Ingo Money – Cash Checks Fast Reviews

Ingo Money – Cash Checks Fast Reviews

Published by on 2021-09-29

paychecks, business checks, personal checks—almost any type of
check—anytime, anywhere. Get your money in minutes in your bank, prepaid card
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Ingo Money – Cash Checks Fast Reviews

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    OK so I downloaded this app because I wanted to be able to instantly have access to my money from my check. The process was very self-explanatory, and it really didn’t seem like they would be much of an issue. I looked at the reviews before I got this app and it kind of turned me away from it but I decided to give it a chance anyways. Now I’ve been using this app for about 2 to 3 weeks, and it works great. The ONLY issue I ever have is that I guess they can’t read the pictures because it always says that it can’t read the bottom of my check. Now this happens maybe two or three times and yes, it is annoying. BUT, after the third try check goes through and after you use the app a few times, you can cash your check almost instantly because all the verification process is over with. I give this app three stars mainly because of that issue, but once they fix it and I can take one picture one time and cash my check right there, believe me that 5 stars have been earned. So all in all, great app because it actually performs the function that it was created for, it’s just something you have to try a few times for the sensor to pick up the whole check. Hope this helps!

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    Scam do not use

    Ordered Amex Bluebird cards for my husband and myself to use the free 10 day free check cashing feature by INGO by using mobile capture or some bluebird linked feature to cash insurance checks. I did not have INGO app downloaded on my mobile devices till recently. I cashed a few small checks no problem in the past. Now my husband who just got a bluebird card account tried to scan his insurance check on my iPhone ( both gave gold iPhones) and now we cannot even get a check reviewed (per pop up msg) labeled as con artist or dishonest people I guess so I have to use another check cashing service that will deposit to Bluebird. When I occasionally use this service. Get messages. Talked to representative. Got turned down etc. still getting contact us messages and same information no resolution. My husband just uses the bank now no need to deal with unethical check cashing services online. Ditched his unwanted bluebird card too. Never used it due to INGO having no resolution to a simple issue. Why contact me if can’t fix the problem with the same contact information I already have used at least 5 attempts. Don’t bother with this type of service unless you are desperate I have a real bank account so this is plan B

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    Amazing service!

    The BEST! I found out about Ingo via my PayPal Business app. I was having difficulties with mobile deposits for business checks and decided to call Ingo directly. Once I explained the issues I was experiencing; the Ingo reps immediately recognized the problem and remedied the situation. The reps I initially spoke with- Chiquita (she actually spoke with me three times in one evening and called me back after one of our calls dropped) and Thomas were not only thorough; but they were fully committed to making sure I received exemplary service, even though I was calling them due to an error via another vendor. After I experienced such great service I downloaded the Ingo app and had to call one more time to make sure I set my account settings correctly and spoke with Kieyara and she also was amazing to work with. As a small business Owner it’s rare to encounter such accommodating customer service and a quality of professionalism that exceeds any normal expectations. Thank you all!

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    I didn’t want to believe the bad reviews but...

    ...there’s definitely a reason why there’s so many. I knew I was going to be getting my end of the year bonus sent to me via paper check. I wanted immediate access to my $ instead of waiting for a day or over the weekend for my money to be available to me. I downloaded the app & set up my account with no issue. I linked my debit card & PayPal account with no issue. I reviewed the criteria for a check to be approved several times to ensure my check would meet each & guess what? My check still wasn’t approved. The images of the check were clear, it was endorsed, same name, etc. It was an ADP payroll check from my company, issuing bank is USBank. I’m not sure what they’re looking for but I’m curious to know what checks do end up getting approved. And judging from the reviews, this seems to be a pretty normal occurrence. Providing customers with some visibility as to why their checks are not approved would be very helpful. Part of me thought this kind of service was too good to be true and I ended up being right. It’s too bad, because it’s a wonderful idea.

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    Customer Service

    I have had this app for a few years, never had any issues until now, which was my mistake (not updating my expiration date - duhhhh) so I sent emails here and there with minor resolution and then was asked to call in their most recent email to me, and boy was I lucky because I spoke with a lovely young lady named Rhonda and she immediately fixed my issue!!! Less than 10 minutes and my 2 checks were released in addition to her letting me know what the issue was (again, my doing:)). Now let me tell you, me and CS normally dont get along but this lady Rhonda was very professional, super attentive, and got her tech team to fix my issues immediately! It was a great experience overall. If you are looking for a great money app, that comes with great tech service and AMAZING CUSTOMER SERVICE (shout out to Rhonda!) then choose Ingo Money App!!!

