FlixBus: Smart Bus Travel Reviews

FlixBus: Smart Bus Travel Reviews

Published by on 2020-12-14

FlixBus is revolutionizing the way people travel all over the world and is now
in the US. Benefit from our unbeatable prices without compromising on quality or
comfort during the ride. Traveling with FlixBus is so easy, there’s not much
to explain. Just download the free app and try it...

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FlixBus: Smart Bus Travel Reviews

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    I would leave zero stars if I could. I was excited to try it out as it was fairly cheap to go to Las Vegas. I was even happy that it allowed you to reserve seats for an extra fee. I was nervous about our group having to separate on the bus so being able to do that seemed great. The bus arrived early and I thought everything would be ok. As soon as we boarded we saw that there was no numbers on the seats and the bus had already made a few stops before us so we were stuck with trying to get seats together. We had reserved seats at the front and we ended up in the back near the bathroom which we wanted to avoid. On the our trip back to LA, the bus was late. We received one notification that it would arrive at 8:50pm instead of 7:55 like it was supposed to but it did not arrive until past 9:30pm. It was not even a FlixBus it was a charter bus which had no WiFi, no outlets, and like the first ride, no numbered seating. So once again we had to scramble to get seats together. I have since sent several emails and even contacted them on their twitter accounts to get my money back for the seat reservations and I have been ignored. I would advise everyone to go with a more reputable bus company that you can trust. FlixBus will take your money and they don’t care if you even make it back in time as by the time we got to the station the regular buses and trains had already stopped running.

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    0/0 do NOT recommend

    Okay so this bus is cheap so I get why it’s not the best but let me tell you arriving THREE HOURS LATE is not worth the twenty bucks. The worst part is while we we’re waiting we called their customer service MULTIPLE (like 8) times and we kept getting the same it’s going to be there in five to ten minutes just sit tight. However it was NOT there in five to ten minutes, even after the last phone call it took thirty minutes to arrive. Because of their convincing promises we didn’t get on the train we had as a backup and because the drivers didn’t even TRY to make up the time as we went we missed our flight and somehow added even more late time when we were on the bus, arriving three plus hours after we were supposed to in Vienna. Furthermore, customer service was completely rude and unhelpful just like the drivers, the website doesn’t work neither does the app and we will receive absolutely no compensation after missing our flight, not staying in the hotel we ordered because we had to take an overnight train to Italy. All of that cost money and considering how big a company this is you’d think they had enough money to give some back. Shame on them don’t recommend even for the cheap prices.

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    Good ride

    The overall ride has been a breeze. The seats are comfortable. Reason for me giving it 4 and not 5 stars is because it is somewhat unorganized. The bus arrived 20 min late, it would be nice to get notifications letting us know this, especially for those new to this and the pick up location is not specified. Also, I paid the extra amount (Not much) to choose a seat. I chose a window seat because that’s what I enjoy. I tell the bus driver my seat number, and he tells me, “You can just sit next to her”, pointing at the person that had taken my assigned seat. I chose not to say anything because I try to avoid confrontation so I thought It would have been nice for the driver to tell the person that it’s time to give up the seat for those that paid for assigned seating. Also, the bus is not too clean, the floors have a lot of dust and hair pilled up under the seats. Will I ride again with FlixBus? Of course. It’s affordable and it gets you to your destination. Just don’t pay the extra for assigned seating unless you want an awkward ride if you chose to say something. :)

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    Cheap, nice driver, forget about reserved seats

    Expect some chaos. Time changes are announced by email but not easily found on app. Seat reservations were completely ignored both ways. There are no corresponding seat numbers anyway. Driver says it’s open seating so sit anywhere. So forget about paying extra for any certainty. You won’t get it. On the other hand there’s no cheaper way to avoid the nightmare drive between Houston and New Orleans. The Megabus alternative is much more expensive and not as nice a bus, but if you pay for a seat, you will get it with them.

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    Never Again

    Service is absolutely horrible. I would never recommend anyone to ya this service. My husband and I went on a trip to Vegas this past weekend, we checked out of our hotel and went to the spot where the bus had dropped us originally. The bus driver showed up was checking people in when we tried telling him he was our bus he said we weren’t on his list . He didn’t allow us to get on and told us that our bus would be there at 8:15. We’ll turns out that was our bus but we were at the incorrect pick up location. The driver could’ve simply told us to go to the next location , but instead left us. We contacted customer service where we were helped by the worst CSR ever. No manners, no respect. She told us that there was no way she could give us a refund or help with some time of discount even though she forced us to buy new tickets. The new tickets happened to be 12 hours from the time we were originally supposed to leave. We were stranded with no where to go, charged and extra 60$ all to come back. I will never use your service again and I have put in a complaint with the better business bureau .

