Hilton Honors: Book Hotels Reviews

Hilton Honors: Book Hotels Reviews

Published by on 2023-12-12

About: The Hilton Honors app has everything you need for the perfect vacation. Book a
hotel, earn rewards, plan your trip, and so much more — plus, it's free.

About Hilton Honors

What is Hilton Honors?

The Hilton Honors app is a free app that allows users to book hotels, earn rewards, plan their trips, and manage their reservations in one place. The app offers a range of features, including the ability to check-in before arrival, choose a room prior to stay, and unlock the door with a phone using Digital Key. Members can also enjoy benefits such as free WiFi, late checkout, and no charge for a second guest. The app covers a range of Hilton brands, including Conrad Hotels & Resorts, Hilton Hotels & Resorts, and Waldorf Astoria Hotels & Resorts.



- View and manage reservations in one place

- Check-in before arrival and go straight to the room

- Choose a room prior to stay

- Unlock the door with a phone using Digital Key

- Book trips and find hotel deals

- Get the lowest price at over 6,800 hotels when booking directly

- Earn points with every stay and redeem them for free nights and perks with partners

- Enjoy free WiFi, late checkout, and no charge for a second guest

- Achieve Elite member status and get perks like free upgrades, free continental breakfast or a Daily Food & Beverage Credit, and more

- Covers a range of Hilton brands, including Conrad Hotels & Resorts, Hilton Hotels & Resorts, and Waldorf Astoria Hotels & Resorts.

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Key Benefits of Hilton Honors

- App allows for quick check-in with just ID and card

- App securely stores user info and card numbers

- Hilton rewards system offers loyalty benefits

20 Hilton Honors Reviews

4.9 out of 5


First solo stay

The Hilton Garden Inn in downtown Colorado Springs, CO is a very nice property with such helpful staff and a parking situation that absolutely stinks!! Parking is next door and shared with a bank which claims the bottom floor from 9-5 weekdays . That leaves the uncovered top floor for hotel guests…..several inches of snow and ice overnight and a steep slippery ramp to get up. Not fun…Hotel looks very new and clean. Housekeeping was great. Very quiet during my four days in town for a family surgery. Staff, especially Billie Jo and Ramon were particularly kind and helpful to me as a mature woman doing her first solo cross country trip. There were a few glitches, like when the heater in my room scared the life out of me when it had some kind of breakdown that caused it to starts sounding like two giant gongs were clanging together. Conor quickly assisted me to move to a different room…on a different floor! Seem to still be working out some of the security features. Supposed to use key to operate elevators above first floor. When Conor moved me to a different floor, he waited for me too use my key card and I told him I had not had to use it in the elevator the entire time. Daughter’s key card only worked some of the time. In all I wouldn’t hesitate to stay there again in similar situations, and after I left , my daughter stayed there until her husband was able to leave the hospital for home.


Can’t say enough wonderful things

I’ve had a honors rewards since 2005 as well as one for Marriott. In the past few years, I’ve had to travel to numerous states for family emergencies and I can tell you that you simply can’t beat Hilton. I now only use Hilton exclusively. After having to leave very last minute and drive all night several times and getting to a city I only had been to once previously years ago, I booked online with Hilton and I arrived with my mom and a small baby. I went to the desk because we got into town at 06:30-07:00 am after driving all night long as just told them that I had been up all night and was in town for a family emergency and they didn’t even hesitate going ahead and allowing us into our rooms. It just so happened to be I picked the one room that was already cleaned and they gave us my key and told us to help our self to breakfast. There have been a few times I needed to check in early for certain reasons and they have always went above and beyond for us. I can honestly say I’ve never once had a bad experience with any Hilton I’ve stayed in. So I high recommend using Hilton as they make their guest a priority every single time.


