MDacne - Custom Acne Treatment Reviews

MDacne - Custom Acne Treatment Reviews

Published by on 2021-04-21

Ready for clear skin? MDacne is the future of acne treatment. In less than 5
minutes you'll get a complete acne treatment kit personalized based on your
unique skin! Let’s face it, unique people need unique products. Get all the
products you need to clear your skin. Why is MDacne bet...

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MDacne - Custom Acne Treatment Reviews

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    Great App for People Who Don’t Wash

    I was excited about this app, since seeing a dermatologist in person is more expensive than $9 for the free trial. And the interface is really easy to use and pretty. But almost no matter what you select, they will recommend 2.5% Benzoyl Peroxide treatment, 2% Salic Acid treatment, and a moisturizer. I already use these products, so to see them as my recommended treatment, I was extremely disappointed. It is also disappointing that most of my acne is on the sides of my face, but the analysis picture is supposed to be taken from the front. I feel two side pictures would be better than one front for people like me. The app didn’t seem to recognize that I had acne on my cheeks when I took the picture from the front, and I tried many angles and lightings to see if it would change. I feel that this app is deceiving users into thinking its acne treatment recommendations are more complex than they are, but at the same time, using BP and Salic Acid is great for many people who haven’t already tried it. If you don’t want to pay the fees once the “regular” price starts after the free trial, I would recommend Neutrogena Pore Cleanser/Mask for benzoyl peroxide and Neutrogena Oil-Free AcneWash with salicylic acid. Those plus a moisturizer would be an exact dupe for the products recommended by this app. However, the free trial for $9 isn’t a bad deal if you remember to cancel the prescription! Just keep your eyes open to how it really works.

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    I will not order again

    My custom products made my face peel, burn, and also made my face waaaay redder than usual! I sent pics and messages to the doctors on the website and they told me it was completely normal to use smaller amounts and once and use the treatment cream every other night or few days until my face was done shedding and such then go back to using a regular amount on a day to day bases .... after my face stopped shedding it started to break out mostly on my nose which my nose was never an issue just my cheeks however my face is still broke out it’s not any better but a little worse then if I wasn’t using the products. The product still burns my face and makes me face bright red all over. I look like I’m sunburned all the time. And yes it does hurt, it hurts to touch my face or rub my face and if something is on my face it hurts to try and get it off ( like when I’m sweating or wet and my hair gets in the way). I’ve been using this product for a month now and after all of this I will not continue to buy the product as I feel it is not for me, my face is way to sensitive and the product overall did not help at all in the slightest bit it just made things worse. I gave 2 starts because I liked the beginning experience as it was different but in the end it was not effective. But good luck to you everyone is different 🙂

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    Beyond Satisfied

    After a year of stress, my skin was not having it. My once perfectly clear, low-maintenance skin was gone. So I looked to MDacne. It’s been two months since I first started using their products, and I’m so happy to have discovered such an amazing company. Not only do customers like me have access to ask a variety of skin specialists about our skin concerns, but we each are all treated special. A few days ago, I ran out of my moisturizer while waiting for my next shipment, so I reached out to the team to help me find a good temporary one. Next thing I know, I got packets of extra moisturizer in my package. Things like this show you just how much they care about the wellbeing of customers. Additionally, their app offers a super easy-to-use tracker to help you track your skin’s progress. If needed, the specialists will even make adjustments to your naturally-boosted products to better suit your skin’s needs! Another cool thing I love about the app are the daily tips. Now, I’m eating much healthier, focusing on getting more sleep, and feeling much more confident. Thank you so much MDacne!

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    Awesome product.

