222 Reviews

222 Reviews

Published by on 2024-02-08

About: 222 finds you the people you'll get along with and sends you to the places
you'll love. this is not a dating app.

About 222

222 finds you the people you'll get along with and sends you to the places you'll love.

each member is vetted before being invited to an experience.

just say "yes" & explore the chance encounters you'd have never experienced.

experiences are always in public & in a group setting.


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4.7 out of 5


Always looking for BEST

Absolutely amazing App and a wonderful and unique way to connect 👌🔥


Love this app, thank you (suggestions below)

I was finding it hard to meet people after graduating from college last spring. Saw an Instagram ad, really fw’d the “no swiping, just say yes” idea, gave it a shot and super happy I did. Met some really great people and one of our groups have hung out several times on our own thanks to this app bringing us together

I’d rather socialize at a this app event than swipe on a dating app any day of the week. Thank you guys for making this

Btw if you read this , some suggestions:
- please let me choose to have my plus one sit at another table. I pref going to the dinners alone but still wanna bring a friend to split the cost
- please expand the types of places after the dinners. Would love to do things like rock climbing or skating etc with everyone


“Something went wrong”

Won’t open and deletes the codes it has sent as soon as I enter it. And after waiting so long…


best app / experience ever, highly recommend

i would highly recommend using this to meet new people!


First Impressions of 222

My encounter with this app has been an intriguing journey into a social networking platform that takes a different approach to connecting people. Unlike others, this app focuses on analyzing users' personalities, preferences, and interests to facilitate connections that go beyond mere surface-level compatibility.

The user experience on this app is straightforward and secure, with an interface designed for effortless navigation. It prioritizes user privacy while aiming to foster genuine connections. Whether you're introverted and seeking like-minded individuals or extroverted and looking to expand your social circle, this app provides a space where authenticity is valued.

One aspect that stands out about this app is its commitment to inclusivity and diversity. The platform welcomes users from all backgrounds and walks of life, fostering a sense of belonging for everyone. Whether you're passionate about environmental issues, technology, or the arts, you'll find a diverse community on this app.


Best Nights of Your Life

This is an amazing experience to get out of your comfort zone! Make amazing friends , see new places and just all around have an amazing time!! I’ve been 3-4 times now and everytime it just gets better and better and better ! Can’t wait to see what the future holds for 222!! And I wish it was in Texas for my friends!!!


Had so much fun

I was shocked when I saw how well I was matched with the people at my dinner. We had so much fun at the dinner so we decided to go to the bar that this app had teamed up with for the night. Overall I know I will be doing this again and help me meet more people since I just moved to LA!


Serendipitous User Friendly Experience

Upon opening 222, I had zero expectations, but to my surprise, I was met with a beautiful sensory filled introduction to the this app place app with organic visuals and nostalgic music, paired with synchronous vibrations from my phone. I’m looking forward to using it soon!


Love this product

Wow, just wow. Kudos to the developers.

I’ve been attending these events regularly and have made so many IRL friends! It’s awesome. This is a positive step towards our resistance to zuck tim apple n bezos. ✊🏽choose chance


Amazing experience!

this app allowed me to meet similar groups of people in my area and experience fun night life activities! Would definitely recommend


Break Free

This kind of app forces you to break free from social media and meet people in person and have real authentic experiences


Ageist app

Wow! I was told I was TOO OLD to be eligible for this app’s experiences. Wow. I’m 45, what am I eligible for? Death? I guess they don’t think that “chance encounters” are for Gen Xers… or that people from different generations have anything to offer each other in terms of friendship, laughs, knowledge…. Ok kids, good luck with that!


Such a cool experience.

Honestly the best experience I’ve had since covid


has changed my social life

i found this app a few months ago and i’ve gone to a bunch of experiences. i heard about their app launch and i’m blown away by the design. the video introduction and haptics are sooo cool


I love

Love the interface and the experience


Breath of fresh air

What an epic way to reframe modern social



changed my life


Finally. Best. Thing. Ever!

I can’t say enough awesome things about this app! I was super nervous about attending my first experience - I had just moved to Los Angeles, and hadn’t made any real connections yet. I felt stuck, going alone to bars and spending my time trying tinder dates.

My friend introduced me to this app, and I got on their texting list (no app yet!), and ended up going to my first experience the week after. It was super fun - we went out to dinner, and then all went out together after.

It’s awesome because everyone there is trying to meet new people, and you have a place - you have an assigned table. Even better - you’re matched with people at your table who are similar to you, based upon their personality questions and algorithms! I sometimes feel nervous going to social events - who do I talk to - and this app solves that by matching you will people initially.

The people at your table become your first friends of the night - you know them now, so you can always talk to them! It’s almost like continuing social proof as you then can go out and meet other this app people on your own, or even easier, with your new friends!

I made an awesome new friend group through this app, and can’t be more grateful. This is exactly what is needed today - in person connections in a world where we are all stuck online!

I’m leaving this review in the hope that someone like me reads it, and decides to go on their first this app experience. It made me nervous initially, but I am beyond happy to have done it.