Rooms need attention

I have been staying at Homewood Suites in College Station, TX for 6 weeks, as I am working in Bryan during the week. I have stayed in at least 3 different rooms, staying in 120 for the last 3 weeks. I enjoy staying at this hotel because it has the kitchenette and it is very close to my office. The only complaint I have is that the hotel has not been maintained very well. There are small things that need to be done, such as the shower curtains need to be replaced, (every room I’ve stayed in so far has needed a new shower curtain. They are barely hanging on the rods in some rooms). The carpets need to be cleaned and in room 120 the carpet needs to be stretched. Two of the rooms I’ve stayed in have needed the sliding doors to closet put back on their track. The stoves need new bowls under the burners. Also I reported that in room 120 the connect for the small burner was loose on 1/29. On 2/1 when I returned to room 120, it appeared that there had been an attempt to fix the connection, but it was still loose. I would think this could be a fire hazard if not corrected. Again, these are small issues but at the same time correcting them would go a long to making the rooms look better and show that management really cares about keeping the hotel up. I really like staying at the college station hotel and plan to continue to stay there. I also realize it is an older hotel but housekeeping really needs to be reporting repairs that are needed as they find them.


Handicapped Early Check-In

We usually always stay in Hilton Properties when we travel for business and we travel enough to be Diamond customers. The Mobility Accessibility is nearly always perfect. My problem is that we cannot afford ourselves of the early check-in, because when I do, your app puts us in a standard room, which is totally incorrect. I had a circumstance when I did early check in and when we arrived, all of the handicapped rooms were taken! But, that was not the case when I made the reservation. The other problem is that rooms are not always identified appropriately in the system. If I book a room called hearing/mobility accessibility I would expect it to be both hearing AND mobility accessible. However, that is not always the case. Sometimes this is only a hearing accessible room. Your rooms need to be clearly identified and your hotel systems and the staff need to be able to easily understand the difference. As long as I am reviewing, I also want to mention, and to me probably the most important, Hilton and really all hotels, need to consider designing new hotels with all mobility accessible rooms on the ground floor. Being close to an elevator is absolutely no help in a fire. Having to wait for help could be the difference between life and death for someone unable to walk down stairs. While not expecting this request to be something retrofitted, it should be a consideration in future design. Thank you!


Problem with digital key under new version

My iPhone and iPad have the Hilton honors app. I always check in the day before a stay using my iPad since it has a bigger screen. In the past after checking in, I have been asked if I want a digital key, which I do not request from my iPad. I then open my iPhone and request the key. I upgraded to the latest version of HiltonHonors 6 days ago and used it to check in for a stay 2 days ago. For the first time ever it automatically processed a request for a digital key as part of my checking in without asking if I wanted one. That put the key on a device I can’t carry with me in a purse or pocket.
The front desk said I had to call HHonors support to have the key deleted, but support said they can’t do it and there is no way to remove the key from my iPad so that I can request it on my phone. There should be a way to remove a digital key from a device.
If the digital key will now be processed automatically when checking in without giving the option to wait until you are on the device where you want the key, that is a change that should be undone. I’ve used digital keys for many previous stays and this is the first time a digital key was sent without my specially requesting it. HiltonHonors shouldn’t assume I want a key, nor should it assume I am on the device where I want the key at the time I am checking in for a stay.


Makes life easier while working on the road !

HiltonHonors along with any smart phone will make your life easier ! After putting in my info and card numbers, it's saved securely into the system . So I don't have to do it each time I book a room ! After making your reservation, all you will need is your ID & card when checking into front desk . A quick scan of both and your off to your room with in minutes! If your like me & work out of town a lot , I suggest you join their honor system . You get points for each night you spend and they add up QUICK ! With in my 4th stay I was a Diamond member. As a Diamond member the extras never end ! I get a free bottle of water , sometimes even a small snack each time I check in . There is even special parking privileges that come along with being a diamond member. While the Company I work for pays for the room , I save the points for when I take the family on vacation! This last time I stayed 1 weekend Friday night - Monday morning for free ! All it cost was a few honor points ..

