BIGO LIVE-Live Stream, Go Live Reviews

BIGO LIVE-Live Stream, Go Live Reviews

Published by on 2024-05-23

About: Watch great live streams, enjoy live game streaming, live chat with people
worldwide, go live to be a social media influencer..

About BIGO LIVE Live Stream Go Live

What is BIGO LIVE Live Stream Go Live? BIGO LIVE is a social media app that allows users to watch live streams, enjoy live game streaming, live chat with people worldwide, and go live to become a social media influencer. The app has over 400 million users worldwide and supports 150+ countries.



- Watch Live Stream: Millions of talented broadcasters, dancers, singers, foodies, comedians live-stream in BIGO LIVE. Users can watch 24/7 great live streams, such as live gaming, live music, and live chatting.

- Live Video Chat: Users can invite a friend to start a 1:1 live video chat or create a live chat room with up to 8 people. Live voice chat is also available.

- Live Voice Chat & Drop-in Audio Chat: Users can join casual, drop-in audio conversations with friends and other interesting people around the world, similar to Clubhouse.

- Live Game Streaming: Users can watch gamers play popular games like Minecraft, Among Us, Fortnite, PUBG, FIFA 18, League of Legends, and more. Users can also start their own gaming channel.

- Go Live: Users can go live and become a social media influencer. The app offers tons of cool filters and stickers for users to choose from.

- Other Live PK allows users to dare their friends, Cute Pet lets users raise a cute pet online, and Bar allows users to share updates and photos and engage with friends.

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Key Benefits of BIGO LIVE Live Stream Go Live

- Ability to translate real time a foreign language

- Variety of people streaming interesting content

- Connect with people around the world

- Official host position

28 BIGO LIVE Live Stream Go Live Reviews

4.4 out of 5


Great App For Watching Live Streams

Great things about BIGOLIVELiveStreamGoLive is you have the ability to translate real time a foreign language, BIGO is great because it allows you to watch a variety of people stream interesting content and connect with people around the world don't get me wrong. BIGO is literally one of my favorite apps. It's my absolute favorite broadcasting app and ever since I became an official host I've only loved it more. But there's one issue that is driving me crazy. So, when I became a host I went onto my profile and for my career I put "Official BIGO Host" and it worked. Then I noticed about a week later it was gone. So I filled it in again but it said my input had "inappropriate content". I put "Official Host" instead and it said the same thing. I put "Host" and it still said the same thing. I see broadcasters/hosts all over BIGOLIVELiveStreamGoLive and their career says the exact same thing. I figured it must just be a bug/glitch in BIGOLIVELiveStreamGoLive . I recently updated it but I'm still having the issue and it's driving me mad. I'd really appreciate it if you could look into it.


Account scam

I think it’s bs they don’t have an option to delete your account if you sign up. I curiously went through an app link and installed BIGOLIVELiveStreamGoLive it creepily automatically made an account for me and then before I new it I was overwhelmed with other followers and bots before I could even show a bio of my individuality! It was too much for me so I tried to find out how to delete the account I started but the system said they don’t have that option from the feedback, but I could clear the account info and just leave it....which is unsettling! Considering how easily it is to get hacked on BIGOLIVELiveStreamGoLive so I just changed the information instead and then deleted BIGOLIVELiveStreamGoLive off my phone. Still though feels violating that I have a floating account that links to my google account and I can’t delete it. This is the only way I can actually hopefully get the service to delete my account link. Especially without any consent knowing I got into it without knowing I can’t delete it after making an account seems like a way to scam the number of members into their system. Please assist me with this I feel uncomfortable with BIGOLIVELiveStreamGoLive!


This scamming app

I put a lot of money and time into BIGOLIVELiveStreamGoLive so that I’m making my quotas and excelling there expectations and I’m supposed to get paid for it . The year is almost over and all I had was a hard time first it was my live data button for the entire first two months of starting as a host . Then it was my pay ….. never got cleared to my bank now it’s that I’m going to get my beans in full returned and I have to wait 20-30 days again when where are they? Right now ? While I have already put money in and supposed to get paid and I can’t keep up I’m discouraged I’m getting depressed I feel personally attacked with BIGOLIVELiveStreamGoLive. I’m always in the feedback and I’m loosing my focus and my right as a United States of America working for anyone in this country should never be a scam . I have avoiding going live just to make sure I don’t get banned and never EVER get paid because BIGOLIVELiveStreamGoLive does not make sure they pay you for your time like America is supposed to fired or not …. Not that I am I’m just saying I have been careful and still no pay and other people on BIGOLIVELiveStreamGoLive say that my situation is very weird !


