Expedia: Hotels, Flights & Car Reviews

Expedia: Hotels, Flights & Car Reviews

Published by on 2023-12-16

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The Expedia app is a travel companion that helps users find and save on their travel adventures. It offers member prices, free cancellation on most hotels, and the ability to bundle flights and hotels for extra savings. The app also provides alerts for flight delays and gate changes, and allows users to keep all their travel reservations in one place.



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20 Expedia Reviews

4.8 out of 5


Not a great stay

Let me say I have stayed at this hotel before. Last time which was several years back this was a 5 star stay. I am being kind with my 2 star rating. Good breakfast and a very friendly guy named Chris at the front desk made my check in process better. Let me say from the first moment I entered room many issues came to light. There was a dim LED bulb almost burnout out along with one constantly blinking. In the bathroom one of three was out over the sink. After using the toilet I flushed and it came up to the rim. I thought I will let someone know about these when I went out. While taking a shower noticed water didn’t drain and was above my ankles. I thought great. Went into bedroom portion of room and noticed and odd bug flying around landing on tv. I caught it with a tissue and disposed of it in trash. I reported most of the issues and they were mostly resolved by the next afternoon. Next thing I noticed while sitting in living room as I was in room 314 that there was popcorn and seeds all around the corner end table and I never had popcorn. To sum this up rooms are not cleaned properly and maintenance is not inspecting any of the rooms unless reported. I would put someone in charge that was making people provide a ( star Service consistently. I talked with Chris at the desk And apparently he has been there 21 years. Recommendation is promote this guy to general manager as he knows the hotel way and think he could revitalize.


Hertz Dublin

To who this may concern. I had this booking for months. Two days prior I call hertz to change my credit card number I wanted attached to my rental. That was done with out problem. I was assured by hertz that my reservation was intact and all was well.
We’ll I arrived at the hertz desk in Dublin and my booking was cancelled. There were no cars and my reservation was not to be honored since it was for the day before. We’ll and honest mistake as we took off on the 9th landed on the 10th. They said the new rate would be 3.5 times what the rate I had would be. I was so furious I probably wasn’t nice but anyone reading this tell me you would just be completely charming when your rate for 3 week rental went from $935. to $3240. That was robbery and I said as much. They then wouldn’t rent me a car. Which was a lie since they had just told me they had no cars after quoting me the new rate. I was standing there stranded. Horrible. I will never deal with Hertz Dublin ever again. I heard they went bankrupt last year. Not surprising when you treat customers like that. I have come to Ireland for 40 years as we have a farm there. The Irish do not do business like this especially when tourism is so important to the economy. All the Irish know this and act with hospitality unparalleled except hertz Dublin airport.
They missed the memo. I will walk before I ever give the a $ or Euro to Hertz Dublin ever. I suggest to all reading this that you not give Hertz Dublin your business.


Bug keeps choosing random dates

In the past Expedia has worked well but recently, I’m going back a couple of updates now over the past couple of months it’s head above where when you are on the road and you start to search for a motel it will randomly choose some date in the future instead of defaulting to the current days date for your check in time. Most people on the road which no doubt account for the largest Group of users need it to default to the current days date for the check-in date, not to some random date in the future. And even if people were looking for a room for the future what are the chances that the random date Expedia chooses is going to be the one you need, so it’s better to have it default to the current date for check-in and the following day for check out the way it used to. That’s much more convenient for the largest group of users. I’ve even changed the date to the current day and then head to choose a different town because the initial town I searched and didn’t have enough motels, find a room book it and then find out later Expedia and change the date to a random date in the future causing me then have to spend an hour calling this app: 3 service to get it straightened out. Please fix Expedia where it defaults to the current days date for check-in and the following days date for check out the way it has always done in the past.


