YOLO: Anonymous Q&A

YOLO: Anonymous Q&A Reviews

Published by on 2019-12-31

YOLO is the most fun and spontaneous way to get honest and genuine messages from your friends. 1. Custom your Sticker. Be creative! 2. Share it to your Snapchat friends. 3. Reply to their messages in your Story. YOLO is for positive feedback only. Be kind, respectful, show compassion with other us...

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YOLO: Anonymous Q&A Reviews

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    Yolo is chill and awesome, they gave warnings to people that to not bully no one. I like the fact that they give that warnings, but people think that it’s yolo fault. Some people don’t listen to the message, I think that’s it’s not Yolo’s fault to begin with. It’s the user’s comment fault, if anyone wants to make Yolo to stop they will have to get to see all the information. Plus, anyone shouldn’t make any bad reviews. Yolo made this just to have fun, they wouldn’t know if they are bullying them. It would be hard to track all the bullies. They will put all nighters to remind the bullies to stop bullying. Yolo isn’t involved with any of the drama, you guys should know what to do when a bully is bullying you.

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    Pretty Good :)

    Honestly I really like Yolo. It’s a fun app to ask questions on your Snapchat story and interact with your friends. I like the consistent updates and features being added often. However, sometimes people like to bully others and that’s never fun. I posted a simple question asking people about their crushes as a fun little game. Then there was one or more people that were harassing me about a boy I’m talking to. I reported each message that was abusive, and I thought at the very least the person would be revealed to me. Sadly that wasn’t the case and I’m assuming that the messages are under review. You’ve never made it quite clear how the reporting system works and what happens if the person you reported is actually found to be abusive. I would like further feedback on that please. Overall Yolo is a good app. I hope you guys take the bullying seriously and actually review the messages that are reported. Thank you!

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    Could Be Better

    This app was originally working well, however after I’d had it for about 2 weeks it began sending me notifications for messages, then the messages weren’t showing up in my inbox. I’m not sure if the notifications were glitches, or if I actually am getting messages and the app just won’t let me view them, because it does occasionally show a message. Other then that, the app has been great. I can ask my friends questions, get anonymous compliments, and for the most part, my experience has been rather positive (aside from a few jokes made by my best friend, but she’s always like that). To be fair, I know a lot of people have been sent inappropriate or rude messages on here, so I would be cautious if you think you would be offended by rude anonymous messages. Overall, YOLO is a decent app and a good way to connect with people, but it does need improvements and may not be good for everyone. I hope this helps!

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    Reliable and trustworthy

    I am a developer and I know exactly how Yolo achieves the activity it does. I have noticed many people saying they can either access your chats, snaps, memories, map, etc. that is simply not true. This app uses Snapchat API called Snap Kit, this is hooked into Swift which is the programming language of iOS apps which use the IPA format. These Snap Kits do not allow such activity and this app simply gets access to your Bitmoji, your Public Name, and access to Sticker, this uses the Bitmoji SnapKit, Sticker SnapKit, and Story SnapKit. So overall from a Java, Kotlin, Swift, etc. developer. You CAN trust YOLO without having any doubt that your privacy will be invaded.

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    I really like it!

    Yolo is a great way to send anonymous feedback or receive it. And no, it’s doesn’t use your private information in a harmful way. It’s just like Snapchat, they will keep your information to themselves and never give it away. It is a perfectly safe app. Now for the bullying part, I can see lots of reviews that hate on this app because of cyber bullying. That’s why you can reveal their identity and report them. As other people in the reviews say such things as, “this is a perfect way to get bullied” or “This is not safe and you should delete this app.” But they’re not true. This app will help you reveal bully’s identity and report hem and get them in trouble. I hope this changes others mind on this app. Thanks!

