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Published by on 2020-01-09

Google Duo is the highest quality video calling app*. It’s simple, reliable, and works on smartphones and iPad, and on the web. Features: Group Calling Bring together all the people who matter most, even when you're apart, with group calling. Duo now supports up to 8 people in a group video call....

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Google Duo Reviews

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    Great app for just about anything video communication related

    The app does a great job of allowing you to video message with others, in addition it allows you to send video messages almost as if you were sending a text message! Allowing the person that you sent the video message to, they can view it at their own convenience! It will also permit you to send videos that you recorded utilizing your smart device by selecting them as the message that you would like to send! The other cool thing is that the videos expire after roughly 24 hours, but it will allow you to download special videos that you would like to keep to your own smart device! Easy to use, very user-friendly! Default length of the video messages are 30 seconds!

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    Phenomenal call quality

    Downloaded this app because I have ZERO cell service in my house and apple didn’t enable WiFi calling. So instead of stepping outside in the rain or freezing weather whenever someone wanted to call me at home, Duo has solved that. Call audio is the clearest I have ever heard on a phone call, like the person is on the other side of your phone talking at your ear. I have strong WiFi so I can’t say how it would perform if WiFi is spotty. I noticed that when you are not on WiFi and take a duo call over your cell service there is a bit of a delay between accepting the call and when the caller can hear you which can lead to some confusion, but still great call quality. Very simple interface, no bells and whistles, just works, and works great.

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    Very good video calling app

    My mom is Deaf and so we have used Duo to communicate when we are not at home together, especially since I have an iPhone and she has a Samsung. In my family, we have used many video chatting apps but none have worked as great or smoothly as Duo, especially since there is the option to leave a video message! One feature that I wish the app had is to mute the other person— sometimes when I am on a call with my mom, I am in a public place, such as at a grocery store or salon, and I have to ask my mom to mute herself on the phone since lowering the volume and turning the ringer off from my phone does not actually turn the volume off. Other than that, Duo is really good for video calls!

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    Great app, but drains battery

    This is a great app and all, and I love it, but I was on it with my friend for about 5 minutes, and my battery totally almost died. Before I started this call I was at about 50%, but I had to end it because my phone was at 1%. I told my friend about it though, and she said her battery wasn’t dying at all. It may just be the phone company though because she has a Samsung and I have an Apple. Trick for Apple users: if you power your phone off, wait ten seconds, and then power it back on, it gains a lot of battery. I like now that you can do group chats. That’s a cool new feature that was just added. Also, I can Google Duo my friends that have Samsung’s. I love that you can send videos and I just love it!!

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    Integral part of my long-distance relationship

    The internet and cell service at my apartment is spotty at best, and my long-distance boyfriend and I had been continuously frustrated by this as it was difficult for us to skype, FaceTime, or Facebook messenger video call, and actually hold a conversation and be able to see each other, and even regular voice calls would drop or be noisy. Duo somehow has absolutely none of the problems of the other services, and my boyfriend and I are so happy that we can finally hold a conversation like we’re right next to each other instead of nearly 1000 miles apart. Since downloading the app, we haven’t bothered using anything else.

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    The quality felt like a movie

    You know when they show video chats in movies and it's so clear, it's as if they're editing live? This video was super clear like that. I like the Facebook messenger app video chat over FaceTime and Skype (anything is better than skype), but this Duo app is above all of that and way better than the hangouts iOS app. I have an iPhone 6s with 10.3.3 software. It worked so incredible for my call with my sister. The app downloaded in only a few seconds, so it's super lean and doesn't take up much storage space. My phone is getting old, so the battery drains quickly with video; but that's a phone issue. Highly recommend this app.

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    This app...

    ... has been a total game changer for me and my family. I have a lot of family that live in various states that I connect with on a regular basis. I love talking to my family but getting to see them is so much better. If I work late I can just call my husband and have a quick peek at my sleeping angel. The ONLY problem i have with it is, is that at times the connection can get a bit blurry depending on what kind of phone they have, phone service, WiFi connection, etc.... But overall love the app. Highly recommend to all who have loved ones who live far and way and would like to keep in touch and the best part is, you don’t need to buy on of the expensive iPhones just to what they call “FaceTime” lol.