You can't go wrong with HiltonHonors , bottom line !!
Kody Landry


Do NOT like new breakfast benefit

Hi! I once again want to tell the decision makers at Hilton how much I dislike the elimination of a truly FREE breakfast for myself as a Diamond member and husband. The cash credit does not cover the same breakfast we use to receive (as the meals at hotels are usually priced higher than comparable restaurants) and using it in the pantry is useless as most offerings are not healthy and overpriced. The cash credit issue caused check out for me at one property to take almost an hour which has NEVER happened at any location in the world. Also the last days breakfast receipt is not brought over to be charged to my folio in time for check out. I should NOT be asked to depart a hotel without my final bill in hand! Bring back the FREE breakfast and eliminate the new test program of issuing a too low dollar amount to provide a FREE breakfast. Are you trying to no longer provide a free breakfast for your Diamond members?? I am not on per diem and it would be better if Diamond members or any member entitled to what was once a FREE breakfast be given the choice of FREE breakfast or a food and beverage credit .

I no longer feel valued as a Hilton Honors Diamond member. Happy to chat with someone about this.


Nieves LisaMarie

My daughter had a wonderful stay @ the DoubleTree Hilton on Lexington Ave in NYC. It was her birthday weekend. I’ve stayed at many Hiltons, and Doubletree facilities throughout the states. I am also a Hilton Honors customer. Though there were a few situations that occurred during check in, the front desk manager who goes by the name Heaven, handle the situations professionally, and accordingly. Heaven was very attentive, and assured me that all that is, and expected of the Hilton would be granted for my daughters weekend. I definitely recommend staying at the Lexington Doubletree. They treat you with respect , and honor you as a valued customer. It was a pleasure speaking to Heaven, and reassuring that she took her title very serious, and promptly handled all situations accordingly. I was very satisfied, knowing my daughters stay was exactly as expected, and that she was in good hands at the Lexington Doubletree.
I write reviews here on Long Island regarding Hilton’s as well as Doubletree across the states. I am a dedicated member and customer, when I travel I always stay at Hilton/Doubletree hotels.


App feedback

I would have given HiltonHonors a 5 if not for recent issues. There are two specific issues with HiltonHonors that do not allow me to mark it higher. 1) the checkout feature on HiltonHonors is great but getting the receipt up to 48 hours later is not great. Since hotels no longer out the bill under the door, I cannot verify the accuracy of the bill. If I check out with the hotel, I can get a receipt within a couple of hours and verify the accuracy on the spot. As a business traveler, not being able to process my expense report for multiple days is frustrating. 2) when using the online check-in feature, travelers indicate when they are arriving. Last week I received a call from the hotel around 645pm inquiring whether I would be arriving. I had indicated on HiltonHonors I would be arriving at 10pm. I had to return a call for fear of losing my room. If I have done e check in I am not sure why they were calling. Also based on my time. When I arrived at the hotel I asked if I had indicated the wrong time. The person indicated they don’t see that information. What is this information being used for if the hotel does not have access.


Not a happy camper

Traveling with my dad and my step-mom and after a long drive home from Virginia Beach heading to Texas, we checked in the Hilton Garden Inn in Memphis. We thought the hotel was located in a nice and secure area. Not so! My husband parked my dad’s truck and less than 20 minutes of checking in, my dad’s truck was broken into! The back passenger window was broken and my suitcase was stolen including a ice chest and a medical breathing machine for my dad. I went down to get the rest of our stuff from the truck that’s when I notice the broken window! I let the front desk know, one of the employees went over to see the damage. He was surprised this happened because they have security! He said he would call the police. I waited outside near the truck with my family for the police. After more than 40 minutes, I went to the front desk to check if they had called the police. They said yes and I asked that I haven’t seen their security cruise around. I asked where the security was, they didn’t know! Security more like No security! After another 30 minutes and no police, I called 911 reported the theft and within 10 minutes the police arrived. So that tells me the front desk didn’t call the police???? Not happy with this facility!


Excellently intuitive app!

HiltonHonors is amazing! I can do almost everything I want to do on HiltonHonors regarding my reservation. HiltonHonors keeps track of everything and allows me to see all my point accrual info as well as my night stays. As a diamond member I have lots of enjoyment using HiltonHonors since I travel frequently. I can quickly make and cancel reservations and it’s always worked flawlessly. The only improvement that needs to be made is enabling the ability to allow more than one device at a time have a digital key available for use from the phone. My wife and I can’t both have the digital key on our phones, even if she is logged into my Hhonors account. Maybe we could have the ability to share the key to another device? This should be an easy fix and should absolutely be done! This is the ONLY reason I gave it a 4 or of 5 star review. There is always room for improvement and this is definitely not a complaint but an honest suggestion that is frustrating.


