Tile - Find lost keys & phone Reviews

Tile - Find lost keys & phone Reviews

Published by on 2021-05-21

Find everything that matters to you, with Tile. Our Bluetooth-enabled devices
and handy app make everything findable. Tile helps you locate everyday
essentials during your daily routine, removing little inconveniences, and
helping you stay organized so you can do your best and focus on...

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Tile - Find lost keys & phone Reviews

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    UPS Was Amazed...

    I left my keys in Phoenix on Easter weekend and had family ship them back to me by UPS overnight. Keychain had all the important keys and a tile! The keys were lost and a claim was opened so that UPS could begin the search. I was told that it may take several days to a week to locate them (if they were found at all). At the end of the first day I remembered I had a Tile on the keychain so I launched the app and pressed “lost” to initiate the alert to all Tile app users. It took about four hours to get an email alert that my keys were found at one of the UPS buildings near the Ontario California airport. The next morning, I followed the map directions in the Tile app and it took me literally to the security gate at a large secure building. I had to make several calls to reach an employee in that building who came out to meet me. I explained the Tile system and gave them my iPhone to take back into the building and it will guide them to my keys. In less than five minutes the UPS rep returned to my car with my keys! Following her were six other UPS employees who wanted to know how the system worked and where they could buy the Tile. I found my keys in less than fourteen hours and UPS likely would still be looking for them. Absolutely incredible. If you ship anything of value, consider attaching a Tile to it so YOU can locate it in case it is lost.

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    Great App BUT:

    The only issue I have dealt with so far is: The app should not have to run in the background at all times in order to find your phone! My kids play on the iPhone & habitually close apps, so they do not run the battery down. If they mistakenly close the app & we do not realize it, then lose our phone..We are not able to use the app to find it..☹️This is frustrating! If you keep the Bluetooth on, there should be a way not to have to keep the app open. This situation just happened to me. It still took 10 minutes to find my phone because I could not use the tile since someone closed the app! Other than that, it is an awesome app!! I have not used it to find out keys yet but I am sure we will, as my husband loses them all of the time! Hopefully you guys can find a way to make it work without the app running..In the meantime, we will spend more time using it & working with it/getting used to it. So, I will update my review once I get the hang of it.. I recommend this for anyone who loses their keys/phone! It does work well as long as the app is running..

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    Does support even exist for this company!?

    Hey guys so my issues is I’ve been trying to get a full refund on a set of the new Tiles but all these options online and instructions give you the run around and none of them really help you. You can’t call anyone in, the text in option through the app doesn’t even exist like it says, and they aren’t available on weekends?!? What large company doesn’t have customer support on weekends when people actually have time to do anything. Any how the app itself seems fine no issues with it for now except that you can’t hit a Go Back button on certain sections so you have to close the app completely and open it back up to get to the home section. My biggest complain about the NEW PRO TILES is that the sound goes off every other minute because the center button on the tile is so sensitive making these tiles more annoying than anything and a waste of money. It is also made of plastic which would easily be damaged if dropped hard enough which I feel was a major downgrade as I am used to the Sport version a harder shell with non-interchangeable battery that doesn’t go off every other minute because it’s easily activated by anything that even slightly runs up against it. Buyers do more research when planning on purchasing these tiles

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    Love having a tile!

    As one who has a tendency to “misplace” my keys, IPad and IPhone I was delighted when about 16 months ago a clerk at BestBuys told me about Tile. She showed me hers and how it operated. I was sold on it! I immediately bought a Tile for my IPhone. Besides my iPhone and iPad, that was the best money that I have spent on electronics. It was definitely the least expensive. I cannot tell you how many times the Tile has kept me sane. I am not sure where I put my phone or if I even have it with me at times and I just press the Tile. Immediately I know if I have the phone with me or can use my iPad to get a general location for it. I gave up my landline four years ago and just have my cellphone, so I am up the creek without my phone. In addition, I no longer remember phone numbers or addresses, so I am lost without the phone. I have had to deal with Tile customer support electronically and have found them to be very helpful and respond immediately with a satisfactory resolution. I am one happy customer, wish I could say that about some other companies I have had to deal with!!!

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    I will be giving up Tile

    I decided to give up my Tiles since they decided to FORCE you to allow them to track your location all the time. My iPhone keeps waking me that Tile requests my location about 200 times every 3 days. Even my iPhone finds it suspect. I would understand a little more if I was a premium user and I cared about tracking the location of my devices for a month but that’s not the case. I just occasionally need to find my keys or my phone. It used to work fine but now Tile provides you with a long explanation about why they need to track you. When you read through their lengthy explanation you realize it’s nonsense. They just expect that people will just opt in to rationalize the $30 they spent on the tile. If they put a warning on the box that says Tile requires 24 hour location tracking they probably wouldn’t sell as many as they do. We’ve all ready enough about what companies do with our data. Tile has zero justification for making you allow them to track you 24/7 just so you can find your keys once a month. Again, it used to work just fine several months ago but they now have a way to sell your data so they adjusted their technology. Not a lot of other options but I’d rather lose my keys. Tile... you know what you can do with it.

