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Follow the excitement of the NASCAR season with the Official App of NASCAR and
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features. Free Features Include: Race Center • Leaderboard - Live Race,
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    Needs more interesting articles

    Needs more interesting and informative articles or videos. Be cool to see more on history of nascar as well as Direct information from teams and drives. It help if more top notch sport journalist would get involved and enthusiastic and passionate about nascar and would give that good reporting. Tv has done good with Gordon and Earnhardt jr. getting involved. What they bring is real passion to the broadcast. And they help a viewer how many think driving in circles is boring or even stupid learn about how intense it really is. This app needs that. But gives you information about practice and qualifying if your at work or something. And the option to the in car cameras is so cool as well as the scanner access. But pretty dull through week.

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    We have watched Nascar for many years; there are many things that bother both of us. The first is the short amount of time that is given to the Military Flyover! We are lucky to get a glimpse of these important F16‘s, the Stealths or various other Planes for 5 seconds! It makes us so angry that they are not given at least a minute of airtime. The second problem is Jeff Burton AND Steve LaTarte! They NEVER shut up and are CONSTANTLY talking so much that we have to watch the race with our tv MUTED! Please tell them that MANY fans are irritated with them and are changing the channel! Number three: We have tuned in to watch Racing for a reason; we DO NOT CARE about whose relatives ran the NYC Marathon, Football or Basketball News, the Olympics, Hockey, Curling, Tour de France, who golfed with whom, etc. Number four: Keep the rules constant or someone will be killed because of it. Every driver should be penalized the same! Not a slap on the hand for some and a hefty fine and penalty for others! Thank you for letting me vent.

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    Love the app BUT....

    I've been a paying subscriber for several years and love being able to hear conversations between driver, crew chief and spotter. That brings a new dimension to TV coverage. This year however the app works fine for trucks and Xfinity races but when the cup race comes I am unable to connect to paid functions most importantly the scanner, crew chief and leader board features. I have to call and try to convince support that (1) I paid for the entire season and (2) that the problem is real. So far they’ve been able to get me connected but I’ve often missed a number of laps. Often the leaderboard and crew chief screens don’t agree with each other-a bit disconcerting. My plea is please fix the bugs and tell me how to avoid the weekly cup issue because otherwise I still love the app.

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    Revised for 2018 - WOW!

    It’s nice to know that these reviews are taken seriously. Thanks to all who made the improvements for 2018. I was one of the biggest critics last year for the endless advertisements in a PAID app (see my last years review below). You folks have outdone yourselves. Not only have the ads been removed, the live experience has gotten even better! Radio chatter and in-car cameras are actually slightly AHEAD of the TV broadcast. I wholeheartedly recommend this app to everyone who considers themselves a NASCAR fan. It truly is the next best thing to being at the track! Keep up the great work and I’ll be a subscriber for many years to come. —————————————————————— 2017 Review I use the live content for almost every XFINITY & Cup race. Although there's a long delay between TV coverage and driver radio chatter, it is well worth the price. HOWEVER, the rest of the app content is FRUSTRATING!!! Most other apps remove ads with a couple extra bucks. They charge $25 and STILL force ads with every video clip and put links to additional ads around every screen. PLEASE remove the ads or I'll skip this app next year.

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    App won't load please fix

    I love using this app especially during a race but for some reason the app won't load when I press it and all it does is have the loading screen and then it has an error message pop up and says "there was an error upon launching the app. Please try again" and it does that every time so can this get fixed please before the season starts because this app helps me keep track of where my favorite driver's positions are during a race and it also helps me keep track of what lap the race is on and I also use the app for qualifying and the practices too PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE FIX thank you Update its fixed now 😀

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    Battle Cams and Car Cams

    Hi there, I use the app every weekend. One issue that I would like to see resolved is the use of the battle cam and car cam. The battle cam is not used enough to show the front runners when they are battling for position. Often times, there is a battle going on at the front of the pack and the battle cam is filming the same cars lap after lap back in 15th place. And what is really disappointing is at the end of the race (the last few laps) the battle cam is not filming the front runners. I can only think that there is no oversight of the Battle Cam position. No controls to ensure that the battle cam is used to capture the best moments of the race. For the in car cams, it would be better if the cam did not default to the “in-car” view everything time a yellow comes out. I don’t have time to sit and watch the races on TV very often. As a result, I utilize the app to keep me interested in the NASCAR races. I still feel plugged in by using the app, and still want to watch the races in person. I am planning to go the Texas next week for the race in Dallas and am trying to schedule time to catch a Las Vegas race with my father-in-law. Please provide a response. Thank you, Merlin

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    Why I am abandoning NASCAR on NBC

    After being a nascar fan as long as I remember and only missing 2 television races in the last 20 years I am blocking all of my nbc channels because of their treatment of the Independence Day celebration by our government. I am going to miss the races but NBC is too far of a trip for me to take anymore. I called NBC directly and they basically told me good riddance. I am encouraging all (and all is over 30) of my family and friends to do the same and encourage others. I have received very positive feedback. I wish you well and encourage NASCAR to remove itself from NBC. Kyle Morrison

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    Pretty good app.