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    Location address for driving

    Almost missed my bus took a lift to pick up location first time taking bus back home at night couldn’t remember location in dark so dropped me off at what a burger because said we had arrived at S Rural got on to app and walking direction kicked on and wasn’t at pick up had 2 minutes till leaving so had to literally run 3 blocks waving my hands to catch drives attention so they didn’t leave with out me driver nicely waited for me. Have to say this bus is amazing price is more then affordable for my work trips and such an easy rout if they get this problem fixed it will be 100% perfect nothing bad to say about this Business at all drivers are so friendly and go above and beyond maybe having an actual address if people are new to this rout would be helpful for future references. Thank you FlixBus for getting me to and from safely And comfortably.! You Rock just a minor problem.

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    Amazing price, gets the job done

    I don’t understand why this has such a bad rating. I did a roundrip from LA to SF for just $20. Of course this is not as flying in business in a plane. It’s a bus, so it’s not as chill as a plane, it’s a longer trip than in a plane, and more uncomforrable but dude, I can’t understand why people is complaining. If you don’t like it, just pay 6 times more and take a plane. But don’t complain if you were not comfortable as a king in your trip, because you paid such a low price. I really recommend it. I don’t recommend to get reserved seats, it’s a cheap service, so when someone gets off the bus try to move to another seat if you’re not comfortable. The only bad thing is that on both trips sometimes I got a bad smell, maybe from someone who farted hard or maybe because other reasons. But I’ll use it again, no doubt!

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    Don’t waste your time

    No one want listen at customer support. Driver using instruction which you not confirm during and even was not informed after for example at sections important information / luggage even at ticket have not inform you. After all you an idiot you not customer. You supposed to learn all site to be sure you match as normal pax if not found at site you must call them!!! Hey you I build and work a lot at travel industry and have lot connections and partners whole over the world. You did illegal thing and acting that not your responsibility inform critical cases and make sure customer get it! Call Centre weird! Agent lie me informing that payment for the seat already posted and refunded ( to be sure check triple- nothing). I will post case I have and will try to reach founders to inform about it. PS agent was look shady answering that they didn’t provide that info and I must use site that didn’t work properly with my browser at iPhone... ( looks like I also MUST find browser which will work with their resource). I’ll keep posted by the way. Regards, Aleksei

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    Can’t resend your ticket AND refuse to give you a refund?!

    We purchased tickets but ended up not receiving the tickets due to our inbox being full. We called to ask our tickets be resent, but the representative said they were unable to resend tickets, and we could request a refund instead. So we submitted the refund request and proceeded to purchase a second set of tickets (because we still needed to make the trip). A week later, we receive notice that the company cannot issue a refund because our inbox being full was not their problem. So essentially, they could neither issue a refund nor resend our tickets? What kind of company fails to keep a log of tickets issued? Imagine your airline or train telling you, “Didn’t get your tickets? Not our problem! We can’t resend your tickets OR give you a refund, sorry!” What a disgrace to customer service. If you need to purchase tickets, get them from another company—one that can resend your tickets if you lost or didn’t get them for whatever reason!!

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    If you use this app you’re an idiot

    It’s my first time using this app and I already got my trip messed up because of the horrible idiotic service this “bus” offers. A cab has better service than this app. I came ready to go home and I barely found out by OTHER people that my trip got cancelled literally 20 minutes after the bus was supposed to come. They don’t send you a email or any notification letting you know the bus isn’t coming at all. They just assume you read minds and leave you standing outside. Not only that, if you even get lucky that your bus doesn’t cancel on you the seating is probably worse than a broken chair. It feels like your sitting on steel. It gets even better too, if your bus cancels on you, you get no refund you can only catch the next bus which was out of my inconvenience . Good luck with calling them too because all they can offer is a apology. I suggest saving time and not even bother looking at the app longer than a second. I’d rather walk than use this trash.

