Life360: Find Family & Friends Reviews

Life360: Find Family & Friends Reviews

Published by on 2021-11-06

Protect and connect the people who matter most with comprehensive safety
features for life at home, on the web, and on the go — all in one place for
added value and convenience. Enjoy modern, advanced tools that go beyond a basic
GPS phone tracker. Bring your family closer with compreh...

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Life360: Find Family & Friends Reviews

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    Does exactly what it says it does.

    This is a must have app for parents and anyone with dependents (either children or parents) with compromised cognitive abilities. My wife found this app and placed it on my phone after an accident left me loss of short term memory. After the accident, I would literally get lost just trying to go home. My doctor independently recommended the same app to keep track of me. We now use it for everyone in the family, and always know where our kids are, even when they are traveling in a car. It gives everyone incredible peace of mind. We don’t even have to call one another to meet up - we just use the app to track to whomever we are supposed to meet. And when someone is running late, say, to dinner, we can accurately predict when they’ll arrive by tracking their travel. It’s a really, REALLY useful app. And as the original family member for who it was purchased, it gave me great peace of mind knowing that even if I got lost, my family can track directly to me. This is a MUST HAVE for anyone with kids today, for pure safety reasons. You can track to your child’s phone in real time, without help from anyone else, which is critical in the early moments of an abduction. I actually hate most apps and find most of them useless, so I cannot overstate how surprisingly pleased I was to finally find one that’s actually very useful, very simple, very effective, and, in my case, very necessary.

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    Saves the day every day!

    I use this to daily to see where my kids are on their commute to and from school and sports. Two of my kids go to high school in a different state and one is a walker to her school. I like seeing them er their safely without having to call them to distract them from driving. Many times, we are in carpools to sports. I can see if my kids are a few minutes away so I can warm up dinner. Or when picking up, I can locate them and click on “get directions” and it takes me right to my child. Sports complexes are big and sprawling. So this helps me locate the exact field or side of the parking lot. One time, I knew a bad storm was coming and I could see that my son was only around the corner and would be home before the storm hit. When my husband is away, I can see when his plane lands. I can meet him easily. I have used it to find my kid when we separate at the mall. So without this app, in order to find out where each person is and to get their eta .. it would take a phone call and conversation with each person. I glance at my phone and get all that in seconds. I don’t have to distract them from driving to do so. This is the most important app I have on my phone and cannot live without it. Currently, we have a snowstorm hitting us hard and school was dismissed early. I am nervously monitoring everyone on life 360 and counting down until they arrive home safely.

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    So far so good

    Update: location accuracy has greatly improved in the last few years. For the teens that think this app is ruining something for them, get over it. We didn’t have cell phones when we were teens and this was not an option. We didn’t have Facebook, Snapchat instagram, you get it. Times are different. The overprotective parents of my time would actually follow their kids, happened to some of my friends. That was much more embarrassing than an app that just gets you an angry phone call. I would advise parents to not nitpick their kids regarding location and such. I like to know where my kids are but I’m not terribly concerned about what they’re doing. I can find them if I have to, that’s the point. Upgrading review to five stars. I like knowing where my family is but I wouldn't make an issue with exact locations. This app can give you a general idea of where someone is but is only reliable within a 1 mile range or so. My husband and I can be in the same car and it shows us a mile apart on the highway. My daughter can be anywhere on a very large campus and it still says she's at her dorm. I would say that it's great for general peace of mind, but I wouldn't use it as evidence in court. And the map seems to track every stop you make and that makes for a lot of purple dots, kind of annoying. A trip to the pharmacy looks like ten stops. Otherwise, great app.

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    This app is AMAZING!!!

