foodpanda - Food Delivery Reviews

foodpanda - Food Delivery Reviews

Published by on 2022-09-21

foodpanda – food and more, delivered Craving something delicious from your
favorite restaurant? Forgot to pick up the shopping on your way home? We deliver
food and groceries in a flash. It’s our mission to bring everything you want,
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I think it is a poorly designed app

Writing as a fellow product person. I notice a few poor designs in foodpanda, that creates friction and causes bad user experience. 1) Unnecessary surveys: “Why did you not complete the order at X”. First, this X restaurant is wrong (I already placed the order). Second, survey is a poor way to get user feedback. Participation rate is not guaranteed. A much better way to do it is to do a thorough data analysis of user behaviour, form solid hypotheses and test these hypotheses thru experimentation. 2) Cluttered UI: Do we really have to have “trending order”? Do I, as a customer, really get value from knowing what others are ordering? Does it benefit me, a restaurant order, that customers only order the hottest 1 or 2 items from my menu? 3) It is just buggy. There are a few times when I simply cannot place an order. I click the button, then nothing happens. There is no way for users to report this bug, or seek help for it. 4) The rewards program. I understand rewards program create loyalty and we want loyalty in the fierce competition among delivery apps. But this rewards program is poorly designed; rules are not communicated clearly; the UI/notification is intrusive. All of the above makes me question: Who is making product decisions at this app? Are they really relying on data and listening to users? Or just go with whatever they ASSUME is a good idea?


The most embarrassing customer experience

Dear this app, Thank you for copying and pasting over and over prewritten emails without even reading what your customers say. With extreme disappointment I have to say that I have been served with the poorest and the most embarrassing customer service ever possible. As a senior executive of a company that makes of customer experience their priority, you are proving to know nothing about your customers and so your business. The order was cancelled because of your mistakes and 2 days later you are still copying an pasting the same emails without even reading my messages or understanding what happened. This is simply unacceptable and unfortunately I don’t have any more time to waste with you. I am going to block this payment and do whatever I can to get my 200HKD back, not because of the small amount, but because it’s a matter of principle. I can promise you that you have lost me as a customer forever. Your business won’t suffer for it, don’t worry, but the way in which you serve your customers have been proven to be embarrassing and ridiculously wrong. Since you don’t read the feedback or requests from your customers you won’t probably understand or learn anything from here. What a shame… Congratulations this app, I can certainly say that you have given to me the worst customer experience in my 44 years! Good luck, G


They don’t want to refund you fully in Bangladesh

Once , Some items were missing from one of my order. When I asked the delivery person, he said , he will bring it tomorrow. (Funny proposal, isn’t it? ) So I asked for a refund, The agent wanted to refund me less than half the amount of what i lost and said , its the best he could do. I kept asking him again and again , how much did I lose? (As i could not check at that moment , i did not know how while i was chating with an agent )No matter what , he would not answer me. But later i was able to check and kept asking him , why will i be refunded less than half ? How was that fair? He kept saying its the best he could do and wanted to leave again and again( he did not though) . But I kept telling him that it was unfair . Maybe after 15 to 20 minutes (could be more) he refunded me the full amount. I went through a harassment with that. I wish i could hold that agent accountable for what he did. But this app has no Customer Care Number in Bangladesh . I guess , not refunding the customer fully and also claiming the remaining money from the restaurant later is a new way of making some more money for food panda Bangladesh.


It’s really bad

First of all, foodpanda is saying that certain restaurants do not deliver to my address but when I change the street number to two blocks away suddenly the restaurants become available. Second issue is, after adding the items to the cart and want to checkout, foodpanda is saying that the items are no longer available (my guess is they are to busy at that time and can’t deliver, but I don’t understand why they wouldn’t just say that). After 20-30 minutes, when I try again, I’m able to checkout and place the order (they might have some free spots available). After all of this hustle, I’m just happy that I’ve managed to place the order but to my surprise, sometimes, the order gets canceled when it’s close to arrival time. After talking to other users, it seems that they’ve stumbled upon these issues as well. I can get over the fact that they don’t have a group order, or that I need to walk two blocks from my address to pick up the order, or that I need to try multiple times to place the actual order, but the overall app experience and their delivery system is just bad.