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    I used to use the app all the time, I’d post a yolo on my Snapchat everyday and it worked perfectly then one day I got banned from snapchat and it said something about using third party apps that access snapchat and that I have to delete it before I can unlock my account so I deleted Yolo them it let me back into my account so that was obviously the issue. I’m not sure why it banned me from my own snapchat account but I hate that I had to delete the app. I re downloaded the app and tried to hook it back up to my Snapchat account but the app would crash everytime I signed in so eventually I gave up which is why I only rated it three stars, please fix it to where it doesn’t crash and doesn’t ban me from my account again , Thanks

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    Not good

    At the beginning yolo was so fun. the app says that it will report bullying but never once have I seen that they did it gives people a chance to be mean and not have to take responsibility for it. It is a app that you can hide behind to be mean to other kids without them knowing. I feel that yolo was made so kids can ask questions but it now people use it to be mean and bully. there has been several times where I have seen the meanest comments calling people fat ugly etc. of coarse I felt bad but there is nothing you can do considering the fact that yolo is anonymous. I feel that this app will lead to much worse issues I am a kid who once had yolo and there is a lot of mean things going on and it being Anonymous does not help. Once again this app was very fun at the beginning and I love the idea of it but there is some serious stuff that should be fixed

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    Middle Schoolers

    Fine app. I don’t use it but the concept is alright I guess. It’s all middle schoolers that do this though and I think that can kind of pose a future problem to interaction with other people. This is going to contribute to a generation that won’t be able to handle confrontation well. The problem is, everybody is talking smack but it’s all anonymous. The users are aware of this factor which creates no consequences for any of the smack they are talking. But everybody gangsta online until it’s in real life. If no one knows how to handle confrontation, no one can be able to develop major problem solving skills. Rate 3/5. 3 because the app has a decent concept and the missing 2 are because of the way it affects the audience. Thank you for coming to my TEDTalk

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    Yolo is so amazing and easy to use

    Yolo is so easy and fun to use! I love the genius idea of being able to customize your own questions, making it fit your own style, and allow you to make your own choices. Such as, being able to change the Bitmoji avatar stickers,and right your own question for friends to answer, or pick from many question that yolo provides you! It is so amazing and a genius app in general! It’s so easy to use as you just download the app, press connect through Snapchat and press accept then your done and ready to send yolos and get honest opinions from your friends and family!

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    Yolo is amazing, there are similar apps to YOLO like lipsi, but unlike lipsi, you can connect your YOLO to your Snapchat which makes it more convienient! If your not sure what to ask on your YOLO, it already has some options to pick from that are programmed in, however if you would like to create your own question, you can do that as well. You can post multiple different YOLOs asking different questions at the same time, which is also better and more combined than some of the other anonymous messaging apps. I totally recommend YOLO!

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    Yolo it’s ok

    I like how Snapchat made a anonymous messaging app it notifies you immediately when you get a message and yea but there are a lot of issues in this app that need to get fixed when I want to use it sometimes it will say error and then I have to pressed the button over and over again till I can see my messages also if I want people to slide up for example if I take a picture and I don’t like the picture if I delete the picture the anonymous thing will delete to so I have to go back to the app also it says that they block messages that aren’t appropriate well they need to check again cause I be getting people saying nasty things to me like this app is just a whole mess and they need to fix all this.

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    This App Is An Outlet For Cyperbullying!

    Coming from a teen that has had this app, this is probably the easiest way for a bully to reach a peer and make them feel terrible about themselves. It encourages cyberbullying by making it anonymous so they know there is no consequences for their rude comments on the app. Adding to that, it creates tons of drama for the user and the people writing comments. This is a definite way for giving someone a chance to lower your self-esteem. So, if you are looking to get this app I suggest you take note that this can be a HUGE way to get hurt because some people still don’t realize that words DO HURT, but there is nothing we can do about that. However, to be generous, the app has great quality and works very well, I am jut not a big fan of the content this app provides.

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    Crashes :/

    Every time I try and open the app, it takes almost 5 minutes to actually start, then it shows me the “open with snapchat” or “open with phone number”. If I press the snapchat option, it takes me to snapchat and then it tells me that “something is wrong, please try again later!” And then it crashes. I don’t know if this is Yolo’s fault or snapchats fault, but it’s driving me insane. If I press the phone number option, it gives me the opportunity to put my phone number in, I type in my phone number, then it tells me that the phone number was incorrect. It doesn’t matter what number I put in, it always is incorrect. All my friends are using this app and they love it, and I wanna love it too, but unless they fix this, me and a lot of other people will be disappointed. Please fix this!

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    What happened with this?

