Beyond Menu Food Delivery Reviews

Beyond Menu Food Delivery Reviews

Published by on 2023-07-26

About: There is no line when order online!  With the Beyond Menu App you can search
restaurants online and order for pickup, delivery or even make reservations
without ever having to pick up the phone.  Choose from thousands of different
local restaurants and over 25 different cuisines.

About Beyond Menu Food Delivery

What is Beyond Menu Food Delivery?

The Beyond Menu App is a mobile application that allows users to search for restaurants online, order for pickup or delivery, and make reservations without having to call the restaurant. The app offers access to thousands of local restaurants and over 25 different cuisines. Users can browse restaurant delivery menus, read reviews, explore coupons, and order takeout right from their mobile device. The app is available nationwide, making it easy to use wherever you travel.



- Search for restaurants in your neighborhood or any location using autocomplete and GPS services

- Save multiple addresses for easy ordering

- Explore coupons and restaurant offers and apply them to your cart before ordering

- View past orders and reorder with one click

- Easily check out with a scan your credit card function

- Access to a large network of support representatives

- Continuous updates and new features

- Available in cities such as Baltimore, Denver, Los Angeles, New York, Phoenix, San Francisco, Boston, Houston, Miami, Omaha, Portland, Seattle, Chicago, Las Vegas, New Jersey, Philadelphia, San Diego, and Washington DC.

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Key Benefits of Beyond Menu Food Delivery

- Provides near by restaurants

- Provides hours and menu

- Simple to place an order

- Quick response time to resolve issues

- Easy to use app

- Option to pay upon arrival

- Quick and easy ordering process

- Updated with order status

22 Beyond Menu Food Delivery Reviews

4.8 out of 5



I saw all previous reviews that were bad and was hoping things changed as the most recent ones was fairly good. Ordered placed BeyondMenuFoodDelivery to local restaurant and received an order confirmation and they charged my American Express card immediately. Half hour later we go to the restaurant to pick up our order they don’t have anything for us because they never got the order and that was because the restaurant hasn’t been signed up with beyond menu for at least 3 years now. We placed an order anyway with our local restaurant and paid for a new order on a separate credit card. I immediately called BeyondMenu it’s 8 PM California time on Friday night and I get a woman that answers the phone, which kind of sounded like I was calling a customer service rep at their home (?) so I proceed and explain the situation, gave her the order number she said she’ll cancel the order and that I’ll get an email confirmation but I should see the credit back to my credit card in 3 to 5 days depending on my credit card company. Got a love these places who charge your card right away but take a week to give you the money back. I put this on my American Express and if it’s not taken off I will immediately dispute it with them they are the best company to deal these types of situations, I will get my money back but for the time being I’m out $40.



Are use BeyondMenuFoodDelivery every time I want to order from a Chinese food restaurant that China Wokery in North Port. It’s on several different delivery sites however this one is a more accurate website for the restaurant delivery fees are more reasonable and they contact me to make sure that my order is correct when they receive it and if I need anything special or special instructions are confusing they let me know. The only drawback is there’s only one or two restaurants on it they need to build up their clientele so that they will be able to compete with GrubHub and door dash and Uber eats and the lakes there’s so many different apps out there that you can use in order to compete they’re going to need to build up and have more restaurants and more ways than one to deliver because they accept PayPal debit or credit cash they’re one of the only few that will allow you to pay in cash when they deliver that’s another nice thing so they’re really quite a good site and I would love to use them for other things.


Convenient and quick !

I like how BeyondMenuFoodDelivery provides you with the most near by restaurants , provides hours and the menu and it’s simple to place a order . Just recently I had made a order and the restaurant I ordered from called me within 5mins to Inform me they could not deliver my food to me and I need to contact BeyondMenuFoodDelivery and cancel the order and get a refund . I was freaking out due to the amount I spent and knowing I wouldn’t be getting my order and how difficult it would be to get this resolved! Luckily they provide you with a number in your email that confirms your order to call if there is a problem and I was able to speak to someone in a fast timing to resolve the issue and cancel my order and get a refund ! That was so appreciated that it didn’t take me a arm and leg to resolve the problem.



