Paylocity Mobile Reviews

Paylocity Mobile Reviews

Published by on 2021-05-20

Mobile tools that deliver the data and information employees need are no longer
revolutionary—they’re necessary. Modern employees work from more places than
just their desks. Laptops, smartphones, tablets, and ubiquitous Internet access
have created a workforce that wants and expects to...

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Paylocity Mobile Reviews

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    Paylocity needs a desktop timeclock app.

    I downgraded my rating since the developers are complacent and haven’t changed anything in five years. Paylocity is likely bilking America’s working class millions of lost minutes due to superfluous security questions and offline issues preventing instant login. The solution would be a timeclock-only desktop app for Mac and Windows, which could stay open all day without access to personal info. I used to keep the website open on my computer so I could easily clock in or out, because logging in each time is such a multi-step hassle. It times-out for security reasons, so this doesn't always work. Leaving the page open is a risk because if you're away anyone can then browse and see things like your pay rate and other personal information. For whatever reason, my employer has chosen to disable the timeclock feature on the mobile app, thus defeating the only useful feature of the app. This option shouldn't be available to employers. Paylocity needs to make improvements before another provider beats them at their own game. Again, a desktop app that's timeclock-only would solve a lot of problems. The manual punch is also ill-conceived. If you forget to clock in, or a bug prevents it, you have to punch whatever time it is and type a note with the correct time so your manager can be inconvenienced with fixing it. Would make more sense to honor the employee's entered time and flag the actual time as a missed punch.

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    Absolutely love the app!

    I NEVER write reviews for anything. Good or bad. I use my Paylocity app so much that I felt like I needed to give my 5 star opinion! First, I love using the app on my phone. If I am clocking in at work and want to make sure that everything is correct, I just open app and check my timesheet. I also love the fact that I know when my director has made any adjustments! It just pops up on my phone. The best part of the app is pay!!! My entire check is available to view and I love the fact that I can pull up pay history, email my check information to my spouse and have everything at my fingertips. I haven’t had any issues with clocking in at work. System is always up and running. If I missed a punch clocking in I can hit manual and clock out. If I could suggest one thing: When I look at my schedule and it gives me the option to see who I am working gives me everyone working my shift time but all over the place. Not just at my location. So you end up going through hundreds of names just to see if you recognize any coworkers. I wish it would just show my company! Other than that I love this app. Keep it up. Thank Ashley Cobb

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    It's alright, could use some improvements

    I've only been using it a few months, but there are some things I encounter that are irritating, here's a few: The app could use a dashboard or home screen with useful info and shortcuts. Currently, when opening the app you're shown the plain menu. It would be nice to see a screen with relevant info like your current timesheet/hours, your last paycheck amount, etc., as well as shortcuts for your most-used items like clocking in/out. Why do I constantly get logged out? Even after enabling TouchID it still logs me out every other time I open the app. If a user's own biometrics aren't a secure enough method of logging in, then why even offer the option? It's frustrating to make a user keep entering their password. When you do have to log in, it's nice that the app uses the OS's password manager integration. However, it doesn't work correctly. When attempting to use my phone's password manager, the app searches for a credentials for "localhost" instead of Paylocity. So then you have to erase that text and type in "Paylocity", which is super tedious. Combined with the above issue, it creates a very frustrating login experience before you even can use the app. Please add support for Siri shortcuts. It would be incredibly useful to say "Hey Siri, please clock me in", or "submit my timesheet" or whatever like you can do with many other apps at the moment.

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    Super easy to use

    I wouldn’t classify myself as super tech savvy, but I still figured this app out on my own without any assistance from my company’s admin. I love the fingerprint login feature, which allows me to avoid remembering yet another password or security questions-while also keeping my information super secure. I also use it for my pay information and like the ability to toggle between a YTD view versus check date break down. I like having transparency into this data throughout the year. The memo feature is also really helpful and the push notifications work well. Also I use the time off feature to make requests and view my time off balances. From what I can see it works really well!

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    Efficient enough and inspiring!

    Thank you team for all that you do to help us keep up tracking our schedule, timesheet, clock-in-out, awards and lot more! After using the mobile app for more than 3 years now, I would like to bring some minor modifications that you may further research to check the possibilities of bringing them into implementation! 1. Schedule: Can you add an option for the employee to pre-add their own timings into Paylocity, instead of looking into their own calendars! 2. Tasks: Can you add a new option for the supervisor to be able to add new tasks routinely (everyday with a checklist option for the employee to mark complete and later notify the supervisor) and special or urgent tasks labeled ASAP! With additional notes dialogue box! 3. Inventory: Adding an inventory option can help keep track on the office or work related items and mark them up immediately for purchase or supply request! Making the application holistic in nature can bring in more traffic, which I felt to share with you according to my personal experience. With regards Avi

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    Really disappointed in Paylocity security measures. You would think a company managing this important information would stay up to date on best practices but they’re not. Their password requirements and protocols are several years out of date which makes me wonder what else behind the scenes hasn’t been updated. Furthermore when I emailed them to complain (from my registered work email account that they have on file for me) because I’m not part of the admin team at my company I got an auto reply stating they won’t read my email and I need to call. This is clearly a company who has no interest in feedback from actual users. Lastly the app only allows me to manage my own time and approve time cards but if I have to edit one of my employees times because they were out sick or missed a punch I am unable to use the app and have to log into their website.

