I Am Sober Reviews

I Am Sober Reviews

Published by on 2021-05-20

I Am Sober more than just a free sobriety counter app. Along with tracking your
sober days, it helps you build new habits and provides ongoing motivation by
connecting you to a wide network of people all striving for the same goal:
staying sober one day at a time. Through our growing...

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I Am Sober Reviews

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    Such an awesome app for anyone struggling with any kind of addiction

    I have been addicted to heroin for about 8 years, I just turned 25 a few days ago. I gave birth to my beautiful baby girl in January and she changed my life and motivated me to get clean. This app along with my clinic, my counselor, and my family all help me to stay clean. My family has a group text so every morning they look forward to me sharing my daily motivation because the affirmations start their days off with a positive mindset too!! I love how this app tracks your sobriety to the very second, and tracks how much money you’ve saved and how many hours you’ve saved since getting clean. The developers are constantly tweaking the app to make it better and add new motivation packs pretty regularly, I own almost every pack so every month once I finish one pack I start a new one. I realllllllllly LOVE how the app celebrates all the milestones, because it’s exciting to celebrate every month sober, especially the big milestones like 100 days, 6 months, 1 year, etc. I go to a methadone clinic and I always recommend the I Am Sober app to my counselor and to anyone there who is still struggling and especially to people who are newly sober because it’s helped me so much. This app has become a really important part of my day, and I plan to keep utilizing it for as long as possible for my sobriety!!

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    This is exactly what I was looking for

    I’ve always been looking for an app to help me kick several addictions. If you’re like me and have tried a bunch of different ones and have never found your calling, look no further. This app has so many amazing features, like a live clock that tracks your sobriety down to the second. The reminder that you are making progress, even if it’s just been 20 minutes plus a few seconds, that truly serves as a helper for me. You can also add a picture and a message as to why you want to get sober. I have a picture of my girlfriend on there and it helps so much seeing her and knowing how proud she is of me that I’m working so hard to improve myself. There’s also a community page where you can post your struggles and people can shoot you supportive emojis and comments. The price is also very reasonable. If you provide a good product, I have no issue at all paying for it. In fact, I think you should pay for anything that brings you value as a thank you to the people who provide the service. However, many of these types of apps ridiculously overcharge you. This one is different. $4.99/month is extremely fair and reasonable. To the developers, I just want to say thank you for creating this app This is a service that will help a ton of people if they just give it a chance.

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    I LOVE LOVE this app!!

    I went to treatment for alcohol addiction and depression this past summer and I downloaded this app when I got home. I downloaded several sobriety tracker apps but this is the only one that I ended up keeping. I love being able to pledge everyday to a picture and sentence that I made as my reason to stay sober. At the end of the day I get a notification reminding me to review my day, asking if I stuck to my pledge, my feelings or mood and the difficulty of keeping my pledge for that day. Then I get a chance to write whatever I want as a journal entry. So it’s cool to go back and look at my previous entries to see my progress. One of my other favorite parts are the inspirational daily quotes. You start out with a pack of quotes everyday for the month and then you have to earn the next pack but staying sober for a certain amount of time. I get excited to go in and pledge everyday so I can see what my quotes for the day are! I even bought several other quote packs because I love them so much! This app has definitely kept me on track and motivated. I’ve been sober for almost 8 months now and I feel better than I’ve felt in 16 years. This app helps you rock the heck out of your sobriety! Highly recommended!

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    Best app ever

    When I downloaded this I figured it would be of little help and I would eventually end up deleting it. But I couldn’t have been more wrong. I’ve been struggling to stay sober for the past 14 years and this app has made such a difference this time around. It prompts you morning and night to reflect on why you are wanting to be sober, has a great clock for keeping track of your sober days, and a meeting schedule. You get to track your progress and write a daily log like a 10th step almost. It’s my second day using it and can tell already it’s going to be a very useful tool. Thanks for creating this app! You can even write a statement of why you want to stay sober so you won’t forget (I always forget why staying sober is worth it so I especially like this feature). You also have the option of uploading a photo with your statement. I uploaded a photo of myself while I was using. Seeing that terrifying photo is enough to remember the urgency of maintaining healthy habits and routines to stay sober. Good luck to anyone reading this-it works if you work it-as they say.

