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Published by on 2023-12-12

About: Get the money app where your hard work pays off with a new credit score, a new
credit card or even a new house. • Check your free credit scores – Learn
what affects your credit scores and how you can take control.

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E-Mail: [email protected]

Website: Visit Intuit Credit Karma Website

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Reported Issues: 22 Comments

4.8 out of 5

By john iversen

5 days ago

I've been using Creditkarma for years with no problem until a few months ago when I can't log in. I gave my SS# and year of birth but to no avail. Help!

By David Clark

1 month ago

cannot use my email with my account on it because. I was hacked and hackers are still active on that account

By June Surbaugh

5 months ago

I need a customer service number to talk to a live person.

By kristy

8 months ago

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By Christina bailey

9 months ago

Hello my name is Christina bailey I don't know password from heartstarsjones@redacted access so my text new number is 606 230 7435

By Edward Kane

1 year ago

None of your phone Numbers work, i have been trying to get a hold of you because i have disputes, you take money out of my account but for not reason, i need a phone call without a robot EDWARD F. KANE (508) 333-4010 I am not happy

By Russell Padgett

1 year ago

After several attempts to remove negative inquiries, derogatory marks, chapter 11 bankruptcy, and collections which made it difficult to get approved for new consolidation loans and mortgages which proved abortive. This month while checking an updated copy of my credit report; all negative inquiries, bankruptcy records, and collection could not be found. I sincerely appreciate RayLink Cyber Services for fixing my credit after reaching him at Raylinkcyberservices@redacted. Equifax: 757 TransUnion: 782 Experian: 769

By Lucas Amelia

1 year ago

I’m in need of help with the National Credit Systems, They gave me a letter saying I’m going to pay them off and this is what we agreed to settle on and yet no good response from them. I cried for help because they are rude and I can't get another apartment because of these people while they keep talking about a lawsuit with me and everything I needed was help. This keep me worried not until i came through a public forums and i met SPY INVESTORS service which i explained all my problems to and he started with clearing of negative reports and late payments before he bypass into my credit, both mortgage and all enquiries have been wipes off and I'm proud to boost of 790 credit score across the 3 credit bureaus. For bad credit score and more kindly contact him for good service via this EMAIL. Spyinvestors AT gMAIL dOT cOM.

By Jessica Anderson Smith

1 year ago

Need to change my home address to 2239 rambling way Lithonia ga 30058 this is we’re the new card would also go

By Susan Braaksma

1 year ago

I'm entitled to my credit score. Instead, after they give me the runaround re proof of documentation, I get this message: credit karma Hi Susan, Thank you for contacting Credit Karma in regards to your account closure. I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience. . Unfortunately, no other details can be given at this time. Accounts can be locked or deactivated for a variety of reasons and Credit Karma reserves the right to deactivate or lock accounts at our discretion. Regards, Credit Karma Member Support

By Justin Powell

2 years ago

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By Leo Vincent

2 years ago

Been able to solve peoples problem is one of the greatest thing as a good hacker, I had a lot of negative items on my credit profile which include late payment, 10 had inquiries, eviction and medical bills which drop credit from 799 to 497, as if it was not enough, the little money $9000 I had I used it to invest in one of the investment plat form so I could make more money to clear my debts not knowing it was a scam, I was at the verge of hanging myself, I met an old friend in school days who referred me to contact Skyplus760 Credit Solution At Gmail Dot Com I immediately contacted him, he responded very quickly, I express my problem to him, he told me not to be skeptical about the process and assured me I have come to the end of my problem. The good news is that, after 14 business days, his able hack in credit profile and wipes all negative items and boosted credit score back to 810 excellent across the bureaus, and also recovers my money back, and as well refers me to a loan officer where I took a loan to start up business and purchase a new home. You Call/WhatsApp (443)  987  6452 and get your problem off your neck and be thankful to me for reviewing him to world cheers…

By Charles L Washington Jr

2 years ago

I just filed a Chapter 7 Discharge Bankruptcy but, the accounts that were finalized in the Bankruptcy are still on my account. Please have these accounts removed, so I can start rebuilding my credit? Thanks, Charles Washington 682-313-3855

By james newman

2 years ago

can not contact these people very bad web site

By kelvin mcmillian

2 years ago

cant log into my account need help you can call me at 813 822 1735

By Leda Page

2 years ago

I cannot open my CK account, so tried to change my password but needed a code which was never sent to me at my email address. So, I need help opening my account.