Still Live This Hotel

We have stayed at many Disneyland and Convention Center hotels and we keep going back to this Doubletree. It also makes more sense for us to stay at a Marriott property as we are Bonvoy owners, but I would rather stay at this hotel and not earn Bonvoy points. It’s in a great location. Parking is easy. The two Queen suite is awesome for the three of us or for four of us if my daughter and I go with our girlfriends. It’s always really clean. Not outdated at all. I feel super safe there. We can buy our Disney tickets in the lobby. They have a nice bar and the restaurant is good (could be a little quicker service). Staff has never disappointed us in any way. The pool is small and on the third floor but is a great way to cool off and take a break from Disneyland during the summer. We live only 75 miles away but the prices are always good so we always stay here for Disneyland trips and cheer competitions at the Convention Center. The cookies are a great added bonus!!!


Cannot trust the app

HiltonHonors is easy to use to find & book a stay, however, once booked, HiltonHonors ’s other features have been useless. For months, I have been having issues with HiltonHonors (note: I have an iPhone). Once booked there are several features you should be able to see about your stay on the Upcoming Stay screen. The stay details are not available. Neither check-in, nor Digital key has not worked or even been available for my last two stays. My stays are not showing anywhere once they’ve occurred, my points are not updating. When I try to view points activity, it says “oops, something went wrong on our end. Please try again later.” When I try to look at stay history, it says “no past stays” meanwhile I’ve had two in the last month. My points (in HiltonHonors ) have not changed since my last two stays, but customer service is telling me not to worry, they are there. I’ve called customer service, updated HiltonHonors version, and even deleted & re-installed HiltonHonors multiple times; nothing has helped. HiltonHonors used to be so convenient to use, but I can no longer trust it.


This is the best hotel app I’ve ever used

I had a 1 night stay in a Home2Suites hotel and the lady working behind the counter was so sweet and helpful while checking in. She got me enrolled into the hilton honors program. So when it came time that I needed a hotel for an out of town trip, I went to my hilton app and it was the easiest time I’ve ever had booking a hotel stay because of the features it offers. I was able to not only reserve my room, but HiltonHonors allowed me to check in from my phone, use my phone as a digital key (no need to go to front desk at all, and can enter whenever it’s convenient for us) and I was also able to pick my hotel room location using a map (easily picked a room on the 1st floor near an entrance) and its able to show me the weather and nearby shopping locations. HiltonHonors has it all and I will definitely be a long term hilton rewards member.


Faulty System

I was instructed to download the Hilton app and sign in to my account to complete my check-in without contact at the hotel. I downloaded HiltonHonors but didn’t have my account number with me. There is no automated way to retrieve my Hilton Honors acct number so I had to call customer service and wait on hold. Then my number was emailed to me so I had to wait for the email to arrive. Once I was able to log in, HiltonHonors was unable to find my reservation and there are no alternative ways to search for a reservation on HiltonHonors so I had to call customer service and wait on hold again. Once I got through I was given a different confirmation number than I was originally given but that also provided no results in HiltonHonors so after all that effort I am unable to check in using HiltonHonors . The automated phone system for customer service was glitchy and I had to repeatedly enter the same information. Overall I would be hesitant to book with Hilton again in the near future if it means putting up with this reservation and customer support system.


Not the same Hilton as it was 2-3 years ago.

HiltonHonors Hilton has is horrible as is its website with the problems it has that range from saying that some rooms are smoking to mixing up queen & double beds, deleting the name of an “additional guest” you may put in HiltonHonors (which makes it very hard when i have an employee or security team travel ahead of me), app will occasionally change room types booked to a room not as nice as booked, showing that lower prices are available or showing one rate even after you select a rate it changes in the final screen before you click the final “book” button and in my opinion the worst thing I have found with Hilton’s App is that it shows some properties in the United States do not allow service animals or even worse it shows a charge for service animals as well as Hilton keeps all service animals policies under its pets section. These are just some of the problems I have found and have been telling Hilton about for YEARS now!