Customer Service Leaves a lot to be Desired

If food is running late then all they say is sorry. The message that tells me this comes through to me via text about 50 times. Another issue is restaurants accepting your order, you wait, then 10 minutes before the food is meant to arrive Food Panda texts to say “[restaurant] just closed, sorry about that”. You’ve then wasted your time, and no repercussions on the restaurant as far as I know. Also, they dish out coupons like crazy but only for new customers. I was asked by their employees to rate their app 5 stars on this store in exchange for vouchers whilst visiting the Expo at Impact Arena here in Bangkok. Got my vouchers and now I find out they’re only for new customers too - the employees saw foodpanda on my phone and I told them I’ve used the service multiple times. Talk about tricksters! Customer service didn’t want to help me when I told them neither. I’ve changed my rating and will start looking into Grab Food and similar apps available here. Good concept but poor customer service and loyalty to those already signed up.


Amazing! Full of Variety and Options!

So foodpanda is easy to use, highly ascetic - who can refuse a cute panda? And most importantly- it’s more than a small array of restaurants. From food to essentials, with stores that have actually given you a great array of options from their stock vs typical basics that won’t always satisfy your needs. It may not have play by play tracking but having approximate times with more options to serve you better makes it far superior to its competitors. Icing on this fantastic cake (I may just order one after this) is that foodpanda does incentivize consistently- you don’t need to spend over a hundred dollars constantly to get a paltry benefit like 5 dollars off. No general amounts and purchases can easily reap you discounts more routinely and simply add to the convenience of it all. So in all- 10/10 I certainly recommend.


Dissatisfied with FoodPanda

what happened last night and this morning had obliged me to post this review. their customer service and support (no answers to emails, no phone number to call, restaurant phone number shown in foodpanda doesn’t work, bpo chat representatives are based in india and are disappointing)are totally useless. i believe it is worth campaigning not to use foodpanda. why? the cust serv rep sent me a phone number to call to direct my concern to the resto here in the phils. i told them it is not working. after a few seconds, they just confirmed to me that yes it is really not working just after they called. hahaha... so pathetic... their recommendation and action? nothing but a one word “sorry”. i haven’t had any assurance that they will do anything for the issues because they said they got no control to their affiliated restaurants... huh???


Worst CS ever

Because of the quarantine I use this app several times. And I must thank those riders. Though sometimes the package got leaked or my soup ruined. I never complain. It s the time. But I got really mad this time. I ordered my food this app estimated its arrival about 45min later. Then I got called in an important meeting. My rider came early about just 20mins. I couldn’t leave. I asked him could he wait or if he could come back 20minutes later I will tip him nicely. Then the rider started blackmailing me and asked for the equal amount of money as my food. Right at that moment the dispatcher called to cancel my order. I asked the dispatcher was there any solution he offered nothing but to cancel my order which I have already paid. I lost my food the day and my money. Not to mention I was cut off by the dispatcher whose English I tried so hard to understand with patience and kindness. And when I contacted their Customer service, three times! And they never give you any solution. And blame it on you! Your blackmailing rider your useless unqualified dispatcher! And the trouble I have to starve for! Thank you food panda and wish you hell


Good order functionality, terrible customer service.

When things go well, there is no problem. However, inevitably, you will receive an order with a missing / wrong item. It seems this app does everything in their power to avoid having to offer a refund - from discretely responding to inquiries via email (instead of through foodpanda where the original message was sent), to requiring you to make a choice on type of refund, and finally, once I provided my choice of refund, it was never sent. It seems these processes are built to make it more difficult for consumers to get a refund. It’s been over 2 weeks since my order and I still haven’t received a refund. Can’t complain about how well the food ordering function of foodpanda works - because it works well. But after my experience with their customer service, it feels they intentionally give customers the run-around with the intention of making it as difficult as possible to get a refund.