I ordered from a local restaurant and received my confirmation email at 5:56pm. I patiently waited for my delivery but after an hour and a half I decided it was time to call and check on my order. The girl at the restaurant said my food was almost done and will be sent out for delivery soon. I didn’t complain since I figured it was a Saturday evening and thought maybe they were busy. Now at 8:30pm (an hour after the last phone call) I call back and ask to speak to a manager. Which was the gentleman who had answered the phone. I explained the situation that it had been 2 1/2hrs since putting my order in and we have still not received our food order. I explained that I had called and spoke to someone an hour ago and she told me the food was almost done. The gentleman said he would investigate and for me to hold. He came back on and said they didn’t receive the order. I explained that I received the confirmation email. He ended up putting me on the phone with the delivery driver. The delivery driver was great trying to figure out what had happened. In the end, we got our delivery at almost 9:30 at night. Needless to say, I was not happy.


Why bother? Call the restaurant

I placed an order through BeyondMenuFoodDelivery but when my husband went to pick it up they said they didn’t have an order for us. He showed them the screenshot of the order; again, they said they didn’t have an order but would make it ASAP. Forty-five minutes after I placed the order, Beyond Menu called me to see if I’d picked up the order. Since we were eating, I didn’t bother to pick up the phone. They called again, 5 min later, to see if we picked up the food. I called them back when we were done eating and here’s the reason for one star: after repeating this story to the rep he asked why I didn’t call the restaurant to confirm. Well, isn’t the point of BeyondMenuFoodDelivery to not have to call them?? I told the rep that my husband showed the restaurant the confirmation and they denied having the order. He then asked me AGAIN why I didn’t call the restaurant. Now this is getting old! Why would I call when my husband went down there and was told no order? Then the rep said, “so why are you calling us?” Fricking moron! You called me twice! Uninstalling BeyondMenuFoodDelivery and will call the restaurant direct the next time.


Are there any honest reviews on this app?

I placed an order several days ago. The food was some of the worst Chinese takeout I have ever ordered. Really poor quality stuff. So, I decide to write a negative review (1 star). I wait the two days or so for the review to post.... nothing. Five days, nothing. Then I looked at the other reviews for this carryout joint and the last posted review was from 2 months earlier. The posted reviews were all 4 and 5 star, with one 3-star review where the wording was still favorable. Now that’s bunk! No reviews in 2 months and all favorable? More likely, there were no positive reviews in that gap. My guess is that it takes 2 days for someone behind BeyondMenuFoodDelivery to weed out the bad reviews one-by-one before posting just the good ones. The other problem I had was when BeyondMenuFoodDelivery said my latest restaurant choice was located just 8 miles from my friend’s place where I was having dinner. I cranked up the GPS and headed out (without looking at the time/distance stats unfortunately). It turns out the place was 22 miles away, not the 8 reported by BeyondMenuFoodDelivery.

BeyondMenuFoodDelivery is going in the trash where it belongs.


This is the worst

I only used BeyondMenuFoodDelivery for one sushi place. I use Mr. Delivery all the time and they are great. More options and real time check ins on your order. However I used BeyondMenuFoodDelivery for my fav sushi place. I placed an order at 5:27! I didn’t get it until after 7:30pm and it was wrong. I had also called the resultant twice and beyond menu with no follow up call after they assured me when they checked with the driver they would give me an update. They didn’t. I am going to call tomorrow and demand a refund. I shouldn’t have to wait 2 hours and then my order be wrong and it was a simple order. Nothing special. BeyondMenuFoodDelivery is behind the times and doesn’t offer real time info like other apps do. I am going to delete BeyondMenuFoodDelivery once I get my refund. Such a shame. I also know of several other people in my area that only got BeyondMenuFoodDelivery for that sushi place that have had the same issues and are now deleting it and not using that sushi place again unless it is dine in. BeyondMenuFoodDelivery needs major work. I also see other bad reviews and nothing from BeyondMenuFoodDelivery trying to make up for it. That is even worse.