It’s a dump with homeless people around the place sleeping

I can’t believe that they gave me a key to stay in the room they gave me. I have pictures of all of this and spoke to the staff which weren’t much help. They were just state that they’ve been working on that issue for quite a while and hope to get a new system soon etc. I wouldn’t offer this room to my worst enemy. Neither TV worked in the suite. The cabinet that surrounds the bathroom sink was gone I looked at the floor the top pieces of wood were missing. It says it’s kitchenette it offers two plates two bowls to dessert plates, not one fork, not one knife, not one spoon, not one frying pan not, one sauce pan.I had no telephone my second room and it took almost 24 hours after asking for times for the phone to get one. I asked for an extra blanket on my first night I never got one. Both TVs went ON by themselves between 3 and 5 AM in the morning in both of the rooms I stayed in. There’s no Wi-Fi it’s so sporadic it’s nonexisting. And their TVs are one off of Internet so when you don’t have Internet you don’t have TV the TV buffers 90% of the time you’re trying to watch TV. Then I wake up and I have a water leak in the bathroom Says that it offers a hot breakfast it does not. All they offer is a .50 Cent pastry & a very small glass of orange or apple juice. You don’t feel very secure because there’s only the door lock there is no additional lock on the door so the the staff can’t come.


Terror flight

Me and my father bought our tickets $500 dollars and for return it was free next thing you know the cancelled my flight back so I called and they gaved me another flight closer they wanted to charge me for a return flight so I told them why would they charge me for something they cancelled they hanged up on me so I called them again but a different person answered so I told them the whole thing again. So they gaved me a flight a good flight but the thing was they the last flight to my destination was p.m so I was ok with that time. Now when we were at Washington my last flight they changed it at the last second and me and my father were freaking out on why would they do that so we were stuck at Washington tell we figured on what to do. So I called this app for a money return but the guy was falling asleep at the job real professional guys, so I was telling him why I wanted that so he told me “ok I’m going to call United for a refund so it’s going to take 7-8 minutes on the wait time so if the phone call hangs up is this number ok to call back” I said yes it is and guess what happened the call hanged up so supposedly he was going to call back but I guess he fell asleep on the job. So I called a taxi but what was the difference if it costed the same as a plane ticket $400 to Roanoke. So if you want to get ripped off and not get your money back then this app is the site. Oh yea I’m still waiting on that refund.


Disappointed but would go back

I am a Professional Photographer and I had booked two nights stay because of the Vintage Trailer Show in Buellton. This was my 1st year covering this Event and was told the Saturday was the Day with all the Fun. I booked the two nights knowing that i would have an Awesome Time. A week before the Event I had to cancel my Saturday night Reservation due to another two events that I had to cover Saturday Morning in Anahiem and Saturday Evening in Devore that would finish at 10:30pm so I lnew that i couldn’t stay the 2nd Night. I tried to cancel thru the Hotel and thru this app. The Hotel was nasty to me when i told them i needed to check out Saturday Morning and this app was no help either. I was charged for both Nights plus an extra two Service charges and i left at 5:15 Saturday Morning just to makenit to my Anaheim Event Saturday Morning after taking over 1800 Photos in Buellton on Friday at the Vintage Teailer Show and another 200 Photos at the Mendalson Museum. I did like the room and the price but too bad i stayed for one night got charged for two night plus Sevice Charges


App cancelled $3,000 reservation, no refund

I use this app pretty often, about once a month on average. I’m in a long-distance marriage because of my military deployment schedule. This month, my wife and I were finally going on our long overdue honeymoon (6 years), but the DoD has put out travel restrictions that would allow that to happen. So I went on the this app app to cancel/change my reservation. I managed to cancel my flights, but I didn’t cancel my hotel because there was no refund option or an option to change my reservation.

At that point I was okay with just canceling my flight and contacting this app to see what I could do about my hotel reservation. But as get off Expedia and am about to make the call to this app, I receive multiple emails regarding my cancellations. To my surprise, the hotel was also cancelled. This was a $3,000 resort in Aruba. I proceed to call customer service, and waited on hold for over an hour, then the call just dropped out of nowhere. Luckily, I went online earlier to schedule this app customer service to call me. When they did, I could hardly communicate with the agent because it seemed as if English was not their native language. The agent proceeded to transfer me to another person to help then they hung up on me.

I cannot afford another $3,000 for a vacation and now I cannot take my wife on the honeymoon I promised her. This will definitely be the last time I use this app or any of its sister companies.


