U.S. Bank Reviews

U.S. Bank Reviews

Published by on 2021-05-21

Complete everyday banking needs from almost anywhere. Such as sending and
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U.S. Bank Reviews

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    Why change is not always better.

    I consider myself very functional in modern device technology. I typically have a very change positive attitude. However, I am tired of change for change sake and not happy with the new update. I don’t know why developers think a new update means change everything and force end-users to re-learn how to do the exact same functions as the previous app. Make it look better, add more functionality, add greater security....fine, awesome but why reconfigure every thing on the surface. Now I have to muddle through figuring out a NEW way to complete the exact same tasks, only now with new bugs and reduced speed. It now takes twice as long to pay bills as the previous version. If you’re going to make me watch the infinity circle spin whilst the “new and improved” app navigates it’s program; at least you could program some upbeat elevator music to pacify my impatience. The new steps are different and not intuitive at all. The problem is I have no other choice of apps for US Bank so I’m stuck suffering through inept app design created by developers that apparently don’t use banking apps. Of course don’t get me started on now being forced to wait through the many updates inevitably coming in the hopes of correcting bugs that had already been solved in the previous version. By the way; “faster app” may need to be addressed in your advertising before some ambulance chasers decide they can make a few $ for false advertising.

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    Could Use Sensitivity training

    I was depositing a large check from the university I was attending. The branch manager came out to assist the teller. She began asked nag me questions in this Kindergarten teacher voice. She asked me if I knew that the check was from a school in Arizona. I told her that I was taking classes online. She said, “Oh, you’re getting your Associate degree?” I looked at her and told her no and that I’m getting my Masters degree. She was shocked. My inference from her behavior was clear that because I am a black woman, she assumed that the check could have been stolen and then that I did not already have a college degree. I’ve gone through a divorce and it left me struggling financially. My account has been overdrawn a few times. However, the automatic assumption should never be that someone is criminal because they are depositing a large check. That money was for a laptop. She had no clue as to how insulting she was. That tells me that that is her propensity towards people of color. I was insulted and hurt upon leaving the bank and I am thinking about taking my funds and leaving your bank. Her behavior was reprehensible and appalling.

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    Annoying App

    Mobile Deposit in the US Bank app frustrates me every time I try to use it. [edit] BUT huge thanks to US Bank for finally removing the requirement to write “for deposit only” under the endorsement!!! [/edit] The over-automated check scanning UI is poorly conceived and prone to failure. It shows an approximate size field into which to fit the check, but demands that you “Get Closer” when you’ve already properly positioned your phone. Then it snaps the image *while* you’re moving closer, which results in a less sharp image than would have been obtained by anyone who’s used a smartphone camera before, if they’d been allowed to capture it manually. Then, the app transmits the images to the bank, and they are rejected. The app has now reset some of the data you put in for the deposit, so you’ve gotta re-type that stuff before proceeding. Other banks have had the mobile deposit system down for years, without any of these hiccups. Please, US Bank, offer an easily accessible manual camera mode, and scrap the For Deposit Only sensor, because you obviously don’t have the programming chops to fix it. And OY with the banners for Zelle and ApplePay! Who needs to be reminded about those things every time they log in to view their accounts? No one! Don’t get me started on slow response time between pages, incomplete or unavailable data, failure to show pending transactions which are days old, etc.

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    Awful customer service

    I established an account in November 2017, I was promised a $100 bonus offer if I did one of two things. Which were either direct deposit of $500 or more OR utilize bill pay 2x a month. I utilized bill pay more than 2x and never received the $100 offer. I contacted the bank that I established the account at and John the manager told me I did not meet requirements and was not helpful to me whatsoever. I asked for the district managers information and contacted her and that was not successful either. She returned one phone call and I missed it and called her back a few more times and my calls or issues were never resolved. I later called customer service and got transferred around and finally was able to speak with someone who confirmed that I did meet requirements and I would receive my $100 within 45 days, I asked her to please put notes in that i did in fact meet requirements so that I didn’t get the run around again. After 45 days I still didn’t receive the offer, I went into the bank and spoke with the Manager Bryan. He told me he would do some research and get back to me. He was very helpful and efficient. He got back to me in a timely manner and let me know he was able to only give me $50 because the only way to get the $100 was to get direct deposit. I was not happy with that because that’s not what I was promised. I was very disappointed in the customer service I received from U S Bank. I felt like I was lied to from the start.