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    As a person with an Iphone that has a lot of friends and family with androids, this app is wonderful. The quality of the videos are really good, and so is the audio. It takes your feedback on problems with the calls, which i’m really grateful for. Google Duo saves a lot of time, too. You can send voice measages between Iphones and androids, and video messages are available too. Overall, it’s a great, fun, and reliable app. The only tiny thing I would change is the abilities during calls. If you turn off the phone, the call will end. Other than that, this app has been a really helpful part of my phone.

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    Amazing, couldn’t get better!

    Google duo is AMAZING. I have so many friends who cannot FaceTime because they don’t have iPhones and I can’t contact them on social media because that’s just not my thing. But anyways google duo has great quality, my calls always end up coming in great. And unlike other apps I’ve tried I actually get notifications on google duo. Google duo is just amazing for me and couldn’t get any better. One thing to make it even better is adding some fun effects to do while your on video chat. But other than that little suggestion nothing about google duo should be changed, this app is my phone call heaven 😇

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    Constant spam calls

    I installed the Google Duo Video app to talk to my parents who don’t have FaceTime. They mentioned they had both installed it because they wanted to video chat with me and my daughter. During the 3 months this app was on my phone I received about 20+ spam calls PER DAY. Sometimes less than 1 minute apart. I would block the numbers, but a new number would just show up a minute later. The same thing was happening to both of my parents. Once I uninstalled the Google Duo Video App, the spam calls completely stopped. My parents also uninstalled it and their spam calls stopped as well. This is the worst app I have ever put on my phone for that reason. This is completely unacceptable. I do not have this issue with FaceTime. I 100% do not recommend the app to anyone who says they are considering. There’s a huge privacy issue with this app.

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    Great app to use

    I downloaded this app to utilize video chat with family who don't utilize Facebook or FaceTime. It was very simple to download using an IPhone XR, my contacts synced for easy access, and the effects and filters worked great to add a bit of fun to you videos. I like the way you can send video or voice messages, I don't like the fact that you can not block the screen when calling someone. It's almost like having "video-caller ID" the person your contacting can see you as you call is coming through, they can either answer or decline it. Other than that it is a great app to use for video calling.

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    A good review

    Thank you for coming up with this idea because it is so much better to talk to my friends that don’t have iPhones because I have an iPhone and it doesn’t FaceTime Samsung’s or galaxies and duo keeps good colored files for me to talk to my friends but the only thing I don’t like about duo is when my friends are far apart it buffers but that’s really nothing to care about but thank you so so so so so so so so so much for making this app I love your love when my friends are far apart it bothers but that’s really nothing to care about but thank you so so so so so so so so so much for making this up I love y’all love Lyndsie perez

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    4 stars

    Everything is great except that it has a constant pausing and sometimes cuts out audio during calls. I love the fact that I can face time with my friends who use Samsung since I have an iPhone. You can send hearts to friends when they are feeling down or when you are far away from each other and miss one another. The screen evenly fits so that you can see everyone at the same time and you even get to send fun video messages with fun little filters and overlays(somewhat like Snapchat.). Definitely would recommend this app. Very useful for business and just keeping in touch somewhat face to face through long distance.

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    How good it is

    Google Duo is really good for people who has an iPhone ( like myself ) and other types of phones. Google Duo is like FaceTime. I manly use Google Duo to call my friends and my cousins bc almost every body on my dad side has an iPhone so it’s really just my mom side that has androids and stuff like that. ( But any: lets get back to the subject ) Google Duo is really amazing ( in my opinion ) for people who doesn’t have iPhones.🤗 If I like you should to. I know Google Duo is going to change the world😇!! So try it out at least one time,put a rate on it,and write a review!!!!!!! I hope it goes well for you like it did for me!🥰

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    Good and bad days

    When I am feeling left out I feel like I should call my friends. When one friend does not pick up I call the next friend and then the next. Intel somebody picks up the phone. I just want to say that if you need a friend on good or bad days you can call them easily on this app. So I can get this app ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ stars that one ⭐️ I’m not giving it because sometimes that app does not want to work but most of the time the app does want to work but that’s OK because if you are patient like me you would like this app thank you for reading my comment. This is Chella Bella has good rest of your years and have fun at your school🏫 and work💼.

Is Google Duo Safe?

Yes. Google Duo is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 444,378 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.5/5. Justuseapp Safety Score for Google Duo Is 100/100.

Is Google Duo Legit?

Yes. Google Duo is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 444,378 Google Duo User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Google Duo Is 90/100.