Customer Service needs to improve

The this app app has no contact options which is extremely problematic since I’ve had trouble with multiple orders. When I tried cancelling my order it would give me the option to cancel my order and then say that it couldn’t be cancelled because the restaurant had accepted my request. It gives no option to contact the restaurant directly or this app representatives in case of any trouble. What kind of service is this? Once you order you’re trapped? The chat option has also been removed. When you open the website on a browser it magically has some sort of contact number hidden somewhere but on foodpanda it’s nowhere to be found. Even tracking the order is extremely inconvenient because when we ask where is my order their response is we don’t know. What is even the point of having a help centre in the first place? Please fix this issue.


Horrible App Update!!!!!

July 5, 2021 - The current update is working well and I have had no issues with it. I’m glad they brought back the ability to see where the delivery driver is located, so I can be downstairs waiting when arrive. It’s not real-time tracking like it was a couple years ago, but it updates pretty frequently. 19 Apr 2020 - the current app update is HORRIBLE, do not update! They removed the ability to see where the rider is and they removed the ability to move the map around. You cannot even scroll around to see where the exact location of the restaurant is anymore, HORRIBLE!!!! All this and we still have to deal with made up times that keep changing and getting pushed back if the delivery isn’t running on time.


Amazing Service!!!

Okay, so before I begin let me start off by saying I found foodpanda by searching for a way to order food from outside of the country of origin. I’m an Amerikano with a Filipina SO and I wanted to try and order her food. Came upon a good opportunity to cheer her up with a milkshake and took it. Had never used foodpanda before and actually ended up putting in the address wrong. Capital One worked internationally much to my excitement, and I messaged the rider about correcting the address and they used my correction and got it there very quickly. From the other side of the world, I was able to experience the joy of getting my girl a milkshake to cheer her up. Thank you so much this app, thank you thank you thank you! Will definitely be using foodpanda again!


Quick service

I think it depends on restaurants therefore I don’t need to wait too much time. Just only 30-45 minutes. Mostly I ordered coffee from cafe so fast service that I got. Keep going like this but I have to suggest one thing for delivery man. It happened on my second time’s order. He asked me my address number. I think it shouldn’t be like this. foodpanda will be using not only locals but also foreigners. As a result of this, please look for delivery man at least who can read English numbers. 🙂 I know it’s related in your budget to look for delivery guys but mostly Myanmar people can talk 👉broken language 😁


Shady drivers, abominable customer service.

This is a SCAM. Please stay away from this service! My orders have been consistently late and the GPS never shows the real time location of the drivers. I put up with the mediocre service they provide, but just today they went too far. I always wait for the drivers 10 minutes before their eta because I had already heard stories about them leaving after only a couple of minutes so I decided not to risk it. However, today the driver picked up my food and on foodpanda it appeared he did not even come close to my place. I waited in the yard where all drivers know where to hand the food. I saw drivers pulling over and handing the food but mine never came. He had the audacity to cancel and now I can't be refunded because he "tried" to reach me. The customer service is no better really. They don't listen to your concern and just repea the same sentences again and again. Pretty distasteful experience. foodpanda is so laggy and doesnt even have in-app mesaage capabilities.


Doesn’t Work. No Company Contact Available on Site

The location finder finds me, then when I hit “search,” returns a blank error. US is not listed as an available country on site, but it’s on US App Store. And trust me, non-Asians are just as convinced that they’ll spontaneously and gorily combust if they get our food right as they proudly are about our names, and an alternative is needed *badly.* Instacart only works if your order is “BillyBob’s corn-fried butter.” Anything else, you end up spending 40$ for two things of toufu, a bag of soy beans, and three oranges because they saw the Asian food and got scared they’d catch Asian cooties and ran. I went to company site to message about this, but “get in touch” button on site loops back to top of homepage. So I guess I gotta write a public review. There’s no true alternative, especially for those of us on medical diets that can’t just order from the local takeaway and desperately need a grocery service for when going shopping is just not feasible.