    Little confused on some of the reviews that complain about nascar. They never state a word about this app (which is the point of the review). I’ve used the app for a few years now and it’s perfect for those who don’t have or want cable. There’s only one complaint from myself over the few years I’ve used it. If you want to watch in car video but also want to listen to mrn or in car audio you have to battle thru the incar video engine noise. Being able to select the video option you want (car, battle camera, sky camera etc.) and then select the audio you want (mrn radio, car radio, incar etc.)would make the app a five star.

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    More Drivers in Drivers Tab Please?

    Wonderful app, but I do see one glaring issue. As a die hard NASCAR fan, I have several different favorite drivers and love the new feature where you can add as many favorites as you want, but a lot of drivers, such as Jeffrey Earnhardt in MENCS as well as Vinnie Miller and BJ McLeod in Xfinity, are not available in the drivers menu so you cannot add them as favorites. This is disappointing as those three and some others are among my favorite drivers, so I would like to see all drivers, including the part time ones, added to the drivers tab please.

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    Hungry for more

    I’m looking for more Individual team stats. Average pitstop times for each team, what grooves certain drivers are more successful in, average entrance speeds and braking distances at certain turns, etc. I want more ways to differentiate drivers and team tendencies, strengths, and tendencies. Also I am thirsty for a more robust explanation of strategy. I want to really know what goes into an epic pass during the laps leading up to it. It’s so much more than just “Ope I took 4 tires I can go faster.” I want to hear from the best in more depth about real strategy, past just fuel and tire strategy. Also from an app standpoint it’s annoying when a video fails and I have to watch the commercial again. It’s like I’m subtly being robbed of my time for your profit. If the video fails then the next time should be ad-free.

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    Needs to catch up to the times

    This app shuts down all sound on your phone when you open it. So you can’t listen to music or a podcast and also look up something so simple as the NASCAR schedule. Other major news apps don’t do this. Also, it can’t operate on a weak service signal. It won’t even open even when you have some service though one or two bars. Other major apps will still open and you can see what what was there last time you opened it at least. Something like the schedule or results should load natively and you should be able to see it even with little signal. Should be a much more capable app that keeps up with the times like other major news apps do.

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    50 years a fan.

    Been a a fan of WoodBrothers since Cale Yarborough drove for them. Big Bill Elliott fan. NASCAR has been my one constant safe all consuming obsession since late 1968. Now I’m a fan of all forms of auto racing. NASCAR fields are deep with potential winners every race. All touring series of NASCAR have the most consistent close racing with a wide variety of who and how different drivers may win from week to week. I am still a Ford man, but cheer 1st and foremost for a great race admiring the skill, strategy, and even luck that puts a team in winners circle. Oregon Old Man.

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    1. Please add a section that includes the entire weekends TV schedule for all 3 series. It's frustrating having to switch between series just to see each schedule. 2. Have an actually current up to date chase grid bracket for each division. It’s extremely convoluted just going into the point standings and seeing what place they’re in. Literally no information on the playoffs (cutoff lines, what races are next in this section of playoffs etc.) having the entire Playoff bracket would solve this but needs to be kept up to date. 3. Excessive adds!!! An add here or there is fine but not being able to open the app without Toyota adds or adds before every single video plays is excessive.

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    Don’t forget your scanner/radio

    This app was a little difficult to navigate through and I had trouble finding things. I was at the Dover race and forgot my scanner and decided to pay extra for the “premium package” subscription. Once I finally found where to go to listen to the extras, my phone couldn’t connect to the network. Not sure if it was an app issue or a Dover Speedway issue. Either way, I wasted money and now I’m worried that I won’t be able to figure out how to cancel my subscription so I won’t be automatically charged for something I’m not going to use. Although, I must say that I did like the notification section, since I had no radio, it kept me a little more up to date.

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    “Live” feature not working...again

    I don’t know what the deal is, but I’ve been a premium subscriber for several years and the app has always worked well and even improved over time. However for some reason this year, the “Live” feature & race center (premium) doesn’t display. Couldn’t listen to the scanner, called in (after going trough several hoops just to find a contact number) and they said to uninstall/reinstall app, which I did, then it finally worked. But this weekend same thing again, doesn’t work. Maybe I’ll just reinstall and forget about it all together and save the $30 next season as I’m sure there will be no refund for this year. If the developer really does care and read this - What’s the dealio bud?

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Yes. NASCAR MOBILE is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 113,699 NASCAR MOBILE User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for NASCAR MOBILE Is 61.2/100.

Is NASCAR MOBILE not working?

NASCAR MOBILE works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Reported Issues: 1 Comments

By Mike
Aug 22 2021

Was going to get the app. Am watching the start of the Michigan race and turned on app. It shows almost a 2 lap difference btween tv and app coverage. App behind tv. Whats the sense of getting the app if not inline with what i am watching. Was watching from free part. Was watchn Kur Busch.

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