Flexmls For Real Estate Pros Reviews

Flexmls For Real Estate Pros Reviews

Published by on 2022-09-21

Put the full power and reliability of the MLS at your fingertips with the
Flexmls® for Real Estate Pros mobile app. A seamless experience between desktop
and mobile, you have the autonomy to run your business your way– any time, any
place. Search, view, and maintain listings, direct mess...

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Reviews (29)


Complete lack of care for design

Please make it so the iPad version can be used in landscape mode!!!!!This is an incredibly important app for realtors such as myself, and really the only avenue for tracking listings. I have to say I have never worked with an app that holds so much potential but who’s creators/gatekeepers have so little care. FlexmlsForRealEstatePros is painful to use. It can’t even do something as simple as save search settings, or remember past address looked up. The MLS staff need to spend one month with a handful of realtors and work out all of the backwards, time wasting nonsense FlexmlsForRealEstatePros forces you through to see and handle listings. It would be great to see our dues put to work on the number 1 took in our tool box.


Wish this app could be adapted for iPads

I have this feeling often regarding apps; but FlexmlsForRealEstatePros is an important tool for real estate professionals, many of whom use an iPad when showing clients information in person (the screen is bigger than your phone but not as clunky as opening and closing a laptop). I wish this company in particular would invest in an iPad interface that gives more than just an enlarged version of the phone app. The opportunity to create a phone app/desktop site hybrid exists and would be well-received by the real estate professionals community.


Frustrating! Terrible Search Capability

Probably my most disliked App for real estate. I find it almost embarrasing as a Realtor to use other Apps when with a client to find a listing they have interest in. My newest frustration is sharing a Listing. It wont load to send via Text and if sent by email to a contact it does not indicate if sent! So you have no clue if they got the link! Like I said frustrating and embarrasing!


Worst App I’ve ever used since they started making apps. Impressively bad

I downloaded FlexmlsForRealEstatePros from FlexmlsForRealEstatePros Store for my IPad. FlexmlsForRealEstatePros only uses about 20% of my IPad screen. I have my IPad on a keyboard in landscape orientation. FlexmlsForRealEstatePros does not rotate. It’s about the size of my cell phone on the IPad. Somebody needs to hire a professional to scrap FlexmlsForRealEstatePros and start over. This must be some result from nepotism to get someone’s kid out of the basement during the day and do something. Nobody would hire someone this incompetent to design an app unless it was for family or under some sort of duress. Anyways. Just fire this provider and hire another company please!!!



Technology in the form of software applications can be incredibly powerful and useful tools. Unfortunately, any app can be a huge waste of time when the learning curve exceeds its intended purpose. FlexMLS seems to have an endless number of quirky, glitchy behaviors that have plagued me over the course of the 10 months I have attempted to employ it to enhance my business. I wish it were more intuitive or that time would resolve the seemingly constant interruptions and challenges to my workflow. It has exhausted me. Customer service has offered palliative, but too often ineffective results to my challenges. Scrap it and cut your losses. Bandaids aren’t the solution.


Learn the App Flex MLS

FlexmlsForRealEstatePros is useful since it provides the same information as the desk top version. If, you don’t discover FlexmlsForRealEstatePros , you will think it is limited in applications but after using it constantly I have found all the information I need such as tax & HOA information. There is no difference in the use of the desk top vs. FlexmlsForRealEstatePros other than how you view and find information. Love it!


Missing features

App is ok, a little clunky in UI, but serviceable. However, it’s missing the ability to approve concierge searches (auto searches set up for agent preview). I asked about it and there were no plans to add this feature. Why? For producers managing a huge lead volume, it’s critical functionality and saves us from opening a laptop. Approving these is the first thing many agents do in the morning.


This app is simply awesome

Take it from someone who has used CRMLS app, the dreaded i-Tech app and a slew of other wannabe apps. FlexmlsForRealEstatePros is a Realtor’s dream come true. Honestly I can’t believe why this is not getting 6 stars. It gives me every single thing I need to find homes faster and delight my clients. The photos are amazing and while the other apps lagggggg behind due to cumbersome coding. Flex Pro is whipping through searches faster than I can type. Awesome job developers. Bravo. You folks should be congratulated and rewarded for this. *Unbiased and unsolicited testimonial from a local Realtor


Pictures are’t loading

Not sure if it’s a recent app update or not, but pictures take forever to load when viewing a listing & when you expand pictures to view larger. iOS 15.3.1 iPhone 12 mini. Had the problem last year and then it was fine until last week or the week before. 3/2/22.


Maps disappeared and returned just a day after!!!

I gave it three stars review just few days ago because map option disappeared. I’m very pleased with respond and fixing it in short period of time. My favorite app is back in full power. FlexmlsForRealEstatePros should definitely have FIVE STARS REVIEWS!!!!