Never again, Expedia

I have used this app for YEARS. This has always been my go-to service for hotels, flights, and cars. I was supposed to go to Atlanta for work and happily booked my plane tickets through this app as I always did. With the COVID crisis and travel restrictions, my trip to Atlanta needed to be canceled. For some reason I wasn’t able to cancel my flight online, and was instructed to call customer service. I did, and received a recording that because my travel was not in the next 72h they could not help me, and to call back when I was within that window.
So I waited until Sunday, when I was finally in the 72h window. I was on hold for 3 hours, with no option for a call back, before being disconnected without speaking to anyone. I called back at 10pm Sunday night. I slept on and off, with my phone on speakerphone until I woke up at 5am, still on hold. I didn’t speak to a representative until 8am Monday morning- at that point I had been on hold for 10 HOURS. I explained the situation to the gentleman (named David) and asked that if we got disconnected to please call me back as I had been on hold all night. He confirmed my phone number and happily agreed. 1h and 15 minutes later, with absolutely no resolution, the call was disconnected. No. Call Back. 11h15m wasted. I called Delta, got an immediate response AND they refunded my ticket.



I wouldn’t even give a star

I have been traveling all day after reaching the hotel they told me there is no booking under my name! I contacted this app to solve my issue, unfortunately, they did the opposite by not giving me any solutions and telling me there was overbooking and the hotel cannot accept you, it is not the customer problem that your system is bad to show availability and there isn't ! I am expecting to reach the hotel and find my room ready not solving your problems. Not only I spoke with one agent But 4 agents all of them were uncooperative, rude, and they just put me on hold, then they hang up! I spent 2 and half hours on the phone which was an overseas call which coasted me a lot of money without any solution or at least offering anything for your mistake.

I have been an this app customer for 5+ years with gold, silver, and blue membership but after what I have experienced this week this will be my last time using this platform, I am still waiting for my hotel refund which they told me I will collect within 2 days and now we reached the 6th day without any refund. Learn how to treat your customers not telling them there is nothing we can do to you! You have a problem with your system you solve it don't expect your customers to do it for you!

Worst traveling experience ever and surely worst customer service!


Horrible customer service and ability to use credits

I have used this app for years and always raves about how easy and reliable it is but lately everything about Expedia , service and customer service live abs virtual is horrible. I feel like it’s all a scam. I have multiple air credits due to Covid and have tried to redeem them. I get confirmations that my flight is booked and thank god I double check everything because all of the sudden my tickets are cancelled and my credits are missing. When I used virtual assist they pull up all these travel itineraries to other countries that I never reserved. When I speak to a live customer service rep they barely understand English. Tell me my credits don’t exist even though they were on my app and I have confirmation emails. Then they tell me to call the airline directly. Keep me on hold for an hour while they say they are reviewing my info. I call the airline directly and they say to contact this app because this app never sent my payment and credits. In addition they charged my credit cards for the overage cost. Still no credit for that. From now on I will book directly with the airline. Have had perfect service from them and my credits exist and easy to use. this app seems like crooks at this point. If it was just one time I would think it was a mistake but this happened 3 times.


Customer service

I recently booked a trip through this app, I travelled from Grand Cayman to Thailand then 3 days before my return found out that Emirate airlines had cancelled the flights to return me to my home. this app did nothing to assist with my problems with returning home instead I paid them an additional $3500 usd for new flights to get home and made the request for my money to be refunded for the cancelled flights FYI I had also paid this app for flight insurance for my trip. I have now been home for 4 weeks this app have now told me I won’t be getting any refund they also refuse to reply to any of my emails their chat support constantly tells you they don’t have any agents available. I have also tried calling several times being put on hold for 2 hours each time and having to hang up as my mobile phone is about to explode because of the heat. I honestly believe that due the circumstances we currently find ourselves in that not too many people are currently booking flights and hotels which means this app staff can’t possibly be that busy and are blissfully ignoring their responsibilities to their customers.

Barry McKenzie (very unsatisfied customer)


Horrible service

I booked 3 flights through this company and spent 2 hours on the phone to do so. Then when I log on to Expedia it only shows two of the three flights I paid for . At that point I called customer service to see what is going on and they informed me that my information was sent to a different email address that they don’t have access to . Then I asked if they could go and change it to put my information so I don’t have to worry about my information being out there in the crazy cyber world that we are in today. Were people’s information is being stolen left and right . These people had the audacity to tell me that there is nothing ANYONE in their company can do for me so basically I just have to deal with my information being out there in someone’s email address that only God know who has access to and can do whatever they want with my information and I probably will not find out until it’s to late . this was all caused by a glitch in there system, so my real question is what other types of glitches are in there system that is sending there customer information around . How secure can this big company be if this is the case . How can you care for your customer if you have systems that “will not allow you to do so”
I would never book another flight though this so called company !! This is just ridiculous!!