This is pretty much an adult app

BIGOLIVELiveStreamGoLive is great! 90% of the people on here are horrible! You pretty much have people showing body parts and not getting banned, people trying to get people to send money then they kick and block you as soon as you talk again! BIGOLIVELiveStreamGoLive could be great if they didn’t promote half naked girls with there body parts falling out to make money! It also seems like they let things slide when the person makes them money! Apple should probably remove BIGOLIVELiveStreamGoLive if not for the material then for the streaming of copyrighted PPV’s that the mods just let happen!

I have meant a few really awesome people that really enjoy conversations but they dont make the developers money because they refuse to dress in less and shake their body parts around!

BIGOLIVELiveStreamGoLive is attracting the wrong crowd of people that are viewing and are only there to ask people to show them things! No matter how many times you report them they are still there asking for things!! Bigo needs to start steering away from half naked people and put more effort into helping the true streamers that want meaningful conversations succeed!


Just another Live Streaming app😒

You will meet different types of people on here. The fakes are easy to spot for me. I got a message from Bigo saying one of my pictures was reported for some class A violation. Idk who reads all the rules and guidelines these days because they’re always so long but I’ve never heard of it. I just like to join Live’s and support the real people who entertain me or appear pretty chill; if that makes sense. If you want to join a family, make sure you meet the requirements such as location. I found out around two weeks ago that if you live outside the US then you can’t join an American family. However, there is something on Bigo called VIP points that you can use to pay Bigo to let someone in from outside the region. I recently downloaded LiveMe but there’s so many users who don’t even speak English on there. I have yet to figure out if there’s a way to change that. If I could go back to Bigo; I would hope that the people whom I’ve blocked don’t try to start drama with me because it’s a waste of their life to try and ruin mine.


I haaaaate this app

BIGOLIVELiveStreamGoLive has soooo many bugs and glitches, I have had BIGO for over a year and have not been able to go live because of a ban on my account. They requested that I send in my photo ID and also a picture of me holding my ID . I have done this several times on the course of a year and it keeps rejecting it and the ban has yet to be lifted even though I am 31 years old. I finally gave up and tried to delete the account AND BIGO WILL NOT ALLOW ME TO DELETE THE ACCOUNT! It wants me to continue to send my Identification with my personal information LIKE MY ADDRESS AND LICENSE NUMBER AGAIN and that is something I am not comfortable with doing REPEATEDLY ! I’ve sent several emails and sent feedback in regards to this with the same results. BIGOLIVELiveStreamGoLive needs to be deleted, it is a scam to get your personal info and sell it to other scammers. As long as I am not able to delete BIGOLIVELiveStreamGoLive I will continue to write negative reviews until it has been deleted. I’m considering SUING. That one star is a lie I give BIGO NO STARS I will download a better app


this app is not for scary people so please stay away

To get the best place make please get to know people for a year first. Please be aware that it 2 different types of host won't BIGOLIVELiveStreamGoLive A paid host and just go live yes it is possible to be a paid host but your success depends on the connection on BIGOLIVELiveStreamGoLive . To be a paid host you must get (((40k ))) in Bigo gift every month 👉🔈AFTER 📢👈the first 60 days. If you get on BIGOLIVELiveStreamGoLive place be aware that it's a lot of people that will block you if you do not have a name and some type of pictures on your account. If you just plan to use BIGOLIVELiveStreamGoLive just for fun & conversation for the most part you should have no issue and it would be quite fun. Please also be aware that BIGOLIVELiveStreamGoLive works off connections how u build with people. So if u plan to be a bad host take a year or more to build up followers and get to know BIGOLIVELiveStreamGoLive . Also don’t just hop on anybody’s panel this is a easy way to get blocked it’s very irritating to the other viewers that have built up a relationship with that person.



