Qantas Airways Reviews

Qantas Airways Reviews

Published by on 2024-02-04

About: Download the new and improved app today. Book flights and hotels, check in,
access your boarding pass, request an upgrade, earn or use Qantas Points
shopping must-have products, link partners to earn points, plus explore
entertainment options before you fly and more.

About Qantas Airways

Book flights and hotels, check in, access your boarding pass, request an upgrade, earn or use Qantas Points shopping must-have products, link partners to earn points, plus explore entertainment options before you fly and more.

* Check-in, in-app boarding passes and some alerts are not available for all flights and all airports.

Download the Qantas app on your iPhone or iPad for all your journey needs.

It’s also compatible with your Apple Watch.

Download the new and improved app today.


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20 Qantas Airways Reviews

4.8 out of 5


Good app, could improve compared to other airline apps

The Qantas app is good but is lacking in two main areas.

1. Tickets added to Apple Wallet do not automatically update and do not show up on screen before a flight. This functionality is very handy and has been standard with other airlines, such as American, for a long time.

2. Award Flights Search - while you can now, finally, search for award flights in QantasAirways , it is very unintuitive to find. One must search for a regular flight then scroll to the bottom and choose Classic Flight Rewards. Additionally, this search appears to take place in a browser window, making it slower and more difficult to use.

I sincerely hope Qantas improve these two features.


Zero stars

QantasAirways didn’t recognize my CORRECT frequent flyer details. Now I’m locked out whilst overseas and the only way to reset the pin is by starting a 3-5 day process which doesn’t include the 2 x one hour phone calls to get to that stage. Wish I never downloaded it and I would recommend thinking twice before trying it yourself. Especially when you’re away from home.


Features don't work

Good at basic functions but features like 'add to calendar' and 'add to boarding pass to Apple wallet' don't work/appear broken. Not as intuitive or comprehensive as other airline apps now available in the market.


Great app!

Intuitive and easy to use! Nothing to complain about!


BNE to Sydney Review

No matter we’re I travel at home or abroad Qantas beats all other airlines hands down. Thank you QANTAS.


Best Airline App I’ve Used

Qantas App is probably the best airline app I have used.


Freezes up after putting in pi

Was never able to open an account. Freezes up.


It renders a web browser inside the app??

What are you using cheap developers to write QantasAirways? Who renders a booking webpage inside an app and then asks about cookies etc? This is early 2000s amatuer hour. Lol. Crappy experience!!!



What a fantastic app! I had already reserved my next flight with my travel agent when Qantas sent me an e-mail to download QantasAirways , which I did. Checking the fares, Qantas offered the same flight cheaper, forcing my travel agent to beat the price by $1.00! So obviously I think QantasAirways is fantastic, because it has saved me several hundred dollars $$$ already on the same day I downloaded it. Now I get all airfare specials right to my phone. Thanks Qantas for a great app that has already saved me money. Now I can book direct next time. Bon Voyage... ✈


Reviews are very old!

Reviews are very old! Any review over 3 months is not worth time to read.
What is the current status flying on Qantas?


Hate Numbers

Don’t update hate numbers


Stay Away

CEO is mindless believer in the Flu World Order dystopia #COVEXIT


This is not the Voice

Somewhat simplistic. Not much of an update on the previous iteration - except perhaps more timely flight change notifications?
If you want to enter the Voice competition, but already have QantasAirways installed and merely upgrade - you don't get an entry form; therefore cannot be a part of the competition.
Would be good to see Qantas hotel and car bookings too - as a multifunctional trip organiser.


Responsive to new features

Great to see Qantas being responsive to new features such as Passbook and now  Watch. I already use this to board planes with my phone but now will be able to board with my  Watch too and phone can stay in my pocket!


Basic functionality and old boarding passes now lost to the system

QantasAirways seems to work ok. But the new version of QantasAirways looks a bit different in how it displays info but seems to be equal or lower functionality!? While new App has boarding pass generated and stay within QantasAirways it can't be opened with passbook and QantasAirways doesn't allow access to old boarding passes I need for expense claims etc.
It's always been a pretty basic app but you'd expect it to grow substantially over time.
Would be great to
- be able to select seats within app
- be able to purchase extra luggage
- be able to access frequent flyer profile, history, summary etc
- soviet cut to key parts of Qantas webpage

Hopefully some time and money can be diverted to this at some point please?


Electronic boarding passes ? Check in?

Taking an international flight tonight, seems there is no way to check in or display an electronic boarding pass in app. To check in, you are directed to use the full website on a computer, and from there you can print out your electronic boarding pass.

Other airlines have apps that can do this, yours should too.


Love it

I love QantasAirways . I have 2 upcoming flights and once I added my confirmation number to QantasAirways it pulled the flights and all the details. Definitely one of the best airline apps that I have seen so far.


Booking issue.

I live in the USA, ever since downloading QantasAirways 2 years ago I haven’t been able to make a booking through QantasAirways .... it goes to the booking section but then has the loading symbol circling in the middle of the page, you can’t select/input anything into the search areas. So very annoying, please fix this! I would have thought after a couple years this issue would have been resolved.


Rewards Flights

Numerous times have booked flights with OneWorld airlines but regardless of whether I use my Qantas number or not, the trip doesn’t appear in QantasAirways . Why have the “Add Trip” feature if you can’t add your trip?!
Look at the American Airlines app and copy the good things.


Worst Airline App I Have Ever Used

The airline needs to study other airline apps to see why they work and this one doesn’t. The level of functionality and travel details provided to the traveler are laughably low. Other than check in and boarding pass, this is useless. When boarding a flight 2 days ago I had to use a paper boarding pass rather than QantasAirways to get a scanner to read it.

Is Qantas Airways Safe?

Yes. Qantas Airways is quiet safe to use but use with caution. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 1,846 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.8/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Qantas Airways Is 30.2/100.

Is Qantas Airways Legit?

Yes. Qantas Airways is legit, but not 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 1,846 Qantas Airways User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Qantas Airways Is 51.2/100..

Is Qantas Airways not working?

Qantas Airways works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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