By lory Moilanen

2 years ago

I want to know why my score dropped like a rock on July 1,2021. I have been working hard to raise it & was really doind well - all of a sudden transunion went down 44 pts & Equifax 77 pt!!!!!!!! Nothing changed. Why is Credit Karma so hard to reach??????? Tried Phone# & no longer in service - can't find another. Very suspicious. Got my credit reports - nothing changed - all up to date. They say contact Credit Karma!! I am getting very angry - this affects my life - I want an explanation why this happened!!!

By Grace Abernathy

2 years ago

could not resolve my issue could get a e mail to reset my password

By Morris Holmes

3 years ago

I want to cancel my subscription. It's impossible. Please help.

By Swagby019

They never honor their promotions

This is the second time that I’ve done a promotion through Credit Karma that they said they would pay me some money as soon as I had completed it and once again I’ve had to call and talk to customer service they say they don’t even know what the promotion is I take a screenshot of it makes no sense as I did it through the app this promotion was letting them track you and you’re driving habits for a certain amount of time and instantly you get $25 and your spend account still haven’t seen that money and I keep asking for screenshots whoever takes a screenshot of a promotion that an app asked you to take part in? because you need proof later maybe for them but most apps just honor their promotions that one before that was a promotion that if I opened a checking account and savings account and funded a dollar in each I get $25 in my account I had to fight tooth and nail for that they told me the same things we don’t recognize promotion we need screenshots and finally because I hassle them so much they actually did what they said they were going to do and gave me the money to be another negative is there odds for credit approval they’re promoting upgrade for a while which would just turn 1 million people down after being preapproved and all the outstanding yards end up dinging your credit report get it together credit Karma

By Asia Lovey

Need more credit offerings

I LOVE Credit Karma! I only wish they had more diverse credit card option. As my credit score gets better, I keep getting offers from Capital One. I have two cards already and when I accepted an offer they (Credit Karma via email) recently sent me, I was declined based on having too many Capital One cards. I have no problems with my Capital One cards, the app makes it so easy to manage and pay my balances. The in app reviews seem to be spot on so make sure you take the time to read them before accepting offers. They seem to be partnered with a company that offers credit but the reviews are pretty much “consumer beware” I’m glad to have Capital One in my wallet so if your looking for a go to card with awesome reviews on rebuilding your credit, they are a good place to start. I recently also started receiving auto financing offers from a company that basically sells their cars via a vending machine concept. The reviews are absolutely horrible and the cars are severely overpriced. It is my opinion that some partnerships are just not a good fit for Credit Karma. Someone with bad credit would have a better chance of getting a better deal at a lemon lot or car auction. Credit Karma has helped me set reachable credit goals. I just wish there were better in app credit offerings as ones scores improve.

By Rock4Jesus777

Great Service and Beautiful App

I’ve been using this app for a few years now. It’s a great credit monitoring tool! Easy, beautiful design and really a lot of info at your finger tips. I really have zero complaints about using Credit Karma or the reliability of their services. I do however have one complaint and it’s regarding the app for iPad. I have my App Store filter set to only show iPad apps and Credit Karma still shows up. However after installing I noticed it responds like an iPhone only app. It can only be used in the Portrait screen orientation, has the enlarger icon in the bottom right and it is VERY pixelated. Granted I am using an iPad Air 2, so it’s a little older but I’ve not had any issues with other iPad/iPhone compatible apps. I use my iPad as a laptop (built in keyboard and such makes it just like a laptop) so to have it where it only works in portrait orientation means I can’t use it in landscape orientation, and the pixelation makes me want to use my iPhone, but when using the CK Tax Service, well, I don’t want to have to do that whole process on my phone! If this gets fixed, and this app is truly updated for iPad compatibility, it is well worth 5 stars!

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