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Rating 5/5 | 72 Votes | 2019-12-05

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About: Arrive is a powers the last mile of mobility for drivers, fleets and connected vehicles.
Headquarters: Chicago, Illinois, United States.

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Product Details and Description of ParkWhiz - #1 Parking App

Take the hassle out of parking with the ParkWhiz app. Find parking in any major city, compare prices, plus save up to 50% when you book in advance. Free yourself from parking hassles by choosing the way you'd like to book with plenty of choices, parking times to suit everyone, close-by locations, on the go on mobile. You'll get paperless passes that travel with you, for convenient parking anytime--with savings of up to 50% off drive-up. BOOK easier than ever with our all-in-one homescreen. PARK with your mobile pass, just pull in. DO YOUR THING with all the time and money you've saved. - All in one homescreen for the way you like to book. - New larger date & time selection for better ease and accuracy. - Control it all, make your own choices. Choose fast, book easy. - Instant-load map, simple selections, speedy booking. - Up to 50% off drive-up rate for pain-free city parking. All the parking you need. Business? Check. Commuting? Yep. Going to a museum or a concert? Got it. Need airport parking? Even there. Book with ParkWhiz for all of your parking needs. We're the leading NYC app, sparing New Yorkers from alternate side of the street parking. From the most congested place in the nation, to Chicago, San Francisco, Boston, Los Angeles, Toronto, and all points in between, ParkWhiz gets drivers parking for less. Better yet, you book in advance, so your space is waiting. There's no more circling blocks, worrying about full lots or frayed nerves from not knowing where to park. HOW IT WORKS We contract with garages and lots across America for insider pricing we pass along to you. But booking couldn't be easier. Here's how it goes: - The first screen lets you search by destination by address, map or past pass. - Pick the pin on the map with the nearby location's price you like. - Set date and times. - Confirm booking. - Get your virtual pass in your phone. - Pull in, park, then do your thing. WAITING TO HELP We've got real people just dying to help you out. Have a question, need a hand? Our ace customer service folks will answer your call or text and get you on your way. Call 888-472-7594 Email [email protected] Follow us on Twitter @ParkWhiz Like us on Facebook at Learn more at ParkWhiz Delivers "Dead simple to use, just enter your destination and time then it shows nearby spots. Always reasonably priced with clear descriptions. Highly recommend to take stress out of parking." -- PW customer, April 2017 "Customer service is beyond! Love this app. I live 10 miles from NYC so I'm there often. I'm always able to get discounted parking, no matter the area." -- PW customer, April 2017 "ParkWhiz helps drivers get where they want to be for less." -- American Airlines Magazine "Check out apps like ParkWhiz that will save you money and a spot." -- ABC News

Top ParkWhiz - #1 Parking App Reviews

  • By Bubba Mac

    Quick easy

    Everything you need in an app. Makes use of all iOS features: Apple Pay, Wallet, etc. Will hold back on that 5th star until I use the parking facility this weekend (9/17). I've had trouble in the past with lots I've booked thru ParkWhiz being too tight to get out of the car; exit thru sunroof. But the app is grrrrreat! Way to raise your game, ParkWhiz. After parking (9/17, Charlotte): The lot was "overbooked". It seems there are some issues with communication between the lot administrators and ParkWhiz. I'm not sure who's at fault here so I will leave my 4 star review of the app intact. The app is awesome, the actual parking not as much. 5 stars for app and for ParkWhiz reaching out to me about the issue above. Keep up the great work!

  • By Mil7409

    Exceptional Customer Service

    Many company could learn a lot from you. You have great customer service. It is refreshing not to sit on hold for what seems like hours most of us do not have to spare, and equally refreshing to have responsive, kind representatives that are empowered to do something about a customers concerns. There are no trite, generic replies coupled with inaction. I call or text - and you resolve my issue immediately with no pushback. I LOVE IT. With the exception of one or two bad experiences with the garages themselves, ParkWhiz has provided me with a service I have come to rely on and appreciate - particularly when I’m in an unfamiliar city. PLEASE keep up the good work. Don’t lose your “thing”.

  • By DontDwell

    The best app for city parking!

    I use this app any time I know I’ll have to find parking somewhere in the city. It’s really quick and easy to use, and makes the entire parking experience so much better. I know for a fact every time I use it I’m saving a ridiculous amount of time and getting the best price for a parking garage. When you search, you get results for a TON of different garages in the area so you have options for both distance and price. It’s really simple to do it both on the spot, and way ahead in advance. The best feature of the app is that it will extend your parking ticket to the longest possible point before the next price tier. This gives you as much possible time as possible in the spot. On top of that I’ve found savings that can happen by using it (just recently booked a $22 spot for $9!). It also gives you all of the contact information, map, description, and a really, really useful image of the garage. I’ve never had an issue using the app across multiple garages throughout the city, over the past year. You owe it to yourself to get this app!