    I only use the free app of Life360 as of right now because my daughter is only 12 and not driving as of yet. At first glance, I was a little dismayed because my daughter was a couple of blocks away and it said that she was "home" but upon closer look, I could actually continue tapping the icon where it stayed she was located and it LITERALLY showed me the building she was in and exactly where in the building she was located. It did not give me the unit number but it let me know that she was at the South East Corner of the building which was 💯% correct. It also tells me any stops that is made when she is in the car with someone else and how fast the driver is driving. The only bad part of this is that I can't give it more than 5 stars because this app is most definitely a 10! My daughter went to Mexico with her father for a long holiday weekend and I started getting sick to my stomach about it one night. I remembered that I had the app so I turned it on. At first, the app showed where she was but with no information but I kept tapping the icon with my daughter on it and it ended up showing me EXACTLY where she was in Mexico and I cannot tell you how much that meant to me. I could finally sleep and the next day, I followed them back on Life360 to make sure there were no problems at the border and that they made it home safely on one of the most dangerous Holidays of the year.

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    Great App - helped teen w/Accident!!

    This App seems to be extremely accurate unless a phone is on low charge. We love the driving tracking feature. You can screen shoot anything to date and time it to Save the Data. It literally helped us with Insurance when one teen had an accident. We were able to prove they had not touched the phone! They were NOT texting and driving as the other irate obnoxious stigmatizing driver accused them of! We had a passenger witness but it was the App that was the final word! We were thankful and have shared that info with others. That could help ANY age driver!! I don’t like that if you put an iPhone on Low Power Mode it interrupts Location detection or if you do something else - but I won’t reveal that for teens who are reading my summary :) Kids think parents don’t trust them. I say kids - TRUST YOUR PARENTS! They have YEARS OF EXPERIENCE AND WISDOM! Parents who track their teens care! We are not helicopter parents. And it’s not that I don’t trust my kids. I don’t trust OTHER kids and that has proven to be the right “feeling” many times. It’s been nice to know my teens were somewhere with another kid we knew something about and then we were able to talk and say another teen is in a “growing phase” and it’s best you don’t hang out with them right now. You have ONE NAME in this life! And one wrong event changes lives.

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    GPS issues

    Update. The gps issue has gotten worse. It has even shown my daughter was at our house 38 minutes before she was and the location notification informed me if this. She was at a restaurant streets away with a friend. I really liked this app and found it to be useful. I really hope this is corrected and soon. It is not doing what it is intended to do. It incorrectly tells me when my family has left and arrived at a location. The app has been great. Not only have I used it to help locate my family members the intention is for my family members to locate. I have a serious health issues and it will allows for my family members including my children to find me so they can get help for me. I have already found my daughter’s phone that she happened to lose. I have had the exact same issue that the other gentleman has had. GPS has inaccurately telling us we have are locations we have never been. It has told me my children are home when they are over streets away. These GPS issues become issue when they are supposed to tell us where I am so people can help me and get me help. It also helps me find my kids so I know if they are were I think they are. I see that it has been noted it is a know issue and will be corrected soon. An update was recently added, and it appears to be an ongoing issue. Is there a expected date for correction of this issue? This is a big issue and many people appreciate this app and would like to continue using it

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    I've been using this app for years

    Thank you very much for allowing us to use your app, it has been a blessing to my family and especially me. I enjoy using this app to track where my kids and wife go, mostly to meet up with them or just to know where they're at without having to bother them with a call asking where they are. My family is always moving from place to place during the week, whether it be tumbling, cheer, church, or shopping, I've been able to help out my family with this app, with the knowledge of what they are doing and knowing if I can go to them and help them out right after I get out of work. Recently, I've had connection issues and I don't know whether it is my phone being 5+ years old, the service I have or if it is the app. I've, at times don't get the updated locations of where my family is at, although after a few minutes, it updates, but if the family is on the move, it could be another 10-15 minutes until I see them again. There are other situations where there is one moment where they are at home, and then the next minute they are 15 miles away... shopping... I really would like to give 4.75 stars, but it is on a full star system, so I've given five stars. One of my favorite apps to use.

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    So thankful for this app!

