Skiplagged — Flights & Hotels Reviews

Skiplagged — Flights & Hotels Reviews

Published by on 2021-05-20

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Skiplagged — Flights & Hotels Reviews

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    Terrible Booking Service

    Absolutely the worst booking service I’ve ever used in my 15 years of flying. I had a conference in San Jose and my companion attempted to book on two other sites and for both after receiving a confirmation email I received an email saying my ticket had been cancelled, so I decided to give this a try and booked JustFly through Skiplagged. Same flight number as the original booking so everything appears in order, then I get to the airport and discover my booking was for a month after the date I needed. I tried to talk to customer service and not only do they not allow refunds or rescheduling, but when I shared my disappointment and asked to cancel the wrong flight I was told “you have to cancel 24 hours before the departure” even though it was an entire month before the flight. Then they said “you won’t get a refund for the flight” and again suggested that I take the flight a month later. I explained that I would not even be in the country to take this flight and that the incorrect booking does not suit my needs so I’d rather refund it, in response the agent hung up on me. Absolutely the worst booking service I’ve ever used.

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    Works - if you’re careful

    There ARE deals on this having used it a few times but it takes work and it’s not like Expedia or the other booking Apps, it’s really best using as information and guidance. I’ve booked flights not through this, but off the airlines own sites, but use the information in the App to figure out the correct times and flights. So basically, I have the App open on my phone while booking on the airline’s websites on a laptop with different windows open. I don’t trust the 3rd party no-names this App links out to. And another warning - don’t tell the airlines that you’ve used skiplagged AT ALL. They will immediately get irate and will not be helpful. Again - use this information and book on the airlines own website - you’ll save yourself the headache.

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    Life Changer

    I can’t say enough how much I LOVE this app! I was introduced to it a couple years ago from a friend who used it. I’m a bit of a skeptic so if she had not purchased flights off of it before I would think it was too good to be true. I live in Hawaii with family in TX and AZ and I travel a lot outside of the states. I have bought every single one of my flights on Skiplagged since I downloaded the app 2 years ago! I have saved hundreds of dollars and even done the hidden city flights a couple times with no issues. Just yesterday I purchased a flight to Brazil for New Years for only $1800. The cheapest price we found on all of the search engines (travelocity, Priceline, Expedia, google, etc) was $2200. I HIGHLY recommend this app!!

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    Def 4 a traveler- But be wary of fine print

    I could almost give this app 5 stars but I have to give it 4 ONLY b/c you have to, HAVE TO check out the bag policy for the flight you have chosen. A good friend of mine recommended this app & until I find a better one, this one is still my go to! If you read the other reviews, you can kind of see what I’m talking about baggage issues but, like any other 3rd parties you get flights from, you just have to read the fine print. Maybe adding banner in red letters saying “double check the baggage disclaimer in full” in stead of “check baggage details (link)” which you can get you lost & confused by the airline website sometimes kind of derails you from purchasing (you should always carry your passport when you fly anyways, just my opinion). Best deals tho!!

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    Skiplagged looked out for me in a major way

    I used Skiplagged to book a hotel room on a Friday night. I decided that I wanted to book another night. So the next day (Saturday Morning) I booked on Skiplagged. When I got to the hotel reservation desk to confirm the reservation associate wouldn’t process my reservation and told me I couldn’t stay Saturday night. So I stayed at the hotel for a while going back and forth and decided to leave. I wasn’t going to call Skiplagged customer service at first but a week later I decided to call Skiplagged customer service to explain what happened. Skiplagged fully refunded me my money. I recommend Skiplagged to everyone. It’s a really awesome service. They really look out for their customers. -C. Gillespie

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    Someone actually made it easy!

    I have been fed up with travel sites like Expedia, Orbitz, Kayak, and Priceline for years. It became easier to deal with airlines directly again, so I did. A friend turned me into this app to use Skiplagged and it’s the only way I book. Most of those aforementioned sites don’t do anything but put all available flights in a pile for you to sort through. Skiplagged gives me a visual map of fares and; and I swear I get my flights at least $20 cheaper than any “best price” I see elsewhere. Booking is also a snap. So streamlined I end up re-checking my flight info about 20 times because it seemed too quick and easy, there had to be a mistake right? Nope. Thanks!

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    The best but there’s a bug

    I’ve relied on your app a lot this year. It’s saved us over $300 on one flight we needed immediately to Miami and got us a Cancun flight for $300 less that Skiplagged in Miami. You made me a travel hero to my husband. Bless you Skiplagged. However Recently, with your new update no airports can be found. I’ve tried installing and uninstalling your app. Entering all Los Angeles or just Los Angeles or LAX and neither is found. I’m searching for flights from California to Portland. My husbands app works great on his Apple phone but not on my Apple phone anymore? What could be the cause of this? Please help I’m the travel arrangement specialist for our family and borrowing his business cell doesn’t help him. Lol

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    I stay booking skiplagged

    I’ve now flown via skiplagged all of 2018 and have had 0 hiccups. Also, might they add, they were all domestic flights and I went just with a carry on most of the flights- but no issues whatsoever. My flight even cancelled once, and I was rebooked along with being given a travel voucher 4x the amount of money I originally spent on the ticket via skiplagged. I’ve worked in the airline industry prior to coming to this app. You guys, you ALWAYS have to read fine print with ANY airline purchase. It’s not just with this app. This app works wonders, bc of it I’ve flown more outside of the airline industry than when I still worked in it!