Is Google Duo not working?

Google Duo works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Twitter Reviews for Google Duo

@karant_bjp It is going to be 3 months, I am very #upset, I am doing all the processing, but the blackup code is coming, which I do not remember the 8 digit code Change the password option is not coming. Enter #Password and get them back @Google @GoogleIndia @gmail

@nellwyn We said it seven months ago to @Google and we will say it again to @Facebook: a blunt ads ban is not a real solution to disinformation on your platform.

@vaughan_k @sundarpichai Even basic #CustomerService at @Google I miss. As ignoring your own users reporting bugs in maps, etc etc is not acceptable and #unprofessional. So #Google shouldn't ask users to report issues if the issues well never be fixed.

@loosemoose97 Dear @Google , I know you think that prioritizing stories from left and right news outlets on your News page is a fair thing to do, but it's not. The stories from conservative websites are frequently flat out lies. Please do better.

@vaughan_k @TransLinkSEQ, @brisbanecityqld, @QueenslandRail,@paypal,@Google,@Twitter,@Facebok etc if you are not taking public reports of issues seriously then why ask the public to report issues?

@Missc247 @aardvark20201 @DuckDuckGo failed me here had to turn to @Google No conspiracy here don't be part of the problem this shit is real people should not feel protected all of a sudden because they don't forward their calls.

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@aradhya_kumar @Google @Android @oneplus My @Lenovo K4 Vibe has a "Super Battery Saver" (in addition to regular Batter Saver) which turns it into a feature phone with Phone, SMS, Contacts, Calculator, Calendar & Clock apps available. Extends battery life manifold. Add this to Android, please?

@Kercal Tech/phone question. If I have an @Amazon Fire stick or an @Google Chromecast can I stream an art app from an Android phone to a PC running #OBS/#StreamLabs? Anyone know?

@vote4robgill The Parler app is sure getting dangerous. Why does @Apple & @Google allow a white supremacy communication app to be available on their app stores?

@RaMa2791 @GerritBeine @Apple @tim_cook @Google The truth is don't know. I can switch to different keyboard apps on OS level, but I never checked if I can customize it on app level.

@ayatullah87 @Google my YouTube app keeps closing down randomly. Please advice how to fix it.

@ShagunS44137074 I have a problem with Gmail : I have a large amount of useless emails , But unable to delete multiple mails together Please upgrade G-mail !! Or anyone plz tell a solution? @gmail @Google @sundarpichai #gmail

@marksimps3 @Google Can't link third party services to my Google assistant/home? How can I resolve? Get the error every time, tried doing it on home app and settings-google-assistant etc.... Managed to get a screenshot as error barely displays for a split second.

@scaredindia @google home device isnt very easy to control from the phone..i wanna change my wifi network..not easy at all..its not intuitive..i have to take assistance of helper websites

@Kanishk1117 @NemaniUmang @sundarpichai @fayedsouza @Google @markzucky @palkisu @Facebook Yesterday my aunt's page got hacked and such things were being posted by the hackers on the page constantly. Since we had no rights over the page anymore, we only had the option to report. And surprisingly they were not against Facebook's standards.

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@YETiBOi1 @Google My partner updated her phone today and now it keeps randomly turning off? Any chance you're working to fix this problem?

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@manishkjha88 @Google @googlesupport Whom to contact for issues with refund. I have been refunded less amount than it was mentioned in the email.

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@0xEvilPayload @BharatVarma3 @GoogleIndia @Google @GooglePlay Not linked with Google, but definitely with Google Play's recurring subscription type. Google is trademarked to a region. Any other entity will be able to legally acquire "Google" name if they intend to, and if they're from a different region. If these folks have PUBG common...

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@sahasrabuddhe_a @Google please let me know how to select multiple applications to update (not all, not single but multiple) on android phone (#oppof9)

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@Lincolning @chrismlacy Love your work. Just went back to Action Launcher after a few weeks with the stock launcher on my OnePlus 6T. Although, thanks to @Google and Android 10, it's not as perfect as it should be, it's great to be back. Became a 2020 supporter today too. Thanks Chris!!

@TheLordTech @GooglePlay #TikTok is banned in India. It's not visible when we search. But it is showing in "Recommend for you" option. Clicking on the icon allows me to install TikTok. Have a look in that @GooglePlay @GooglePlayDev @AndroidDev @Google @TikTok_IN

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