Touch of Modern Reviews

Touch of Modern Reviews

Published by on 2020-11-20

Touch of Modern is THE Shopping App for Men to discover the world's most
interesting products and at amazing prices. With dozens of new sales added each
day, TOMO will be the Shopping App you lust to check every day. Join millions
of men discovering new designer products at up to 70% o...

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Touch of Modern Reviews

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    Must shop app

    Don’t sleep on this store. I first got into because I Google searched a pair of jeans I was looking for and the place that had it was not my previous favorite/daily shopping app (GILT) but this cool named place called Touch Modern. Then the heavens opened lol..seriously guys this app has eeeeeeveerything a guy could want - women too but, I feel, based on the products I think it’s slightly geared towards men. Yet, it’s every type of man it has stuff for. So far I’ve bought luxury socks, an advanced snorkel system 3 separate types of waterproof headlamps (yes, I know, I know but, the prices were TOO good and there cool AF, said the outdoor nerd in me), camping hammocks and gear, a Rolex (read aforementioned headlamp excuse lol) 2 suits and, I’ll be buying autographed movie memorabilia off the site for my best friend and BIL. I wanted to give the site a 4.7 because it takes sooooo long to get your purchase (2-3 weeks on most all items except the most expensive ones) but, according to their customer service (which is pretty awesome) that’s how they get to discount their prices so low by the individual merchants bundling their product to the TOM headquarters. I’m a year and a half in as customer as of this writing, this is a totally unsolicited review and I was not compensated for it. Do yourself a favor and just get the app and try it. You won’t be disappointed.

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    Unreliable, poorly managed.

    Touch of Modern (TOMO) has some interesting product lines. Unfortunately, they are mediocre in the management of their vendors, on the behalf of their customers. After placing an order, it is common to wait 2-6 weeks for an order to be filled and shipped. This wait period before shipping is “as advertised” when placing an order. Shipped orders then take a week or more to be delivered; albeit having paid a shipping fee that is more than what priority shipping would cost. Finally, and this is were they get the heading of “unreliable”, it is not uncommon to receive confirmation that they received your order and that its being processed, only to find out after you contact them weeks later because the order has not shipped as scheduled is “delayed” and will another 3-4 weeks before they’ll get your order shipped out to you. In other words, they don’t manage their vendors well, or have a effective tracking system of orders placed relative to orders received from the vendors and then followed up when shipping the order to their (TOMO’s) customers. I’ve actually had TOMO’s customer service people lie to me about orders that I placed and then weeks later were not filled by the vendor. After multiple cases of such, I’m moving my business away from TOMO.

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    Shipping Time

    Maybe it’s time to start sending P.O.s before the sale is complete or even before the item goes on sale and then set a limit for the number available. That way it won’t take so long for people to get their items. This is the second time I’ve had to wait longer than your estimated 3-4 weeks for my item and there is still no end in sight for the last order I placed. At this point, I’m not interested in ordering anything else from Touch of Modern until the shipping time is fixed. You guys have some really cool stuff, but it’s not worth it if I have to wait 2+ months to receive it. And then when I inquire about it, all you’re willing to do it give me store credit for my shipping cost. The amount of shipping you guys do, shipping should be free anyway. Also, if something is going to be late, take the initiative and update people’s orders so that they aren’t sitting around wondering where their order is because the system still says it will arrive no later that 3/7. This shouldn’t be too hard for you since the system should be set up to handle updates to delivery date by item instead of having to go into each person’s individual order. Completely disappointed.

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    I am addicted to TOM

    I have gotten about 30 items from TOM so far. I love unusual items and gadgets that I have never seen before. They always have the lowest price so you don’t ever think they are marking up the price themselves. Sure some things take a couple weeks to get, but you know it up front, could never have found the items without TOM, AND they always come. When you get them, it’s like an unusual present you bought for yourself. I needed only one time so far to contact customer service (to change something) and they gave me first class customer service. Only one problem...I am about to come into a bunch of money, and Touch of Modern spending is probably about to go up at exponential rate. I am not kidding...have you seen the pressurized aluminum beer growlers they are selling? (Please don’t take them off the website)...I am going to buy 2 64 ouncers. Plus about 10 other things...and I haven’t been on today!!!! On 2nd thought, I am not’s a healthy habit! I love Touch of Modern!!!

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    The products are great looking but.....