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    Love this App!!!!

    Currently going through the process of getting sober. I’m in A.A., I’m seeking counseling and I’m working hard. I downloaded this app on a whim and wow! I love it! It keeps me even more focused than just a meeting or two, sometimes three a day 😂! It’s motivational and really helps you track all the stages of your progress. I paid for the monthly subscription and I’m not looking back. You can track how you’re feeling with each milestone. You can win free motivational packs for sober streaks. You can track daily and privately how you felt on that exact day and look back on it at anytime. You have a community of people who are right at the same milestone you’re at to talk to on a feed. It estimates how much money you’re saving based on what you think you spent on average everyday. It’s been two weeks and I’ve saved $244 and that’s at the low end of my estimate not including my $60plus binge nights. All in all this app really does help if you really are in it to win it!

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    Awesome Anonymous AF Community Support!!

    During the past 126 days (and counting!) of being alcohol free the anonymous people on this app have become my friends. We support and encourage each other during struggles and cheer for each other’s successes. After wanting to quit drinking for 20 years it’s surreal to be living my life AF. I’m not part of any other support groups but, the people here provide all the encouragement and support I need to continue on this journey of living my life joyfully! The milestones on this app give us frequent reasons to celebrate together! Also, the recent upgrades allowing us to comment and follow each other are great enhancements making it easier to stay in touch with our cohorts. Initially I was just looking for an app to count my sober days but, I’m so grateful to have found this app that is so much more. Thank you for this truly beneficial app connecting all of these amazing supportive people!! 🙏🏻💕

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    Such incredible motivation.

    I was skeptical of this app because all the others I’ve come across are really just counters. With “I Am Sober” it does keep track of the months/days/years you have been clean, but it has so much more to offer than that! It gives you the option to list the reasons why you should stay away from your bad habits. It also sends you notifications to look at your progress for inspiration and sometimes offers inspiring quotes. What sets this one apart from others though, is that there’s a little community of people on there also. You can read their stories, reach out to them, share experiences. It’s truly an amazing, safe place to be able to celebrate how far you’ve come. PS- I love that the list of addictions aren’t just drugs and includes things that other people struggle with. Adding self-harm to that list was huge! Thank you so much for this app.

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    It has helped keep me motivated.

    It’s a very simple yet powerful app that goes into great detail about your addiction. Besides telling you how long you have been sober, it asks you to make pledges, it gives you motivational prices for the day. It tells you how much money you have saved, you can rate your day by how you feel and then it asks what you did that day so it can statistically track what causes your hardest days and you can try to avoid things that cause you to want to relapse. It gives you milestones and you can say how you’re feeling that milestone and compare to how others have felt when they reached it, positive and negative symptoms. It’s just a very well designed app that has continued support and updates and it really makes you feel accomplished every time you open it. It helps me a lot. I advise at least trying it and good luck on your path to sobriety!

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    Positive and helpful tool for staying sober

    This app helps track your sobriety and to remind you of the reasons you want sobriety in your life. The daily encouragement and accountability it provides are a good compliment to other treatments and/or support groups. It also allows you to track the specific ways in which your life is improving as a result of sobriety, along with the aspects of life that may be more challenging, and it shows you, anonymously, how many others are experiencing the same “symptoms” in their lives at the same point in their recovery. I really like the daily pledge, which links me to photo of myself and my affirmative statement about why I, personally, want to maintain my sobriety, as well as the positive/inspiring thought for the day. I have not experienced any glitches or other issues with this app. It is a high quality tool for good living.

