MagicShot - AI Photo Generator Reviews

MagicShot - AI Photo Generator Reviews

Published by on 2024-02-07

About: Transform words to realistic photos in seconds! It's like magic. Enter any text
prompt, choose an art style and generate your image within seconds.

About MagicShot

► Image to Text: Transform images into detailed prompts instantly! Upload, click, and generate personalized text prompts with our "Image to Text" feature.

► Dream Fashion: Try your dream dress on your existing photos effortlessly! Upload your photo and the dress image – then let our creative AI transform your style vision into reality.

► Image Mixer: Blend your creativity with Image Mixer! Upload multiple images and get a unique, artistic fusion in one click.

► Blip Diffusion: Precision in masking made easy! Upload an object image, provide a skin mask, and let our generative AI skillfully mask and enhance every detail.

Upload your image and our generative AI creates four distinct futuristic avatars, reflecting your unique style and personality.

► Image to Image: Want to tweak your image? Describe what you need, upload your picture, and our AI will make the changes accordingly.

► Picture to Picture: Customize your images effortlessly! Upload, describe changes, and let our generative AI create the perfect result according to your specifications.

Enter any text prompt, choose an art style and generate your image within seconds.

No, seriously — it's really like magic: simply type your imagination - such as “Cyberpunk cute robot” or “Cute puppy’s walking down the street” - pick a style (Realistic, 3D, Anime, Fantastic Art, Paint etc.) and hit generate! You don’t need a paintbrush, pencil, or any art supplies to create beautiful AI-generated artwork, all you need is an idea.

Describe the changes, upload the image, and our AI will blend everything seamlessly.

Simply upload your image and we’ll generate 6 different angles of that image for you.

► Image Upscale: Got a blurry photo? Upload it and our AI will magically enhance the quality.

Upload your 2D image, tell us your 3D vision and our AI will craft a dimensional masterpiece based on your description.

► Multiple Views: Create different angles of your image in just a one click with our generative AI feature.


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4.7 out of 5


Great so ffar

I'm constantly trying all the new AI art generators on MagicShot store. This to me so far is by far the best. You get to choose from multiple aspect ratios, styles, and it accepts VERY detailed prompts describing the image you want to output. THere are SO MANY art styles to choose from and they're always adding more. You also don't have to wait for the image to generate as they let you choose to be notiffied once its ready and you just get alerted. Super clean interface so pleasant to use. Recommend this to all my friend.


Getting faster

I think MagicShot performs better the more you use it. It seems the AI improves and occassionally it generates an image that may be messed up but I'd say 90% of the time the results are surprisingly accurate. I've realizedd you need to add some descriptive words like "realistic" for example if you want a photo like quality output. You can also describe super unique details of the background and it seems to do a strong job generating the expected results in a consistent basis. A++


Exceptional tool

Almost everything about MagicShot is exceptional. I paid for the yearly Pro and it opens up all the locked ffeatures and I can say that most of them work as advertised. Some of their AI tools for photo editing seem to still need some reffinement but overall they all work to some degree, and some of them work extremely well and accurate. Speed is inconsistent as it's fast then slow then fast again. Not sure why.


Editing and creation

My favorite part about this particluar app is that you can use it multiple ways. I'll sometime just write what I want and it creates images in bunches and almost always one of them is super high quality ai generation. But you can also take your existing photos and edit them through various AI techniques, like improving the quality or creating an object based off of another photos style. Super cool and fast.


accurate consensus

After reading the other reviews, I agree with most other users that it's great but the quickness can be improved. Even that is strange because it's sometimes lightning quick. Othertimes it times out and I have to try it again, but it almost always eventually creates what I'm looking for. It's def not short of great features compared to other apps for AI photos I've tried. For me 5/5.


good AI app

Okay so at first I didn't get why it was so limiting but now I see that almost everything is within the Pro version. The regular free version only lets you create one AI image per day which isn't great. It does seem to generate some pretty realisitc photos that match the text you enter. You can setup a profile too and post photos that can be shared throughout your social all for free.


Nearly perfect

I'm curious to see how far this software will push the boundaries of creativity. I've always wanted to be able to draw, but now I don't have to because the software does it for me. The only little flaw I've noticed is that it occasionally struggles with fingers to be crooked or adding an extra arm or twisted fingers. Overall, it's done some wonderful work, and I don't want to complain but if it could just adjust it a little bit, I'd say this AI software is perfect.


pretty great app

I use this for coming up with ideas for my own hand painted art and it's great. I punch in a ton of different ideas some off the wall and it generates almost instantly great inpiration that triggers my creations. Super recommend for other creatives and artists out there. The only complaint I'd have is that it can be quicker at times. Soemtimes it creates the images in seconds and other times I need to wait a minute or two. But even still it's pretty great.


Love it :)

Love MagicShot and the countless little features for an AI photo generator option. They provide inspirational ideas that you can use to try it out when creating your photos. You can also gain inspiration from their community feed where other creators are posting their AI creations. Overall its super quick and easy to use, big plus.



It's been a long time since I discovered a photo software that really blew me away, but MagicShot is different. I've developed some mind-blowing artwork that I'm not convinced the human eye could have created. This has saved me time and money as a content creator. I purchased a yearly subscription and have received far more than my money's worth.



I have tried countless AI art apps, this IMO is the best one, very simple to use, not constantly barraged with ads. In fact I don't think it has Ads at all. Ive honestly spent tooo many hours on this creating incredible images. I also love how you can collaborate with other artists in their community which is totally free to use.


Works like a charm

A friend recommended MagicShot and I have been addicted since. Each day I pop it open and enter a text that then automatically creates 4 AI generated images. This is the best AI photo creator I've used and it has so many different editing tools just for touching up your photo album. Overall above my expecations!


photo pro edits

The image quality improvement tool is a game-changer. My old photos look brand new with just a quick edit. The level of detail and clarity the AI adds is impressive and I'm routinely using this for my image copy editing.


AI to the next level

This thing is impressively fast. I like how you can ask it to notify you later once an image is ready. With it I generate a bunch of images at once and then come back later as they're ready. It's usually within a minute even for the more advanced requests I try with. Def worh trying its powerful.


Generate art like a pro

I'm new to this whole AI thing so what MagicShot can do in seconds is unbelievable. I didn't realize how far AI image generation has come. This particular app is right in line with other AI image apps on MagicShot store. Nothing unusually unique to this one but it seems to work fairly well. I'd give it 5 stars if the speed was improved.



I am really enjoying MagicShot . The AI has clearly been worked on to get to this level of results. They have this section with all different AI image editing tools too so you can take your photos and make cool edits and manuplations to them.



Five stars! Love using it for basic editing like background remover and quality improvements. Works super well!


Love it but needs some work with consistency

Very useful app, but ocassionally I need to create the same photo a few times to get it perfect. Otherwise excellent all around


Refreshing indeed

It's fast, it's accurate and it has a ton of options. Def worth checking out

Is MagicShot Safe?

Yes. MagicShot - AI Photo Generator is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 21 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.7/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for MagicShot Is 64.9/100.

Is MagicShot Legit?

Yes. MagicShot - AI Photo Generator is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 21 MagicShot - AI Photo Generator User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for MagicShot Is 77.5/100..

Is MagicShot - AI Photo Generator not working?

MagicShot - AI Photo Generator works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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