Nobody is monitoring the reports!!! Anyone can report anyone for anything and everything and get you kicked off or banned out of jealousy or just for the fun of it. Girls can wear a snow suit and only their nose showing and get banned for pornography. “Oh your pretty, report. Oh you have a lot of beans, report. Oh your competition, report. I don’t like your hair color, report. You’re wearing too much clothing, report. I don’t like your music, report. You didn’t say hi to me, report. I’m gonna go report everybody so more viewers for me, report. I’m jealous and insecure, report”. People are getting banned for nothing!!! There needs to be proof of these reports and the reports getting checked before banning innocent people over and over again for NOTHING! This is how you lose customers and audiences. I’m over it. Many people I’ve talked to are over it. Its not fun anymore. I’m just waiting for someone else to make a better app with proper monitoring and so are plenty of the popular Bigo people that are getting banned for basically just breathing. RIP BIGO


Help Help Help Emaling y’all is not Working

I don’t know what is going on I have emailed and emailed and emailed no response my account was hacked the first two weeks I was on here 238 beans and 2168 diamonds disappeared from my account no one has contacted me yet I have several screenshots of the I.d. # that hacked me I emailed those to y’all also that’s one issue........
Over Charging
BIGOLIVELiveStreamGoLive has been over charging my bank account and taking my money and not giving me my diamonds then when I requested a refund y’all declined it knowing y’all didn’t give me my diamonds I have several $1.09 unauthorized charges on my account from BIGOLIVELiveStreamGoLive
I also converted 800 beans over for diamonds twice in one night and never received the first set of diamonds... Can Some One Please Contact Me back emailing is not working I just want all my over charged back and my missing diamonds and beans I enjoy BIGOLIVELiveStreamGoLive but I can’t continue to go forward till these issues are resolved I have spent a lot of money on BIGOLIVELiveStreamGoLive over $500 the way to do it is to make sure your costumers who contributing to BIGOLIVELiveStreamGoLive are well taking care of I just wants what belongs to me so I can finish enjoying BIGOLIVELiveStreamGoLive I can’t enjoy it if y’all taking my money P.S Is there a contact number I can call? Thank’s advance 🤦🏾‍♀️...

Responding to Travis i been emailed everything y’all app requested me to do in your policy and still no help I need to talk to some seriously are im going to take legal action


We miss the old Bigo

I did broadcast in Bigo from 2017 to 2020, it was such a cool app, so many nice people and I made so many friends. Even when I always was rejected to be official broadcaster (because my account was too old) I was there for the nice people. Bigo was a respectful app and people liked that. Nowadays there is just naked girls, shaking it and they don’t care at all because they are getting more money from it, many bots and not really a system to stop them, they just do to people that isn’t as famous (sometimes). Bigo stop being a respectful app and all the time I ask somebody now about BIGOLIVELiveStreamGoLive the just laugh and say that is p*rn. I feel sad. As I said I was in BIGOLIVELiveStreamGoLive for such a long time and there was so many good memories, but I leave it because from 2019 to this days BIGOLIVELiveStreamGoLive went from an amazing broadcasting app to a low level one. Many downloads and beans doesn’t mean is doing something good.
I leave some stars because of the old good stuff.


I wish I could give 0 stars

First things first, Bots are NOT NECESSARY! It’s extremely frustrating that y’all use them, why can’t you just give an accurate room count of THE REAL PEOPLE in your room? Secondly, y’all are very discriminatory towards certain body types, I would literally get kicked constantly for no other reason than I had cleavage and I was a bigger girl which is ironic considering you literally allow thinner women to dance provocatively in scantily clad costumes. You’re customer service is complete garbage and to add insult to injury after just trying to get my hours in YOU BAN ME FOR A YEAR CITING DRUG USE WHILE I WAS LITERALLY JUST DOING MY MAKEUP. LiveMe/Bigo/uplive are literally just the same concept just different branding. You have to watch what you say even when talking about your social media. I literally would get kicked for no reason sometimes and it became very clear to me that y’all only favor certain body types which is extended discriminatory. Periscope had its flaws but at least I got to interact with REAL PEOPLE IN REAL TIME.