First use

Used BeyondMenuFoodDelivery , Ordered online to a local Restaurant for pickup. Worked Great , business had a hard copy of my order with expected price. Every thing was done without any complications and easy to use app , and menus from my local Restaurant. Intend to use BeyondMenuFoodDelivery a lot in the Future. I see several post here about payment problems . You have an option to Pay upon Arrival. I use that method with no problems. Used BeyondMenuFoodDelivery several times and pay the Restaurant when I pick up my food . That way it eliminates the problems presented here about someone You don’t trust with your private information. Try using the Option to pay at pick up. Your Welcome ! Also you can set up payment methods on BeyondMenuFoodDelivery if you’re comfortable doing that . I don’t do it myself .


Customer experience is lacking

If you are comparing this to uber eats you may be disappointed. First off, there is only one place where it shows you when your delivery is expected - it really should be listed in the summary of the order (though that is messed up as well since it says I paired with Google Pay even though I am on an iPhone...). There is no way to track your order’s progress in BeyondMenuFoodDelivery . They do offer text message updates but they are vague.

Unfortunately part of my order was incorrect (missing items). I called Beyond Menu and the woman had to call the restaurant to fix anything (refund). She then called me back insisting that the restaurant sent the right order and that she cannot refund anything (stating she spoke to the cook and he was adamant it was correct). To me, you work with the customer and then deal with the business after you make sure the user is treated well, not insinuating they are a liar.

I ended up calling the restaurant and they said he told Beyond Menu he wouldn’t issue a refund until he spoke with the cook, which he did and they admitted their mistake and refunded me the item. The restaurant was very kind, unlike the agent at Beyond Menu.

The reason for 2 stars instead of 1 is because the menu interface is pretty smooth. Not great since you kind of have to guess on some thing (like swiping right gets you a different menu) but it didn’t glitch or anything.

Overall, probably not my go to food delivery app.


First time ordering; NOT a success

Very disappointing and a huge waste of money. It seems it’s more of the restaurant’s fault than BeyondMenuFoodDelivery however, app should be making sure the businesses it’s promoting know how to access and work it. Menu items didn’t match the restaurant menu. Was shorted a ton of food but on my lunch break from work so couldn’t wait any longer. Was charged MUCH more than what all said I would owe. Complete disaster. Great idea but the restaurant employees didn’t even know how to access my order in the first place. They then called someone on the phone to translate to me all the items I placed for order that they didn’t have. I lost even MORE money because I was late getting back from my lunch break while waiting for food that I hadn’t even ordered. Definitely need to get with this restaurant and figure things out. Their website leads straight to BeyondMenuFoodDelivery as an option for online ordering and I get there and get lectured for not calling my order in! Don’t think I’ll be using this again but if I ever do; it will NEVER be with this restaurant. What a mess! 😕


Quick & Easy

Very simple interface, making the whole ordering process & experience quick and easy! The only suggestion I have is that there needs to be an estimated time for pickup or length of time when you choose “asap” and “pickup” as the option for how soon you’d like your food. BeyondMenuFoodDelivery does a great job of keeping you updated as to when they receive your order etc but it doesn’t let you know how long until your food is done. You just have to guesstimate based on past experiences with that particular restaurant (but that’s if you’ve even ordered from there in the past). Other than that, both times I’ve used BeyondMenuFoodDelivery to order our dinner, it was always super easy and convenient!!


Do Not Use

Customer Service RUDE! If I could give less than one star I most certainly would. I placed my order via BeyondMenuFoodDelivery. Thank goodness it was for pickup because I would never have received my order otherwise. When I got to the restaurant I was informed they missed my order; therefore, I asked for a refund. I was advised the restaurant could not process my refund as requested and I would need to call BeyondMenuFoodDelivery . I was not about to leave the store without my money or food so I had to wait for them to put in my order. I called Beyond Menu as directed by the restaurant and was informed that they faxed the order two minutes after I placed it so it was not their responsibility or problem for wasting my time. During a pandemic, when we are supporting our local businesses and using apps for convenience and safety it seems to me that both these businesses and companies would have been more customer friendly. In the future, I will not utilize this application because the customer service is horrible!