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    Need some extra motivation to kick a habit for good!? Get this app

    I have tried and failed to quit smoking for the last 5 years. My sister told me about this app, I downloaded it right away and I am so happy with it! I’m on day 5 of being smoke free 🚫🚬🙌☺️🕊 Being able to track your progress with multiple additions (the free version you can track 3 addictions) Being able to see the amount of time you have gone without a cigarette or whatever habit your trying to get rid of. I look at the time that iv already gone without and say well I can go another minute which turns into another hour which turns into another day 🙌 I’m also working on giving up gluten and there is a tracker for gluten and many others. Example: cigarettes , junk food, self harm, drugs, alcohol , gluten a bunch of other option I feel like this app gives me the extra encouragement I need! This is the longest I have gone (by choice) without smoking cigarettes It is possible it is worth another shot to quit!! Great app , I DEFINITELY recommend it I feel a new sense of self control I never thought I had! It’s really exciting I’m konmarie’n my addictions! If they don’t spark joy, ditch them. Live a better life !! I LOVE this app ♥️🥰🙏🕊 I haven’t felt this good in so long 💪

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    What an EXCELLENT app

    I am thoroughly enjoying this, out of the plethora of sobriety trackers that hide everything useful behind a paywall it is so great to see a company that actually wants to help people. The subscription gets you access to extra skins and a few bonus things but the core of the app has everything that you need. I am going to continue to use this for a few more weeks but as of now fully intend on subscribing just to support the developers and I recommend that you do as well if you are finding it helpful because such a thoughtful program like this one deserves to stay alive and to be kept up to date. That can only happen if the Devs can pay their bills and put food on their plates! Thank you so much for this, I am glad that I found it when I was in need.

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    Good app for daily tracking and motivation.

    Like that I have a daily pledge to do and that I get some motivational messages after I have done it for the day. It becomes a goal to get as many pledges in a row as I can... never missed a pledge to drinking but some days I have missed inadvertently and so I try, try again! I have a few extra packs but like the main one that comes with the app the best so far. I’ve been using the app for 8 months now and it’s an integral part of my morning program. Another great part is the daily review. It provides a space to summarize your day and how things went. I’ve been using it for a daily mini-journal which has been an important thing for me to get stuff written down and out of my head. Definitely recommend this app!

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    Very helpful app

    This is a great app, it acts as a private support system when you aren’t ready to take that step to meetings. Making the pledges to not drink keeps you accountable to yourself and helps get you through the day without drinking because you already pledged to not drink for the day and you don’t want to disappoint yourself. Without that it’s much easier to tell yourself it’s ok to drink, you hadn’t pledged not to. Even if it is just to yourself in your phone, you’ve made a record of it and you’d have to start over at day one if you do drink which would be disappointing. And reading stories from others going through the same thing creates a sense of community and support where you know you’re not alone in your journey.

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    can you add a self-harm category?

    I love this app a lot and I use it to monitor my alcoholism and my self-harm. i’ve added self-harm using the “custom” feature, but it would be awesome if you guys could add that as one of the addiction listed, that way I could see all of the features on the app such as how many others are reaching the milestones i’m reaching, and comments other people leave about their recovery. overall this app has been so amazing in helping me track my recovery. pledging every morning has been extremely helpful, and counting down to each new milestone is more helpful than I could’ve ever anticipated. thank you for making such a great app, and I hope you’ll consider adding self-harm as one of your categories!💓

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    It's the little things

    I've tried a few different apps to help with my addiction, and this is the first one that feels like its really going to do the trick. Examples of the little things are the gamification of the daily pledge, the image to help motivate you, the motivational quotes, and most of all, not spacing out the milestones too far. The first week is hard and this app recognizes and rewards you each day. Before I failed a few times because I would get to 3 days and the next milestone would be a week. 3 days was hard, now you want me to do 4? Also, the free version offers fantastic features. I'd honestly be willing to pay for just what I get with the free version, but I appreciate that I don't have to 😊

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Is I Am Sober Safe?

Yes. I Am Sober is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 57,763 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.9/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for I Am Sober Is 47.3/100.

Is I Am Sober Legit?

Yes. I Am Sober is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 57,763 I Am Sober User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for I Am Sober Is 47.3/100.

Is I Am Sober not working?

I Am Sober works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Have a Problem with I Am Sober? Report Issue

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Why should I report an Issue with I Am Sober?

  1. Pulling issues faced by users like you is a good way to draw attention of I Am Sober to your problem using the strength of crowds.
  2. We have developed a system that will try to get in touch with a company once an issue is reported and with lots of issues reported, companies will definitely listen.
  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.
  4. If you are a I Am Sober customer and are running into a problem, Justuseapp might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least you can warn others off using I Am Sober.

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