Liars and cheats

This is the only forum I see to speak about an experience with this app. WILL NEVER USE THEM AGAIN, buyer beware. Purchase direct from the airline. Plenty of 5-star plant-reviews here as well I suspect. this app changed my flight, no reason, said the airline did it. They gave me no updates and could not give me a firm date when they say they notified me. Customer service is in India or Pakistan and you’ll be on hold for 1.5-2 hours. At one point she has gall to tell me I was notified at 1:20AM. It is 2-something in the morning and I’ve been on hold since 12AM. I check my email, it’s a confirmation of my trip with the new times as if I JUST purchased it. No old times and confirming a change. Had I not looked up my flight, assuming I had 20 hours left until check in, I would have missed my flight. Instead, I’m up all night trying to remedy this with no solution, scrambling to find work coverage and finish packing. So they say it was the airlines fault, airline says it’s this app. Not the first time. I’m done booking through agencies like this. You really don’t save anything price wise through these services Find the ticket you want and book through the airline. If you want the worst room a hotel won’t give to normal customers, use this app or a middleman ap. Better to cut them out of the picture.


Expedia tried to pocket the difference and blamed the airline

We had a trip planned and needed to change flights during this COVID-19 mess. I attempted to change the flights on Expedia ...no luck even though Expedia showed a significant amount of savings. I waited on the phone for hours into the wee hours of the morning only to have the system hang up on me. After another 4 hours of holding I finally got an agent, they changed the flight and acknowledged the price difference, but said that the airline was charging change and exchange fees and while there was no additional cost , there was no surplus because that surplus covered all the fees. There was a $1,300 difference! So I told the agent on the phone that I would contact the airline because all fees were supposed to be waived. The this app agent forbid me to call the airline and assured me that the airline was charging the fees. Well.... I called the airline anyway. They were completely and totally shocked that this app would say that fees were being charged. It angered the airline so much that they gave me vouchers for the difference in flights and the airline agent took the time to rebook the flights to pull my itinerary from this app’s control. The airline was livid.

I learned a valuable lesson.....always book direct with the airline and never use this app. Necer again this app, never again.


Bereavement flight

I spent seven hours on the phone trying to book a flight to Oklahoma City from Seattle seven times it let me put in all of my information and click on the last step of purchasing 7 times it “thought” for an hour and reminded me that I could still purchase it but it still wouldn’t let me purchase it! Seven times and then I went to FedEx to use a computer thinking maybe it was just because I’m on my iPhone… Number eight number nine it said sorry it’s down on our end or something to that effect!So I called my daughter let her know I was having troubles she was working so she said she would help me the next day but she didn’t have any problems with Expedia but I wasn’t sure if she was talking about this app Si downloaded the this app app and it actually worked. Now I’m having troubles lining up a car rental for the week.. and this app isn’t saving me any money on that I was so stressed out today trying to freaking book that flight! I helped build the this app campus I’m a high-end finish carpenter and I did over a years worth of work on that campus for all of their kitchens all of the high-end cabinetry pantries the siding inside on their collaboratives all of the work I did in there and the first thing I tried to use this app for…Turned out to be a big fat flop full of stress. Very disappointing!


Easy To Screw Up Reservations

Update: They never update Expedia in the way they need to. Please read below.

Honestly it’s frustrating how they organize it. At this point, I’m going start using Booking.

I only use Expedia for hotels. Their changes to “Trips” is too confusing now. It used to show hotels and flights reserved in chronological order. Now they’ve put so many other things in it, it useless and confusing. I keep going to the wrong hotels. The way Expedia works makes it easy to screw up a reservation. I meant to book a flight for my wife and because Expedia is so speedy my name went on the ticket. I couldn't change the ticket name once the error was found. At least a website is step-by-step eliminating errors. Then there is the issue of queen and double beds with hotel rooms. There have been so many instances where the hotels say I reserved a double bed room. :( Booking airline flights is a headache now. First of all not all airlines are listed on this app, resulting on it being better to go onto other travel websites. Then the website recommends using unpractical flights. For instance a short 1 hour flight can turn into a 10+ hours flight just to get cheaper airfare. At this point I've taken to using other websites for travel


Don’t book they just want your money!