Should improve the apps further

I read reviews that this app is always late. Normally they r late because the restaurant side delayed the food preparation. I have tried to order from stores stating 30mins but 30mins become 45mins, 1 hour in few times. The 1 hr wait from 25mins at off peak liked 11am was the last straw. I never ordered from that restaurant anymore. However I feel that the apps only show the real updated time of the whole delivery. On the real time tracking, they should also put the time order was placed. So we know the time has been changed (few times) to show the change in delivery timing. When I’m a new user, I keep on wondering why is it forever 30-35mins. But time had actually passed by. Once I have also placed an order for something near, the driver took a big detour to elsewhere. Although stated as reach but he personally called me to inform that he will be late. I’m ok with this. Sometimes if on the way and only 5-10mins extra I can wait. Plus there’s communication from driver. At least I won’t be left hanging did he went wrong route? Overall I only use this app n their services r still not bad. Just that I don’t know how to read reviews left by myself n others. Not v user friendly apps.


Would give 0 stars if I could

I am in Thailand for 6 months and enjoy walking around, trying the cuisine. Of course, this becomes exhausting and today, I slipped and sprained my ankle getting off the ferry. Decided to give foodpanda a try and it failed. While I do not blame the driver, the restaurant or even the customer service agent, foodpanda is faulty. It auto populates your location. And so for some reason the address was way off when it did so even though the map location looked correct. The driver calls me, asking where I am and I can only respond in English though I tried the words for Hotel etc. and I said the hotel name and everything. So I contacted customer service and they asked me to meet the driver at that random location that I have no idea how to find. At that point, I said keep the food and the money. I didn’t even ask for a refund. foodpanda is broken. I would have liked to use foodpanda for my travels but cannot and will not try it again.


Absolutely disgraceful customer service and a terrible experience

I tried to make an order to this new version of foodpanda and picked the name of the building. foodpanda doesn’t show you further details or the map. Once the order went through it showed a map and I realized the location registered wrong on the map. I immediately messaged them (since there is no longer a telephone hotline) and got no response. Then I saw my messages had been deleted. I tried again and finally got a message saying it was ok and the rider would be redirected to the correct address. Then one hour after my order had been created I got a phone call saying that they would not deliver as it was out of the delivery zone, and said it was all my fault because I had input the wrong address. Their app is actually at fault because it went to the incorrect address to begin with. Furthermore, although they refuse to deliver they have still charged my credit card and won’t refund for a few days. Their customer service rep refused the idea that their system had any problems and said I should have chosen the district correctly to begin with. Problem is their app doesn’t allow you to do that! How can they charge me money for something they refuse to deliver? And to have us wait an hour before informing us the order wouldn’t be sent? Horrible upgrade and terrible customer service.


Left starving

I waited for 2 hours in hoping my food would be just mins away. Just to find out my driver took 2 hours just to get to the restaurant and the restaurant closed on them. I dont understand when there estimated time of arrival to me was 10p but they barely got to the restaurant at 10:15 and surprised that the restaurant was closed. So with it being past the time of estimated arrival to me, all other restaurants were then also closed. So left with no other choice but to starve over night in hopes just to find food in the morning. I WOULD NEVER use foodpanda again!!! I might as well just called the restaurant itself to have placed my order and paid more for delivery fee then to be left starving over night. I would not recommend foodpanda unless you want the chances of being left starving at night. BTW I was being very nice that I placed my order at 8p to give them plenty of time to get my order to me. I’m very disappointed in the service of foodpanda.


Wrong address delivery

This is very disappointing since it’s my first time to Order from this app, I ordered a food for a friend since I liked to treat them for my upcoming birthday however when I placed the order and waited for how many minutes and even my friend was waiting infront of their house nothing came up and suddenly the this app app was marked as DELIVERED which unfortunately never came to my friend: i spoke to an agent name Muhammad and we had a long convo and after telling me he will do his best to help Me resolve the issue even if I’m still Asking questions to him he ended up the convo and marked it again as issue RESOLVED which has not been resolved at all since my friend back there in the Philippines hasn’t received the food that I ordered. So calling all the this app delivery department I do hope you will take action on this matter and rest assure it will not happened again. And this will be a lesson for me from now on.