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    Much improved

    My original review for an earlier version of this app was one star. US Bank seems to have taken criticism (not necessarily mine, but in aggregate) seriously. They’re making a concerted effort to improve the quality of the app, and it shows. I’m not sure anyone chooses a bank specifically by how good its mobile app is, and it’s not like you have a choice between apps for the same bank, but overall I have been happy with US Bank over the years, and their current app works quite well for what I need it for: checking balances, transferring funds between accounts, and mobile deposit. I rated it 4 stars instead of 5 because it’s still not perfect: the camera on the mobile check deposit is still slow and very finicky about focus; there are some unnecessary taps (yes I really meant to tap the big blue button! I shouldn’t have to confirm again!), and it’s no longer possible to transfer funds directly from your account into the reserve line as if it were another account — now it kicks you over to a “make a payment” screen that’s obviously a web view and clunky compared to the native screens, so this is a step backwards from earlier versions. But overall, the app is extremely useful now. An essential item on my iPhone home screen!

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    Deposit Payer ID & Reference Memo

    Updated, yet again, 4 or 5th time. SAME ISSUE. I use the mobile app almost exclusively and for the most part pleased with mainly one exception regarding deposit reconciliation and identification that creates still additional unnecessary time for manual search and input later from PC especially at tax time trying to decipher “who the payer is” and “what category” (especially for tax filing). I have requested this for a couple years since I began to use the app, but only provided the cursory canned response that apparently knowing these items for typical bookkeeping purposes is not considered important enough by the developers. Although, the information is readily available and no different the the payee and memo for mobile app checks! Those transaction identity items are captured and retained, so why is it so hard to capture the input of who’s paying you and why they are paying you. It’s simply data, but absolutely needed for accounting purposes. With that information I could do my business portion of my taxes at the end of a year in record time versus the archaic nature now of having to go back thru transactions with only a date and an amount to try and decipher for tax purposes. This should have been one of the first things addressed in development along with how check data is retained.

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    App was getting better, then Zelle happened

    This app was improving on itself the last year or two, but recently they switched to Zelle for sending money, and its utter crap! First, I can’t directly send any money to my external secondary credit union accounts because they are not part of Zelle’s stupid member bank list. So if I want money in those accounts electronically, I have to write myself a check and then deposit it on my credit union app. Second, you have to create a separate account with Zelle if you want to manage any money sent beyond pressing send - and the Zelle app crashed twice in 10 min, once when I was initiating a send. Third, you’re just sending money to a phone number, not to an account, so it’s totally insecure ( FYI - you can’t cancel or freeze sending money if you mess up, so don’t mess up the phone number or your SOL). Not to mention, if I wanted to send money to another person, I just use Apple Pay or Venmo, which are both better operating wise, and more secure because it’s not just a phone number. Zelle is total crap and because of its uselessness and US Bank making it the only way to send money (before you could just transfer to external accounts in a few days), I’m going to be shifting away from US Bank as my primary account, and maybe even as my primary bank.

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    Very poor app!!

