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Parent Cue Overview

What is Parent Cue?

Parent Cue is an app designed to help parents raise their children with faith and character. It provides four cues each week to help parents connect with their children, monthly topics on faith and character, and connects parents with local leaders who can support their family beyond the digital space. The app is designed to strengthen the relational rhythm of the home and enhance the long-term relationship between parents and their children.


- Four cues each week to help parents connect with their children

- Monthly topics on faith and character

- Weekly Bible story videos, memory verses, and devotional experiences based on the age of the child

- Church finder feature to connect with local ministries

- Syncing profile with a local ministry to receive important updates, notifications, and events

- Helps parents count the weeks and make them count in terms of establishing identity, belonging, and purpose for their children.

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Raising kids with faith and character doesn’t have to be difficult. Parent Cue gives you four simple ways to connect with the heart of your child each week. You already know a thing or two about life, character, faith, and what it takes to be the human you were created to be. If you’re like most parents, you want to pass on that knowledge to your kids whether they are three years old, seven, or seventeen. But sometimes the day-to-day pace of parenting crowds out the intentional conversations we want to have with our kids. Where do we start? When do we find the time? How do we know if we’re being successful? With Parent Cue, you never have to parent alone. Parent Cue is a team of family experts and everyday parents working together to provide the support you need so you can be the parent you want to be. We developed the Parent Cue App to specifically help you raise kids in faith and character by strengthening the relational rhythm of your home, elevating important topics of conversation, and connecting you with local leaders who can support your family beyond this digital space. To strengthen the relational rhythm of your home, Parent Cue App gives you four cues each week to help you connect with the heart of your child. Each cue is strategically designed for the age of the child you are raising and helps you develop family patterns that will enhance your long-term relationship with your child over time. . To elevate important topics of conversation, the Parent Cue App gives you monthly topics on faith and character so you can incorporate big ideas into everyday life. To support each monthly idea, Parent Cue updates with weekly Bible story videos, memory verses, devotional experiences, and more based on the age of the child you are raising. To connect you with local leaders, Parent Cue App partners with over 34,000 churches around the world. To find your church, or discover a church that partners with the Parent Cue strategy, use the simple “church finder” feature and sync your profile with a local ministry. Once you have associated with a church, you will receive all important updates, notifications, events, etc… from that ministry. There are 936 weeks from the time a child is born until they turn 18 and move on to what’s next. These 936 weeks are unlike any other time in a person’s life. They lay the foundation of faith and character. They are the groundwork of establishing identity, belonging, and purpose. Parent Cue helps every caregiver count the weeks, so you can make the weeks really count.

Top Reviews

By 🐚bell

Perfect fit

I really like the Parent Cue app. I’ve tried various ways to have devotional times with my kids ages 10 and 4. It has often felt forced and not productive. I appreciate that there is a different lesson/video for my 10 year old than my 4 year old. The lessons are well done with up to date talk, themes, dress, etc. I especially appreciate that African American’s are included in the the line up-I could tell my daughter was excited about that. My kids learn these lessons on Sunday and we can go back and watch them once or twice during the week. The conversation starters also help keep the theme going in a natural way during the week. Parent Cue is definitely a perfect fit for us!

By Jaimee Anderson

Wonderful tool

I absolutely love parent cue! It has helped me to carve out intentional time with my son as well as growing us closer together, spiritually. I can tell my son is thinking about what he is watching and he’s understanding who Jesus is. In a world of technology, I appreciate the content and quality this app brings to my son. I love how this app caters to the age of the child. So often as a parent it’s hard to know what is age appropriate, this app does the hard work for you. It’s enabled me to count my days with my son while I have him, to train him up in the ways of the lord and watch him soar in life. I love it! Easy to use, relevant for both parent and child. Highly recommend it!

By Monarch Momma

Great resource!

I am a grandparent raising a teenager. Although I’ve been through raising a child before; many things (most especially technology & the part it now plays in our children’s lives) have changed. I find that there are also different & often more encouraging approaches than some of the tools we had in the past. I enjoy every podcast segment & appreciate the encouraging weekly texts. I share them with other parents I cross paths with & it benefits others in the community. I’m so glad our youth pastor thought to share information on this program with the parents in our group. Keep up the great work.

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