Not THAT bad

The reviews here are overwhelmingly negative, but I think FlexmlsForRealEstatePros is usable and quite powerful. Don't get me wrong, there's a learning curve, but I find FlexmlsForRealEstatePros to be pretty stable and useful so far. I do think it's a shame there isn't an iPad version. Have you tried using the website on an iPad? It's mostly possible, with extra patience, but having FlexmlsForRealEstatePros there would be so much better.


Maybe in 2021

Well it’s been a full 2 years now for me, and lots of people asking to be able to use FlexmlsForRealEstatePros in landscape mode on an iPad. The developers simply refuse. This is the only app I know of that you can’t rotate the screen. It’s useless on the iPad because I use a keypad and cannot use it in portrait mode. Listen to the people for crying out loud ! I know it’s useless to keep asking, they will never give us FlexmlsForRealEstatePros that we need, but I try nonetheless. Sigh.


Can’t log in on my phone

I used to be able to get in to FlexmlsForRealEstatePros on my phone no problem. Now it won’t let me type in my password! So frustrating when trying to do business on the road!


Ugh. Hate it. Makes me glad I am quitting this business.

Want something as simple as info on an address? Sure. You can get that! Just spend five minutes typing in search criteria and hope that along the way you don’t hit something wrong. FlexmlsForRealEstatePros is great for the developers who work with it all day long and lousy for agents who are too busy to learn app languages and need info quick and easy.


Full of Technical Bugs

I don’t have any choice I have to use it as a licensed real estate agent. Ever since they changed vendors now it is full of so many bugs and issues I have to log out and reset FlexmlsForRealEstatePros all the time. Such a disappointment they need to make this work especially if we have to pay a monthly fee on this I would expect a decent working version.


Waste of time

Will not even except my password. I have been using the desk top side of FLEX for many years. I link into it on my phone and it does not work great so I decided to download FlexmlsForRealEstatePros. Unbelievable that they cannot even create an app that will except my password which I have years and years. Not particularly motivated to use an app that cannot handle the most basic function required to use it.


Powerful but maybe 1 or 2 things missing

Powerful and does a lot, maybe a function or two it could have



Very badly designed. Not user friendly at all. If you have more then one MLS there is no way to log out of FlexmlsForRealEstatePros to log into mls in a different area, and they give no way to combine them on FlexmlsForRealEstatePros , their online support told me I needed to download a second app, but they don’t have a second app? So the customer support it just as useless as FlexmlsForRealEstatePros


Need an iPad version

FlexmlsForRealEstatePros is helpful when touring with clients for quick access to information but there NEEDS to be an iPad version...or the iPhone version needs to be able to orient to a landscape mode for use on the iPad.


Won’t even let me log in anymore

Wasn’t having any issues, but now it is saying there is a problem with authorization when I try to log in. I can log in to the website just fine, just not FlexmlsForRealEstatePros . Sure hope someone can fix this because it is very frustrating.


Rico J

FlexmlsForRealEstatePros is garbage. You can never logged in and get this when I call their customer service number they hung up on me multiple times. FlexmlsForRealEstatePros is a wasted of time and customer is as garbage as you could imagined. The phone call did it for me, when I talked to a freaking JUSTIN who hung up on me multiple times. Don’t waste your time on this junk.


The only app you need

Why use Zillow, Redfin and others? If you’re serious you’ll only use the MLS and your agent’s expertise.


Was the “driving directions” link removed?

Use it A LOT and need it, but don’t see the link anymore. If it has been removed, please put it back. It’s one of the very best features of FlexmlsForRealEstatePros .


Love have flex access in the palm of my hand

Easy to access


Needs improvement.

Keeps saying my password is wrong even though it’s very correct. I can sign in on the web but not through FlexmlsForRealEstatePros . That’s ridiculous!!!



I can’t search any listings -I entered the city and name of a gated community and was told “no results” —-(as I have the flyer w. Address on my lap) This has happened on countless other attempts with other listings-I don’t know why it exists at all


Update for iPhone X

Why has it taken so long for you to update FlexmlsForRealEstatePros for iPhone X???


Last updated ruined the app

It’s making me sign in via a browser now as opposed to signing in with Face ID or putting in the password through FlexmlsForRealEstatePros .


Does anyone actually work to make this a usable program

Very difficult to navigate- diff user Id- terrible prgm that doesn’t work well. Need user friendly prgm for iPhones

Is Flexmls For Real Estate Pros Safe?

Yes. Flexmls For Real Estate Pros is quiet safe to use but use with caution. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 275 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 2.2/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Flexmls For Real Estate Pros Is 24.5/100.

Is Flexmls For Real Estate Pros Legit?

Yes. Flexmls For Real Estate Pros is legit, but not 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 275 Flexmls For Real Estate Pros User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Flexmls For Real Estate Pros Is 24.5/100.

Is Flexmls For Real Estate Pros not working?

Flexmls For Real Estate Pros works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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  4. If you are a Flexmls For Real Estate Pros customer and are running into a problem, Justuseapp might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least you can warn others off using Flexmls For Real Estate Pros.

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