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    Dies fast, not a wide range, expensive per year

    I preordered the product when it was still in development. It took a long time to get, but I was very excited for what it could do. The ad showed someone losing a bike and finding it with their Tile. Unfortunately, that’s not even possible. The original ad was a lie. There are not enough Tile users in their network to make something like that happen. You need other users to connect to the app to find your lost items and they have to be right next to the item. Maybe the thief could help you find it if they connected to the app standing next to your item, but what are the odds of that? I have to be right next to my cloth purse in order for it to find my keys inside it. It works half of the time. The range isn’t even a few feet in a normal (not steel) house in the same room. I had to throw away 3 tiles I had never used (not cheap,) because they make them stop working after close to a year. It didn’t tell me that when I bought those ones. It’s a great idea in theory, but there are other similar products with better range or that work with better technologies. It can’t even find your car in your driveway if you’re standing right next to it, so it definitely can’t help you figure out where you parked. Very disappointing.

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    It works great, but only when you’ve got it open:(

    I love this app; I’m really prone to losing things so this app isnperfect for me and gives me the peace of mind that I’m not totally boned if I happen to lose whatever I’ve got a tile attached to (at the moment it’s my car keys.) However, since it runs down my battery pretty quickly and eats up data like crazy, I can’t keep it open, which is the only time when the app actually works! It would be perfect if you could find a way to make it work even when it’s not actively running on a phone or computer, but since I’d have to leave the app open whenever I’m out with my keys if I want any hope of finding them quickly after losing then, it hasnt been terribly useful to me since as I said before I can’t leave the app open, even in the background. Fix this issue and you’ve got a real winner on your hands, but as-is it’s still a great app that works exactly as it’s meant to! Due to that one issue I feel like I just can’t give it a five star rating, but literally everything else about the app is great!

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    Now you can be irritated about your lost keys AND your useless Tile!

    I was an ecstatic early Tile user. Having had some brain glitches that lead to memory issues, among other things, my Tiles literally helped me feel more normal when I no longer had to be stuck at home, after being ready to head out the door, because my keys/wallet/med bag were in the pantry/linen closet/back of the van from putting them there when I grabbed groceries to bring in. My Tiles made such a difference that I continued to receive them as loving gifts... without heart to say that Tiles have been useless 60% of the time for at least a year and a half. My 8-pack birthday gift this year was so sweet (as was the 8-pack one year ago)... but this is the fourth time I’ve tried to find my iPad today and the Tile app continues to tell me it’s out of range, until I find it under a pile of laundry/in my file cabinet/or on the seat of a chair we never use, pushed under the table. Yea. Go Tile. So good at letting me know my iPad has been found the second it’s in my hands. I’m in the same boat I was pre-Tile... only irritated by the many other things which would have been far more helpful in our lives. I’m off to resume the Day’s Search #4...

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    Left my phone somewhere at Disney. I must have dropped it during the excitement and chaos upon our arrival, I didn’t think about it. I was running solo (husband deployed) with our three young children. We grabbed something to eat and sat at different areas that I thought I put it down and someone picked it up, brought it to security, or who knows?? Tile Saved me from back tracking. I simply pressed the tile button, logged online and it located the phone in the parking lot of our hotel. I had left it in the car when we checked in and valet had swooped the car away before I could do my mommy check of ‘do I have everything?’. Rather than dragging my kids everywhere, I simply asked valet to have my car ready downstairs. I grabbed my phone and asked for him to re-park the car. I gave him a nice tip for saving me the hassle. We were able to enjoy Disney sooner than later. Thanks Tile!

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    Love the Product! It keeps me sane.

    My husband is a perpetual keys, wallet, and phone misplacer. I've had tile for years but eventually decided to drop a small penny and get him his own tiles. They've saved me from so much panicked house-searching and the app particularly is so helpful with their map and chiming functionality. One time my husband lost his keys after we put a tile on them and we couldn't find them for a few days (we weren't looking intently because I have my keys and we only had one car). After using the tile we found out they were in the car so he searched up and down the car with no luck. He then had the tile sing to him, only to find out that his keys were somehow underneath the windshield wipers. Apparently in the days prior he left his keys on the roof of the car and when we backed out, they slid down the front of the car and got stuck in the wiper blade pocket. We seriously never would have found them without tile. Thanks!