Food Panda is THE WORST FOOD DELIVERY SERVICE I have ever used. All my orders from Food Panda are ALWAYS late. Their app is horrible, it never updates the status of my orders, and never accurately shows how long my food is going to take. Even if I preorder for my food to be delivered at a later time, they somehow manage to deliver my food 45 minutes late. And not to mention, their customer service is horrible. They have a chat where you can talk to a representative but all they will say is “We’re sorry your food is late.” Well they aren’t the ones that are starving while they wait for their food, we are. And the representatives will not answer any of my questions properly, they just ignore the complaints and blatantly ask “Is there anything I can do for you?” when they obviously see all the questions I have. My last string was when it took them 90 minutes to deliver my food from a restaurant that was less than a mile away from my location. Most ridiculous and incompetent delivery service ever. Food Panda customers, please refuse to pay for the food, or accept it at all if they deliver it late. These people need to be held financially responsible for their actions or this will never get better. They just won’t understand what it means to work with deadlines and time constraints. And they probably don’t realize people need to eat their food in a timely manner.


The worst food delivery service in town

If you enjoy cold food, and third rate customer service then this is the way to go. I've used this app on numerous occasions, prior to the launch of Pathao delivery and also before that when there was only Hungrynaki and this app. Since day 1 this app has only been disappointing. It's one thing to have your food delivered late but it's entirely another thing when you have complete and utter disregard for your customers. The only time I am forced to order from them is when I can't find a restaurant on Pathao delivery or hungrynaki. They have a ridiculous chat service for when you want to find out why your food is late or why their hotline isn't working. All you'll get is an apology followed by NO follow up message on where or when your food is getting there. Then the chat magically disappears while you're sitting there starving and before you know it you have to open up yet another chat to convey the same message you painstakingly typed 20 minutes ago. I think their messaging service is their sick way of buying time from customers when they can't deliver. And you know whats the absolute saddest part? I have written these complaints over and over again in hopes that perhaps ONE day they may take notice...forget about their crappy customer service, the least they can do is respond to these reviews but that too is too much to ask. And always this review (just like the tonnes of others I've left) will fall on deaf ears :)


Best alternative to uberEats

Most (perhaps all) menus are available in English, unlike GrabFood. For this reason, this app is the best food delivery app in Bangkok now that uberEats is gone from Thailand. I have never had significant problems with the functionality of foodpanda . One complaint is that foodpanda doesn’t accept my Amex or MasterCard for some reason, so I always use PayPal. Cash on delivery is also an option. In rare cases when my order is late, this app has proactively sent a voucher for discount on future orders. The tracker of the delivery driver is good but not quite as accurate as uberEats was. That is a very minor gripe though. Overall foodpanda is great and I use it a lot.


Refuse to remove details and keep calling my ex girlfriend and refuse to remove her number!!!

Do not download foodpanda. They refuse to remove your details once downloaded and they keep calling my ex girlfriend telling her my food is on the way I don't answer their call within a minute. Her number is not even in the settings of foodpanda !!! They are consistently late and offer no compensation even when an order was more than 2 hours late then by the time they replied said the restaurant was closed. Avoid foodpanda. Use ChefXp in Bangkok or anything is better than this scam. I wish try were registered in normal country I would sue them for breach of data protection. The owners should be in prison. They tell you a restaurant is not open 90 minutes after you order so I order from another restaurant and both orders come together. I have deleted foodpanda now save yourself a big headache and half your life waiting for food and DO NOT Download foodpanda it’s just a scam.