    I’ve been using McAcne for 10 months now. Though at one point my skin started drying up real bad as we were bout to hit winter season. I messaged Dr. Harth about my concerns in hopes he could help me with it. He responded quickly and gave me some advice and a night cream to use every other night aside from my daily routine. If I’m being honest, I stopped using my day cream. I use my day/night wash and my night cream (before bed). I wake up, wash my face with cool water and use a moisturizer by neutrogena (clear face SPF30) break-out free liquid lotion sunscreen through out the day. Also great before foundation (if ever you decide to wear makeup). I’m not saying to stop using your day cream. Everyone’s skin is not the same, just like their skin care products. Whatever works for you, great! Don’t hesitate to message the Doctors if you can’t seem to find the right routine for you! Thank you McAcne! I’ve never felt so confident about my facial skin since middle school! I appreciate all the help I’ve received and I’m definitely gonna continue using your products! THANK YOU! 😁✊🏼

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    It really does work but with patience

    I initially just found about the app on Pinterest and I thought that it wouldn’t hurt to give a try since I already have acne like it would add to it if it doesn’t work and it would clear my skin if it didn’t and besides it was only nine dollars. MDacne has been the best thing I have spent nine dollars, just in the first week my skin improved so much and I was initially scared that I would break or purge but none of that happened, it truly cleared my skin and right I’m on Day 19 and my skin isn’t completely cleared yet or flawless but my acne is gone just a few acne scars and bumps are left. I wrote this whole paragraph for someone like me who is scared of trying out, thinking it might make their skin situation worse, just try it, I mean it’s only nine dollars and if it doesn’t work you can cancel or write a bad review or something but if it does you just spent nine dollars to get clear skin, it’s gonna be a win win for you anyway so just try it out

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    My saving grace !!!

    Okay remember, everyone’s skin is different but y’all. I’m 21 and have terrible skin. I have tried EVERYTHING. Home remedies, medications, vitamins, creams, seeing many dermatologists, countless acne programs, products promoted by celebrities, etc. Nothing worked!!! So I took to Pinterest like I had many times. While scrolling for acne solutions, an ad popped up for MDacne. I checked it out and figured, it’s not that expensive at all why not give it a try. I kid you not, within 2 weeks my skin completely changed. It was a bit of a bumpy start, because it’s winter and I already have naturally dry skin so my skin was extra dry. But that went away after about a week. The app was so helpful. You can log your progress, and ask a doctor or associate from the company any questions at any time. I can’t stress enough, at least give it a try!!! It’s so affordable, easy to use, and the best product I’ve personally ever used. Celebrities need to start promoting this stuff honestly.

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    Products didn’t work for me, unable to get refund

    After more than 3 months of hoping the MDacne products would work, I eventually gave up trying because acne products should NOT have to take this long for results to appear, especially when I have followed the routine and this company’s claims that you will see results in 3-12 weeks. After failed attempts by MDacne trying to “resolve” my problem (they said they would send me a more “potent” cream... which turned out to be the exact one I already had), I attempted to try to get a refund (because why should I have to pay for products that failed their job?) but unfortunately, they have a “no money back policy”. While MDacne products may work for you, I have had an overall bad experience with this subscription, and highly recommend Curology (another acne subscription service online) instead, which cleared my acne up after just A WEEK of using their products. I hope that in the future, MDacne will start honoring a refund policy for customers, until then, I strongly suggest trying Curology first. Wishing everyone a lovely day and clear skin!

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    the best company and products

    I have never been happier with my skin and with a company. They’ll ask how your skin is and take a picture, then recommend products based on your acne levels and skin oiliness/dryness. They send you this cute little blue box with blue paper confetti and your products, and will show you how to use each product on the app. And they care about your check ins, to make sure that the products are right for you. The second set of products they sent me was FREE. No. charge. And they sent a little selfie light for my phone, so that I can be confident and proud of my skin. They want you to be radiant, and truly care about their customers. MDacne is the REAL DEAL. My skin shines and I have little to no acne now. And one of the best things? They are cruelty free (yes! cruelty free!! yay!), and list all of their ingredients for transparency. I LOVE MDacne. You will too!!

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    Money Hungry

    Tried out the product, and thought I cancelled it so I wouldn’t get charged again unless I liked how things went, and then I’d re-enroll. I see a few days ago a pending transaction for a new month. I’m upset because I thought I’d have cancelled it, so I contacted support and they gave me the all clear that it was cancelled, I’d no longer be charged, and nothing would be sent out. Today, at 9 AM, the transaction goes through. I’m very upset. I contact support again— they tell me that while I had cancelled it, they couldn’t refund me or anything. They tell me something about how I should look out for a tracking number. The order doesn’t even ship out FOR SIX MORE HOURS. THEY COULD HAVE STOPPED IT. I GAVE THEM THREE DAYS AND THEY S T I L L SHIP IT OUT AND DO NOT REFUND ME. They told me I would not be charged! Absolute BS. I’m relatively cordial for a good part of the time, I work in customer service, so I understand. But they were given plenty of time and lied and didn’t hold up. Don’t try this if you’re just looking to test a new product. They genuinely don’t care for you as a person.

