TouchNote: Photo Cards For All Reviews

TouchNote: Photo Cards For All Reviews

Published by on 2021-06-28

Now you can send personalized, high-quality photo cards with a message straight
from your phone to the people you love. All with TouchNote. It’s so easy to
get started! Simply: 1) Download the TouchNote app. 2) Upload your favorite
photos. 3) Send cards straight from your phone, anywh...

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TouchNote: Photo Cards For All Reviews

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    Buyer be cautious

    Update: Ty for resolving the issue finally. I think the app is a great idea but it needs some work on customer service end. Again ty. I have ordered over $250 with this app. The cards are ok. But do not order canvases. I ordered 4 and they’re not necessarily cheap. I received one today from dec 7th order. But I have 3 others I ordered prior to that I’ve yet to get. I’ve emailed their customer service and no response 3 different times. It’s been over a week and a half since the first email but they say in an automated email they’ll get back with you in 48 hours. Well that’s a lie. My canvases said delivered and that prompted me to email them asking where they were that they were not delivered. No response. But yet the status of them is changed from delivered to nothing. So I have over $100 in canvases I’ve wasted because I’ve not received them and you can’t get ahold of anyone there. They do not respond to you. They have half over a week to respond to the first email. Yet nothing and I’ve sent 3. I also messaged them on Facebook with no response either. I like to have my order or a refund but looks like I’m out money. I feel scammed. It’s unprofessional and when you can’t get ahold of anyone but yet their quick to take your money for a product they don’t deliver. That’s stealing. So the little cards are a cool concept but not from here.

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    one card was missing my msg

    I first heard about this app through a commercial while I was watching TV. I quickly downloaded after reading reviews and I thought this would be a cute way to send my family nice cards that live very far away from me. I created and ordered 2 postcards. The app itself is easy to navigate. The layout and designs offered are really cute. When I placed an order, I got an email later on confirming that my postcard was mailed. However as I was looking at the image of my order I noticed that the message I wrote was missing. I panicked and looked at the order on my phone which had the message I wrote. I emailed customer service to confirm if my message was missing on my postcard and they wrote back that it was missing but TouchNote fixed the error and mailed out another card. It was really disappointing that I had to tell the person I was surprising the postcard with that they were getting two cards. One without my message and one with my message. I’m happy about the customer service though, they quickly resolved it for free and apologized. I might order another in the future... but warning anyone buying... please check your confirmation emails and make sure your message for that person is there.

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    Such a wonderful little app

    This app is a genius idea! I love sending mail in general but this app lets me send cards that are photos in my phone and I don’t have to leave my house to do it. I send a post card about weekly to my grandparents. They are in their 90s and can’t travel to see me and their new little great-grandchild, so I send pictures of her and weekly updates to them and it helps them feel a little closer. It’s also great for quick little check-ins with from who don’t live close just to let them know I’m thinking about them. I like to send a postcard after I visit someone with a picture of something we did together on our visit/trip. It took me FOREVER working with tech to get it to where I could upgrade my account to the gold but now that we finally have it worked out, I’m thrilled. $99 for the year and I get 6 free postcards a month and only $1.50 for each one after that. It’s a deal considering they print the postcards and pay the stamp to mail. I seriously love this app, it’s such a gem. Highly recommend.

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    Get’s the job done - postcards

    Use this to send postcards to loved ones with fresh snaps easy-peasy. Ever been out with the kids and take a goofy shot you know the grandparents would love? Aspiring college photographer? Goofy high schooler? This is a fast way to post on real paper (not just electrons)! I find this app easy to find the picture, give it a caption, write a quick note, grab the address and send. You can use other apps to save photo edits (Snapchat, enlight, primsa…) and put it on a card (as long as you save to photos). Click send. You have to pay for a package upfront (discount for more “credits”; credits are reasonably priced compared to snapfish/shutterfly). For doing this simple function, this is a great app. Simple, not complicated. Cons: (1) Have to re-enter contacts (but, on upside, I’m not allowing access to entire Contacts like facebook). (2) May not be good for high schoolers on family share who would send one photo postcard to 8 friends - drains credits. (3) Publisher is adding more bells & whistles so may become more complicated in upcoming versions.

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    Seems like a scam

    I downloaded this app about a year ago but never got around to using it until today. I wanted to design a Christmas card for a special co-worker who had recently retired. The interface and navigation of the app was easy. Incorporating photos and adding text seemed like a breeze. The problem wasn’t in creating the actual card. The problem came when it was time to pay for the card. You see, the only way I could send the card was to sign up for a free 7 day trial membership. There was no other option. I read the rather “sketchy” Policy and Terms of Service, which assured me that I could cancel my membership at any time by emailing them. I figured that I’ll just take the trial membership and then cancel the next day. Only, the email address for their membership office isn’t valid. I decided to contact their help department via their email address, which is also invalid. I made a final attempt to contact them through their iOS app service email account and guess what, true believers? That email wasn’t valid either. Now I’m stuck with a membership I don’t want and can’t get rid of. Save yourself some grief and a trip to the Better Business Bureau website and buy a card from the Dollar Tree...