I would love to try the app

So I downloaded 222 but for some reason when. I start it and put the verification code it says error ocurres at the top and I’ve been trying to get in, I do want to give 222 a shot :)


Best way I’ve made friends in LA in a while

Title says it all but this is a really cool experience to go to these dinners and bars, meeting new friends. Fun to go alone fun to go with friends and I love a lot of the restaurants and locations.

Met a good amount of people that I’m still in contact with long time after this app. It’s special and a great way to put yourself out there.


wonderful app

it’s a great concept, and a wonderful way to get people to get out there and enjoy other people. it’s so hard to meet new people outside of work or school as an adult, and this is a great way to do that. I love 222 and so far, every experience has been a lot of fun.



Was quite disappointing, like they told me maybe 7 hours before the event that I was not chosen, which is ok but when I tried to cancel maybe 12 hours before they said I would not get a refund? I feel like the last minute notices when you give them your money to hold your spot is sketchy. There is a guest timer that starts and restarts leading up to the event and it seems really unorganized. The concept is cool but didn’t play out well, I will be returning to meetup, not as “cool” but not as deceptive.


Really Bright Future

I met a lot of interesting people through this app place. I think over time its going to get more and more precise. and effective as the curators get to know the cities a little bit better. Personally a lot of it was night life, and that can be very difficult to manage, so I would recommend more daytime and afternoon events for people to opt into.


Great way to meet people!

It can be a hit or miss thing. First event for me was fine, but I didn’t click with anyone. My second event was great! All six of us clicked and we started a group chat! You never know, but I think it’s a great idea for an app. It’s so nice to get to meet people like this 👍


Really good way to make connections

By far the best app I’ve seen to make real connections. Online meeting and matching, making connections is a serious business and this app realizes that by really finding the pain points of the users at the minutest levels.


Great app that serves it purpose

Really is a good app for meeting people and socializing, curated around your personal interest and character. I’ve met quite a few great people within a month. The effort put into it definitely shows.



It’s a non cringy way to meet people irl in 2024. What more could you ask for. Not to give out free promotion but truly love the concept and I recommend to everyone even just to try :)


Waste of time

I paid for a subscription and got about three invites total. One event I went to and had 40% compatibility with everyone there so I could do better making friends randomly, another invite that I turned down, then a third event for the an event that had a duplicate itinerary for the one I already attended. All invites revolve around drinking and going to bars, so if you don’t like standing around drinking, skip.


Life’s a game

This feels like the start of a really profound way of socializing via tech. Highly recommend; stay curious


Revolutionary experience

Not a app. Better than that


So last minute…

The concept of this is cool but I swear a man that’s never been able to plan a successful date must’ve made 222 because this is the most last minute thing. You get notified barely 24 hours ahead of time that there’s an event to sign up for - then even if you rsvp and pay you aren’t actually signed up and confirmed yet (which they don’t tell you until after you paid). It is less than 8 hours away and I still don’t know if I’m going … giving me trauma to terrible hinge dates. People should be given at least 1 week time to sign up and 24 hours in advance tell you you are going and where. People have lives outside of 222…


very cool time, actually met good ppl

The people I’ve met so far have been really cool, it’s a really nice was to discover the city and make friends, kind of a unicorn project imo and I fully support the system


Charged me money, failed to communicate further

I was sent an event invitation and paid the fee in order to register for the waitlist. I was supposed to hear two days ago if this event was happening and where. I contacted support when I received no further information and was informed I would hear about it later that day; I still received no communication. If you are charging users a fee for the privilege to participate in your events, you should be over-communicating as to if the events are still on or not.

I have still not received communication day of the event if it is happening or not. I am extremely frustrated as a user that I have to drive any attempt at communication, especially when I have been charged a "curation fee." I would not have been heartbroken if not enough people has signed up and then event had to be cancelled; however, I am essentially held hostage to this event that may or may not happen tonight under threat of being banned from 222 . It is duplicitous to say it is the users' fault for creating a bad experience by not showing up and then providing no information about the experience in advance.

To me it isn't even about the money at this point, it is the fact a company is putting a timeline into writing and completely failing to meet the standards that they set for themselves.


Give it a try!

I have been on 2 experiences so far and really enjoyed meeting new people! I am new to New York so it's a great way to get to go out, meet new people, & see new places. You pay a fee to subscribe & can choose the duration. When you get an invitation, you might pay an addition (discounted) fee for the actual event venue. Events are pretty spontaneous (1-3 days in advance) and 222 doesn't reveal all information to you at once, which does make it alluring, a bit mysterious, and fun. It's worth a try for at least 1 month subscription!



If you’re curious about this app I would say try it. It’s a really unique way of meeting friends. I’ve used bumble bff before and hated it but this is completely unique and the best part is there’s no awkward small talk or shifting through matches. Everything is completely curated and done pretty well considering how new 222 is.


Good app to meet people and have a fun experience

Definitely recommend. Places could be crowded or loud but you will have a good time as long as you like to meet new people, eat good food, have good drinks, and have fun.


Life Changing

Get 222 if you want to change your life by meeting new people you never would have met before!

Is 222 Safe?

Yes. 222 is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 7 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.7/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for 222 Is 85.1/100.

Is 222 Legit?

Yes. 222 is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 7 222 User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for 222 Is 94.8/100..

Is 222 not working?

222 works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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