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    Life Changer!

    Before MDacne I didn’t have much hope for my acne, I had tried so many products that claimed to do so much good for my skin but they didn’t deliver. Essentially I was hesitant to give my money to some other company that claims to work but MDacne is the real deal. Not only does the app give you real dermatologists to talk to about your acne and ask for advice but they have trial size bottles of the customized product that are smaller so you can feel the water for a bit before you get the big ones. Their customized face wash, moisturizer, and acne cream work SO well. Right before I got my kit I also got a major painful pimple right on a smile line and I decided to try to pop it and right after popping it I put the acne cream on it as if a spot treatment cream and any signs of a pimple went away within a day! So glad I found MDacne.

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    Best acne cared

    On April I was having an acne breakout. I was using another acne product at that time, and It didn’t work the only thing it did was make my skin dry. Towards the end of the month my acne was so bad, I didn't know what to do. Until I seen an AD about MDacne. I felt so confident and relief when I bought it. When it arrived on May 1st my acne was just getting worse and worse. I would have pimples around my mouth, my forehead, and my cheeks. When I try it for the first 2 days my acne stop producing. After the next 5 days my acne had decreased dramatically by a lot I went from having like around 15 pimples to just 5. A week later I still have around 3 pimples. But my skin is so much cleaner. I just love this acne program, it really saved my skin. I would highly recommend to my friends or anyone with acne problems.

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    Awesome Product

    I have struggled finding a great cleansing system that was catered to my skin issues. I was starting to get hormonal acne around the jaw line and couldn’t seem to get rid of it. I even went to a dermatologist and was prescribed a topical cream to help. It didn’t seem to be working so I started tanning since that usually helps (I understand it’s bad for you but it always works for me). I then came across this add on Instagram for MDAcne. I tried it and really liked the product. My hormonal acne started to clear up and rarely get blemishes now. I’ve been on this product for 10 weeks and continue to use along with their additional products they offer. My goal is to have a more even skin tone and healthier skin by the end of the year. Thank you again for developing this product!! xx

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    Worth it

    The products really do help your skin. Everything takes time, but you just feel so much better and cleaner and your skin feels healthy and smooth when you use the products. The app is so simple and easy to use and the doctors behind it are a chat away! They also check up on you every few weeks just to make sure you still like everything that is happening! There are tips and articles that help to answer questions and give you advice about what to eat and how to help you just do better to take care of your skin. I saw this on Instagram and thought “only $9 (they had a special for the first months supply).. I can cancel if I don’t like it, but it’s worth a shot” it has been worth every single cent!

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    Personalize your acne treatment

    This app is great! In less than 5 min you can get a personalized treatment plan just by answering a couple of questions and taking a selfie. With the data they find they put together everything you need from acne treatment to moisturizer. They have monthly plans to reorder the stuff you need too! You never have to run out of acne treatment products, especially if they're made for you!!! I definitely recommend this app if you truly believe your acne situation needs a little guidance. Not only can you get help with what to use on your face but you can chat with dermatologists right away and get a second opinion! This app is really easy to use. They tell you where to go and what to do with what you are looking for.

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    This is a great product!

    I used to have virtually clear skin until I turned 19. I started to get severe cystic acne (which is one of the most painful forms of acne and is very hard to treat.) Because I had never really had severe skin issues before, I used almost every treatment and product I could find. Nothing worked for almost 2 years until I found this treatment! I’ve only been using it for about 7 days and I’m already seeing significant improvement. The overall redness of my face has gone down and my breakouts are less frequent and aggressive. I’m hopeful that if I keep up with this treatment I’ll have clear skin again! 10/10 would recommend this product to anyone struggling with acne of any kind.

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Is MDacne - Custom Acne Treatment Safe?

No. MDacne - Custom Acne Treatment does not seem very safe to us. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 11,114 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.6/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for MDacne - Custom Acne Treatment Is 12.6/100.