Also to say that I am a loyal Hilton diamond member since approximately 2003 and I have watch Hilton grow in a great way but Hilton is on a downward spiral.


Will be back!

2 night stay in LKLD. Unfortunately the first night Home2 was “sold out” so book with competitor on the north side. So disappointed with the highly rated competitor that we checked out early when we found out Home2 had rooms for our 2nd night. What a difference!!!! Open, bright we’ll kept, clean. Great beds, sheets were soft and comfortable. Check in was quick and easy and the gentleman working the desk (don’t think he goes home 😆) was super friendly and accommodating. Boxed breakfasts in the am were better than I’ve had at the competitor who is known for giving out grab and go bags of carbs. Met Janice (aka Janet) at check out - super nice and engaging and accommodating checking us out quickly while we engaged in great conversation. Lady working the kitchen area offered us help filling our cooler with ice before we left. The staff gets 10 stars out of 5!!! Great stay, will be back!! G



I’m a happy Hilton Honors Gold Club member and up until 2 weeks ago have absolutely loved HiltonHonors . It will not allow me to check current my stays or make new reservations. My stay says “error retrieving upcoming stays”. When I go to make new reservations it says “couldn’t load rates”. I’ve emailed customer service once, spoke to two different customer service reps two different time, and uninstalled and reinstalled HiltonHonors 3 times. Nothing helped; same thing occurs. Very frustrating. I can go to website and access no problem but takes a lot longer. It’s not a connection issue because I went to several places in town that has excellent WiFi and that doesn’t help or change anything. For now, because I loved HiltonHonors and I’m a happy Hilton Honors member I’ll give a 5 star in good faith. But I hope someone reading this can help fix my problem.


Recent app issues? Here’s the solution...

Like many others have reported, recent app updates over the last few months have become increasingly difficult to use with crashes and freezing. Following the most recent update I was unable to do anything. Every app page I clicked on was giving me an unknown error. I couldn’t retrieve stay details. I couldn’t search for hotels because HiltonHonors wouldn’t load the rates. I was not even able to send feedback because the customer feedback form would not load.
On the third call with Hilton somebody finally suggested that I sign out of HiltonHonors , force close it, re-open, and sign in. This worked for me and I have full functionality again. I’m using iPhone.
Despite these issues I’m giving five stars because HiltonHonors itself, when it works, is amazing!


App Not Working

I’ve been a Hilton Honors member for a long time, and one of my favorite features used to be the Hilton App. I say used to be because my app hasn’t functioned in months. When I open HiltonHonors I receive an error notice about not being able to view my upcoming stays. I can search for hotels in a city but when the results appear every result states the following: “couldn’t load rates.” And I cannot make a reservation through HiltonHonors . When I go into my account info there are no past stays listed, even though I’ve spent 20 nights in Hilton hotels this year. This has become frustrating to the point where I’ve started staying at Marriott properties, even though I prefer Hilton. My current review would be one star if it weren’t for how awesome HiltonHonors used to be. I’ve contacted the help line and desk agents in Hilton hotels. Everyone says it’s working fine. I’ve deleted and reloaded HiltonHonors multiple times with no change. Would really appreciate some help because my app is currently worthless.


Recent adverse changes

Lately at some hotels when I check in, the current stay actually disappears entirely from HiltonHonors , it has happened to me several times now. This did not used to occur. The digital key will remain but I can no longer see the details of my reservation, message the hotel, or otherwise use anything but the digital key. In my current stay, this got much worse, as not only did it disappear, but the hotel then somehow could not see my reservation or that I had checked in at all resulting in multiple calls to the room demanding to know who we were and in someone speaking unpleasantly to my wife and telling her with a tone that we were not supposed to be there (keeping in mind we had checked in with digital key, my card had been charged, etc.), and this morning somehow in a new reservation being created and being charged again and at a rate nearly double the rate on my reservation, which I then had to go correct. (And I now have two new stays with nonsensical data for the hotel showing up, perhaps created by the hotel or perhaps whatever phantoms are causing this.) Will I get proper credit for the stay? Color me doubtful. Will I be double charged? Seems not unlikely.