    I am amazed at how the products look on this site and for the most part they are probably pretty cool, but...... THEY ARE ALL ALWAYS SOLD OUT OR THEY ARE WAAAAAY TOOOOO EXPENSIVE FOR THE AVERAGE PERSON!!!!! I can’t believe you cannot find or make items that meet in the middle on price, that you advertise to all people on tv and such! You’re selling a table that I can build myself for $20,000?! WTH?! And not just that but your selling electronic’s we the buyers have to pay to install them after buying them from you and most of the kool ones like the cloud thing needs to be installed in a new home during the last faze’s of construction or you need to remodel your house to have it a working deal and that after you’ve already spent thousands on the products themselves! This site is a joke! And if you wanted to make it better for people then actually do it! Don’t mislead people! I just can’t wait till some poor bloke buys your cloud before it was sold out or whenever it’s available again and then after spending all their money on it and then realize that they have to reconstruct their house to install it and they have to buy the installation kit too! Lol and then they sue your A S S! Lamest app ever!!!!!!!!

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    Coolest way to shop this decade

    I first started using TOM a year ago to buy a pair of shoes. I downloaded the app thinking it looked cool, but it would be one of those apps I never got around to even opening. Well I opened it and as I scrolled through the various items I realized I wanted just about everything they sold! The TOM staff clearly spends a significant amount of time diligently selecting every item they sell. I have probably purchased 20-30 items throughout the past year, never had an item that wasn’t exactly as described and always high quality. I have never seen anything like it before. I wait for my “ding” between 9pm-9:10pm each night to see the latest deals and glorious new items! P.s. - if you hiring IT staff, let me know, I can only imagine working at TOM as a mans’ dream come true, with an office full of the coolest products vendors send you to test out and hopefully get the TOM stamp of approval to make it on to you elite app! Anyways, thanks for all you do!

  • Luke

    I haven’t received any items as of yet but the items on your website are very impressive and the prices ate more than reasonable. I’m sure that you’ll be hearing from me Z Everything I have received from your company has been exactly what I was hoping for. Your customer service department is fantastic. I still have some items on order and am looking forward to receiving them. I’ll be back!!! Your products and service are over the top. I can’t give you anything but five stars. I’m continuing to purchase items from you with absolutely no problem. Keep up the great work. I haven’t stopped purchasing, but that’s only because you continue to offer quality products at more than reasonable prices If every company with this large a customer base ran as efficiently as yours, shopping would be much more pleasant all around. Great The quality of your product and service is excellent. I can’t say enough about it. As long as this continues, I’ll always be a loyal customer I know that I’m not your biggest customer but I’m still happy with your products and services. Second to none Always impressed, and I can’t say that about many other companies that I deal with When I get up in the morning, one of the first things I do is open your app to see what’s new. Never disappointed I have nothing to say other than kudos for this magnificent app. Always a joy to look forward to

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    Very cool

    I love this app. Yes some items can be expensive but they are extremely unique and you'll find something for everyone even the most discerning of tastes including someone you can never find that wow gift. Despite a few expensive items the majority of them are reasonably priced and add a sense of flair that will go perfectly with the hard to shop for. The featured items accentuate unique the personality. This app is truly a must-have for finding that perfect guy gift and for finding the perfect accent for the home that both men and women can enjoy together. Not to mention the amazing deals you will find on items ranging from 50% to 70% off. And with updates you're always in the know of the latest trends so for a change you are the envy and become the trendsetter. With people constantly asking that is so amazing where did you find it and where can I get one. :)

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    Love this place - can’t stay away!

    My favorite online retailer. Touch of Modern carries a unique, fascinating, and often heavily discounted inventory of products ranging from the technologically sophisticated to traditional, hand-made objects displaying the highest levels of craft skills. Touch of Modern provides excellent service, fast response to questions or concerns, and immediate help with problems. Recently, an item I bought failed after a few minutes of use. I wrote to a customer service associate who immediately responded with a number of options. I chose a generous store credit offer which was highly satisfactory. Thanks, Derek! Purchases arrive in good time for the most part. I’ve never minded the delays I have experienced. It takes time to create or build a beautiful object. I’ve never had any problem with deliveries. Great website - easy to use. Overall, an excellent experience.

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    Killer App!