    This app has been working just fine until yesterday where I tried to put a Yolo on my Snapchat and it didn’t let me. At first I thought it was my internet connection and I verified everything and it was working fine. Then I restarted my phone because I thought that my phone would be the problem and it wasn’t it either. Lastly, I erased the app and downloaded it again and it wouldn’t let be login ... so I had to log in with my phone number and by today I’m still trying to post a Yolo and it won’t let me. I am extremely mad about it and I just need an explanation on what the actual heck is happening with it. My friends are posting Yolo’s just fine , my internet connecting works , I restarted my phone twice , all my apps are working expect for this one in particular.

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    Read this.

    Dear Yolo, Yolo is a fun app I must say and I have to give the person who created this app the full credit. I love the anonymous mystery when someone types, “I like you” into a slot that you receive later. But some things I don’t like is the harassment and bullying option. My friend, Andrew, would sometimes get some rude messages telling him that he is ugly. No worries though right? Because we wouldn’t have to spend most of our time trying to figure out who this is! We were depending on the feature of exposing this user who harassed u, but of course, it was gone. Alright. Now another issue is, the app crashes a lot. When I login to the app it takes a second, and it freezes for a couple more seconds and I get an exit appearance from the app. This highly frustrates me. Just saying. Fix them both please. We want the old feature where you can expose the person who wrote rude comments to you, and we want a better feature where it handles, crashing bugs to the app. Thank you for reading this! Please write back Yolo.

Is YOLO: Anonymous Q&A Safe?

Yes. YOLO: Anonymous Q&A is quiet safe to use but use with caution. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 470,284 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.5/5. Justuseapp Safety Score for YOLO: Anonymous Q&A Is 70/100.

Is YOLO: Anonymous Q&A Legit?

Yes. YOLO: Anonymous Q&A is legit, but not 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 470,284 YOLO: Anonymous Q&A User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for YOLO: Anonymous Q&A Is 50/100.

Is YOLO: Anonymous Q&A not working?

YOLO: Anonymous Q&A works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Twitter Reviews for YOLO: Anonymous Q&A

@Tyranks10 @DragneelSenpai @ymca_ssb It’s not catching a habit. It’s called “I just hit my opponent’s shield so I’m going to yolo shield break because why not. If they don’t shield, they’ll still get hit lol ez”

@kawaiiwh0re @aromaticgored Im not afraid to take risks tho icould just go yolo and play russian roulette rn

@Category_Fury @yolo_goat @itsthom @Dog_Loaf Well they’re likely not opening their borders to international students for a while now :/

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@yolo_pinyato had to review cassie's debut album for a magazine i was writing for. https://t.co/7wi2z4F4hp

@rachelmarisaa yea being in love is nice but have u ever had a guy think u are one of the prettiest girls to exist and he just met u and talked ab u on his yolo 🥰

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@ArchiMedit @yolo_goat Would love to see them

@bananaTPWK shout out to the person who slid up on my yolo called me annoying, told me to get my eyebrows done, and to stop being quirky, thanks for that🤩 I was actually on my way to actually feeling good about myself but now im not so🤷‍♀️

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@rickyvasquezzzz @justmjd_ Happy to hear you pushed thru it and you are okay, but it don’t go like that for everyone. It’s careless to just say fuck it lol people need to just be cautious and lower that risk. YOLO energy is not helping,

@Jeetenrique If this is not a time to bridge gap between Social Media and Social Service. We don't know when it is. Do apply, if you're interested!:) #YOLO #MyPincode #NorthEastMatters #BloodMatters @Sarvahitey_NGO @SociallyBlog @CampaignYolo https://t.co/VotAdYw9j1

@hoseokIesbian a local i’m friends with recently came out as gay n shit and someone slid up on her yolo and said “i love girl in red” and she said “huh” ... so much to learn

@JKlipps61 The unsolved mysteries in these podunk towns...🤦‍♂️ IMJC people did anyone not see the guy kill the girl and walk away like "ain't nothing to see here...yolo". #unsolvedmysteriesnetflix

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@top100jokes Oh, YOLO? Sounds like a valid reason to do stupid shit and not being careful.

@McCannLand After a lifetime of playing basketball, my knee always makes a clicking noise. No biggie. But lately, it's been making a more complex and strange clicking noise. I'm not sure how to react. I'm somewhere between panic and YOLO.