I ha downloaded BIGOLIVELiveStreamGoLive and when I was on it I was getting messages of people asking for my cashapp account and I say the next two day’s I get on safari to look up something and it said the iPhone has been hacked and it scared me so I just reseted my phone cause if you reset you phone it’s say that the scammers will not longer have access to you phone and I think that Apple should get rid of BIGOLIVELiveStreamGoLive cause they just scamming people and hacking people’s phones so please telling everyone to not download BIGOLIVELiveStreamGoLive cause they will steal your information and when you try to delete the your account it will not let you and I seen some other reviews that BIGOLIVELiveStreamGoLive is mostly ran by bots so be careful don’t save any of you credit card information in your phone at all or nothing else that’s very important........................ so I repeat do not download BIGOLIVELiveStreamGoLive people hope everyone read this review before y’all think about downloading BIGOLIVELiveStreamGoLive and just to stay on the safe side


Customer service needs to step up

We spend so much money into BIGOLIVELiveStreamGoLive and what do we get instead is the slowest customer service than the local dmv in our area! You will only get fast replies if we achieve the svip requirements for one month and let’s say we don’t have it the next month we have to email them at the feedback and they almost never reply or when they reply it’s mostly unrelated to the topic/issue or they will be forwarding you to another department, another thing I dislike the most is how different region have some svip features and some don’t!? We are in US why can’t we have the same features as other countries when they have what we have and they have probably more features than us! Really really disappointed in the customer service! Would not recommend spending even 1 cent on BIGOLIVELiveStreamGoLive! All they care about it the purchases and how much money we spend that’s all! If you guys are getting our money we should be getting the service as well!



Okay, don't get me wrong, BIGO is literally one of my favorite apps. It's my absolute favorite broadcasting app and ever since I became an official host I've only loved it more. But there's one issue that is driving me crazy. So, when I became a host I went onto my profile and for my career I put "Official BIGO Host" and it worked. Then I noticed about a week later it was gone. So I filled it in again but it said my input had "inappropriate content". I put "Official Host" instead and it said the same thing. I put "Host" and it still said the same thing. I see broadcasters/hosts all over BIGOLIVELiveStreamGoLive and their career says the exact same thing. I figured it must just be a bug/glitch in BIGOLIVELiveStreamGoLive . I recently updated it but I'm still having the issue and it's driving me mad. I'd really appreciate it if you could look into it.


Extremely disappointed.

I spent the last 4 days building up a following, making friends, auditioning & getting approved for a paid host position. Then today my account was permanently banned for posting a photo that got flagged as “pornography” when I did nothing of the sort. There was no way to appeal the decision. I would never post pornography. BIGOLIVELiveStreamGoLive wants you to put all kinds of money into it to send “gifts” then they swipe your account with a faulty algorithm. No wonder they are literally paying people to use the platform, their users are dropping like flies while their reputation & credibility pays the price. So many literal “bot” accounts too, more than I have ever seen on any platform EVER. Why don’t you remove the ACTUAL pornographic content that people post on Bigo??


The number 1 social broadcast/live streaming app

So who wouldn’t love an app that allows you from the comfort of your home to interact with people. I have so many friends abroad it makes me feel like a world traveler. Great things about BIGOLIVELiveStreamGoLive is you have the ability to translate real time a foreign language. The audio live allows you to feel like you are in a live podcast/radio station that is interactive. The community is unique in a way where there are many demographics of people from all walks of life . There is literally a space/place for everyone. Want to see people cooking ,they have it ! Want to hear an undiscovered singer/songwriter ? They have it ! The list goes on . Or just meet people around the world and make friends / network and enjoy! The world of bigo ! What are you waiting for download it !!!


Big mistake not allowing screen shots or recording

While allowing broadcasters to protect their privacy is admirable by not allowing screen recording or screen shots; this actually does more harm than good, it removes the ability to obtain the required evidence to report a broadcasters wrong doing on the platform. Now girls can do what ever they want and never get caught. This type of feature is normally used on adult websites selling adult content to prevent copyright infringement. Unless BIGO is now an XXX adult app, this feature serves no purpose. Furthermore, if left in place, it should be something that is earned for example by broadcasting more or recharging a certain amount. I wrote this message because I saw a broadcaster doing something sexual in nature and I was unable to take screenshots to report them. You have effectively removed moderation and support from the community itself.