Is MDacne - Custom Acne Treatment Legit?

No. MDacne - Custom Acne Treatment does not seem legit based on our analysis. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 11,114 MDacne - Custom Acne Treatment User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for MDacne - Custom Acne Treatment Is 12.6/100.

Is MDacne - Custom Acne Treatment not working?

MDacne - Custom Acne Treatment works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Reported Issues: 13 Comments

By Alicia Rodgers
Jun 30 2021

I hope I’m not being scammed and that you do NOT take money out of my cc without my consent. Please take care of this matter and contact me. Thank you!

By Alicia Rodgers
Jun 30 2021

I want to cancel my order that I just placed.

By Zenora Lashay Nix
Apr 23 2021

OMG. Made my skin absolutely worser then it was before I started using this product. My skin has been burning,peeling, and discolored even more. This product is the worst

By Fazila Mir
Apr 08 2021

I am really disappointed by MDAcne, I ordered my trial kit it didn't arrive I emailed them a few times eventually they refunded the trial kit but continue to charge me for the subscription when I said I didn't want to. I feel this company is a scam eager to take my money but not give me any products. Please avoid them

By Yolando
Mar 09 2021

I need to cancel, I found something else that has worked for me.

By Keeshell Gande
Feb 14 2021

Their products may work, l wouldn't know as l never got around to using them after reading reviews, however be warned if u give them your card details they will continue to take money out of your card without your consent whether you want them to or not. It nearly happened to me even though they agreed to cancel my subscription. On the app you could see that it had not truly been cancelled. I had to call my bank and get a new card as even my bank had trouble trying to cancelling the subscription. Its not worth your time or money, l promise. If you want real working acne products go to your nearest pharmacy and talk to the pharmacist they will give u the right advice on the correct over the counter products to use that actually work.

By Lisa A Simoncelli
Feb 12 2021

This product did ABSTOLUTELY nothing for my daughter. When I attempted to contact them to NOT purchase any more, they waited to respond to me until after they shipped their product. They even locked my login so I CANNOT access my account to cancel. Do NOT waste your money. They will continue to charge you and charge you. I put a fraud alert on my bank account and PayPal.

By gracie contreras
Feb 02 2021

It's a scam and I want my money back ASAP

By G.V
Dec 05 2020

this company is a scam money i accidently pushed one button in error to restart my plan but instantly cancelled in 3 minutes and they send me the product and say it was specially made for me BLA BLA BLA BLA BLA they are thieves horrible company

By be
Oct 22 2020

these products made my skin swell up and i look like i have a black eye my whole face was puffy when i woke up

By Danielle K
Oct 07 2020

The products worked for me but this is the WORST company and customer service to deal with. I originally did the free trial then immediately cancelled my subscription so I could do the trial and see how things went. The products worked for me, so when I was nearing the end of the ones I had on hand, I went back into the app to renew my subscription. I had recently gotten a prepaid credit card as a birthday gift, so I decided to use that (having used prepaid credit cards for other subscriptions with zero issue) - the credit card declined even though there was money on it. Contacted support and they told me that "since it's a subscription service" they don't take prepaid credit cards. It's MONEY. TAKE MY MONEY. I have NEVER had an issue with prepaid credit cards and any other subscription service. Because of this response from them, I did not renew at that time. Fast forward to several months later, I decided once again to renew as my acne is starting to come back. I re-signed up with a "real" credit card and as I hit submit to renew the subscription, I got a message stating I had to contact customer service to renew. So now I have to wait another 2+ days to hear from customer service just so I can renew. WORST company to deal with, absolutely absurd how they treat people.

By Darlene Polley
Oct 06 2020

I paid for my daughter's subscription (listed in her name) to a test trial kit. When I realized it was too late to cancel the subscription before the next kit (since I didn't have the account) they will not return the money for the following kit even if the box is not opened. This is the worst company ever. They are a bunch of thieves. They will not return money that is for an acne treatment which they say is medicine but they do not have a prescription for the medicine so I'm not allowed to get my money back. That's what I call a thief.

By Fainche Blakely
Sep 08 2020

Worst company. Stole money out of my account & will not return it. Do not under any circumstances order from this fake company.

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