this app is possibly the worse to book a flight with. We paid two tickets including seating AND checked bags. I call customer service since on my email confirmation I was not showing any details about my seating as well as my checked bags. I called the first rep told me that I had not paid for them that I had to pay for them through the airline. I then requested to speak with a supervisor and I was advised I would get a call back in 15 min. I then wait one hour and call back and then finally get transferred to a supervisor who kept placing me on very long holds which resulted one hour on the phone. Finally the supervisor then tells me that they have no record of me paying for the checked bags AND that they don’t offer to purchase checked bags or choose seats on their app. I told him that they do because I myself purchased the seats as well as the checked bags through them and my total balance was sky rocket high !! The supervisor does NOTHING to try and help me with this issue. I have seen on previous reviews where they have also been over charged as well. I guess it was also my fault for not checking the reviews. But to end this review DO NOT BOOK WITH this app!!! They change the price way higher and then claim that they aren’t showing nothing in their system.


Hillside Inn in Madison, Indiana

this app and the hillside inn. I called and asked for a refund because our car broke down and we were never able to make it. The trip was for my 8 year old whom had a birthday that day and it was ruined. I’ve called and asked politely if I could receive a refund or my money back for the room and no one has contacted me or spoke to me since my calls. They won’t reply to email and a manager never got back with me to try and help me out. We’ve stayed here a couple times and I’m very disappointed that no one who works for this app or the hotel never contacted me. The costumers always right. That was an 8 year olds birthday money wasted for a trip that she never was able to enjoy. Honestly if you are a hotel that says that they would lose money because they could of booked the room to someone else. I’m sorry but if you are making that much money because the hotel is booked then why can’t they simply give me something that is still rightfully mine. I just want and need something that should be respectfully mine and my daughter.


DO NOT trust what you see on pictures.

We spent last weekend at Hilton Fortlauderdale Marina. We booked a high floor water view room which was supposedly facing the pool and the marina area according to the picture on this app. We paid double price than a standard room to get this one because we liked the view it supposedly had. We asked the front desk manager to change our room since it was NOT what we bought. She said it was a “high floor water view room” and they were not able to change it because the hotel was completely booked and they had no more availability. I called this app and sent them pictures of my balcony view with was NOTHING to do with the ones this app has on their website. They took 3 days to give me an answer and the best they can do is a $25 bonus 😒 Are you serious man? I paid 2 times the prices of a standard room because we wanted to have the SAME VIEW you advertise NOT for a crappie view facing the streets 😡 Imagine buying a t-shirt online and you get a blouse. Do you get me? This is so unprofessional, you are lying to people and playing with people’s money. GO AND UPDATE YOUR PICTURES AND DO A GOOD JOB. People want what they buy NOT a completely different product.
You have to be careful with what you book guys. Pictures are not accurate.
I wish I could give you cero star but it’s not possible.



I have no complaints about this app. But I am dissatisfied with the Showboat. Never was it said that the entire place is under construction. The parking garage was completely closed. You have to park in an outside parking lot and pay 20 a day. The nice part of my stay was the room had an incredible view from the bedroom sliding doors to a balcony. Sunrise and sunset was beautiful. But no people walking around it seemed empty. No restaurants or stores were open. The casino was completely closed. I had to go to another casino to
Gamble and go to eat. There should of been a disclaimer about the situation in the construction going on. It wasn’t reduced in price as the prices were the same at other places. The door has issues and didn’t always shut by itself. I had to play around with it to make sure the door was locked each time. I have stayed here before with no issues so I’m assuming this was just due to the renovations going on but it should of been known to me what I would be dealing with so
I could of just booked my stay somewhere else.


Have had a lots of improvements! But....

I like Expedia much better than I did before so thought it was worth updating my review. But have an issue with the layout that I hope they fix. I wish I could attach a screen cap here to demonstrate with an obvious visual. I’m on my iPad...and when I go to “pick a room”...the long skinny horizontal pic of the style of room appears, with a line above and below. And with the price and select button. The problem is, as you’re scrolling, it’s not clear AT ALL which pic and room name/style goes with which price, above it or below it. Because what’s in between the 2 horizontal lines/rules is...first a price/purchase button, then the picture below. But...apparently the the price goes with the picture above, not below...so the horizontal rules making you think that that’s setting off a block of info that goes together is very misleading. And the space between the price and pictures and price and picture, etc. as you scroll is the same! So there’s no definitive of which price goes with which pic/room style/size. This is just poor design layout and I hope they change it to make it a lot more obvious. Other than that, I like it for navigating easily compared to other travel apps and sites.