Probably amazing for many.

So, I’m impressed with how relentlessly BIGOLIVELiveStreamGoLive diversely seeks to cultivate engagement and interaction. I’ve never seen anything like it.

In the few times I’ve tried using was SO MUCH going I found BIGOLIVELiveStreamGoLive to be, by FAR, the most annoying app I’ve ever used or seen.

BIGOLIVELiveStreamGoLive sent me notifications WAY too often, interfering with games I was playing - I HATED that!!! Like, LEAVE ME ALONE!!

Obviously, I can adjust my notifications and did.

When using BIGOLIVELiveStreamGoLive , it’s like, here, try this, try this, do you want to do this, do this, do this, here are some free whatevers - use them like this, do you want to use some whatevers now?, here are some more things, follow this person, this person says hello - do you want to follow them or send them something, etc, etc, etc!!! WOW - WAY too much!!

To be fair, BIGOLIVELiveStreamGoLive/service is probably a dream come true for certain tastes. I’d prefer to not leave any stars, because I don’t want to affect their rating. 3 stars is more than I really feel, but I might feel differently if I was accustomed to its carnival of stimuli and, as I said, I don’t think they really DESERVE a low score for being so over the top with engagement fodder.

So, there’s my perspective. Not for me, but I’m impressed.


Unfair app

The higher up account managers are for sale! Certain hosts are able to get PERMANENTLY banned pages unbanned by paying admins and account managers. They are also paying those same admins and account managers to ban other pages. The hosts that are getting constant 10 minutes bans while not breaking any rules or regulations are suffering at the hands of those that are paying Bigo staff behind the scenes. BIGOLIVELiveStreamGoLive is a playground for extortion and bullying for those that are willing to grease the palms of the top tier management staff. I have witnessed death threats, homes being shot up, and peoples personal information being exposed all the while, the hosts that are doing it will get a PERMANENT 10 year ban but are back live within days. There is always an excuse from Bigo even when we the people submit VIDEO proof to bigofeedback. I will be reporting BIGOLIVELiveStreamGoLive to the Trevor act and the fcc since Bigo will not take appropriate action against broadcasters who blatantly break the rules.


on the fence

i haven’t been on BIGOLIVELiveStreamGoLive too long still going to different lives an seeing how it works checking different types of content but right now im stuck on 2 stars because ive seen nothing but hate amongst host an broadcasters people taking the drama on BIGOLIVELiveStreamGoLive and taking it to peoples door step when i first got on everything seemed great they way people gift how the families an agency’s work an as i got a little deeper in i’m just very shocked at how everything is going so far broadcasters saying they want to hurt themselves online people sending CPS to peoples houses people meeting to fight off BIGOLIVELiveStreamGoLive i was thinking about doing some content with my brothers but as of right now i don’t want them anyway near BIGOLIVELiveStreamGoLive i’ll continue to watch an gift as i can i’m sure it’s not all bad maybe i’m just not looking at the right people will update soon maybe in about 3 months


Don’t download BIGO

Level standard, if you don’t got a lot of diamonds they don’t care for you. I got my profile banned so much cause of people wrongly reporting me to promote themselves WARNING their are a lot of jealous people on BIGOLIVELiveStreamGoLive. I’ve have contacted BIGO before and NEVER got a response about why I was banned. Women on BIGOLIVELiveStreamGoLive does a lot worse on BIGOLIVELiveStreamGoLive then I do, but the difference between me and them is they have a lot of diamonds(beans). Which gives them the upper hand of letting them do what they want. I just on BIGOLIVELiveStreamGoLive barely 3 weeks and almost close to 3k fans and I’m rarely on there. Which is because I’m banned for 24 hours again or I’m busy with my life. I’m not the kind of person who likes to write a paragraph about a problem, I’ll just simply get off or ignored. I’ve been noticing how a few things is wrong with BIGOLIVELiveStreamGoLive. They want to clean friendly but can’t take away the chat saying nun but disrespectful things to women, racism or ignorant comments. If this suppose to 18 years or older they technically grown. WOMEN on here be slow grinding and twerking on here. Their is money involved with BIGOLIVELiveStreamGoLive and BIGO is only worried about the folks of who getting paid. They don’t care about the lower level.