    This app has been failing me for years. It either crashes or can’t log in at least once a week, and despite constant feedback and surveys, this still hasn’t been fixed. The coding problems extends beyond crashes and cutesy “Oops! Something went wrong wrong!” error messages, though (Yes, US Bank, I can see something went wrong, thanks). I just recently discovered when setting up a money transfer to an outside account that the app won’t recognize an underscore as a valid character for someone’s email address. Guess the millions who still use underscores for emails won’t get any notifications that money’s coming their way! Hope it’s not important! And, as a cherry on top of the I.T. Fail Cake, I had to write this review on Apple’s App Store because the in-app feedback was programmed to write white text on a white background, rendering anything I typed invisible. Who seriously isn’t double-checking these things before they release them to consumers??!! I’ve stayed a US Bank customer for decades now, but these constant app problems are seriously making me contemplate switching all my accounts to a competitor. Convenient? No. Customer oriented? No. Focused on service? No. Get it together, US Bank, these things still matter in the 21st century, and your app only shows how unwilling-or incapable -you are to see what people want and need.

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    Love this bank - HATE THE APP: UPDATE

    UPDATE: They heard us, guys! They fixed the app and now life is SO. MUCH. EASIER! Thank you, U.S. BANK for appeasing your customers!! :) :) This has nothing to do with the bank. My gripe is the new, updated app. They took an easy, user friendly banking app and completely screwed the pooch. What was once face recognized to open app, now has you log in with your user name, hit password, then face recognition pops up. After that you’re still required to hit log in, are taken to another page to hit the banks app, and then you can finally sign in. I’ve been playing with this since the “upgrade” and there is no simple way to log in. It used to be one step and done. Now it’s a process. For the love of God, change this back to the way it was. Even transferring money between accounts is ridiculous. I would give the new app ZERO stars if it were an option. It’s so bad I’m ready to go back to the old fashioned way of calling an operator for my banking needs. I want the old app back!

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    App is extremely flawed

    First of all Touch ID is useless . It rarely works and often it will fail continually which causes you to be kicked out due to too many failed attempts . Then you have to reset your password . It seems the app resets every other day as if I’m a first time user promoting me to create a log in and giving me a tutorial when I do . Beware with mobile deposit ! I deposited my payroll check which is also a US Bank check in a Friday . Come Monday the deposit was reversed causing me numerous over draft charges and a ton of stress . I called customer service and was told that “it is too soon to tell” . They couldn’t even tell me why it was reversed until the next day where they blamed my company’s account . My employer double and triple checked and even had a US Bank officer verify that there is no issue with the check but yet it was reversed and no explanation. 2 stars since US Bank did reverse the overdraft charges but they can’t fix all of the stress it caused and arrange to repay the bills that bounced . I could go on and on but the App basically is very basic looking and feeling yet very clunky and has a ton of bugs. I used to be a customer with Chase and I miss their app . It was flawless . This Ap seems like 3rd world country quality . Real talk .

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    Fire whoever ‘designed’ this app

    What a waste of an app. I downloaded it many years ago and hated it so much I deleted. I’ve only re-downloaded so I can deposit checks. Outside of that function (which is the same function ALL bank apps have these days, so not a plus) this app is worthless. The design is so unbelievably poor, it’s astonishing. The options bar along the bottom screen is far too chunky and takes up way too much space. I don’t need each of my accts to be listed in a bubble 1/5 the size of the screen. On other apps I can see 8-10 accts on a single page without scrolling about. I can see only 4 of my accts at a time since there’s a huge additional space between debit and credit acct types. BTW, for whoever your designers and developers are, the insights tab is a huge obnoxious waste of space and forces the user to actively avoid accidentally touching it while scrolling and thus opening it and all of its useless nonsense. Put that crap somewhere else. Additionally, when a user scrolls down, it shouldn’t auto force my first acct to be hidden. I hate this app so much. I’ve almost cancelled all of my accts because of how terrible it is. For the life of me I can’t figure out why a bank as large as US Bank can’t have a decent web or app design.

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    Believe me. If I could switch, I WOULD!

