Choice Hotels : Book Hotels Reviews

Choice Hotels : Book Hotels Reviews

Published by on 2022-09-21

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Reviews (23)


Free night promotion

Last summer there was a promotion if you stayed two separate nights you would receive a $100 gift card or 8000 points for a free room. You had to book through the web page. We were traveling in the mountains in Montana and I was unable to book on line I had to book directly with the hotel as I kept dropping the calls to the 800 number as well. The next week we stayed at a different comfort in. I made two separate calls to confirm that both my stays would count and make me eligible for the points/rebate. I was assured they checked and altered my reservation or whatever they had to do to make me eligible. I did not check till now when I am wanting to use my free room and no bonus 8000 points have been posted. I called and spoke to two managers and I was told I was eligible but because it had been more than 60 days they could not give me the credit. And he said I should have checked sooner. I seriously laughed out loud and said so because I did not log in and double check that what your employee told me to be true was or was not actually taken care of I am out of luck in getting my free room? He said that is correct. I gave this program one star simply because the promotion was offered. Epic fail on customer service. You don’t tell someone that they are completely right and it’s the company’s error but you can’t fix it. I will go out out of my way to not stay at choice hotels unless there is someone reading this that has the power to make this right.


Poor customer service

When rate a 0 but thier is no option. The customer service employees do not have any respect for the customers. I made reservations online get to the place they can not even see that I made reservations. The hotel was good enough to accommodate me by giving me the same price which was wonderful. Speaking to an agent that charged my card for a reservation that I could not use he tells me I have no reason to be asking for a refund. Ok it is my money and I didn’t use the reservation because it disappeared. The hotel had to accommodate me not Choice. Choice is full of employees that lack the ability to work in the customer service field. This is pretty sad when that is your job to make the customer comfortable and not try and tell them they have no reason for a refund. It would of been a different story if I could of used my reservation but it was no where to be found until I asked to speak to a supervisor. Then when you clearly telling me I was charged twice one by cash and one by card should tell you something. I made reservations with my card online but when arriving the hotel could not even pull it up and they even called. So the hotel gave me the same price as I was charged and tried helping me get a refund from them. Choice is apparently scamming people out thier money. Beware of using Choice because if your reservation disappear you will be told you have no reason for a refund and spend time with your bank to get your money back.


Sleep inn Oregon Toledo Ohio.

This is a party hotel marijuana was smelled all the way through the hotel the rooms were disgusting we tried to transfer to three other rooms and three other rooms were more disgusting than the one we were in when stripping the beds the next day before we left we found two Band-Aids that were not ours I felt bad because that night there was many other people in the hotel that night that were complaining because the smell was so bad both on the second and third floor those people should’ve been thrown out instead there was several people stay in one room with multiple people in the room multiple children the pool him over more than 40 to 50 kids and parents in there at one time there was no way I was letting my family go in there. My kids and I felt very unsafe as while I look to see if there’s other hotels that were available in the area at that time and there was not so unfortunately we had to stay the night there. The next morning there were some ladies there that were willing to help us in anyway they could one was names Laura but the manager of this facility is named Joe and he manages three other facilities and is not doing a very good job they don’t honor or follow their own policy you have to initial and sign documents when you come in . they themselves were not upholding to that! I will never stay there or recommend this place ever again shame on the manager joe.



We were booked to stay in two Comfort Inns & Suites back to back. We stayed at the one in Daytona however the service was terrible. I have disabilities and cannot climb stairs or carry luggage. We asked about a luggage cart and was advised they had one for the entire hotel. 4 stories. They did not offer any help or try to locate it. When we left that afternoon and the next morning it was still no where in sight. Also their continental breakfast was a bag with a sausage biscuit and juice. No creamer for the coffee. We were told they ran out the day before and didn’t get any more. When we left and went to the Comfort Inns & Suites in Miami at the airport it started all over again. No luggage carts. We were not the only customers looking for a cart. When we went to check in the service was even worse. As a matter of fact she was too busy getting a bottle of water than helping us. I called Choice and was on hold for over 35 minutes before hanging up. We cancelled our reservation and booked in LaQuinta right down the road. They had carts, continental breakfast and furnished additional pillows and towels without being requested. We thoroughly enjoyed the check in. I hope all your customers will do the same. It’s sad when people in services do not realize that the customer is why they have employment and deserve some respect instead of being treated as a nuance. Jerome Poole


Comfort Suites Willowbrook (Tx.)