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    Impressive travel app! (plus my wish list)

    I found FlixBus through Omio, and after an awesome trip from Brussels to Bruges, I’ve now booked several trips through this app directly. It’s visually appealing, allows for quick searching, and is quite intuitive—especially for a transportation app. I appreciate being able to use Apple Pay and add tickets to Apple Wallet. I just hope to see a few things in the future. In particular, more details on the layovers/changes, and visual confirmation of the trip dates/times as you’re checking out. Also, as a new user, I paid extra service fees because I didn’t realize you could add multiple trips before checking out (so I did three separate bookings). That could be a bit more intuitive, but I’m glad to know it’s possible now. Overall it’s a really great app! 👏

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    0 stars

    The absolute worst bus experience I’ve ever had. There is no label or specific location in regards to their stops and they don’t have a clue about the whereabouts of thier buses. I waited at the bus stop 30 min prior to arrival to make sure and didn’t miss the bus. The thirty minutes passed and I figured it was just a bit delayed and well after 20 minutes it’s was too much so I looked for a costumer service number on the website and app and it was no where to be found! I had to google search for the number. Then I was on hold for 40 min! When they picked up they didn’t know where the bus was and asked me to call back? Knowing darn well I had waited 40 min just to get that response. After bothering them I finally got a bus but it wasn’t but 2 hours late by the time it came by! They will not notify you if a bus is cancelled or simply not coming. I was almost left stranded. Mega bus will save you this hassle please don’t use their services, you don’t want the be in that position I promise.

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    DONT TRUST THIS COMPANY!!! Made us wait in the cold for 3HRS and wouldnt issue refund

    We waited in the cold (with a kid) for our 7:15am montclair-los angeles schedule not knowing their bus was delayed til 10am. I didnt know about the delay until I called their customer service, no notification through app or email. i asked to cancel all our trips because they ruined our schedule and asked for the refund, they promised me full refund because of the inconvenience and since it’s the first time, but when i emailed their financial services they would give me what they promised. This is cheap, but this is such an unreliable and heartless company. They wouldnt even understand yoursituation and what happened and insisit on giving you a voucher even if you couldnt use it on where you live. This company ruined our trip and at the same time wouldnt make up for it. thumbs down for both the company and its employees who cant even understand the hassle they brought to the customer

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    Not Organized At All

    Short story : I wait at the bus station 3 hours and the bus NEVER show up. Poor customer service and no solution provided. Long version: I got to the bus station on time and the bus NEVER show up. Called the customer service. - He told me that they didn’t know the delay until we called them. Seriously?! You can not track your bus and you need to rely on the customers to report that! - He told me that they can not locate the GPS of the bus and the reason is UNKNOWN. Seriously?! Your bus just disappeared for no reason. - After 1 hour, we called again. Then they told us the bus has already arrived and left. Are we all blind?! - The most fun part is here. We asked for the solution and the customer service told us to book a bus from the other companies bc they can not arrange another bus to pick us up to the destination. The “smartest” way to help angry customers to solve the problem. Anyway, they did say they will refund and pay for the new tickets with the other company. Let’s see how it goes. In summary, they are still not well organized. What I heard from the bus station staff, their buses are always late. I think you should be able to provide helpful information to the users and also solutions instead of UNKNOWN and sending us to use the other services. Not good to customer and also your own business.

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    FlixBus saved my Christmas

    I know it's a little late, but I thought I would share my story. My wife and 2 kids live in Berlin, and I was on an important business trip in Amsterdam. Being the clutz I am, I missed my flight... I was literally facetiming my kids and telling them about how I was going to miss Christmas when the friendliest stranger in the world told me about Flixbus. I downloaded the app, and WITHIN an hour, I was on my way home. On top of that, it was actually a nice bus! I've been on other buses before, but at this hour, for this price, I expected outlets that didn't work and lights that flickered. The bus seemed brand new and even had working wifi!!! I made it home before my kids even woke up. Just like Santa hehe

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Is FlixBus: Smart Bus Travel Safe?

No. FlixBus: Smart Bus Travel does not seem very safe to us. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 2,333 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 3.6/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for FlixBus: Smart Bus Travel Is 13.8/100.

Is FlixBus: Smart Bus Travel Legit?

No. FlixBus: Smart Bus Travel does not seem legit based on our analysis. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 2,333 FlixBus: Smart Bus Travel User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for FlixBus: Smart Bus Travel Is 13.8/100.

Is FlixBus: Smart Bus Travel not working?

FlixBus: Smart Bus Travel works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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