I don’t know what’s going on with Hilton’s systems but it has now reached a point where HiltonHonors and/or back end losing your reservations is pretty seriously adversely affecting the stay experience.

— Diamond guy who is becoming afraid to use HiltonHonors at all


Makes Business Travel a Breeze

I love HiltonHonors because I always know exactly where I’ll be staying. It makes travel planning and logistics easier, check in easier, room selection easier, everything. Super awesome app.

My only wish is that if I request a digital key, there should be some sort of record of which room I selected (even while the room is being prepared). There have been several times where the key glitches, the room isn’t ready, whatever... but the front desk always asks me “what room did you select?” and I’m not sure because without the key it’s not available for me to reference. I can say “probably top floor away from the elevators” but it’s not enough for the room to be identified and I end up in a different room or without the digital key for the remainder of the stay.


Should be easier to connect reservation to Hhonors account

A reservation for a work trip didn’t include my Hilton Honors account. I can easily find the reservation in HiltonHonors and easily add it to my wallet, but why do I have to search for it (manually enter 10 digits & my surname) every time? I expected after finding the reservation, it would be in my stays (linked to my account) for easy retrieval going forward. Nope. I have to search manually for it again. Well, at least I could jump to it from the reservation in my wallet. Nope. Just opens HiltonHonors , not the reservation. Well, at least I could copy the reservation number from the wallet to avoid re-entering a 10-digit number manually. Nope. The reservation number isn’t easily copied from the wallet. Googling for an answer suggests I need to call to have my Hilton Honors account added to the reservation. Seriously? Hilton, you’ve got what appears to be a great app... but it didn’t make a good first impression for what I suspect is a very typical workflow.


App yields inferior experience

While I enjoy the option of having a singular location for receipts and organization of my stays HiltonHonors has consistently provided me an inferior experience to that of my peers who don’t use HiltonHonors . First and foremost are the check in times and rooms. I typically travel for conferences and am offered an upgrade “if available”. However, checking in with HiltonHonors forces you to use the published check in time. There is never an option to try and obtain an early check in. At the last conference not only was I forced to a 4pm check in, I lost the opportunity for an upgraded room to the people who did not use HiltonHonors
And we’re able to check in between 1-2 hours before me. To top it off HiltonHonors often tells you that you still need to go to the front desk for both checkin and checkout. At the very least, I should be able to request an early checkin and/or upgraded through HiltonHonors . Finally, when asked to provide feedback within HiltonHonors it would not accept what I’ve provided here.


Beautiful Hotel

Beautiful hotel. Located in the heart of reforma with many nearby restaurants and museums. The rooms are clean and staff goes the extra mile to make your stay as enjoyable as possible. If you can spare the extra to upgrade your room to get access to executive lounge, do so. It’s totally worth it You won’t regret it. You have access to a excellent breakfast buffet with a wide variety of options. And the kickback with complimentary cocktails and alcoholic beverages for a couple hours in the events is super cool. Bar tenders are great. I’ve stayed here twice and will continue to do so when I fly in. I would advise, if I may, carry on luggage only when flying to Benito Juarez airport. Baggage handlers are a bunch of thieves that will ransack you bags to extract valuables and new clothing. But other than that if your visiting Mexico City, Hilton Reforma is the place to stay.


Disappoints more than wows!

I'm not sure why companies that have poor products ask for reviews. HiltonHonors is woeful or just about adequate. 1. Prisoner rates. They give you the "Honors" price but not their best price. They fail to compete because you have an "honors" number. I have better luck not using my honors # then start booking the room. 2. Room select gives no orientation to roads, restaurants, pools, parking lots. Trying to find a quiet room, fuhgetaboutit. 3. Finding hotels "nearby" has some weird logic. Instead of distance, it must have most expensive, then company properties then franchise properties then distance. HiltonHonors supports the Hilton bottom line before any regard to the customer.. There's your review. You asked for it, you got it. Updated October 2017. Now the digital key epic fail. Get to the door, have to open app, then select digital key, then press button when commanded, then wait 10-15 seconds for various computers to talk and THEN get an error that the front desk has altered the digital key and it doesn’t work! Hilton really doesn’t like you!