We had gone to the Houston area to play Basketball with our 4th-5th grade girls. I love Choice Hotels and got 2 other families to book here at this location as well. Rooms were wonderful and bed very comfortable. Staff was friendly as well. Breakfast served 6:30-10 was pretty good as well. I was very very disappointed in the pool area. We got there on Friday and the pool was gross. It looked like it had not been cleaned in days. The hot tub was disgusting as well. Our gurls really wanted to swim so I went and asked the guy at the desk if it had been kept up and was it safe to swim in. He assured me they cleaned it daily and it was safe but the filtration system wasn’t working properly. Next day after games were over, the pool still looked the same and nobody had attempted to try to clean the pool or the pool area. That disappointed me because we love that part of our hotel stay. So, if you do not use the pool area, you will like this hotel. Otherwise, find another place. Most Choice Brand Hotels are very nice!!



I used to have good dealings with them. I always enjoyed the hotel I stayed at. My problems started when I was trying to book a reservation to use part points and pay the rest. I kept getting an “error” message and it said that the reservation did not go through try again later. I tried 4 times. Then I noticed 4 charges on my credit cards for points I called to try to get it reversed after explaining what was going on when I was trying to make a reservation. Needless to say one guy told me they could reverse all charges. I got disconnected so I called back again and the second guy says they can’t do anything about it. So here I am now in November trying to redeem my points for gift cards. I make 3 different orders and the order I made for 4 AMC gift cards were never delivered. I received the other two orders which were placed later. I make 3 different calls because each person tells me to call back in a week or two to see if they arrive and then they can help me. What it comes down to is on the last call they tell me that they’re not responsible for lost or stolen gift cards. So now they’ve screwed me over a second time. I paid for all those points due to a glitch in their system and now when I go to redeem them and I never got the them their answer is basically,”screw you we’re not responsible if you didn’t get them.” Needless to say they won’t be getting my business anymore.



I’ve stayed in this area many times. Usually at Cambria suites or Hampton Inn. Always great experiences ! I thought I’d give Comfort Inn a try. It was my daughters first time on vacation so i wanted to make a good memory. The room appeared to be clean until I went into the bathroom. There was tons of toilet paper in the toilet ! So how was the toilet cleaned if it wasn’t even flushed ?! The free breakfast was a big part of why I picked this hotel so my daughter could eat in the morning instead of going to a restaurant. She is 18 months old ,so seemed like it would be more convenient. We got to breakfast early and almost everything was gone! No milk , eggs were ice cold , no batter in the waffle station etc... I could go on and on! Didn’t even have water there to drink. They were understaffed and the one poor lady at the breakfast station was trying her best to keep up with the high demands of the many guests that were there to eat. Finally she tried filling the waffle batter , but machine broke & batter just all spilled out everywhere! So we’re leaving very hungry! I will never ever stay here again! Wasn’t even a bargain compared to the other hotels, so don’t waste your time here. Spend the extra $20 a night & get a way better hotel !


Fremont in Monterey

I’m giving them a four star and not a five, because the first time I stayed there they pretty much upgraded me to a suite a very beautiful very clean room. I had a wonderful stay I stayed by myself it was quiet it was just perfect. Two weeks later I stay there again, it was a nightmare. They gave me room 103, it’s a handicap room and it smelled like death. I immediately went back out and went and told the manager that the room had a bad odor in it. He then went with me to room 212 upstairs and the room smell like tobacco and I brought it to his attention. The room was a smoking room he said none of the rooms are smoking rooms and he couldn’t smell the tobacco in the room and he was short on rooms. From smelling death in room 103 to smelling tobacco to room 212 was an upgrade. I’d rather deal with Tabasco smell so I stayed then I find a cigarette burned on the curtain & the toilet seat and toilet cover burnt of a cigarette. Yes it was a smoking room. On the other hand, they do have coffee, juice and a few pastries for breakfast. The coffee is (great) especially now with this pandemic that most hotels don’t service anymore, they do. The staff over all is very kind and attentive. I am grateful for that.


Confront inn Miami springs garden

I’ve been a member with choice hotels now for over 3 years. Just recently I have had the worse service ever, me and my family reserved and paid for a room prior to staying there for 1 night only. When we got there they told us we had to pay a deposit of $165. on top of the $165 we’ve already paid. So we waited in the lobby for the manger over an hour just to tell us that there is nothing they can do. We then had to call the 1800 number. Which took 45 mins and finally they were able to remove the deposit. Because the representative said there is no DEPOSIT. So we were able to get the room that night. The following day we checked out. My family and I went on a 6 day cruise and when I can back confront inn charged me $185. for another room in which I never reserved or stayed in. They claim I reserved the room on Friday April 12 but that is impossible because my cruise started on a Monday and it was over on Saturday. So it is no way possible I would have reserved that and or stayed I wasn’t in the country. Ultimately they took my money and told me there’s nothing they could do about it. So now I’m out of$185. Please people take my experience into consideration before booking and or becoming a member. Because now I will never book with choice hotels EVER