Worst customer service experience for the 2nd time

I will be filing a complaint with the better business bureau! This is the 2nd bad experience I have had using the mobile app and no one in customer service cares to do any thing about it. My first bad experience was when I booked a trip through the mobile app, received a completed booking notification and itinerary number through the mobile app but when I arrived to my destination there was no record of my reservation even though the money was drafted out of my account. This time around I booked a trip a week ago and when my friend asked for my flight info I went in to Expedia to check my flight number and there was nothing there, I checked my account and there were no withdrawals, I rebooked the trip and it was more expensive, I called in to find out what could have happened and I was told by customer service “even though you booked it and received confirmation and an itinerary you should still call to make sure” bravo! Amazing customer service, I am moving my business to price line....if you decide to book a trip through this app be sure to call , email, verify with the airline and hotel to be sure you have a reservation because no one with this app knows what they are doing, I spoke to 3 different people and none of them could tell me why that happened or compensate for the higher pricing and inconvenience. Bye bye this app!


Never again will I use Expedia services

According to our app we were checked in for our flight and when we called this app customer service to dispute our issue after being laughed at by the airline, we got hung up on and had to argue with not one but 3 customer service representatives and their supervisors.
We ended up having to spend double and missed an entire day of our vacation due to their lack of quality customer service to be treated like a fool when the error was their’s. I will be disputing all charges from this site and I have video of two different supervisors refusing to help in any way shape or form. They refused to take any responsibility whatsoever. It almost ruined our entire vacation because it literally drained us of all of our funds for this trip to Chicago as a gift from my fiancé after experiencing dying with our son and both of us surviving... thanks this app for making my anxiety worse and making me feel like an idiot for finally leaving my house. Wish I would’ve googled all the class action lawsuits you’re already undertaking before using your services. Thankfully these videos will help my case to get my money back.
Something tells me what was said goes against your terms and conditions. I’ll have my lawyer do all the detail work. I hope your business goes as well as the beginning and end of our trip. Your business is stealing money, and it’s not appreciated.


Bahamas Nassau Malia inclusive trip

They told me that the hotel had 15 restaurants when I get here there’s only 7 one watch we couldn’t eat there without paying! All of the rooms had a smell this is the third room that we have been moved to last two days of a trip the other room we were in without Wi-Fi and AC and it’s very hot out here I have to keep walking back-and-forth to the hotel just asking for help which was very hard for anyone to actually help me I couldn’t call the front desk for my room phone and no one would answer the phone. they are finally moving us the last two days of my daughter’s birthday yesterday! it rained and all of the activities with counsel I spent most of our day switching rooms so we didn’t get a chance to do anything for one of the reasons why we came out here which was her birthday! they told me when I book a trip that it was some activities involved in that all exclusive come to find out where there is games volleyball and there’s no activities as far as touring or anything like that that’s involved in all exclusive the list goes on and on I could never get in touch with this app due to my phone I have any Wi-Fi and as I went back-and-forth to the helpdesk to try to figure out why I couldn’t make calls from my room come to find out there was not Wi-Fi box in my room then they move me to another room in the plumbing was messed up.


SCAM!! Be careful!!

I tried to make a reservation today for family vacations and when I tried to hit confirm after I put all my info I got a sign that says ERROR, so logically I tried again and I got the same message again. I did not get confirmation from this app or booking details of course. Then I see in my bank account 4 pending transactions from
Them. I called the bank to tell them this was canceled and did not get any confirmation from this app but bank says is all approved on their end and as far as they know nothing is canceled and I’m being charged for that. To make story short, after 1 hour and 30 minutes in the phone with bank and this app I’m still being charged even this app supervisor says is canceled they are not able to give me a cancelation number or anything that I can show the bank as a proof of canceled transaction. They said may take 3-5 business day to get my money back, that means now I cannot book my vacations cause they are holding my money and I don’t have enough left on my credit card. Customer service is a shame, the money on hold is even more than the total amount of the trip when I asked how is this possible to supervisor couldn’t even tell me why. I will never book anything through this app again. They are a shame and taking people’s money even when it says error on the screen. SCAM!!!!!