Bigo not a place for entertaining


To let you know I’ve been spending a lot on BIGOLIVELiveStreamGoLive. I’ve spend over thousands of dollars a week but after what had happen to my user lately is not right and I had email bigoamerica ask if I could get further assistance from Singapore regarding my issues with what happen to my idol. Obviously they don’t care and did not reply to my emailed. Maybe another would be a better place for me and my idol. Threatening my idol using profanity is far most what they do best. Supposed supposed to be banned but because the idol has made a lot of money for bigo they didn’t care and take action of what’s going on. In this case, I would thought bigo would act up responsibly and take action of idols threatening other idols and talking bad about users but fairly enough its not true bigo doesn’t care. This need to be brought up to everyone that spending there money here but getting treated like crap.


⚠️WARNING⚠️ do NOT download!!!!

One Star is being nice. For one of the many problems of BIGOLIVELiveStreamGoLive, it promotes pornography. Second, it completely messed up my phone. It turned the screen green when I was in BIGOLIVELiveStreamGoLive , and when I got done editing a video, my phone said I had a text and made the sound like someone was texting me, but it wouldn’t let me read it! I immediately deleted BIGOLIVELiveStreamGoLive and then reset my phone. (After which I was able to read the text.) Nothing like that has happened since I deleted BIGOLIVELiveStreamGoLive , so I am almost 100% positive that it was BIGOLIVELiveStreamGoLive. Only download BIGOLIVELiveStreamGoLive if you’re ok with your phone crashing and possibly being hacked! Oh, and seeing practically naked people! Again, one Star is being as nice as I could manage. If it let you rate it -1,000 stars I would. DO NOT DOWNLOAD! All it does is take up space on your phone and probably hacks it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Really Bigo?

I gave BIGOLIVELiveStreamGoLive three stars because you can meet some great people on here, and have some fun. However, the constant display of favoritism and lack of accountability on Bigo’s side is ridiculous. I got banned for eating essentially. And then they banned me permanently and then they gave me my account back. Bigo will cater to girls who make them money, to people who will make them money. So if you are a smaller account, they can block you and not think twice about it. Bigo always says that they will pay more attention but they don’t. Girls continue to be half naked, just for beans. 🤷🏾‍♀️. But someone will be banned if they’re just chilling and talking. Bigo should do better. It also takes a long time to report anyone like kids or even the girls who shouldn’t be doing anything ..



Im very upset I’ve had Bigo for over a year now and my account was banned class A for pornographic content I never get on my live and show anything like that nor do I twerk like they allow the rest of the whorish females to do bigo is very bias with whom they choose to ban they will let certain women get on and dance and dress in underwear and a bra and not ban them but let me or any colored female do that our account will be permanently banned im so angry that they banned me for something I never did I’ve been reported by haters and gotten banned for that as well it’s not right BIGO STOP ALLOWING CERTAIN PEOPLE TO GO AGAINST BIGO RULES AND THEN BANNING OTHERS FOR EITHER NO REASON OR BECAUSE RHEY ARENT A STAR lll or have 500k followers the rules should apply to everyone not just some smh i messaged you guys and no reply I want my account unbanned anyone who knows me on there knows I do not get on and show inappropriate things all I do is sing !!!



I don’t understand how little people from NYC they are is like from everywhere else and went you do fine one is like they one some kind of credit card or gift card or money for there phone because if not they’re going to cut my phone and then I cannot talk to you no more and im really feeling you,I mean there’s not one who talked to you for a little until they ready to meet and then you could asked or what ever but meet first don’t send no kind of money or credit cards because you would never meet that person anyway I talking to one right now and have good vibes from her but now she wants a credit card what do ya think lol,just my luck, and then is like oh you don’t trust me, I haven’t met you yet I you seriously,I dont know no more this is like gambling...


