sendit - get it now Reviews

sendit - get it now Reviews

Published by on 2022-04-12

1) choose a lens game 2) friends answer right on your story 3) get responses on
sendit --- diamond members only • can see hints about who sent each of
their messages • gain access to exclusive sendit games  • unlock a limited
edition diamond member app icon • use sendit uninterrupte...

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sendit - get it now Reviews: 20 Reviews


Very weird experience, read this. ⚠️

When I first downloaded this app it was working fine like it was supposed to, but over time when I would post sendits on my story Weird messages will come up, so one day I decided to get to the bottom of who it was I added three people to a private story who are my closest friends and a girl who I thought was sending the messages and I made my friends swipe up on it and say stuff to make it look legit because I was trying to catch her saying weird stuff because I thought it was her so then I got a message and it was a weird one, and only my closest friends seen the story at the time so i knew it wasnt them, but only 4 people were in the story and the girl i thought it was hasnt even looked yet - i bought the $9.99 subscription to see who was sending the messages and i definitely knew it wasnt my friends because thwir messages came back to the city they lived in while the others were from another, i looked back at all the weird messages and they came back to the same city but i don’t know anyone from there.



I downloaded this app only had two people on my private Snapchat story I got two messages from the app so I’m thinking okay bet people are seeing it & responding well I paid the $9.99 to see more info so I could see if it was really the people on my snap well it says it was someone in Decatur ( no body I know or have on my Snapchat lives in that area) so I canceled the subscription bout an hour later I look on my Wells Fargo app and it shows I didn’t pay the $9.99 I used my thumbprint to “buy” so I could see who was leaving me messages. Turns out the app itself was amending me messages and made me think it was real. CREEPY PART one of them said “are you gonna get a tat” I have two tattoos then an app just asked me that to me that seems like the app is stalking people & going through there phones when downloading this app. Shame on the people who made this app


great! but...

hi! I actually started using this app because other related apps weren’t working. or were running slow. but what I really feel like should be done is a ban on bullying. nothing negative has ever happened to me using this app, but I’ve been seeing friends or friends of friends get hated on for stupid reasons. sometimes, for NO reason at all. I really like how Sendit allows you to block a user. but I feel like the app should automatically detect negative words, & block the user immediately. you guys should also not even let the negative texts come through to the user — just auto-block them for the user, & then not even let the user see the message.



the app itself is fun and stuff but the hints superscription definitely isn’t worth the 10 bucks a WEEK. the hints were like “they have an iphone” “they’ve sent you a sendit before” and “this is their first time sending you a sendit” like that doesn’t give me any information. i’m trying to figure out who this is, telling me they’ve used it before or it’s their first time doesn’t help me one bit. and almost all my friends have iphones so that doesn’t help. then it told me they were in this one place but when i checked snap map nobody was even near there, nor did it show up on the moves. overall not worth the 10 bucks, especially if it’s per week. don’t waste your money please!



this is the only app i’ve used this weekend. (other than snap & imessage obv) my friends & i just got this app on like friday. (at least my friend & i got this app on friday) this past weekend has been. “ask me questions” or “ooo cute” & “omg u r so pretty! how do u do it?” the funny thing is we will ship each other with crazy and insane people, i just got shipped with 3 people. omg super crazy! if u do consider getting this app u should use the games like, ‘who do u ship me with?’ or ‘confessions.’ they make the game more fun. please get this app it’s really fun. ~olivia monday. april. 11th. 2022.


It was Great….but

This app was truly an amazing way for me and my friends to joke around and have fun. It was all working fine until a week or so ago. What happened was when I would open the app and try to make a post using it, it would say something went wrong. So I would try again and I got the same message. So I deleted the app and re-downloaded it and tried again. But now whenever I try to make a sendit it loads then exit out of the app, like it glitches. I’m not sure if it’s the users error or if something’s wrong with my device. But other than that it is an amazing app.


Rlly good and nice app for y’all’s friends and u

This app is rlly fun. Yea u have to pay to find who sends it but it’s better anonymous! That’s what rlly fun. To me at least. This app is basically like truth or dare, never have a ever, spin the bottle, any game u can think of basically. It’s in here. U can make ur own questions, change backgrounds, post on ur story and let people answer, view, or reply on what u said! All I say is this app is fun and pretty good! Even if it’s simple, this is amazing. Worth getting. Iv never bought anything but buy or no buy, it’s amazing!! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️/5



There are no adds to slow you down every second and it’s quick and super easy to use just post a question bc it’s already written for you or you can customize the fount and change the question you can change backgrounds so it isn’t boring and there are games you can play and the most fun part is that you can guess to see who asked you what question just turn your notifications on so you can see that you got a question have funn 🙃


Love It!

I’ve used many anonymous apps, but this has been by far my favorite! Unlike competing anonymous apps, sendit gives you so much variety in your messaging and is very user friendly! I love how the creators have a separate snapchat account just for feedback on the app. It shows how dedicated they are to the app and really lets the app reach its full potential! I’ve never gotten bored of sendit and I love the app! 10/10 recommend when you’re looking for an app for snapchat.


It sends things on its own.

I downloaded this app because my friend told me that it would be a fun little thing we could do. I post one, “ask me questions”, and I wait a bit. I start getting them. There’s one that’s obviously from my friend, since, it’s an inside joke of ours… but the rest of them are weird. Questions like, “have you ever cheated” , “craziest pickup line you’ve ever used?” , “favorite part about your body?” Which is something my friends would never ask. My friend starts getting these questions too.. and things like “ur cute” “are you taken” etc. These are being sent FROM THE APP. Not by your actual friends. It’s creepy. Don’t download it if you wanted it to actually have your friends ask you questions.