Very very unhappy with issues July 11, 2018

On July 11, 2018. I and about 5 other people made reservations through ChoiceHotels . I got confirmation number to my email as verification that I had a room . I drove an extra 45 minutes to 1 hour to a hotel that had vacancies. When I got there We had no room. We called choice hotels customer service from the hotel phone. Once someone finically answered she and others repeatedly hung up on us and did not resolve our problems. One of the gentlemen was a diamond member with choice who will quit using choice. Needless to say we finally got rooms after waiting additional hours. The hotel owner came in and called all local hotels even other chains and finally got us a place to sleep through creative barging with long term residents. I think choice should fire the customer service department if the can’t help when multiple people call and they repeatedly hang up phone calls. Also, I think those of us that had issues need to be compensated for time and hassle. This is the why people leave choice hotels and never use them again. Needless to say I am still angry.


Choice as a whole is a disappointment

Not only is ChoiceHotels always having issues, but as a company choice is horrible. Stayed at an econolodge in Stanley Wisconsin. RUN AS FAST AS YOU CAN FROM THIS PLACE!!! HE WILL DEFRAUD YOU!!! Booked for $57, checked in and they charged my card $89. Called them out on it, they said first that I was wrong until I showed them the confirmation email. He still argued it till I said we were checking out. Then miraculously he found the correct rate and claimed it was choices fault. He said he would refund. I signed for the refund. Now he rescinded the refund. He also demanded we paid for the second night because he refused to give up the commission on it. I contacted choice, they started an investigation. Now they tell me the investigation has been closed by that manager. HOW CAN THE MANAGER BEING INVESTIGATED, CLOSE THE INVESTIGATION INTO HIMSELF? They tell me they they have refunded me the $89, but that there is now three charges for the room on my card. I show no refunds and only two charges at $57. But if they show three charges, that means that he rescinded the $89 refund without authorization and made a third charge on my card without authorization which is credit card fraud and a felony. So don’t stay here if you value honest managers. That being said, his staff is amazing and the two of them should be promoted.


CHOICE?? Becoming last choice!!

I have been an elite diamond member since 1999 so I have much experience with this brand. I have noticed many properties going down hill and the level of hospitality and customer service continues to get worse. I am continually getting locked out of my account and I always get the same excuses of " I am not sure why that happened and we are working on it." Always after 30/45 minutes on the phone, just to spend my money with these guys. It is very frustrating and you almost always have to speak with someone who doesn't speak English well and doesn't read it from their script well either. They do not listen to your problems, just trying to read from the script, and then to add insult to injury they tell you this lame lie that you have qualified for "an amazing complimentary vacation", which is actually an offer you pay for and stay in which ever hotel in the area is available so you can drive over to the " blue green property" for the time share sales pitch. This is a very insulting approach to sell something to your already loyal customers. We love having our time wasted, NOT!!!!! I hope Choice gets it together soon, but Marriott does not, as they are reaping the benefits of Choice's progressive short comings. I welcome any reply from Choice.


Please do not waste your time

I stayed at the Comfort Inn and suites Virginia Beach-Norfolk airports and had a horrible time. To make it short the floor had old carpets with stains on them, A dirty microwave, hair dryer that was about to blow out, bathtub had hair in it, and the main problem was the AC unit. I first complained to the front desk agents and I just wanted to speak to a manager but the manager was apparently not wanting to talk to anybody because he didn’t feel like it so I called the corporate office and I talk to one of the agents. She told me that I can Choose 2 options: one I can get 2000 points which will let me book a one night stay or take half of refund from a resort. I chose the 2000 points so I can book a stay at a different resort but come to find out I couldn’t even use the points because what they want is more than that. It takes like 8000 or more to even book a room through the resorts. At that point I was fed up I called again asking them for a little bit more points and then they said they no longer can help me because the case was closed but it was on the terms of if I could actually book a room with 2000 points. I wish I can give this whole experience a negative star and I advised you guys to not waste your time.


Gave a three due to flood in bathroom from above.