No Intent to Help

This might be my first App Store review, but it’s necessary. I ordered from a Thai place at 8, clearly understaffed, and the order came at 10. If they didn’t do delivery, I would’ve picked up the order. I might’ve even just gone to eat there.

Instead, I ordered with BeyondMenuFoodDelivery. The initial scheduled delivery time was 1.5hr later.
- I called the restaurant; no response
- I called BeyondMenuFoodDelivery , they called the restaurant and relayed the order was in progress
- I spoke to BeyondMenuFoodDelivery twice more, eventually I was able to get a hold of the restaurant directly, and they said they were finally delivering the order. It was 1:45hr after I paid the $50 for small family order

Again, if you don’t do delivery, just don’t offer it, or outsource. Labor is hard right now - Doesn’t mean 2hr deliveries are okay.

Doesn’t mean you refuse a discount or coupon or so much as a complimentary mint. Doesn’t mean it makes sense for a delivery person to be disgruntled that I wouldn’t find meet him in the cold as he waited in his car, rather than come up to the doors, after he knew we had a 2hr delivery.

The first woman I spoke to, when I saw the order was scheduled for 1.5hr later, assured me the restaurant started and it shouldn’t exceed 45min. Why lie? If it was truly so backed up, let me know it’s better to pick up, like I mentioned.

Terrible customer service, and does a disservice to their partner restaurants. Please remove my payment information .


Excellent Food Delivery Guy Creepy

I love their food. They are my favorite in this area. I had one of the owner’s children in my class years ago. Many times I have it delivered just for convenience. Last night the driver didn’t see the note about delivering to the back door or that I needed hot mustard. He not only told me that he only gets $1 of the $4 delivery charge but yelled across my driveway asking how much additional tip did I give him. I have never had a delivery person act like that before. When he was hired as one of their drivers he was told how much he would get per delivery and agreed to that. If he didn’t agree with that he should have taken a job elsewhere. I’m just wondering if this strategy has worked before for him in the past, does he do this to all the customers. This is the only time I have had any issues. Will request someone other than this guy to make future deliveries. Food was excellent like always just getting past creepy delivery guy is difficult.


They do not communicate with their vendors

This is so unfortunate that they don’t communicate with their vendors when someone places an order. Then the customer is left waiting for an hour and 45 minutes on an random Tuesday night and the restaurant is stuck giving away free food. I’ve ordered directly from this store before and never had an issue, but recently noticed an online order option. That took me to BeyondMenu as an order service. It was outside of the order window but all signs said I could order ahead, not actually possible. They didn’t tell the restaurant. The menu was easy to order from online but I won’t be using their service again, because I read the exact same review from another city and reviewer. Seems like a huge flaw. It’s the order platform not the restaurant. Keep that in mind when reviewing. And when calling the restaurant make sure they know which platform you used and that they actually got the order.


Ditch Grub hub and door Dash

BeyondMenuFoodDelivery lets you order directly through the restaurants your trying to order from. Which means for you that your supporting your local businesses directly and not getting charged rediculous delivery fees. Also since your order goes directly to the restaurant there is no miss communication between what you order and what you get. Also the features of being able to comment specifically about what food you enjoyed getting means when a new person tries a restaurant or decided to look at different food they can see reviews specific to the food it’s self not just the restaurant you will see what other people recommend or what they get most. Overall very pleased so far.


Been using this app for years

I found BeyondMenuFoodDelivery by accident while on vacation I think about 7 years ago while wanting to order takeout, and I’ve been using it ever since, after finding that many of my favorite takeout locations use it.

So far in all the years I’ve had BeyondMenuFoodDelivery, and through many different devices, I’ve never really had any problems using it. My favorite part of BeyondMenuFoodDelivery is that it eliminates the language barrier between the wonderful employees at my favorite restaurant, and myself.