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    2ND UPDATE: STILL NO SOLUTION TO MY PROBLEM. I SEE FROM OTHER REVIEWS THAT CUSTOMER SERVICE IS NOT A PRIORITY FOR THIS APP. I WILL BE LOOKING FOR ANOTHER APP. FELT HAS GOOD PRICES. UPDATE: I still love this app BUT: I have been trying to send a sympathy card using one of my photos. However, this is Easter week, and I can’t figure out how to remove the default HAPPY EASTER that is showing up. My email to Touchnote has gone unanswered. What if my friends are Jewish? Please tell me how to work around this. Thank you. I have always loved this app. The cards are high-quality and the app is so easy to use. People really appreciate being thought of in this way, and being able to make a card from your own photos makes it extra special. Now you can have your photos printed on canvas. They arrive ready to hang and are great! This app is a lot of fun. Give it a try. YET ANOTHER UPDATE: I made a Father’s Day card for my dad on June 9th. It’s June 19th, Father’s Day is over, and it hasn’t arrived yet. This has been a trend lately. What’s up, TouchNote?

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    Working on issues with membership & communication

    I ran into some trouble with my membership when I was billed for both yearly and monthly. I tried to cancel in the app and was prompted to reach out via email to cancel. Response to my first email and cancellation of my membership did not happen for about two weeks, and I only received automated responses once I followed up in new email threads to TouchNote membership and customer service email addresses requesting response. When I did receive a response, customer service offered me apologies, my membership cancellation was confirmed, and a refund was provided. I am pleased with this, and hope to see this company continue to improve. The cards are nice but delivery is difficult to track. In addition to a more user-friendly membership management within the app, before becoming a member again I would like to see TouchNote implement a customer service telephone line and real order tracking (rather than estimates on status/delivery.)

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    Buyer beware

    The idea is great - and it works, but only some of the time. The cards don’t always get to the destination. This has happened to me and a friend who has also used TouchNote. Out of 13 cards ordered between the two of us, 10 have arrived at the intended destination. While a ~75% success rate might be good for some businesses, it doesn’t work for this one. I contacted support several times and their response always points the finger at the USPS not delivering. While that might be the case rarely, it’s a dubious claim to say it’s the postal services fault each time. I’ve read through many other reviews and I’m not the only one that’s had this issue with them. Finally, don’t fall for their ‘free trial’ of the magic writing add on for $1.99 for 30 days. I fell for it, tried to cancel, but was told that I was a day past the deadline for cancelling. I do not recommend this company. If you spend so much time uploading a photo and creating a card, you want the confidence that it will get to the recipient. With a 75% success rate, there’s no way I’d spend another penny on their cards.

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    The absolute best app ever

    While I lived in the States this was the absolute best thing I could find to send postcards to my grandfather in Germany who lives alone and gets so much joy out of getting letters from us that also include pictures! The fact that it’s typed is also just an added bonus for his poor eyesight. Now I’m a Peace Corps Volunteer and live in rural Zambia and snail mail here takes about 6 months to send or receive so I’ve been using the app. My parents are delighted to get updates from me that include photos and also allows me to still send birthday cards to my friends. My grandfather still gets the postcards I send him even from here and from what my mom tells me, it makes his day. I’ve recommended this app to so many people they should really give me a bonus by now! One of the little, cheap ways left in life to truly make someone’s day, especially with this technology takeover!

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    I have been waiting for this idea to come to fruition for a long time and was excited to see a new company attempting to send postcards via the web or over an app. (I used the photocard app back in 2012 but it was full of bugs.) Unfortunately, TouchNote appears to be another total letdown. I designed a postcard on the app only to find that I have to sign up for a subscription with no other options to pay for just one card at a time. I think, “I don’t love it, but okay fine sign me up.” Then the apple pay function doesn’t work and doesn’t explain why. I figure since I’ve saved my postcard on my account I should be able to sign in on a computer and pay that way. NOPE! I created an account with the gmail widget on the app, but alas, there is no way to sign-in to your gmail based account on the website. I went as far as to create a whole new account and recreate my postcard, but the website lacks functions that exist on the app. So I sign into the app with my new account to find they don’t communicate with each other! Glad to hear others are enjoying the app. I’m giving up in frustration.