Could be improved

I have loved this app since I started traveling on my own and the checkout process is always easy for me. Overall Expedia is decent and could use a few more features. For example when searching for an all inclusive on the website you can filter that option but in Expedia you must scroll through all hotels, motels and resorts. Also, I wish that you didn’t have to specifically search from one airport. Expedia states that it’s to help you find the best deal but to me the best deal would be found by checking all available airports that I am willing to travel to without having to research and put back in all of my filters every time. Also, they claim that it is cheaper to book through Expedia but I have always found that the better bundles are found on the website. It would also be nice if there was an “availability calendar” like on some other sights where you can see how much cheaper it would be to stay a different night. Another feature that would interest me is being able to search an entire country as your destination to try to find new and cool places to stay in a specific country.


Horrible. Do not use this service.

There are a lot of 1 star reviews for Expedia. I know 1 star is harsh but this app really makes traveling even MORE difficult than it already is. If you’re looking at hotels on this website, you’ll see there are a list of places the hotel is close to. For example, 4 minutes from airport, or 5 minutes from beach. In the 3 hotels I’ve booked through this app all of what they say the hotel is close to and how far away these places they’ve listed are is completely inaccurate.
My second complaint is not about the website but about the agents I speak to over the phone. As a 3rd party booker they should be making things very clear but instead they leave out really important information BEFORE PAYING (example, what I’m paying for is NON REFUNDABLE) that they claim they DON’T have to tell me before I pay because “I should know” but if I was an expert at booking trips and I knew all these things off the top of my head that they claim I should know, I wouldn’t go through this app in the first place and would book straight through the airline or hotel. This is definitely the last time I’m using this app. I’m so upset I have 2 upcoming reservations I booked through this app. I’m hoping the hotel is what it seems like online but I am not counting on that. Like another review says, BYE this app!


Expedia’s Customer Service plays games!!!

Words simply cannot explain how irritated I am with this app . I booked a room and was charged for it. As I pulled up to the hotel I received a call from the receptionist at the hotel telling me that there were no rooms available and they didn’t t know why this app booked me. I immediately called this app and I was put on hold for more than 50 minutes at least 3 times. This was a Saturday night. When I did get someone on the line, the kept telling me that they had to call the hotel to see if I could be refunded my money. Simply giving me the run around. It wasn’t until the following Monday that someone told me I would be refunded but it would take 7 days and it wouldn’t be the whole amount . I was like Hell No, I want my money back immediately. Why can’t people do the right thing???? Why do they Nickel and dime people. I will NEVER use this company again. It is so disrespectful to leave people on hold for a long period of time hoping they will hang up. This is so wrong and extremely unprofessional. STOP TAKING PEOPLE’s Money if you aren’t going to go over and beyond to make sure they are accommodated and treated with the utmost respect. Unacceptable! I will do everything I can to spread the word about this company.


Frustrated and disappointed

I am not pleased with this app. I scheduled a rental car and did not get collision coverage. I received an email telling new it’s not too late to add it in. I clicked the button and tried 5+ times to add it but it kept saying “sorry please try again later”. I tried to add it directly on Expedia and same thing. I called and was given another number to call. Called that number and was given a third number. I called 3rd number and spoke to someone and they transferred me. I was on hold 20 min and had to hang up because I had somewhere to be and was already running late from over an hour being tossed around. My husband said “it’s fine, it says on the email you can add it when you pick the car up”. I just picked the car up and Budget said they could not honor the $10/day rate, that’s thru this app. I called the 3rd number again and the gentleman from the insurance agency said it could only be authorized by an this app supervisor. He had no authority and no back door access. Needless to say I did not pay the $30/day collision coverage thru budget. I WILL NOT GO THRU this app AGAIN. My time is valuable and I don’t like being treated this way. It’s disheartening and frustrating. Not worth it to me at all!
Dr. & Mrs. Barrier



I would have left a zero star if possible. My wife typed in the search bar for flights from Philadelphia “PHL” to Atlanta “ATL”. She booked a flight and after printing the ticket she noticed the first flight was from Trenton NJ. She called and explained the situation and they still charged us $109 to change the ticket. She obviously explained that a flight from Trenton should have never shown up in a search from Philly. Not to mention why would anyone park at one airport then return to another? That’s ridiculous! They refused to make good on their search engine mistake. Trenton should’ve never been included in Philly flights. I have used this app quite a bit but will NEVER EVER use them again. What happened to the days of “the customer is always right”? By the way they did the same search as she did and saw that Trenton came up and admitted it shouldn’t have. Then the Superviser lies through his teeth and told her “we can see here that you did indeed type in and search for Trenton flights as well!!! Why the hell would anyone flying out of Philly search for Trenton flights then fly back to Philly. They literally lied through their teeth! Dishonest and disgraceful! You should be ashamed this app!!!!!! We’ll be using Kayak from now on.


