyclist (4K miles, probably 1,000+ virtual this year). However I’ve been recently frustrated with the new Tacx/Garmin Connect integration. Previously Tacx would upload to Strava directly, now it needs to go through Garmin Connect which may be causing issues as I lost recent 2 rides and one was finally synced ~5 days later. I enjoy the app and videos for the type of riding I do but am frustrated with the new Garmin integration.

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    Too many bugs

    I bought a $1400 tacx neo 2 under the assumption that I would be able to control it. This app is the only controller for the trainer. It is a disaster. It requires constant internet. Even with a solid WiFi connection the app is extremely slow to respond when setting up a workout. If I turn off my phone screen in the middle of a workout the app fails to restart the workout and I have to force quit and start over. The company advertises pedal stroke analysis on their website but fails to include the feature on mobile. It’s only available when you sit in front of a windows 10 computer while you workout. If I could return my trainer I would. This is a classic example of making things “smart” and “internet connected” done poorly— with disastrous results. Tacx needs to fix this software as a responsibility to all the customers who paid massive amounts of money for a hamstrung piece of equipment

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    Bad interface/UX

    I really wish the most recent update hasn’t happened. The app was fine before if a bit clunky. Now it’s no longer possible to see multiple saved workouts at a glance, the information display while riding highlights odd data points (calories???) while making it difficult to see more important ones, etc. I could keep going. Please make the redesign go away!!! I dread it. Three stars because the app still works and doesn’t crash.

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    Good but needs a few more tweaks

    So I’ve done 5 rides on my Tacx Trainer using the app on my iPad. I’m really enjoying the options in Tacx, but I have a few suggestions for improvement. - Better user support: the guides online at Garmin are the same a as the basic setup guide shipped with the trainer, and the app doesn’t really help there, either. I had to Google for tips on how to set everything up and get started. - real-time prompts: some audio cues while in a workout would be helpful, including prompts when you get out of a training zone - Upload photos when syncing to social media: I’ve only figured out how to upload the map and data to Strava, but my friends who use Zwift can show some screen captures from their rides. If you were picking a training app and were using yours friends’ activities as a guide, which one would look more attractive? Personally I like the real life videos rather than a video game interface. - Ride analysis is messed up. My screen only shows three bottom part of the graphs for speed, power, cadence, etc., but I can look at all that in Strava, anyways.

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    I spent hundreds of dollars on downloading films and I can’t play them in this app. I hear they want recurring revenue and they want you to subscribe. Like a razor and razor blade. But a razor costs next to nothing. It is bull that Tacx expects you to pay almost a thousand dollars for the razor and then wants to charge you another 200 bucks a year to use the razor. Total ripoff. Time to look into Wahoo. Plus you used to be able to make gps routes of your outside rides and use them on the trainer using the cycling app which was great and it was free. Now they expect you to pay to do that. I want the 3000 dollars back that I spent on 3 Tacx trainers plus the cost of the movies I bought all of which are now useless as this app is also clunky. It’s awful that Garmin stole this ability from me AFTER I bought the product. I want the money to go get Wahoo equipment because they at least live to their commitments.

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    Needs Apple Health support and more options

    I love that I’m able to just hop on and go with this app, but the lack of connection to the constant heart rate monitor on my wrist is a big negative. If I could control the resistance from my watch too it would be amazing. I ride a single-speed road/track bike, and I may not know the full range of features of the app but I feel like there should be a more intuitive way to set myself off on a more tailored training route for my bike. I’m always at the lowest possible resistance on my Tacx Flow because I don’t have the ability to change gears. Overall it’s a good app for the mandatory indoor exercise we have to do now, but needs some more features.

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    Like it....but!

    This is the only app I use with my NEO 2T. I like it a lot for huge variety of routes. But there’s is an issue I don’t like. Seems like there are lazy programmers in your team. Why, when I ride on GPS (London, NY) and accidentally touch the screen, the map stop moving and my position is moving away. There’s no way to re-center my position and let the map to move like before. My exercise is always ruined. Actually the same is happening in movie rides. When I switch during ride from street view to satellite view and adjust (zoom in/out) the re-center button on left would disappear and here I’m again with not moving map. So disappointing.