It’s great but I need help

So my SendIt was working great at one point and about a month ago it started to not work. I would click one to do and it would take me to Snapchat and then it would say,”Sorry! Something went wrong!” But it did that to every one of the sendits except for the “ask me anything” one. Now it’s not working at all. I click on any of them and it takes me back to my Home Screen. Idk what to do and I keep checking if I need to update Snapchat or SendIt and both of them are updated and it still doesn’t work. Please help!



when i’ve used sendit in the past it was pretty easy until i noticed random thing’s getting sent. for me it didn’t take long to figure out the the app itself was sending send it’s so i could use the app more. and i know this for a fact becuase i’ve made a private story and added my old snap account that i no longer use. I would still receive send it’s even if no one viewed the story. most of the time i don’t even post send it’s and messages will still go through like it’s weird but i don’t mind it.


has some cons

its fun and usually works really great but lately it’s been super slow and very weird every time I try and press the button to open into Snapchat it doesn’t work it gets really frustrating because it used to work so good and then out of the blue it doesn’t open up into snap. also what is up with the app asking all these personal questions it’s creepy and I honestly think that feature needs to be taken down it ruins the whole app because I know my friends wouldn’t ask questions like that and I thought the whole purpose of this app was for your FRIENDS to ask questions not the app really does ruin it.


Can’t update bitmoji :(

This app is AWSOME. I’m always using it 24/7! There is one slight problem though, when i go to tap “update bitmoji” it just kicks me out of the app. I really would like it to update because i had that old bitmoji a while ago. I have changed mine up since then. My old one has like brown, curly, and long hair. Now mine’s has long and straight hair and i have a hat on. The old one just doesn’t look good yk? Besides that though it is a great app! I’m always looking forward to get some send-it questions 😊👍


Sendit rate

Sendit is a very cool app. You can ask questions or put games on your Snapchat story and then ppl click this thing that answers your question. I think this app is one of the best in my opinion, I recommend it for you. It won’t tell you the person who sent it, but when you post it back on your story with the answer, they will see there question or someone else’s and then they can see what you answered.


This is actually so cool

All of my friends on snap always use sendit lenses for their stories and it seemed so fun so I decided to download the app. It was actually so much easier to use then I thought! Like now I can use sendit with my friends to have fun together , and no i'm not trying to sound like those ads. Sendit is such a good app and it's so fun! So if you're reading this, what are you doing? Go download the app already!


I loved it at first, but…

I LOVED this app and still would if it weren’t for the bugs. Whenever I go into the app now, it looks normal. Now but when I try to put a game on my story, it kicks me out of the app and I end up on my Home Screen. The website did NOT provide helpful advice as everything it said to do didn’t change anything. This problem occurs no matter how many times I try. I have even deleted and reinstalled the app multiple times, but no changes. I have also tried resetting my device, but, AGAIN, no change. I have done software updates hoping it would fix the problem, however, it didn’t.


Doesn’t block people when you block them on snap

So I blocked someone on snap. They also use sendit and I get notified every time they do something on sendit. I don’t like this and want to block them on sendit as well. Since sendit only has an unblock option and I can’t block anyone on it. I thought this app would automatically block this person considering it’s linked to my snap account. I tried deleting and reinstalling the app and that didn’t work. Is there a way that I can manually block a person?


A little bugs that I found out

The app is great, I’m being serious but there are some bugs that y’all might gonna fix, i have an iPhone 8 and when I post a sendit and then I press the home button, it just freezes, also when I’m looking at the answers, and I press send and then home, it freezes but the app its great at least it works but yea nice app I love it :)


Price is not right for what you get

So a while ago I was getting bullied for running for president and I decided to make a sendit. I was getting lots of hate on the sendit so I decided to buy the feature where you can see who sent it, or that’s what I thought I was spending my money on. Once I bought it I went straight into the app to see who was sending these snarkey remarks only to find that it gives idiotic clues, for example, “this person has ___ added on Snapchat”, or, “you COULD walk to this persons house but you might get really tired.” As someone who was going to spend TEN DOLLARS A WEEK for some foolish clues, I am very disappointed.

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Is sendit - get it now Safe?

Yes. sendit - get it now is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 562,688 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.7/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for sendit - get it now Is 41.7/100.

Is sendit - get it now Legit?

Yes. sendit - get it now is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 562,688 sendit - get it now User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for sendit - get it now Is 41.7/100.

Is sendit - get it now not working?

sendit - get it now works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Reported Issues: 3 Comments

By Kendra
Jun 18 2022

When I try to send someone a tbh or reply to the sendit the post it comes up with something about snapchat sends your information to sendit and then like the terms and privacy but it then still wont let me respond and there is no way to fix it

By Louise Dunham
Nov 25 2021

At present my son is very ill due to being assaulted with injuries in school then he gets social media bullying and then a message which is with the police from this app. I would like to know the sender as we are on a police investigation.

By Dottie Clements
Jun 19 2021

My daughter who has mental issues and has done attempted suicide has been received hateful message through the sendit app telling her to die and kill herself this app needs to be removed. With teen suicide on the rise it's a bad app for children period it says 17+ but my daughter is 16 and because of this app has attempt suicide again and currently in the hospital. I am filing a report with local police and government and contacting the news with this issue

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