The App is the difference

122 nights at Hilton hotels and I’m Titanium Elite with Marriott. Marriott’s app is sub par to Hilton. With Hilton I literally do not have to interact with a human. You make a res, get the room you want, make special request that are actually honored, add guest to room in case they arrive first, check in, select exact room and use your phone for your key. You text them if you need anything and checkout with HiltonHonors when you leave.

With all other brands, all you can do is make a res. Their checks is a joke because you still have to go to the front desk, show ID, credit card, wait in line and let some front desk employee bang on their computer for a while.

Just as Delta’s app is years ahead of other Airlines, Hilton’s is the reason me and my company have switched every stay we can to Hilton brands.


Won’t stay logged in, Automatic Updates defect

HiltonHonors is great, except for two (2) annoying defects. When they are fixed I’ll rate HiltonHonors 5 stars.

HiltonHonors often logs me out. It seems to do this at the most inopportune time, especially when I am approaching my hotel room door and preparing to use Digital Key. Instead of being able to press the green button to let me in to my room I have to log into HiltonHonors while standing outside my door, and then access to Digital Key. I realize I could use the plastic key in my pocket, but the whole point is the Digital Key is supposed to be convenient

When I use HiltonHonors to add a Hilton Honors membership card to the Apple wallet it displays my current Hilton Honors points balance. I have the option for Automatic Updates turned out. Yet when my balance changes (for example increasing after a stay), the balance on the front of the card at the top does not change. This is different behavior than one would expect when you have automatic updates turned on. For example with a Starbucks card or a Dunkin’ Donuts card the balance changes if I make a purchase or add money to my card. Why doesn’t your card work in the same manner?

Also, why not make the membership number in the Apple Wallet larger, so when I show it to the front desk at checkin they can read it without holding the phone up to their face.


One of the best apps regardless of category

The Hilton app is one of the most well designed apps for travel or anything else that I use on my iPad or iPhone. Making a right hotel reservation is so easy. You can easily look at hotel amenities, requested digital key, check your own account information, or a number of other actions that you will need when you were scheduling your hotel stays. Possibly the only minor problem I have with HiltonHonors is once you make a reservation it seems a little difficult to look at what's your hotel reservation cost is going to be by night because sometimes the rates change on you night by night and you don't know it. This is not a problem unless you are going on government travel orders and the cost fluctuates significantly.


The Hilton Huntington is my favorite spot

I get excited just every time that I am able to stay at this Hilton location. They are always gracious accommodating and go way above and beyond all of my expectations. I have been meaning to give what is way overdue in my case of not of written the excellence in amenities. The constant minor details that the front service and the GM is a real pleasure to deal with. Very good in correcting any inconvenience or delay. I even love the engineering and house keeping staff. For every Penney spent of your hard earn money at this particular Hilton Hotel you won’t have any regrets. I am CEO of my own corporation and I honestly have a drama free time with my family as well as we business when I come to Huntington Long Island. Must try it! Thank you on behalf of my family and I.
Darlene Sarquis Honors Membe


Hilton Honors

I have been using HiltonHonors for quite some time now and am pleased, because I’m able to easily book accommodations every time. The only issue I’ve had with HiltonHonors is my most recent stay at a Homewood Suites by Hilton Metairie New Orleans, LA. I was expecting to receive my waters and a snack, however the young lady at the front desk informed me that it was a glitch on HiltonHonors and they only give you the water. Not a major hiccup, but after all of these years, I am spoiled by Hilton sticking to their word and documentation, especially when I have a few other memberships with their competitors and sometimes toggle back and forth between Hilton and Hyatt. My membership with Bonvoy Marriott does not compare to my membership with Hilton though because Hilton has remarkable customer service for their Honors members!

Is Hilton Honors Safe?

No. Hilton Honors: Book Hotels does not seem very safe to us. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 2,334,460 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.9/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Hilton Honors Is 18.4/100.

Is Hilton Honors Legit?

No. Hilton Honors: Book Hotels does not seem legit based on our analysis. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 2,334,460 Hilton Honors: Book Hotels User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Hilton Honors Is 100/100..

Is Hilton Honors: Book Hotels not working?

Hilton Honors: Book Hotels works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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