    I used to be with Wells Fargo, but switched to US Bank for a few reasons. (Just got my 87¢ class action lawsuit check. Yay.) The thing I miss the most was their app. The IS Bank app is so disappointing. If it lets me log in, I’m met with a putsy interface and temperamental buttons that may or may not do what they are meant to do. Yes, this isn’t 100% of the time, I’ll give them that much. But I’ll say 30-40% of the time (being generous) I go to use it something goes wrong. Again, that’s IF I can log in! And every update is a bittersweet, heart-jerking letdown. You think they’ll make everything better, but it just seems like they made all the things that were terrible look better and/or create more ways for things to go wrong. I’m pretty sure I don’t know anyone who works at US Bank in any sort of capacity but I’m going to start pretending that I do and they’re holding a personal vendetta against me and they find great joy in my frustration with their app. So they find fun new ways to keep it from being improved just so I’ll remain frustrated and their revenge will continue to reek havoc. It’s the only thing that makes sense. It’s quite brilliant, actually. The perfect payback. You win, person I’ve never met. Well played.

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    Deposit limit

    When I moved from California to Wisconsin, I was shocked that I could not make a reasonable mobile deposit with US Bank. As a result, I kept my Bank of America account active in California. That way, if I have a large deposit to make, at least Bank Of America will accept it. U.S. Bank makes me come in for every transaction that Bank Of America would allow as a mobile deposit. Also, I might add that originally, I tried to close the Bank of America account by writing myself a check from that account to U.S. Bank, but U.S. Bank denied my mobile deposit from one account to another because it was too large. That is when I discovered the mobile deposit limit. That is why I I kept my Bank of America account active and now have two accounts instead of one. My sister uses this bank (U.S.) in good standing and has for many many years. She’s the one who convinced me to open the account. In fact, I put her name on my account. However, I am told by management at U.S. Bank that I have to prove my worthiness for several years before they will allow me the same privileges as Bank Of America has always given me. I told him that maybe they should use their heads and go by someone’s credit report before they just assume everybody’s a derelict!

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    It took me a while to be able to deposit a check on my phone. I even put it behind a dark background and signed the back. However took me 4 times because it kept saying error. Maybe there is a bug there cause i should have been easy to do. I even had tellers use my phone and the app to take a pic of the check to show me how to do it. It took them a couple tries as well. So maybe there is something to take a look at that in the app. Also maybe more insight with the credit cards where it tells someone how much in and out money is circulating through the accounts. Maybe more fixing bugs on where the money is going to like groceries, shopping, utilities, and etc. when i scroll through the app i can see the pie chart but when i scroll down to the transaction i cant scroll up again to see the pie chart and chose a different category. If i have to choose a different one i have to go out and than click on the bar chart to see it again.

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    Needs better use out of 3D Touch

    The app is over all great, great design and function use. The improvements I would like to see: allow the user to redeem cash back awards in app; and when using 3D Touch on the app icon (if enabled) show a quick balance. The first improvement, the only solution that I know of now, is to log onto the desktop website, and redeem cash back there. This doesn’t work when a users life is on the go. Logging into a public computer can seem sketchy, and not something I’m particularly fond of. This app allows me to transfer money from one account to another and that’s great! Why not transfer cash back. It’s the same concept.... The second improvement. Allow users to see a quick balance using 3D Touch (if available). Currently, I have to open the, cancel the log in, tell the app I’m sure I don’t want to log in (really guys, come on...), then I can see my quick balance. The point of this feature is to eliminate steps. All three other bank apps I have, allow 3D for quick balances. (It literally takes me longer to view quick balances than it does to log in and view)

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Is U.S. Bank Safe?

Yes. U.S. Bank is quiet safe to use but use with caution. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 1,122,004 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.8/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for U.S. Bank Is 32.8/100.

Is U.S. Bank Legit?

Yes. U.S. Bank is legit, but not 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 1,122,004 U.S. Bank User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for U.S. Bank Is 32.8/100.

Is U.S. Bank not working?

U.S. Bank works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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