So I have been using this app for a while , usually I order some fast food joints so usually didn’t have particular issue with the food and looked like the service was fine but recently I ordered from a restuarant and the food wasn’t delivered as shown and missed portions too and wasn’t cooked properly , I made a complain and even asked to take the food back if they need , the customer chat was readily available and after checking they said they would autocompensate me in terms of gift voucher , I was satisfied BUT THEN THEIR TERRIBLE DECEIVING BEHAVIOR MANIFESTED ITSELF - the gift voucher never arrived , I talked to customer service after couple days and they all made false promises it will arrive in next 24-48 hrs , but times and times they all lied , I never received any on email or my account , in the end they just directed me to email this app support and guess what even they didn’t reply to email , this app IS ONLY GOOD AS LING AS U DONT GET FOOD ISSUE , WHEN U GET ISSUE THEY ARE TERRIBLE AT COMPENSATING CUSTOMERS ! Never using again....


Deleting the app.

Been using foodpanda for years, but for some reason it seems to be getting worse. Using foodpanda always causes to eat lunch at 3pm or dinner at 9 or 10 because it’s ALWAYS. SO. LATE. It has come to the point where the wait (and not to mention the extra money for delivery charge) is not worth it. Just now we ordered our lunch at 12, foodpanda saying it would only take 45 minutes to get here. By the time it was 1pm, there was no update on the status of our order. Upon asking customer service they said there was nothing they could do to track it. Next thing I know I get a notification saying that the restaurant JUST THEN started to prepare our food, the time when it was supposed to be arriving. When I checked the status of the order on foodpanda , the ETA had changed from 1pm to now 2pm. Ridiculous. By the time I’m done writing this review, our lunch has still not arrived. This will be our last order using this app.


Chat Interface Laughably Broken

Horrible customer service. Chat interface redirects you to an on demand call center in India, no matter what country you are currently in. They also do not notify you when an employee messages you back, which enables them to shirk the responsibility of your complaint when you don’t respond immediately, instead opting to close the chat and mark it as resolved. If you have a complaint involving missing food, good luck getting your money back, or really getting anyone on the line to care. When you do get someone on the line, they say because they are in India they can’t help with your case, and ask you to email the company instead, even though they are the recipients of your question? And Vivek kept calling me sir. I am a teenage girl with a very feminine name. Point is, if your chat interface doesn’t work, then just list the email option to communicate instead of wasting my time.


Foodpanda is a fraud.. scam!!! they are thieves

this app is the worst, every time i have placed an order they have messed up and then the customer support is the worst It is so inconvenient, and mess around with the order a lot and they have a lot of complaints mostly people in my workplace have stopped using foodpanda 1. you place order and then keep waiting for it and when you check why your order hasnt arrived they tell you 'it has been cancelled' 3. sometimes the thing you order is just incomplete and which feels more like a fraud because you pay money for it have to wait for hours and hours for the support to respond back on your query and when they do they just say oh sorry heres your voucher which is convenient for them but it’s not worth our time and money i have a request please dont use their app, they are a fraud they scam people on a big scale and we should report foodpanda to FIA


Terrible customer service

this app is very slow. All my orders are late. Today I had to cancel an order that was over 2 hours late and still had a 30 minute “estimated” delivery time. Their app says to use live chat or contact by email to cancel and when I tried both, the email said it would give a response in 48 hours and to use the live chat, i waited a while for someone to come on to the live chat to cancel the order. They were very rude and ended the chat before even ending the conversation, I presume because they do not care about their customer experience. The first person ended the chat and another representative entered the chat just to end the conversation with thank you and have a nice day and immediately left before I could finish typing thank you which is extremely rude. And now here I am, 2 hours and 20 minutes later with no food and my family is getting ready for bed.

Is foodpanda Safe?

Yes. foodpanda - Food Delivery is quiet safe to use but use with caution. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 218,908 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.5/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for foodpanda - Food Delivery Is 24.5/100.

Is foodpanda Legit?

Yes. foodpanda - Food Delivery is legit, but not 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 218,908 foodpanda - Food Delivery User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for foodpanda - Food Delivery Is 24.5/100.

Is foodpanda - Food Delivery not working?

foodpanda - Food Delivery works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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