One particular place I like to order from, I used to find it difficult to get my order in because of said language barrier. Of course it never stopped me because they are the sweetest people and the food is excellent, but still. The restaurant receives the order very quickly and I’ve never run into an issue.

Some of the things people are complaining about or involving the restaurants themselves. Such as hours not being updated, or menus being inaccurate. BeyondMenuFoodDelivery shows what the restaurant tells it to. So if your restaurant is not updating their hours on the Avenue, take it up with the restaurant, not the developers.


Needs some work

I’ve been looking for an alternative to Uber eats as it is so expensive, so I tried Beyond Menu. Pro- much more extensive menu offered on their app versus others. I’ve noticed with a few restaurants on other apps post a limited menu while BM posts the entire menu so you won’t miss anything.
Cons- one is that you can’t track your order or delivery. Once you submit it, you have no idea if and when your food is coming to you. This is especially not idea in the era of Covid when delivery people don’t ring the bell so you don’t know when your food arrives.
Second con is that BeyondMenuFoodDelivery doesn’t always update. Meaning you can order food from restaurants that are closed. For what we reason, the restaurant is still listed even when not open and if you submit the order it will say confirmed! But it never comes.


Wonderful, refreshing down home feel

I absolutely LOVE BeyondMenuFoodDelivery. I had an issue with an order and I was able to call customer service with BeyondMenuFoodDelivery directly. They handled everything and had my ordered delivered within 15 min even tho the restaurant wasn’t open yet for delivery. They were so kind and treated my problem like it was their problem to. Their customer service is consistent and I know if any issues do come up I can call them directly and they will immediately handle it. Not like the sorry not sorry back and forth emails you get with POSTMATES. I have now deleted Postmates and use beyondmenu exclusively. A real down home feel and a month later I am still thinking about how great they handled everything and treated me. SO REFRESHING!!


Honestly Convenient

BeyondMenuFoodDelivery does quite a bit in terms of ordering food online. Sometimes phone calls just don’t cut it! And even some menus found online from certain dining establishments aren’t current to what they even sell sometimes! Beyond Menu makes it easy to establish what you want from a restaurant, with easy ways to let the restaurant know what you want with detail sections. Perhaps a pricing is incorrect? Report it and it will be fixed!

I use BeyondMenuFoodDelivery from time to time to grab some lunch on break from work sometimes, and its also helpful to see what other restaurants are nearby and what they have on the menu!

Simple, convenient, and overall lovely for those looking for something to munch on around them.


Worst food app I’ve ever used, and I’ve used a lot

I downloaded BeyondMenuFoodDelivery and placed an order. No issues. Second time I used BeyondMenuFoodDelivery I placed an order at the exact same restaurant using the exact same payment method (Apple Pay) I used in my first order. 5 minutes after I placed the order I receive a call from some Illinois phone number and I don’t answer and it goes to voicemail. I check the voicemail and it’s Beyond Menu saying they need me to call them back to verify payment info. This sounds so suspicious—I’ve never had to call back a food app to verify anything. So I call back, and it sounds like I’m calling some woman in her bedroom and she asks for my order number and then starts asking my name and then billing info. I told her this is beyond weird and I’m not giving some person at a strange number my personal information. She could tell I was irritated and didn’t push the issue and said fine, you don’t have to give it to me, not indicating any consequences if I don’t. The whole conversation seemed very unprofessional. I said ok and hung up. I then arrive at the restaurant to pick up my order and I’m informed that the restaurant was called by Beyond Menu and told them to cancel my order. This is absurd, and BeyondMenuFoodDelivery is amateur at the very best, and very scary considering they hold my personal information. I would not recommend BeyondMenuFoodDelivery to anyone.


This Company Is A Joke!! Never Recommend!!