Checked in for our handicapped room and they tried to change it to a second floor room. No explanations but as I am handicapped with legally blind we stuck with the handicapped option. After, another bit finally, we were given the room. About 8:30 pm there was a large flooding noise from the bathroom area. As we were tired and already in bed we got up to look and water was pouring out of the fan vent in the ceiling. We were moved to a non handicapped room next door. 3 am large boom and crash awoke us. Seemed to come from the room we had been in. Scary though. We still were able to shower in the morning too. Came out the door and in the hall outside that room, water, and ceiling tiles crumbling. Told the front desk and he didn’t even know about our previous night problem. He said they had a lot of rain ☔️, really?? There are rooms above that section. Have a video also of it. We were given a lunch bag for breakfast not continental option. We ate in restaurant the night before with no mask requirements. Pool closed also. They need to post that on their page.


Do not ever stay here!!! Read below

This was the worst day I’ve ever had I arrived at 4 AM they could not find my reservation after booking with Choice for my points then they required me to pay which I paid cash and the front desk lady in the morning at 4 AM was very nice she put the cash aside and said I’ll give it back to you in the morning after a choice calls us and fixes this issue. So I wake up in the morning I call down to the front desk to verify my wake up and check out at 1 o’clock we’re still on she said yes I also asked her if I had gotten my room paid for by points. She immediately replied rudely saying no we’re taking your cash and we can’t give it back to you. So I called Choice and spend three hours on the phone and they tell me we can give you your 8000 points back and two free nights stay. I say I don’t want the points I want my money so the hotel lady grabs the money and hands it to me and says don’t ever stay with aria hotel or ever come back to my hotel again you’ve taking up too much of my time. As I asked to speak to the manager he told me hold on the manager walks out and says can you just leave so rude I would never stay here again the front desk manager is rude and deserves to be fired she discriminated because my boyfriend Aamir gay.


Comfort be on your expectations

I dislocated my shoulder and had to have my shoulder put back in place at a nearby hospital. Because of the medication I was not able to return to my original stay which was over an hour away. I chose the space for the budget and of course for the distance. When I walked into the space- I was pleasantly met with a kind gentleman at the desk 1-who already had all my information uploaded into the computer 2- already had my key ready to go and 3- had processed most of the information that I thought I would need to give him -he also asked me was I OK and if there was anything that he could do. I shared with him my story and he immediately made sure that I didn’t have to go far to my room. After that it just gets better. When I walked into the space not expecting much -because it is a budget friendly hotel and I’ve stayed at top hotels all over the world. . I was pleasantly met with space, comfort cleanliness, and functionality. To have a space to sit in and watch television and have a separate space to lay down without even realizing it was something that I needed. I didn’t use much of the space because of course I spent the entire night sleeping With my recently repaired dislocated shoulder-, but I wake up in such a space made me feel wonderful and acknowledged. Thank you comfort suites for what you’re doing it may be budget- but it is very very friendly.


Zero help at all zero

I reserve two poolside rooms at the Clarion Inn hotel I was currently staying at the Clarion Inn I was to check out of my room and check into the other two rooms. When I went to do that they told me that their rooms were already taken by a Choice member therefore if they wanted to extend their night they had every right to do so so they did not know if my rooms were available or not how pathetic is that and then I called customer service I called customer relations I got 2000 points on my card yay they did not help with the new reservationThey said they could not cancel the old one even though the room was not available I still had to pay for it the only way I can Splaine it is it’s disgusting how I was treated there open 365 days a year for customer service should be able to help you 365 days a year you should not have to wait till Monday because you have a problem and it’s the weekend anybody that can make a decision please call me back please


Used to be excellent

I am 2 days from being a diamond member. I tried to book at a quality inn to finish my stays, but the rates were $40+ more than another local hotel (Super 8). I asked if there was anything they could do to get closer in rate, NOT match but atleast get comparable. $10-$15 more I can handle but $40 is excessive. Room rate at quality inn was discounted to $93 the other hotel was $49. This is the 4th time I have run into this issue. I have even driven over 20 miles to stay at a choice hotel over others. After being a loyal customer of choice I am offended at this treatment. One desk clerk told me that choice offers hot breakfast, Although the continental breakfast offered is good, for $40 I can get a way better breakfast at a restaurant than what is offered at the hotel. Another clerk told me “if the rate is that good then I guess you’ll just have to stay there, there is nothing I can do”. I let the first 3 times go, hoping it was a crabby clerk or just a local hotel policy but it seems to be a trend with this chain. As of now I will no longer be staying with choice hotels, unless this issue can be resolved. Thanks for the previous years of great service, hope to stay again sometime, but only time will tell.


