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About: T-Mobile is redefining the way consumers and businesses buy wireless services.
Headquarters: Bellevue, Washington, United States.


1. Pay your Bill in seconds, track data on the go, shop for the latest devices and so much more.

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It's everything T-Mobile at your fingertips.

Pay your Bill in seconds, track data on the go, shop for the latest devices and so much more.  You can also connect with a T-Mobile expert 24/7. 

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Top T-Mobile Reviews

  • By Olgs415

    Never changing providers!

    I’ve been with Tmobile for close nearly 15 years and throughout those years with work I’ve had to elect to either change providers or carry two cell phones. I have always chosen to have the two phones in order to weigh out the differences and Tmobile has always come up on top. First off, I travel a ton. Tmobile provides the BEST global service that no other carrier is even close to offering. I always tell my friends who travel that they should switch to Tmobile if they’re worried about overhead costs when they travel for a long period of time. In addition, if you’re in any sort of financial struggle (which I can admit to🙋🏻‍♀️) they offer payment plans when your bill is due which is such a helpful tool to help lighten any financial stress that you may have. Lastly.. although I’ve noticed that the strength of signal may fluctuate in certain cities that I’ve lived in (ie. San Francisco- signal is stronger than Verizon and AT&T vs Miami signal is rather spotty vs the others), the customer service is always 100% on point. Throughout all of these years as a devoted customer, I will continue to promote Tmobile to my friends and family solely based on my experience.

  • By Hoptowngirl

    Good phone service

    I love Tmobile , but when you have problems with your phone and go to the apple store 10 times in the course of a year and a half due to phone system failure and not working properly with a medical hearing device a BAHA 5 it gets very frustrating and just makes us wanna just say the heck with it why bother even having a phone ! The hearing impaired and deaf get cheated every time . Sad too . Now I just keep what have and cross fingers hoping it will work some day . So just using it mostly for texting and when it does work I can call or talk on it some days . There should be a special program for the hearing impaired and deaf community . So far no cell company has anything for us 😔. Last visit to apple is we don’t know who to fix it other then to tell you to upgrade your phone or upgrade your hearing device . Well hearing device is upgraded at a cost of 5,000 4 yrs ago just paid it off . Can’t afford to upgrade the phone with such huge down payments and large monthly payments . Sure wished a cell company thought as much about the hearing impaired and deaf as much as they do about the hearing folks .

  • By WiseBeauty82

    I absolutely love T-mobile!

    I love autonomy & this app let's me do most things without needing to talk with a CSR. If I do need one, I can make a call directly from the app (or have someone call me back). Their customer service has improved greatly over the years which has caused me to stay with them (and this says a lot coming from a non-loyalist like moi). Fun fact: when I switched back to T-mobile in May 2017, their sales rep told me that I qualified for the carrier switch. When I tried to use the credit, I was told that I can't because I used it already and it's a once in a lifetime offer. A supervisor listened to the initial sales rep recording and credited my account $250 for the mistake. I was worried that my switch was a mistake at that point but overall I'm glad that I stuck with them. Another great point is that I never have a dropped call anymore and my internet is fast...sometimes more preferable to my regularly disconnecting Spectrum internet. Plus, I now have my mom on a T-mobile plan and, although she's still getting used to having unlimited internet, she loves it and is very happy that she switched from us cellular.

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