BeyondMenuFoodDelivery Gets 0 stars. They do stupid random checks for “Security Risks” that makes no sense. The representative really had the nerve to ask me why was I getting food delivered to an address that was different from my billing address that was already confirmed in the conversation?! Like why does it matter how, where, or who I get my food delivered for. The reason why I am so mad is because I literally just used my (now deleted) account 10 hours ago to get food delivered to my job in a while different city and noone calls me about that!! This company is stupid. They said “I Failed Verification” took the money out my account and never placed my order. Didnt even tell me that they cancelled it. I waited a hour and call them back like “Where’s my food?!” And that’s how I found out. Then had the nerve to say my money will be returned in up to 3 business days! This company is a joke. Do Not Use!!! I swear I wish I can give them 0 stars! I still think that’s too much.


My go to food delivery app

I absolutely love BeyondMenuFoodDelivery. I prefer BeyondMenuFoodDelivery among any of the other food delivery apps. I have never had an issue placing my order, and the restaurant selection is great.

I have seen a lot of negative reviews, most of which have to do with the restaurant itself, and not BeyondMenuFoodDelivery . If you don’t receive your order in a timely manner, then you need to file a complaint with the restaurant and not put a negative review on BeyondMenuFoodDelivery, as they don’t control the restaurant once the restaurant has received your order. This is a 3rd party taking orders for the restaurant. They are not making your food and I have always had an employee of the restaurant itself be the one to deliver my food.


Terrible service - DO NOT USE

I ordered from Beyond Menu while down in San Diego visiting my Dad who was on his death bed at the time. I was trying to buy my family delivery food for dinner - I entered the delivery address and I entered my CC address. Beyond menu cancelled my order - I called the service and asked why - they said they attempted to call me twice and I didn’t answer - so they canceled. I was told to re-enter the order - so I did - and they canceled again! I called again - they said they tried to call - they did not! They lied to me and they lied to the restaurant - I had to call the restaurant directly and make the order with them directly - so - WHY use BeyondMenuFoodDelivery ? I did call my CC company and they couldn’t tell me why the beyond menu folks kept canceling - they had zero issue with the charges and the delivery address being different from my billing address.

Again - no reason at all to use BeyondMenuFoodDelivery - they are terrible and their customer service people will lie to you.


Avoid this service

Worst experience ever! They charged my card then called restaurant and told them not to prepare my food. What a gawd-awful mess they caused. I went to pick up my food in 20 minutes as advised and the restaurant told me that although I was charged, this company told them not to prepare or release my food. Stupid idiots. I called Beyond Menu and after a very annoying conversation w their moronic staff they told me they’d call the restaurant to release my order. This all happened at the restaurant. My order should have been ready. Finally after waiting again, Beyond Menu called the restaurant and told them to release my food. Then the restaurant began preparing my food and I was out 15 minutes later. What a terrible experience Beyond Menu added to what is otherwise normally a simple order process for take out food. This happened during dinner rush. Not as if the restaurant needed all the aggravation this company caused them either.

Rodrick Mak   1 year ago

Don’t use Beyond menu, instead call the store itself. I was feeling sick after having food poisoning from the day before so wanted some congee to fill me up without being hard on my stomach. I place the order through BeyondMenu where they lie to me about everything. The e-mail says my food should be ready by 7:32 pm but when I get to the restaurant the restaurant never got my order. Instead they had to make my order from scratch because Beyond Menu couldn’t be bothered to communicate with the restaurant. I don’t get my food until 8:33 pm a full hour after I was misled that the food would be ready.

JuJu T   2 years ago

BeyondMenu has no value or morals. I've remove them from my Google Business Listing many times... so they hacked my account to add it back on multipy times. They do that so they can ride on your existing customers thru Google Business Listings and make their fees off your existing customers without investing to bring you new customers. These freeloaders wont cancel the service as I requested many times either as it's been going on several years now. Beware of this company!

Is Beyond Menu Food Delivery Safe?

Yes. Beyond Menu Food Delivery is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 121,753 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.8/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Beyond Menu Food Delivery Is 49.9/100.

Is Beyond Menu Food Delivery Legit?

Yes. Beyond Menu Food Delivery is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 121,753 Beyond Menu Food Delivery User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Beyond Menu Food Delivery Is 68.8/100..

Is Beyond Menu Food Delivery not working?

Beyond Menu Food Delivery works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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