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    If I could give zero stars I would. Ingo Money advertises themselves as being able to quickly put money into your account via mobile deposit check cashing. In reality they can do no such thing. I tried to deposit a rather large check with them and after initially accepting it, a few minutes later I got notification saying it was declined. I tried 2 more times and got a message saying I would have to wait 10 days before I could try again. Of course the customer service number only reaches an automated service and no human representative to talk to. The person on their chat line was also useless. I was told they could not “assume the risk of cashing the check”. This was a check from a reputable business for services rendered (not a personal check). I really feel a class action lawsuit should be in the works here as 1) they are using false advertising and 2) they get your social security number and personal information yet do not fulfill their commitment to you as a financial institution which is fraud. PLEASE DO NOT USE INGO MONEY!

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    I love this app!

    I have never had any issues with this app. InGO money is such a slick, quick and easy way to deposit my checks since I don’t have a normal bank account. I can deposit all my checks onto a debit card in a matter of minutes! I’ve called customer service a few times to ask them questions getting into details about other things, but never about cashing check problems. The customer service reps have always been amazing and very friendly regardless of what my questions were about. I would recommend this app to anybody, anytime. Thank you InGO Money for making a small part of my life so much easier and always making available to me, an easy access way for me to look at where my money is coming from and where it is going. I am truly grateful for you!!! :)

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    Exceptional service

    I had an issue with how I voided my check. Rhonda helped me through the chat option on the website. It was completely my fault that the check was not accepted. I was in a state of panic. Rhonda resolved my issue quickly and with patience. This could have been very difficult for me to resolve and required a stop payment on the check and for it to be reissued. I greatly appreciate that Rhonda worked to resolve the issue immediately. I am very grateful. I would recommend this service to anyone. I will not hesitate to continue using it. Good customer service is hard to come by. Dealing with me in my panicked state was not fun, I am sure. I learned a very valuable lesson, it is possible to over void your check, I do not recommend using a sharpie. I have piece of mind and I am not stressed anymore.

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    Great service, service fee a little high

    Since I don't have an actual bank and i use Chime for my debit /savings cashing a check is impossible without having direct deposit. This app comes in handy because it can cash anything from personal checks to ones from your job....the only downside is in order to get your money instantly its a $5 fee, wish it was a percentage instead of a flat $5....if I'm cashing a $10 check (not a lot, but an example) it would only be $5 after the fee, unless u want to wait 10 days to get your money without a service fee......only thing I suggest is to lower the service fee or do a percentage instead.....other than that this app rocks especially if u don't want to drive to the bank or you want your money instantly on your card!

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    Horrible, Awful, Very Bad

    TLDR; SCAMMY GARBAGE, DON’T BOTHER I decided to use this app directly, since its the same cashing service PayPal uses, to cash a Christmas check from a relative. After going through the whole setup (SSN, add a bank account, etc) and taking photos of the check, they declined to cash it for unspecified reasons and closed my account. I tried contacting customer support for more information because that was weird (no email, no reasoning, just “this account does not exist”. Ok, I have verification emails from you but whatever) only to find out they don’t have humans to talk to! And their chat is definitely either a bot or bad outsourcing. I should have looked up the reviews for this app before using it because its apparently trash. I feel like I was just scammed out of my personal information, and they have the bank information off someone else’s check. I’m appalled Apple certified this app for the store, and disgusted PayPal wound use some hack job “banking” company for their services. SCAMMY GARBAGE.

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    Dont waste your time

    I wish I could give this app 0 stars. I got this app because it was compatible with my bank for mobile check depositing. I went to cash a printed check from poshmark and I got an error. So I waited it out. With hearing nothing back for a month I cashed the check elsewhere. When trying to cash yet another check it said they couldn’t connect to Ingo Money. So I decided maybe it’s my password. After waiting for emails to reset my password I never got one. So I contacted customer service where they continued to tell me I don’t meet their “requirements” after reviewing my registration info and my check image etc from a month or two ago. So because they couldn’t cash my printed check they closed my entire account and said they couldn’t activate it to begin with. When I already had the app and was already activated. The whole thing is a joke and I would never recommend this app or the company in general.

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    Seriously look into it, And read my review

    After signing up for this thro PayPal giving them my SSN. DOB. Phone number. Address. Pretty much enough info to make a clone, I go to use it and the first time wouldn’t read the check. Weeks go past go to use it on another check, “Can’t Identify me” idk how, they have info about me I didn’t even know about. Call there service I get handed off to 10 different people to only have them tell me I have to “call this number” you call it’s a robot voice asking for my SSN so like the idiot I am trusting a app PayPal offered assuming “hey it’s PayPal there like the body Guards of the online money transaction’s” I give my SSN and DOB just to have it say your account has been canceled (or something like that) so basically feel like I been F$&@ed. Can’t believe PayPal would let some sketchy stuff like this happen. I’m waiting for them to blame the Russians... so morel of the story DONT USE THIS APP!!