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    The trainer is great the systems to support are terrible

    Got the app and tried to login in with my Garmin account (since Garmin owns Tacx). The app appeared to login but spun for 30+ minutes. I tried the desktop app and the web interface, non-worked. I chatted with support (that was semi-hard to find after my email to support email listed here bounced with we do not proved support here anymore) and they say a Tacx account created today but could not reset the password or fix anything (seems something in their backend does not work properly). Long story short, cannot log in or create a log in. App thus has no functionality and trainer cannot work with the app it is supposed to work with. Understand there are options, one could buy other trainers, a tacx trainer should work with the app and the systems that support the app should work well enough to allow someone to actually use the app. Garmin and tacx have lots of work to do here. Everything works great until it doesn’t. then... your lack of serious support comes forward and you leave your customers hanging. Would not recommend until they have their systems fixed. I was a new to tacx user and right out off the box the app failed.

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    Switch to Garmin Connect Fail

    The app worked great before switching over to GC last week. Previously, I would complete my training ride and hit save. It would give me a ride summary window, log the ride and email me a link of the file to import into my performance management software. Simple and flawless. Now after a training ride, I hit save and the data is gone. No review window, no log in my recent rides and nothing in my GC account. Did a chat session with Garmin help, gave the individual my info and was informed that my lost data would show up within the hour. Nothing. I’ll try contacting Garmin again but my expectations are low.

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    I have been saving for an indoor trainer for a year and was steered in the direction of my Tacx Flux S. The only thing I knew was I wanted direct drive. Grit Cycling in Louisville, Kentucky, my go to shop started selling Tacx gear a few years ago. I knew I loved my smaller equipment from Tacx, but this thing is AWESOME. Best workout l’ve had in a month-since winter set in early. I’ll be on this thing way too much this winter. Only question and possible qualm...I don’t see a way to hook it up with my Fitbit for heart rate info?!

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    The app is not inutitive. At all. Why can’t I just schedule a training plan? I see Training plans, but I cant just use them, also iPad app and IPhone app are different, I want to use the IPAD because it has a bigger screen, but I have to favorite one then go back to a different screen and then do it, why aren’t they all just added? Why can I hit play in from the iPhone? that’s the whole point of a training plan. Also where is my r/l ratio? Why can’t I connect my heart rate monitor? I even paid for a year pro version so that everything would just be easier, but honesly feel like it was a big waste of money. I just spent a bucket of money on the trainer and def dissapointed with the app. NOT a good first 12 hours with this.

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    Good app -really bad customer support

    The quality of the videos is significantly better than competitors and quantity is good. Physics model is good with latest firmware updates. However, challenges are open but no one seems to be responding to inquiries upon completion. Additionally customer support emails go unanswered. Perhaps Garmin has forgotten to staff it’s acquired products?? Three weeks and multiple emails sent via different channels go unanswered. Twitter account has been nearly dead for over a year. Even the app support link on this page is dead and redirects to another page!

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    The New Normal Rides!

    I never would’ve bought this Tacx trainer and learned to use it at home if it had not been for Covid. It has been so incredibly easy to use, as efficient as ever, and brings with it a great sense of comfort and relief that I can now do this whenever I want making it even better.

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    Integration with Garmin partnership with Strava

    App demands integration with Garmin and now doesn’t upload to Strava. Also do not see options to export workout or manual upload to Strava So after receiving response, Tacx can no longer export directly to Strava. All instructions one may see online for options are no longer valid. You must connect via Garmin Connect then the transfers can occur. With the transfer through Garmin Connect it appears you lose the title and description of the virtual ride provided by Tacx and the generic description of morning, afternoon, etc ride.

A better way to Contact apps

You can now contact Tacx Training customer service directly
via Email using our new site - AppContacter.com

Contact Tacx Training directly

Is Tacx Training Safe?

No. Tacx Training does not seem very safe to us. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 6,245 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.6/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Tacx Training Is 15.5/100.

Is Tacx Training Legit?

No. Tacx Training does not seem legit based on our analysis. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 6,245 Tacx Training User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Tacx Training Is 15.5/100.

Is Tacx Training not working?

Tacx Training works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Reported Issues: 1 Comments

By Treven Moodley
Jun 26 2021

Absolutely weak and appalling app. The films do not work and the screen keeps getting stuck very early into the ride. Too many bugs to fix here. Step in Zwift and works great from the onset. Best to avoid Tacx all together

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