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    I give this app a 1 only because that’s the min allowed

    The app is only good for two things and that’s to look at paystubs and print them. The rest of the app is read only you can’t do anything but look. You have to go to the web site to do anything else. In the age of tech and you make an app that doesn’t do much of anything and the website isn’t much better. It’s complete trash if you try and do anything from a noble as well. Pc only and the password protection is even worse. Even when your browser saves your password it’ll tell you you put it in wrong. Then try a new password put in the actual one you was using and looky there you can’t use an old password (that it said was incorrect) but you’re in charge of the security of my money.... wish my company would have never went with this trash.

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    Options missing from mobile app

    My company went with this system and it seemed great at first. Now we can put time in on our phone. This is important as we constantly travel at our work. Until we found many of the input options required for our timesheet input are only available when using a computer. Rather than add options to this app to access items like location, and other features we need they have forced us to work around these issues. Now using this system has caused us more time and effort than was previously accomplish with paper timesheets sent via e-mail. Also system is glitchy. Often unable to log in. If you want a company that will work with you on tour payroll needs. Look elsewhere.

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    Facilities Staff

    In a former life I sold computer systems, small and large, and only dreamed of technology this capable to facilitate payroll processing. I use it every day to punch in and out on a very large campus. Saves having to go to a time clock on the other side of 83 acres. Increases my productivity, makes me feel trusted by my employer and truly proud to work in such a forward thinking environment. One year later, and I still feel the same way. It's really just gotten better. Thanks folks very, very much. I retire in October. Hope you guys continue to do well.

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    Love this App!

    this app is amazing! I have enjoyed using my fingerprint to open the app for about a year! The App was just redesigned recently and it is super easy to use! I love the peer to peer recognition tool to commend my colleagues on a job well done! I can easily see all my paystub‘s and have access to all of my W-2’s and even email myself a copy if I need one. I love the breakdown of deductions and taxes and pay so I can see everything individually or all at once. It also has a directory so I can find a phone number or email for anybody in the company. I also used it to you see my vacation and sick time and easily request a day off. It’s so simple and I can see right away if my mangers approves it through the app and and get email notification as well! I also just checked a box and electronically signed and update to my company’s new handbook and it was so simple. Love, love Love this app!

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    Needs improvement

    The app is decent, and works well enough. It just seems as though the largest use for this app is to clock in and out, yet you have to tap through the app in order to get to the punch screen. Even then you have to select through a toggle to determine what type of punch you want. This is less accessible than the web interface! Punch should be the default screen, and it should be as simple as having 4 buttons: clock in, start lunch, end lunch, and clock out. This would make the app infinitely easier to navigate because the majority of users simply want to clock in and out.

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    Wow, Game Changer

    Very high security settings! Customized in so many ways to every company (for instance how employees clock in -chosen by the company not the employee). Instant mobile access to many features, not just pay stubs, but also benefit break downs and a platform for an internal social media recognition platform, something the younger workers really want. In addition, Paylocity doesn’t force extra features, the company chooses them or they don’t. Paylocity’s customer service has been a breath of fresh air and keeps support in the US.

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    It’s ok but it could be far better.

    If Paylocity actually liked to the time clock it would be fantastic. It doesn’t so that’s a non starter, but I love having the app to access my past checks whenever I need to. It would, however be much easier if I could simply pull up a printable version instead of emailing everything to myself first. In order to pull up a printable version I must first use a PC. That’s not always easy. Otherwise I like the app just fine!

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    Wish I could give zero

    Had this problem last time I had to use paylocity as well with a different employer. My login information is all correct but keeps getting an error message saying it’s invalid. I’ll even use all the same info on my app and desktop at the same time and usually it will let me log in on the app but not the desktop and now today both are not working. I’m very frustrated. Even attempted to do forgot password but I’m never sent the passcode. Just hoping that like the last time this happened I just have to give it a day or two and then log in using all the same stuff again and it will magically work. This needs to be fixed though it’s extremely frustrating.

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    Enjoy this app

    So far with the whole use of technology and apps in my work place as been a kind of nightmare, though I have to say this app doesn’t fall under that category at all love the clock in format how I can just clock in and out over my phone, the ability to see my pay in detail on spot and all my vacation and sick days I’ve accrued all in one app! Well overall I’d say this app helps and doesn’t hurt at all. Thanks for making a useful app

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Is Paylocity Mobile Safe?

Yes. Paylocity Mobile is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 14,828 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.3/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Paylocity Mobile Is 52.9/100.

Is Paylocity Mobile Legit?

Yes. Paylocity Mobile is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 14,828 Paylocity Mobile User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Paylocity Mobile Is 52.9/100.

Is Paylocity Mobile not working?

Paylocity Mobile works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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