@laderafrutal Glad to see this action by the board. Our county, Yolo, has been one of the better ones in taking this public health crisis seriously. Some of our local businesses, not so much. https://t.co/nqXIuN49pJ

@cryinghouse TW// Bl**D, C*ARVING, N*CROPHILIA a 17 yr old should not be posting on his tik tok snapchat story where there are CHILDREN talking abt blood and carving. there were girls sliding up on a yolo thing saying that they wanted to carve his name into their skin.-

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@Metro_Chamber BREAKING: Yolo County is enacting fines up to $250 for noncommercial and $10k for commercial violations of state and local health orders. These enforcement measures are effective immediately. Includes but not limited to masks and social distancing. 👇 https://t.co/EAHcLKfhdm

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@chasegatling2 You know when y’all not suppose to be doing something but it’s like Fucking it yolo

@abdulsaui Is it just me that I NEVER EVER comment on peoples snapchat yolo???I do not have my own time to comment peoples yolo anonymously 😭😭😭it’s a waste of time

@thurljawn Can someone send Yolo a book to read instead of letting them prose thread questions the kids have been working through with their lives for the last five years? It’s like they don’t pay attention to anything to anything being expressed from those they aren’t trying to coopt. https://t.co/zLMNkPvhWR

@anithaa_selvi If this is not a time to bridge the gap between social media and social service, we don't know when is. #YOLO #MyPincode #NorthEastMatters #BloodMatters @Sarvahitey_NGO @SociallyBlog @CampaignYolo https://t.co/8BbTp4ssUg

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@yolotrump realDonaldTrump: We will miss GREAT Country Rocker, Charlie Daniels, who passed away yesterday in Hermitage, Tennessee. My condolences to his wife Hazel, and their family. Charlie is in my thoughts and prayers. I love his music! #RIPCharlieDaniels #YOLO

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@HikaruChan7 Yesterday was a very sad day for some reason. I keep saying I'm going to get my shiet together but I never do, everyone is living life to the fullest, being happy and I'm only a spectator not doing what I want. It has to stop, seriously. I want to know what #yolo feels like too.

@bennie_bentAf As for someone who grew up in a Christian family,,, we're not allowed to attend concerts... But for stray kids someone has to break that streak,, and that someone will be me. Fuck them norms, YOLO mga bhie.

@yolo_goat @iridienne Lol why would anyone debate the issue with these people. People who like her never listen to criticism and are complete idiots anyway

@Love_Monte20 I’m just tryna understand how everybody in this bitch got sensitive skin and allergies to dumb shit, but these other 2 dumb mfs keep going outside in YOLO mode

@KatjeXia @jaykingwrites ...I...get why it's so hard to get people angry about BLM now, I really do. It's not just racism. It's just .....*points at YOLO pandemic-ers*

@ClownsecHonker @cc05270 @FCr991 @PostDisclosure Sometimes to get a little you have to give a little. Nah mean? Money makes money bro... You only YOLO once. Feel me? We have a badass rocket program thanks to him. I'm willing to look past someones past, I'm not a divine being like so many virtuous woke people are today.

@Gilaspost @CallHerHoneeey @Esperanza_Ameli YOLO is a good concept to try something new, something courageous but it is not an explanation for every stupid thing you want to do. BTW If you are interested in biz related stuff...I post tweet related to it..Have a look..you would love it. Cheers...

@ABC10 Yolo County will issue fines of up to $10,000 to businesses not following health orders https://t.co/X5xFlg3M3a

@Jeffreyhead @SupercoachW Man. Man man man. I have been burnt so many times by Mr Parker, but this year.. this year is different.. we live in YOLO land this year.. I say go for it. I'm taking Danger at his (hopefully) lowest price, but i might change my mind to Parker.. I love it. Do it.

@dwaalai @YOLO_ARANO Do Not Talk to Me unless its abt angella all healthy n alive

@yolo_pinyato black women so in love w/ morris chestnut, my man made a whole 30 year career w/o knowing how to act lol

@OhGolvi_YOLO Ok so the sheriff doesnt want to enforce the mask requirement coz they are not allowed to arrest anyone but fine them only. How does that alone make it unenforceable? Looks like a power trip to me. https://t.co/yJOQajmLkp

@TeekusRaps I just made me a huge vodka tonic and Im working on a sleeve of oreos. Im living my best life to die. My stomach will be in shambles by morning but yolo