    I don’t write reviews, not ever. This app just changed that. My husband travels so much for work that I gave up asking where he is going when he leaves for his trips. It isn’t uncommon for him to be in 2-3 states all in one day and he does most all of his trips driving from place to place. Adding to the challenge, we have kids and various health conditions and need to always be able to reach them or each other in emergencies. Our solution was to use this app. Last week I suddenly received a text from my husband that he was in the hospital and being rushed for a cat scan with the worst abdominal pain in his life. That was his only message. He couldn’t tell me where he was, what was wrong...nothing. It was terrifying. Then I remembered we had this app. Upon checking 360 I found he was 3.5 hrs away in the state of Delaware in a local hospital there. I packed my bag, got in my car and the app took me right to him! I cannot say enough good about this app. It isn’t perfect but the piece of mind it offers to know that we can find each other relatively easily in emergencies when we sometimes can’t reach out due to pain, medications, and lack of cell service found in certain locations in hospitals give this app 5 stars hands down. Thank you 360!

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    This app has had astounding improvements

    I’ve been with this app for a long time, and have gone thru many teething episodes over the years. And I want to say that this developer really has improved their app. They actually listen and try to make user improvements. There was a time when you had to push a refresh button to get it to update where your person was located. And the person icon on the map jumped to the next location, then stayed there until you pressed the refresh. Now, you actually see your person moving in real-time down the street and you get their travel speed as well. I could go on and on about the many improvements these past 6 years or more. I and my group are extremely satisfied. If a problem does happen, I’ve seen swift action to get it fixed. It’s worth every penny to us. One other thing I’ll add about this app. My female friends do pet sitting, and they go into all sorts of neighborhoods. This app not only lets you watch their movement in real time, but it will give you a heads up of crime in the area. And that makes me watch very closely all my groups movement while in such areas. This is a must have app if you care about anyone who travels and you want to check on their safety ahead of them.

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    Safe, has many features, and easy to use

    My dad made us all get this app, and let me tell you, I wish we had it sooner. This is basically a tracking app for a phone, but has so many more amenities that you could ever think of. Not only does it promote safety, allowing linked accounts to see where another person is, but it also provides directions and the time it takes to reach them all in a single view. It’ll give you the fastest routes. Also, you can also see a user’s top speed (free feature, may I add) if they are traveling in a car. It tells you the location of a person and how long they have been there, and it includes intricate routes that they take. It also shows the battery life of a person’s phone. I like to mess around and text my sister to charge her phone. Mind you, these features were all free with the app. They do have in-app purchases with more features, but my family is satisfied with this amount. The userface itself is very easy to use, and it’s also pleasant to the eye. I’d recommend this for all families for safety, because you never know what can happen! Even though my parents use it on me to see where I am, I also use it on them! Thank you Life360 for quite literally saving lives!

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    Great App provides peace of mind

    My family has been using this app for a number of years and it provides us with great peace of mind. Rather than texting my children when they are driving I can just check the app to watch their progress and see that they get to their destinations safely. While in college my daughters both studied abroad and it was nice for me to be able to take a peek to see that they were back at their apartments at night without bugging them or laying awake worrying. Recently my daughter traveled to India by herself and while she did text us to keep us updated it was still nice to be able to see where she was. When my mother travels I can see that she gets to her hotels safely and I get alerts when my husband leaves work so I know when to expect him. Family members can check in easily. It has helped us find each other in New York City, and helped us find lost phones etc. We recommended it to a friend with an autistic son and it has allowed him to become more independent because his parents now have peace of mind as they can track his travels and see that he gets to his part time job and other destinations safely. Fortunately, we have never had to use the safety features but I love knowing they’re there if we need them.