Nice app with few improvements needed

I have been using BIGOLIVELiveStreamGoLive for about 3 years. It’s a nice app and connects people from different countries in a different way than other social media apps. However, I wish they add mic mute function to the Live stream just like they one in multi-guests or voice broadcast. This would help hosts to keep streaming while they receive a call on the other phone or need to respond to someone without having to interrupt the live broadcast.
Also, please lower the cost of the gifts a little or reduce the experience points required to upgrade to the next level.


Great app

I love BIGOLIVELiveStreamGoLive! I started off using it just to get over social anxiety and share ideas to people all over the world. Bigo Live is a bridge between me and friends, and helping me overcome so many challenges and make new friends. Also, I’ve met some amazing Host and broadcasters. The community is unique in a way where there are many demographics of people from all walks of life. There is literally a space/place for everyone. Thanks very much!
Also, I would recommend this to anybody who is an artist of any kind! If you want to be discovered and reach a large audience here’s the application for you.


No payment

I have been working for BIGOLIVELiveStreamGoLive and have requested money and still haven’t receive my deposit. When I message them all they can say is keep waiting a tacted to not have to pay. They have no number for you to call so you have to message every day just for them to give you no proof your money has been sent. I have literally sent message after message I have gotten no where nor have I received my money almost a month now.

So update not only am I still waiting on payment they have banned me for no reason for 3 days why they owe me money. I didn’t break any rules they say it’s because of nudity but I was fully dressed why a lot of there girls are naked. I’ve sent so many messages to have to be punished for nothing. That’s not right I’m to the point if your looking for an app this isn’t it.


Good Idea / Badly Regulated

So BIGO is a social media platform for adults similar to TikTok etc. They claim to have all these rules, which they don’t follow. BIGOLIVELiveStreamGoLive is basically used 75% of the time for pornographic reasons. Most hosts use BIGOLIVELiveStreamGoLive to promote their private porn sites/snapchats. They claim to be against this but since these hosts are the ones who bring in the most viewers and get “gifted” the most they turn a blind eye to it. I don’t have an issue with this but don’t be fake about it. Also their exchange rate for gifts is about 70% this is how they make huge bank. Double standards for male and female hosts are rampant, and you can get banned for male to female cross dressing which leads me to believe they aren’t the most LGBT friendly app. BIGO stop with the double standards, and stop pretending like you aren’t catering to the adult industry. BIGOLIVELiveStreamGoLive is not for kids y’all!



I’ve got to admit, I LOVED BIGOLIVELiveStreamGoLive... at first! I had no idea what to do at first and they banned me for wearing a bathing suit in my hammock. Cool fine. The second I get booted I get sent to another girls broadcast who is in a bikini in a hot tub WITH ANOTHER GIRL?!? Skimpy as hell!!!!! I was in a freaking bikini and they banned my account and took ALL MY EARNINGS. I have a large social media following. They helped me to get where I was EVERY TIME. No one ever, EVER understood “why i was banned”? I’d have pajamas on, or maybe I’d shown my stomach? It’s THAT PETTY! I HAVE WATCHED WOMEN ON HERE DAILY DO MORE THAN I HAVE EVER DONE AND THEY'RE OKAY TO DO IT?! So, I reached out and I let them know I want my earnings or I’m suing you. Idc if you think you’re a ‘fancy’ app, in reality you sheist-ily takes ppls money and cut them off from it and it’s whatever you see fit? Hmmm, check out other ppl on your site? NEEDS IMPROVEMENTS!!! ASAP!!!


Helping you reach a large audience!

When I first landed on this application I unaware of what live streaming with all about. I was able to quickly understand how to use the application and could see the benefit it would be able to make in my life. I took a little bit to get used to being in front of a camera but overall has been an awesome experience. I would recommend this to anybody who is an artist of any kind! If you want to be discovered and reach a large audience here’s the application for you.

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No answer no response my question no body help me personally.

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I wrote a bad comment on the austin bigo and did this under the influence.I did not have the right to do this and want to apologize for doing this

Ro Fe   2 years ago

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Dean Carney   2 years ago

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Dipendu maity   2 years ago

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CHONG DI FO   3 years ago

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Hunter   3 years ago

I can't log in to my account

Matthew Daniels   3 years ago

This page that has my profile information and where I bought my diamonds and it's not showing my order in my page.

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BIGO LIVE-Live Stream, Go Live works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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