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    3 stars for the product

    The tile itself is really great. I love it, and have many of them. I was excited when they introduced the one with replaceable batteries, so I don’t have to spend $25 each year to get a new one. But the app uses a ton of battery life. Way too much. The last few nights, I wake up and my phone is at 20-30%. I thought that this was because somebody bumped it off the wireless charger by accident or something. But this afternoon I looked at the battery usage on my phone and saw that it actually was plugged in the whole time, but for some reason the app was using so much battery that the charger couldn’t keep up. This doesn’t make any sense to me, it would have to be using a lot of power for that to be possible, but it happened. I understand that for the whole crowdsourcing thing to work, you need it to run in the background, but this is too much. I don’t know why all of a sudden it’s been using so much, but I turned off background app refresh and I suggest anyone reading this does the same.

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    Tile Saves Time and Stress

    In all seriousness I lose my keys, wallet and to a lesser degree, my phone all the time. I’m also pretty Type A/high strung. Nearly every morning buying before tile I would run late and freak out about my keys and now I just always use Tile and it solves the problem ASAP - no time, no stress. I also love the GPS functionality and the fact that I can ding my phone from my keys (had to do that a few times too). I’ve had Tiles for over 3 years now. Love their long battery and the fact that they offer you retile discounts and reminders. Will say that some of my older model ones will once in a blue moon not ring and just “buzzz” but overall couldn’t be happier. It’s loud enough to hear in a large house if you just walk around to find it. love love love - great product that I really use - can’t wait to upgrade to the newer sport models, once I do my next retile,and see if they’re even louder!

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    Bestseller for sure

    My husband had the brilliant idea to put a Tile on our cats collar. I thought he was being ridiculous to be honest because our cat is only an inside cat. Well tonight when I was getting ready for bed I noticed I didn't have my little buddy with me. We looked around the house and the tile was not finding her. We decided to drive around our neighborhood and with the tile app open we’d keep searching. Well within five minutes, we were able to locate her. She was so scared hiding in a drain. I got out of the car and ran towards the noise of the tile. And when she heard my voice she came out. My husband is a pilot and is gone many nights at a time and this cat is my little companion. Plus she brings so much joy to our kids. This precious kitty is part of our family and there is no way in hell we would have found her without the tile!!! So impressed

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    More than I bargained for!!

    I am well known in my family for misplacing things, so one of my sons got me a few Tiles for Christmas 2015. They and the App have been helpful locating items around the house but then I lost my keys at Newark Penn Station on December 5, 2017. The App reported the last location and I went back and searched to no avail. I thought that was the end it, but then on January 4, 2018, the Tile App notified me that they were detected in Hoboken Terminal (a completely different train line and a place I would have never checked). It turns out that they were turned in to the terminal’s Lost & Found 2 days after I lost them and the day before I filed a Lost & Found report with the train line. (So much for the efficacy of their database!) We got the keys back because the Tile App detected my 2 year old Tile, even though it was long past its replacement date. I am very impressed!

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    Too much in-app selling

    Bought a set of 4 Tiles to track family keys—even with a Black Friday discount, I spent $100. And what do I find at every turn within the app that manages these pricey little baubles? Relentless advertising for the premium service, on page after page. -Trying to familiarize myself with the app, I encountered ad pages and boxes littering the space, making it hard to find actual functions. - When I chose Dismiss on some top-of-page promotions, rather than Remind Me Later, the same promotion reappeared every time I returned to that page of the app. - Even on the Settings page, half of the first screen is filled with Premium options, rather than the settings I needed, which were shunted onto a second screen. This really turns me off. I paid no little sum for this bit of tech, and though I appreciate their need to promote their services, I am very annoyed at the heavy advertising hand that slows down and muddles my ability to use the tool I just paid for. After all, once you’ve set up your Tiles, you are only in the app at points of impatience and frustration. A month from now, when I’m looking for keys a teenager abandoned in a backpack somewhere in the house, I am not going to stop to pay a company $20-30 for...anything. Extra location tracking or extra usernames at that point will be beside the point—I will just want the bloody keys. An ad that gets in my way will just make me crazier.

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Is Tile - Find lost keys & phone Safe?

No. Tile - Find lost keys & phone does not seem very safe to us. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 337,442 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.8/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Tile - Find lost keys & phone Is 14.7/100.

Is Tile - Find lost keys & phone Legit?

No. Tile - Find lost keys & phone does not seem legit based on our analysis. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 337,442 Tile - Find lost keys & phone User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Tile - Find lost keys & phone Is 14.7/100.

Is Tile - Find lost keys & phone not working?

Tile - Find lost keys & phone works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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