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Published by on 2022-09-21

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Reported Issues: 40 Comments

By Caroline Talbot
Nov 29 2022

My pics won’t upload

By Angela CUshnahan
Nov 22 2022

Not working won't download

By Dorothy Rusignuolo
Nov 18 2022

PlAced an order. Photos will not upload.
Live chat, was not able to send .

By Dorothy Rusignuolo
Nov 18 2022

Aced an order. Photos will not upload.
Live chat, was not able to send .

By Gerald cook
Nov 17 2022

This the thrid sending no hear back yet i place a order of pictures paid my money n only got half my order

By Jill Deacon
Nov 06 2022

Can’t get on app, constantly loading

By Clara Ketner
Oct 31 2022

I am having problems uploading my photos

By Charlotte O'Neill
Oct 10 2022

When I am scrolling through my photos, it will only let me go up for about 3 seconds then jump and take me back to the bottom of my photos so I cannot go up and select any from further in my photos

By Millie
Oct 08 2022

All of the free print apps (free prints, cards, photo books and tiles ) won't work

By Millie
Oct 08 2022

All of the free print apps (free prints, cards, photo books and tiles ) won't work

By Sandra
Sep 21 2022

Not accepting payment

By Pamela Salisbury
Sep 21 2022

Difficulty uploading photos. It keeps going back to the beginning of .my photos. Very time consuming. Not happened before.

By Barbara J Machado
Sep 13 2022

Can't open

By Sondra Farrell
Aug 30 2022

After selecting photos the "next" feature does not let me continue. Also lost my selection.

By Ann ford
Aug 28 2022

My photos not downloading can’t proceed past select size

By Gillian
Aug 18 2022

Only some of my requested photos are being completed for printing. Can't proceed with order and payment. Message says server problem then code HTTP403 is flagged up. Looks serious .

By Gillian
Aug 18 2022

Only some of my requested photos are being completed for printing. Can't proceed with order and payment. Message says server problem then code HTTP403 is flagged up. Looks serious .

By Sally
Aug 18 2022

Couldnt submit order yesterday, been back onto the app and it is now telling me that one of the photos has failed to upload. Deleted the photo, tried the photo numerous times, not uploading.
Left it a few hours, now i'm clicking on "deliver to this address" and nothing is happening.
Come on, get it sorted!!!!!!

By Louise funnell
Aug 18 2022

Uploaded my pics but wont let me log in to pay

By Sally
Aug 17 2022

Got through to the payment stage, clicked submit order, kept buffering, not sure if order has gone through.

By Victoria Davis
Aug 04 2022

When I go to scroll the pictures to choose my 85, it keeps shoving me back to the bottom. It’s getting very frustrating. I never used to have problems with this app. This also happened when I tried to use the photobooks app.

By Shirley Warrington
Jul 31 2022

The app keeps buffering and will not let me proceed

By Leanne Jenkins
Jul 31 2022

Hello, every time I try to pay for my FreePrints for my order to be processed, it says there’s an error and to try again. It’s happening all weekend and I’ll lose my free photos if it’s not gone through by tonight.

By Shari
Jul 22 2022

I am trying to install it on my android but it keeps saying went wrong, try again later

By Shawn triche
Jul 22 2022

Yea when i go to check out its not letting me im using my bank card and i no i have the funds to cover it

By Niall Corcoran
Jul 21 2022

Photos not uploading. Very frustrating after spending all that time choosing them

By Mairi Smith
Jul 20 2022

Photos won't upload

By Aimee Bowyer
Jul 01 2022

This is the first time I've tried this app, and it froze while uploading the photos. I'm trying to upload 70 + pictures, and it froze with 16 left to go.

By Jill Bartlett
Jul 01 2022

I am not able to add pictures off my gallery which have been downloaded from messenger. They won't show on photos in the freeprints app.

By Cindy Champness
Jun 25 2022

Some photos are not uploading.

By Jeff
Jun 25 2022

24 photos, only 2 uploaded. Ready fail to upload.

By Sarah Mc Sweeney
Jun 19 2022

I am trying to download photos and it keeps saying waiting to download. I am trying for two days s and still the same

By Vanessa Knight
Jun 07 2022

App gets to final payment and stalls. I have no idea if payment has gone through or not. Just keeps buffering

By Lorene
Jun 01 2022

I have $3.87 in my account, what I ordered was 10 free photos, the total with shipping is $.99. yet an error comes up. Please explain why my order can't go through.

By Hannah Winton
May 31 2022

I am not able to upload my photos after selecting them. They just say ‘waiting to upload’. It took all day for it to load 2 photos. Will we get an the opportunity to have 2 lots of prints of 40 instead for June due to there obviously being a problem with the actual app. Seemingly it’s a popular problem at the moment.

By Virginia
May 26 2022

Trying to upload over 100 photos, it’s frozen after uploading 17

By Annette Marquez
May 26 2022

I'm trying to change shipping address but it's not letting me...

By Mary. Engle
May 11 2022

Been trying to down load pictures for 2 days cannot load.When will problem be solved?please let me know. 9378309089

By Heather
May 07 2022

I am trying to upload photos to FreePrints but saying waiting to upload. I have kept trying but still not working. Is there an issue

By Rosemary Whalley
Mar 01 2022

My order has got stuck on"submitting" and means I cannot complete my order

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