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    Takes the time out of sending “Thank You’s”

    I’ve had this app for a couple years now and I absolutely LOVE it. I send cards for many different reasons...Happy Birthday, Wish You Were Here, but Thank You’s are my favorite! You can change the layout of pictures and opt for one or three, and other options as well. Then you add words to the front and text on the back. You can upgrade the writing so it looks hand written or stick with the default classic font. People you send cards to can be stored in the address book so the next time you send a card you just click on them, no needing to type the address again. I love sending out thank you cards because you can create a card, type a thank you message and duplicate it for multiple people. You can choose to personalize each message or pictures before you send. Then just click on each person you want to send them too, the addresses are all on one screen to confirm, and easy to edit if need be. People love these cards, very high quality, sturdy, professional delivery. Can’t remember if you sent a card to someone? Check your orders and scroll through each card sent. I love this feature too because you can see who you sent cards to and see exactly what it looked like and said. Can’t say enough positive things about this app. Love it!!!

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    Excessive processing time reduces usefulness

    I use TouchNote exclusively for sending postcards while on vacation. I love the TouchNote concepts/business model, and the app is pretty good as well. However, the processing time, from the time one uploads a postcard to the time Touchnote posts it in the mail, is too long. One of the main advantages of using TouchNote to send postcards when on vacation is the potential timing. I usually attempt to send postcards on the first few days of vacation. Assuming my trip is approximately one week long, my family/friends SHOULD receive the postcard before I return. Unfortunately, Touchnote, can take 2 to 3 business days before the card is actually posted. When this lead time is tacked on top of the USPS delivery cycle, the recipients rarely receives the postcard “in time” (I.e. I beat the postcard getting back home). In my opinion, this greatly reduces the benefit of using the TouchNote system. If Touchnote could reduce THIER processing time to 1 business day, I would rate the app 5 stars.

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    Touchnote is so versatilel!

    I began using Touchnote for thank you’s, but the cards (I usually make postcards) are so much fun, easy to make, inexpensive and doesn’t take much time that I look for reasons that I can make a card! I recently made cards for my great grandchildren, congratulating them for being on the “A” or “A-B” honor roll for the year. Now I watch for things to photograph that I think they would be interested in or that would encourage them. I am a very busy person but I always find time to make a card because I can imagine the smile on the face of the recipient! I also like Touchnote’s use of token for paying for cards, it’s time saving and I like the savings. One request Touchnote, the stamps about where the photo was taken. I would like the state instead of the country, especially if it is in the USA.

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    Watch out!

    Placed a first time book order and TouchNote’s automatic color graphics overlapped most of the book’s cover photo. It looks ridiculous. There was no opportunity to re-scale the image and NO chance to confirm the order before it was processed! The website’s instructions for canceling an order DO NOT correspond to what the app user sees on screen. I sent them an email five minutes later (because they say you have 30 minutes to cancel) but, of course, they didn’t get it until it was “too late“ and they $hipped two copie$ of a ridiculou$ looking product. I’ve been happy with mugs I ordered before, and postcards as well. But this experience leaves me looking for another service that is more user-friendly. There didn’t seem to be any problem charging my credit card without delay, lol.

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    BUYER BEWARE! Bad app, Poor service!

    Downloaded this app to make family Christmas cards to send, but two of the cards on one order were entirely messed up! The greeting on the inside of the card was for a different family member; another one was supposed to be left blank but was not. I double checked that I had done my order correctly before submitting, and immediately afterward it appeared that all was correct with the order. But nope! Next day I checked it and it was all messed up. A separate order I had too did not “Personalize” my greeting as I had ordered and paid extra for! When I realized the error that was made to my cards, I immediately submitted to be contacted by the customer support team who sends you an email response saying that you will be contacted within 24 hours, but nothing! If they did call, no message was left! Very unprofessional. I ordered from this app once more after all of this happened in hopes of getting the cards straightened out to my family. I would expect a refund for my errored order, but it doesn’t appear I’ll be getting one... This is my first experience with this app. I am a review reader (infrequently a review writer) and so I downloaded this app on account of its good reviews. It does have nice designs and options for you to send holiday or greeting cards, but what use is that if your order gets improperly addressed and confuses your family members when they receive it! BUYER BEWARE of ordering from this app!!!

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Is TouchNote: Photo Cards For All Safe?

Yes. TouchNote: Photo Cards For All is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 66,152 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.8/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for TouchNote: Photo Cards For All Is 44.2/100.

Is TouchNote: Photo Cards For All Legit?

Yes. TouchNote: Photo Cards For All is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 66,152 TouchNote: Photo Cards For All User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for TouchNote: Photo Cards For All Is 44.2/100.

Is TouchNote: Photo Cards For All not working?

TouchNote: Photo Cards For All works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Reported Issues: 1 Comments

By Linda
May 11 2021

Card NEVER came it’s been 2 months and they keep saying they will resend it and they have NOT. SCAMMMMMMM

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