    This App “says” it is directed towards the modern man. I’m a married - straight - man exactly 50 living just outside Chicago. I have spent the majority of my career in the extremely dynamic AEC business (Design/Build) (Architecture, Engineering, Construction). Working daily with uber-opinionated designers (most for good reason). People with defined and refined tastes. But this includes many talented women, too. So I just wanted to make that point, which very well could be made with a bit more emphasis in my industry. BUT, not with exclusivity, for sure. NOW THAT I HAVE UTTERED ALL OF THAT, let me boil this ALLLLL down to this: if you like ‘Sharper Image’, ‘Brookstone’, and ‘Hammacher Schlemmer’ then you will LOVE this. And so, to those other stores I mentioned, THIS is their “Warning Shot”.... because ‘A Touch of Modern’ has it all figured out, and more. Great job ‘A Touch of Modern’! Please, never stop aiming for perfection. Brian Kann

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    Horrible experience.

    Be forewarned that this merchant does not do refunds. Store credit only. Note the atypically high number of bad reviews for this vendor. I bought a leather jacket in a size larger than my normal one, because that was the merchant’s recommandation. When the jacket finally arrived (approximately one month later), it was still much too small. I checked the item on the TOM store site, and saw that it was still available in one size larger than the one I ordered. I contacted the store via their contact page, and requested an exchange. I was told they could not exchange, because the sale had end and the item was no longer in stock. I replied that I had just checked and still found the item in the larger size. They sent me a new link, now showing « Sale Ended ». They offered a store credit, but could not refund or exchange. Apparently, many people have had good experiences with this site, but avoid clothing items, due to their store-credit-only policy, otherwise you may be out a large sum of money, and end up with a. Item you cannot use.

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    My input

    All in all I think your products are fine. It’s very frustrating that the products take so long to get to us though. I know I am like most people, when I buy something, especially today over the Internet I want it now, I don’t want to wait 2,3,4 weeks down the road. I think that’s a flaw your business plan as I know many people including myself end up not ordering something just because of the lag time. I understand why you do it but it is a problem for many people who I discuss this with. I have many friends who I’ve introduced to this site and feel the same way. Also, several of us were wondering why the women’s lingerie has disappeared from your pages. Our wives really like it as we do and are a little disappointed that it appears you know longer carry it. Just my two cents.

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    You get a 3.8

    I have had the app for a few years now and purchased things a number of times...I rate the app closer a 3.8. I have order items on here and have waited and waited for the items to be later cancelled, which is very frustrating!!! There are a lot of cool things on to buy but you will wait a while for things to come. I have also had items come that just don’t fit and it just seems like to much of a hassle to send items back. With all that said I do like the apps functionality and will continue to buy things from the site. Maybe a little bitter about my purchases I was really looking forward to getting and never received...they did give me a 15-25$ credit but that was after 3 months of waiting and I would have actually paid them $25 to get the items I originally purchased

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    Too Long

    This is an amazing app, and the products listed seem quite good, but waiting for your items to arrive at your door seems to take centuries. I wanted to start out small to determine the quality of their products, because I’ve never heard of any of the companies whose products they sell. To keep it simple, I ordered a necktie. I’ve since forgotten exactly how long it took to arrive, but it arrived within weeks. I liked the tie, so I figured I would order another, then before that one could be shipped off, I ordered yet another tie. Maybe it’s the rapid delivery of items I’ve since ordered from other companies that make it seem like my ties are taking forever to get here, but it feels like a month. So it turns out that this is the way TMO works, and that I failed to read the small print. I spent an obscene amount of money this holiday season, and I would have liked to have spent it with TMO, but I don’t like waiting for this long. Not for items from companies I’ve never heard of before. For me, it’s four stars for the app itself, subtracting one star for the wait.

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    This site is geared for men but I have found a lot of interesting items. Special deals and quality products will keep you looking everyday. What I like most is the example of the products and how they can be used or what they are used for. This app is like non others. While the prices can be pricey. There is a budget item for every type of financial pocket. The email response search for delivery items is also great. You don’t have to listen to a recorded line and the responses time to get a message back is reasonable. This is one SALES PLACE WHERE I don’t mind NOT HAVING A LIVE REP. I am only a few weeks in and already making my second purchase. THERE ARE SOME REALLY COOL AND INTERESTING items out there. You can’t go wrong with this app.

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Is Touch of Modern Safe?

Yes. Touch of Modern is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 17,358 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.5/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Touch of Modern Is 49.6/100.

Is Touch of Modern Legit?

Yes. Touch of Modern is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 17,358 Touch of Modern User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Touch of Modern Is 49.6/100.

Is Touch of Modern not working?

Touch of Modern works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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