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    Great reason to download

    I’ve been using Life360 for a couple months now. The first time I heard this app was from one of my good friends. She told me she can like “track” her mom and dad and stuff like that. So I decided to download the app. Because my father is a truck driver and me as a daughter I get worried when it’s like 10pm and he’s not home. But know that I have Life360 I get to know where he is and when he is on his way home. Also know my mother and father will know when I enter school. Especially my mother she will be notified once I leave school so she can come pick me up since I walk home. Overall this is a great app and if you have children that you want to make sure they are able to get to school and leave school or when you want to get notified one the come and leave work. Or you have a husband/wife that want to make sure there at work or on there way home. Another reason is you can also text on the app if your child/parent does not have the data to text regularly. Also to get my mother and father in the same circle as me did not take that long so basically to assemble your circle it only take about 2-5 minuets depending how many people you want in it. That’s why I give Life360 a 5-star rating!

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    Really useful!

    I'm 15 years old and when my parents decided to get this app, I felt really skeptical and unsure about it. However, after having it for over a year, I think it's great! I use it for many different reasons; for example, on the weekends my entire family (parents, sister, sister's husband and son, grandparents) have different plans and you never know where anyone is! With this app, I usually do a check up on who's home, who's working, etc.. every morning when I wake up, it's really useful! Also, if I ever go to a friend's house and my parents forgot the address, they don't have to call me or text me asking for the address. They can just check where I am (and it does give an exact address along with a gps map) and come pick me up. The only trouble I've ever had is from when I was in middle school and our school had horrible service, so it would glitch out sometimes when I went to school. (Understandable, since the service is bas) Now that I'm in high school there aren't any issues. The interface also looks good and it's easy to use. To any young kids out there along with me, unless you sneak out of your house, you've got nothing to worry about. It's a really good app!

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    Great in many ways for many reasons

    I recently had to do a missing person's in an elderly friend who is active but has health conditions. The police recommended an app like this. I had already used it to make sure my sister was safe in another state with lots of weather as she is also active but elderly. Now with some possible job scrutiny I use it to prove where I have been as well as others I interact with so that things run much smoother. If you use it as a mature adult it's great in so many ways. It's not meant to obstruct privacy it's meant for the well being of those who use the app properly and with consent to be part of a group. I just read a one star review about how this app has caused problems in the family, sounds like there are problems in the family this app can't fix. If you need help get it but don't blame the app for your obvious issues that do not pertain to the app. The post mentioned parenting but I read about preferred neglect not parenting. I like the app as it takes pressure off also when running errands and having to meet up with someone and one or the other may be running behind. All in all it's great and has great features. Thanks 360 for making my life easier!

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    Simply the best, and it’s free

    I shouldn’t be saying this out loud but I can’t believe we get this many features for free. How long will it last? You can set 2 locations (ie geo-fences) free, which is all I need, home and work for example, and control the size of the fence so I’m not notified if my wife is simply on lunch, only when she really leaves work. Location history for a week!! Wow, unreal that that’s free. Oh and it includes speeds, if you are a super stalker I guess? But live speeds are amazing, live updates are about every second and include speed. That’s better than the stock find my app. Plus the week of history exonerates you from any accusations if you have a guilty conscious I guess lol, but really it can help you solve some mysteries I bet, most importantly where your phone disappeared, like if someone steals your phone, first thing they do is turn it off or put it in airplane mode so it can’t be tracked and they erase/reinstall and get a new sim so it can’t be bricked but with this app, I can see the point where it disappeared and the history before, which could be good for a police report or if you lost it and it ran out of batteries. What an amazing and must-have app!

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Is Life360: Find Family & Friends Safe?

Yes. Life360: Find Family & Friends is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 485,126 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.6/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Life360: Find Family & Friends Is 63.9/100.

Is Life360: Find Family & Friends Legit?

Yes. Life360: Find Family & Friends is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 485,126 Life360: Find Family & Friends User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Life360: Find Family & Friends Is 63.9/100.

Is Life360: Find Family & Friends not working?

Life360: Find Family & Friends works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Reported Issues: 1 Comments

By Wayne
Aug 03 2021

How long will this keep retrievable tracking info.

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