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    For real, the worst

    To start, I was given a personal heck by a friend and needed a way to load it into my prepaid card. Said card advertises on its website for INGO, so I thought that was the clear first option. Wrong. My check was approved but for some strange reason they can’t load it to the account. When I attempted to call customer service, I was placed on hold and promptly hung up after a few minutes. Their hold music? A robotic voice that announce that you’re on hold every 30 seconds. I finally got in contact with someone online through their chat who assured me that they would escalate it to technical service and it would be resolved within 2-4 hours. It’s the next day and I still don’t have my money??? I’ll have to call customer service yet ANOTHER time and hope the next person will take me seriously enough to put the funds on my account so I can PAY MY RENT

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    They don’t work on the problem

    I’ve had Ingo Money for about five year it was great. I would have issue every now and then where they would respond with image isn’t readable, most of the time a few snaps would do. For the past six months my check keeps getting stuck so they system in the system. The representative always assure me they would escalate the mAtter. Today I tried and it happens again, they representative said she would escalate they. I tell her every time I call they say them same thing and nothing is resolved. I ask to speak to a supervisor and boy was she rude and said this is the first time I see this being escalated, wait 24hrs and try again. She hangs up. They’ve lost there mojo and care two cents about customer service. It’s a shame

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    Very Professional and Knowledgeable

    I spoke with a well spoken representative, Adayja who was very swift in resolving my issue. I completed the cash checking progress for the first time using InGo on my own. The process went surprisingly well but I received a message to contact InGo customer support. At the same time I received a message from my cardholder for account verification about this deposit. I appreciated the check and balance system. After clearing this with my card holder, Adayja assisted me with a smooth transition. I didn’t have to go into a lengthy narrative, she knew exactly what to do. I’m glad I chose to use this application with my trusted and private information.

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Is Ingo Money – Cash Checks Fast Safe?

Yes. Ingo Money – Cash Checks Fast is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 4,322 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.1/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Ingo Money – Cash Checks Fast Is 59.5/100.

Is Ingo Money – Cash Checks Fast Legit?

Yes. Ingo Money – Cash Checks Fast is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 4,322 Ingo Money – Cash Checks Fast User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Ingo Money – Cash Checks Fast Is 59.5/100.

Is Ingo Money – Cash Checks Fast not working?

Ingo Money – Cash Checks Fast works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Reported Issues: 4 Comments

By Joya garriga
Apr 23 2021

Do not use Ingo Money. I cashed my first two stimulus checks through paypal, they use Ingo, no problem. I submitted my 3rd check with success said the app, if you dont take correct picture it wont let you submit check. I agreed to terms was prompted to write void on the check, and they declined to cash a government issued stimulus check. Now the check is useless. I explained in several emails and messages what the situation was and they closed my account. I went on social media and read complaint after complaint exactly like mine some were fixed, others like me, are left with no help, no money , and Ingo money does not care. They did re open my account and i was instructed to resubmit the voided check, not once but 2 times,again it was declined, the reason Ingo money gave me was suspicious activity, I submitted a voided check, after i was told to do so . I think Ingo money is the one that has the suspicious activity going on, theres something incredibly wrong about the way they have treated myself and many others. Do not make the mistake I made, do not trust this company with your money, Im shocked PayPal would use a low life scam operation like this. A bunch of crooked liars dont fall for it

By Caleb Morris
Apr 07 2021

Absolutely garbage, do not trust them with your money. Just save yourself the hassle and cash your check in person somewhere. Tried cashing my stimulus three times now. First time it was declined for being outside of office hours. Second time it didn't load and was declined for inactivity. Third time they declined it saying the check has already been cashed. Tried emailing with no response. I've been on hold for over an hour now trying to get somebody to fix their screw up and haven't heard a single word from a real person. Just skip these guys, don't use them, let their company go bankrupt because it's absolutely useless.

By Brittany
Mar 20 2021

I took pictures of my check it said amount you would like to send to this bank I put it in its be well over an hour still not on my card been trying to call no answer

By Liborio Marquez
Feb 11 2021

I did. Every step I was as. Instructed to you close my account and I even. A check I can't cash do too the fact it. He's void on it. I have late bill now. And no money to get food for my kids.and all y'all do is say "we apologize" in this epidemic that's the last thing anyone need.

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