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Published by on 2022-09-23

TeamSnap is the #1 Sports Team Management app for coaches who'd rather manage
their teams than manage their technology. Easy to use. Loved by parents.
TeamSnap is team management made simple. As a coach, you do a lot less coaching

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Developer: TeamSnap Tournaments

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Reported Issues: 6 Comments

By Jsw51

Please fix this promising app

First off, the concept of this app is great. Our team really uses all aspects of it. That being said, the programmers really need to fix the many bugs in the program. Such as: if you update/change a photo using the browser version, the iOS app doesn’t not update or sync. The only way to get this to happen is to delete the iOS app and re-download it. Then the new info is there. This needs to be done every time there is an info change via the browser version. Also, when uploading a photo with the required specs, the app still chops off the players heads. The only work around I found was putting a large border around the photo, so the crop wouldn’t cut off most of the picture. I would love to give this app 5 stars, but it is beyond frustrating to get things to sync up between devices. If I’m missing something here, I’d love to know a short cut rather than deleting the app and re-downloading it. Please fix “what could be a great" app!

By brewski07

Messaging needs work

This would be an amazing app and an easy 5 star review IF the developers would make some easy fixes to the messaging. First, there is no reason to have so many different options for communication. Just have one team chat function. The chat function is what allows managers and coaches to put something out and players and parents to respond. The others are not even needed. The alert function works for putting out last minute information but no one can respond to it. They have to then move the conversation into the team chat if they need to respond. Also, the notification function of the team chat is horrible. Our team is getting notifications approximately 30% of the time when someone sends a chat message. Also, add the app icon badge that lets you know when a chat message has been sent. That’s the easiest way to know you have a message. Make the team chat a one stop for all collaborative communications and this app would be perfect. If the “alert” is such an important function, add the ability to mark a chat as urgent and you have the same functionality but it is all in one place. These are easy changes and unless the communication features are improved, I will be encouraging my fellow coaches to seek a better app for managing their teams.

By ckennel

Total Noob with TeamSnap but feels like a lot is missing

Kind of new to this app and unlike the concept but there are some oddities. We got an email from a team manager but there is no button to reply to the email and no way to add attachments? At least not on an iPhone 12 Max Pro. That seems odd for 2021. Maybe in 1994 that would be okay but today? Also, I feel like I get so many notifications from the app and it’s not clear why. Email, text, one for my Non-player account (I.e. parent) and one for my 5 year old. Also, when a manager invites people the onboarding workflow is kind of lame. It asks you for a password you haven’t yet setup and you have to do a password reset instead of prompting you to register properly and set one up. Overall, it feels like non-software developers made this app or just devs that are not actually users of their own app. I could go on and on about UI/UX but it’s only been a week on the app. Again, the concept is admirable and the need is there. Just not very good execution. The ads are also annoying. If you pay $9.99 which is what Disney + costs I shouldn’t be seeing ads. That is weak sauce.

By Mark Thompson
Jul 07 2022

I am trying to change credit cards for my subscription, but it keeps telling me there is a problem with my card but does not tell me what is wrong. I have used several cards and tried it from several computers and phones. Something is definitely wrong with your webpage. What is more frustrating is that I've been emailing about this for five days and all I get is this generic email that does not solve the problem. Teamsnap is about to lose a very loyal customer because of your lack of customer service. It's time to report this to the BBB.

By Ian
Dec 07 2021

The app is good when we needed it. Since Covic-19 shut down all our leagues, I've been trying to cancel my subscription for their App.
I've sent emails. I've call and left voice messages. They just charged my credit card a few days ago for the 2022 season.
This is very frustrating. The only time I got an email back was from their sales department. They probably thought I was trying to buy something. They make it very difficult to cancel or get a refund.
Very, Very Frustrating.

By Gary Johnson
Aug 27 2021

I am trying to change my credit card on my payment as I had the old card stolen. Whenever I put the information for the card in it tells me there is a problem with the address for the card billing, but doesn't tell me what the problem is. I have been with you for a long time, so this is very frustrating.

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