Wonderful Stay at Comfort Inn

We just stayed at the Comfort Inn in Towson Maryland, the Baltimore area, this past Friday through Sunday. My family and I drove from southern Virginia and were really tired. This was our first time visiting Baltimore and it was the last weekend of our children’s Spring Break. We got there around 10 or 11 at night. We were offered an upgraded room with two beds, a microwave, and refrigerator in it, because our room didn’t have the thing we needed. The staff were very friendly and we also had a helpful demeanor. The hot breakfast in the morning was wonderful and delicious!!! They never ran out of food and it kept getting replenished by the staff from the time I got there and left. The housekeeping ladies kept our rooms clean and gave us extra things that we needed. They were also helpful with finding local restaurants in the area to eat. I will stay here again when I decide to visit the area. We had a wonderful stay and can’t wait to come back.


Choice employee as well as guest

I have been a member/employee for almost 8 years. I enjoy my job and my stays when I travel and I tend to see complaints about pet friendly vs not Just wanted to give a tip... when you search for pet friendly hotels they show up at the top of the list. Usually 3 or 4. THEN there is an orange bar that reads OTHER hotels in the area...THIS is where my own hotel shows up and many would be guests get the wrong impression that we are hence pet friendly.... what has failed to happen though is they did not read the orange bar which clearly states that the following are OTHER choices to stay but are NOT pet friendly. It can be confusing and I agree it is a tad misleading and is definitely an opportunity to improve our website. Of course Certified Service Animals are always welcome. I hope this helps some one in their future searches for places that welcome our fur babies :)


Stop allowing just anyone to buy a Choice Hotel Franchise

Stop allowing people with no prior customer service experience buy into your franchise just because they have the funds to do so. They hire the most incompetent people to run their hotels. You will suffer in the end because customers will pay more for better customer service through another brand. I recently stayed at Comfort Suites in North Dallas off of the expressway. Let me first start off by saying that this hotel was immaculately clean. The breakfast was always fresh, the front desk clerk Heidi was always gracious, friendly and very helpful. On another note the manager Susan came off to me as a snobby and rude “in the closet racist”. She could not stand the fact that I was quoted a discounted price by Choice because of my elite diamond membership. I wholeheartedly believe that if I was of another race she wouldn’t have obsessed over it as much as she did. She quoted me 4 different prices during my lengthy stay instead of just letting us have our original quoted flat rate. Her attitude was condescending and it was offensive the way she didn’t give me enough credit to see through her B.S. I refuse to stay anywhere where I’m not treated fairly. She also said to me that Quality Suites was beneath the Comfort Suites. Someone like that should not be the face of anyone’s business and most definitely not in the hospitality business. Just pitiful and pathetic.



Was a little questionable at first from being in other econo lodges. Once I checked in I was pleasantly surprised. I’ve been at the econo lodge now for work for about 3 months. Since I’ve been here they have done tons of improvements. They have gotten rid of the carpeted rooms. HUGE PLUS!!! I went home for a week and upon my return I noticed they had laid new carpet in the hallways. Very nicely done. While here one day while at work, they changed out my old curtains for new ones as well as put new bed frames around the bottom of the beds! Kara the lady that is head of house keeping was amazing the first time I met her. I had an issue with my fridge. She took the old one out and put the new one in. For the next week she checked with me as to how the new fridge was working. The house keeping staff as well as the front desk staff have all been very accommodating to myself and my crew. As long as I’m working here I’ll be staying at this hotel.


Quality Inn Huron

Our softball team just stayed at this hotel and it was less to be desired. It was very old and the rooms were so smelly that we had to go buy room fresheners. There was no elevator and the ice machine was on the first floor and of course we were on the second floor. The pool was cloudy with rust stains all along the edges dripping into the pool so our girls were unable to use it. Each family stayed two nights at 189 per night and I feel terrible for finding this hotel and booking it. Saturday night we ordered pizza to have a party at the hotel for recognition awards and we asked if we could use two tables from the breakfast area and the lady behind the desk said no. I asked if she had any recommendations since there wasn't a banquet area or anywhere for 30 people to go and she said no. She truly could care less about her job or helping anyone.... And again 11 rooms at 189 a night!! Breakfast was disgusting with wet runny fake eggs and grey sausage that I wouldn't give to my dog. The only positive thing was that we were 5 minutes from the softball fields. Do NOT stay there. The pictures are extremely altered on the website and I wish we could get a refund for this miserable stay.

Is Choice Hotels Book Hotels Safe?

No. Choice Hotels : Book Hotels does not seem very safe to us. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 100,517 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.7/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Choice Hotels : Book Hotels Is 14.9/100.

Is Choice Hotels Book Hotels Legit?

No. Choice Hotels : Book Hotels does not seem legit based on our analysis. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 100,517 Choice Hotels : Book Hotels User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Choice Hotels : Book Hotels Is 14.9/100.

Is Choice Hotels : Book Hotels not working?

Choice Hotels : Book Hotels works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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