Awesome time! Excellent professional staff

Let me just say how fantastic the staff of the Hyatt Centric were! My wife and daughter flew from the states overnight on Delta and arrived at the hotel around 8:30 a.m. Hyatt employee Caleb spoke to my wife and let her know that the room was not ready till a bit later. He was able to work his magic and got my wife and 10 year old daughter into their room a bit earlier than that.
I was going to Join them in the morning later traveling from Dublin.
Upon my arrival at the hotel I was greeted by Catiana. She was so welcoming and provided me with a warm and welcoming experience. Check in went very smoothly and I met up with my family.
During our stay, the front desk was fabulous with directions, tour bookings and general recommendations for the area.
The hotel is brand new, and has comfortable accommodations and nicely appointed amenities. I would highly recommend this property to anyone who wants an American style stay in Europe.


Hotel reservations

Went to reserve a hotel room. I put all the information that it needed, which meant my credit card. It charged me and everything. Then Expedia quit working and it didn’t give me a itinerary number or anything. So I called this app and explain to them that you charge me and that I got no itinerary number or a receipt saying that my room was reserved. The guy did not understand at all. He kept asking me if I wanted an upgrade and I said no I don’t want a upgrade you charge me for a room that I didn’t get The guy went on telling me there was nothing for him to do. I told him okay then I want my money back cause you charge me twice which I saw in my bank account. He told me I had to call my bank and figure it out. I am not going to call my bank for something you did. So after fighting over the phone with him for about 10 minutes about how he couldn’t do anything, he finally said that those 2 charges will be in my back on my card in 24 hours to about 48 hours. I will not be reserving anything off of this app again. I understand that Expedia will sometimes freeze, but when it does, they need to have better costumer support and not tell me to fix the mistakes they made.



Be really careful and think before using this app to book something, I planned and booked a whole trip with this app spending around $10,000 between flights, hotels and activities, one of the days I arrived to Rome and I went to check my email confirmation to call the hotel/property phone number and the answer that they where not partnered with this app anymore so I spent another 4 hours!!! Talking to their representatives repeating the information over and over again, talked to supervisors, managers and they allocation department which where trying to charge me for another place!!! I keep calling and calling them and nobody helped! The call keep failing or disconnecting, I don't know if they do it to get out of the hook but they never returned the call that obviously they have my phone number on file, so I ended walking at 1 in the morning with my family looking for another place to sleep with no battery in my phone to call them again after 4 hours with them! Also when you reserve a rental car Do Not Use their insurance because when you get to the rental place the companies say they don’t accept this app insurance and this app won’t reimburse for what you paid of their insurance!


My mom waiting in airport for 6 hours

We bought a ticket from Orange County ti Evansville with an hour stop in Chicago. First the flight was delayed an hour in Orange County , of course arrived half hour late at O’Hara’s, so the people missed the plane to Evansville. My mom wasn’t informed about this by crew , one of the passengers told my mom about this so he went and found out the next plane was at 9;50 pm . So my mom helped by this passenger was waiting fir the plane but then she was moved to another flight an hour later. My mom was upset because all the wait and changes and the fact that we were waiting at Evansville at 5 in the afternoon according to the ticket we bought . It’s the second time that American Airlines does this uncalled and don’t care about costumer imposition. We were waiting my mom for hours and had to paid taxi for that many hours, we live two hours from airport. I tried to talk on the phone with supervisor he told my mom that was personal , he wouldn’t talk to me . My mom is 73 has to use restroom many times, she was hungry and cold waiting in airport fir more than 6 hours ......now them just told my mom they re canceling the flight again .... wth please a supervisor on any help in O’Hara’s airport

Is Expedia Safe?

No. Expedia: Hotels, Flights & Car does not seem very safe to us. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 3,800,426 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.8/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Expedia Is 18.9/100.

Is Expedia Legit?

No. Expedia: Hotels, Flights & Car does not seem legit based on our analysis. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 3,800,426 Expedia: Hotels, Flights & Car User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Expedia Is 100/100..

Is Expedia: Hotels, Flights & Car not working?

Expedia: Hotels, Flights & Car works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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