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    I’ve used the Skiplagged app in the past to book decent flights and have NEVER had any issues until now. I found a great international flight for two people and I booked my flight and received the confirmation number for the expected cost. A minute later I received an email stating that the cost had doubled and the company needed to charge my card for the additional cost! I called customer service to report the issue and they searched my account and never saw my actual flight confirmation and tried to process the additional cost. I then attempted to cancel my flight and they wanted to charge me $150 to cancel because I supposedly “never selected the cancellation policy” which was NEVER given to me as an option when I booked. This app may have been my go-to for flights in the past, but NEVER again. I was scammed and will never book with Skiplagged/JustFly again.

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    Super cool app for last minute flight ticket

    The way it works is by giving you a multi stop destination ticket where you get off at the layover stop (which is your end destination) therefore only paying only a fraction off the full flight ticket cost Very cool and legal way to get affordable tickets for last minute getaways (it’s not standby tickets ) Hypothetically If the airline have suspicions or not okay with getting you in at the gate with a one way ticket like this (meaning they want you to have a round trip, just get a refundable return flight at the counter desk and cancel it after u get off the plane )

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    Do not use this app unless your prepared to have lots of issues. My daughter and I booked our flights to Hawaii through this app. My flight back never showed up and I didn’t catch it until I was in Hawaii. Had to do detective work to find it. Tried to contact Skiplagged but all I received was an email inferring it was somehow my fault. (There isn’t a contact number that I could find) Called multiple airlines until finally finding it myself with the help of the airline. My daughter arrived at the airport to leave and they told her she couldn’t receive a boarding pass without her passport. Skiplagged had booked the flight to Cancun as the final destination. Which we didn’t catch and there was no warning she would need a passport. We had to call the airline and cancel the flight and buy another ticket! It was a terrible experience! Will never use this app again!!

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    Best app for casual and avid travelers

    I love this app and I’ve been using it for some time now. I appreciate not having to go through other sites such as Expedia, which by the way Expedia and other travel sites raise prices for your travels after they see you’ve been searching. Skiplagged, however, is reliable and to the point. Most of the services will be booked through other sites such as official airline sites. The app simply searches for the cheapest possible combination for you. 10/10 would recommend for finding cheap flights and hotels.

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    Unless u want ur money stolen!

    Normally I don’t write reviews, but today I figured I’d make an exception. Yesterday I went to use my return flight only to find out that they (Skiplagged) cancelled my flight back bc I didn’t go to the final destination! After hours of being at the airport trying to get this sorted they said this is the real reason airlines hate Skiplagged bc they get people stranded and take their money all the time. So now I have to pay 500 dollars that I really don’t have on top of the 160 I paid already so I can get home tomorrow and that’s with an 18 hour layover leaving today. So today should be fun >< I can’t find a phone number to reach anyone and I emailed them and haven’t gotten a response back! I want my money back! U can’t just cancel someone’s flight, leave them stranded, and take their money!

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    Awesome App with excellent UI

    After using this app in the past, it was excellent. Now it seems as if you can’t purchase a roundtrip ticket together anymore, even if it’s on the same airline. Why should I have to buy two one way tickets on American Airlines? It's so good to have a slider that will give you the best day(s) to fly. The big airline industry and other online travel sites dislike this App, and I can see why. The secrets are out, no more paying for over priced flight. I would not change a thing. Please keep up the great work.

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    Not Cheaper

    I got this app and checked flights from Portland, ME to Chicago for a week in April, one month from now. The lowest fair was $60 more than Southwest. ADVICE: ALWAYS FLY SOUTHWEST AND BOOK ON THEIR APP! I also check hotels for the same week. I always stay at Hilton brands at a corporate rate. Skiplagged‘ state was $20 cheaper for the same hotel, same dates. BUT once booked you owned it - you cannot cancel or change dates; you just lose the money. This is also true for the higher priced rooms shown on Skiplagged, which were more than my regular corporate rate. ADVICE: JOIN A MAJOR HOTEL CHAIN’S MEMBERSHIP PROGRAM, CHECK FOR CORPORATE CODES AND BOOK ON THEIR APP! Hilton is pretty good but I’ve heard Marriott is good also. If you do the cheaper hotels, some Choice brands are OK (Comfort Inn) but watch out for low quality and beware of cancellation fees with Choice brands.

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Is Skiplagged — Flights & Hotels Safe?

No. Skiplagged — Flights & Hotels does not seem very safe to us. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 224,444 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.8/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Skiplagged — Flights & Hotels Is 18.6/100.

Is Skiplagged — Flights & Hotels Legit?

No. Skiplagged — Flights & Hotels does not seem legit based on our analysis. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 224,444 Skiplagged — Flights & Hotels User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Skiplagged — Flights & Hotels Is 18.6/100.

Is Skiplagged — Flights & Hotels not working?

Skiplagged — Flights & Hotels works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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  4. If you are a Skiplagged — Flights & Hotels customer and are running into a problem, Justuseapp might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least you can warn others off using Skiplagged — Flights & Hotels.

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