Contact FOX Bet Super 6

Contact FOX Bet Super 6

Published by on 2021-05-24

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How to Contact FOX Bet Super 6

FOX Bet Super 6 Contact Information

Listed below are our top recommendations on how to get in contact with FOX Bet Super 6. We make eduacted guesses on the direct pages on their website to visit to get help with issues/problems like using their site/app, billings, pricing, usage, integrations and other issues. You can try any of the methods below to contact FOX Bet Super 6. Discover which options are the fastest to get your customer service issues resolved..
The following contact options are available: Pricing Information, Support, General Help, and Press Information/New Coverage (to guage reputation).

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Common FOX Bet Super 6 Issues

  • By chicagosue14

    Frustrated - can’t get support - picks recorded incorrectly

    I entered my picks for Saturday’s games - just got a push notification regarding last night’s results and clicked to go in. I decided to view my picks. Not one of the picks I made for Saturday is actually what I picked- tried to edit - doesn’t work - tried to find app support - takes you to the sign-up website which has no option for feedback, help, or support - cannot edit picks - not what I actually picked - very frustrating - why bother if the picks I make don’t get recorded properly!?! Would very much appreciate support or help just not available- very disappointing for an avid fan.

  • By Phi-Lii

    Great but needs work

    Love the app! It’s truly free to play with no catch! Only one problem. A big chunk of the fun isn’t available. When I go to add my friends in my contacts, the app force closes. I hit the friends button near the bottom and a list of everyone in my contacts (with the app downloaded) appears with an ‘add’ botton next to their name. Once I press this add button the app goes black and force closes. Please fix this bug and I will fix this review to 5 stars.

  • By Rayned

    Load time & How winners are derived

    When opening the app, I wish it would move faster. It's not the worst - but it would be awesome if it would be cut in 1/2. Also, I like how NBC Sports Predictor determines winners. It gives you points for the questions you answered correctly. With this app, if you get the first answer wrong, you are out of the "game" and you are no longer interested in following along. You could have 5 of the 6 right, but if you miss that first one - you are out of luck. Thanks, Jaicie

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Reported Issues: 100 Comments

By Pissed off fan
Sep 02 2021

Won multiple times but no payout, FOX a multibillion dollar company is just making more money off of us suckers that sign up by SELLING ARE INFO!

By Eric Slaughter
Aug 25 2021

I just answered 6 out of 6 questions correctly on the “stock Market challenge” came in first place, but only won 75 cents ??? Why

By Jack ames
Aug 05 2021

I won a stock market one,. Won 1,666.66..never had pay pal before, set it up with restrictions so when I cashed out I never got it ! I can't find contact info to have them send it again !! So my question is - Did I lose my winnings because I set up pay pal wrong?????

By Super6winner
Jul 01 2021

I won and downloaded the cash to Paypal. If you tap your profile page, it will show you your balance and ask if you want to cash out. I did just that.

By Ascencion Alvarez
Jun 02 2021

I got all 6 right on unmasked the singer haven't received no response ,email or confirmation or $$$

By Robert Smith
Jun 01 2021

I picked 6 out of 6 correctly on the Nascar race on 5-30-21, me and 3,453 other people. It says I won $7.23 yet my balance shows $0.

By john meador
May 28 2021

I got 4 of the mask singer right and had a chance to win 20.000 $ and it said try again next time and it doesn't even show where I got four right I post I got two right . Is this app a joke and the laugh is on the people playing it . Too many people are playing and not receiving a dime . I thought fox was better than this I guess I was dead wrong .

By Ambuhr Lause
May 27 2021

Got 6 out of 6 right on the season finale masked singer said I was 1st out of 294k people. Yet I didn’t win anything I really like playing this game and have played it for a really long time first time I got all right on anything made me super happy until I found out you don’t actually win anything. Is this game just invented to get peoples hopes up? Please reply! Thank you!

By S.Cunningham
May 04 2021

I won Quiz Show on April 9, 2021 and I still haven't received my money. If this is a fake app I hope that enough people will start to complain and force them to take it down.

By Bill Valtman
Apr 16 2021

Just this week I came in 1st place out of 194k people. Yet I did not receive any prize. There is no where to contact anyone for super 6 thus I am leaving this review. I am very ticked off right now. I am recovering from surgery and playing this game takes my mind off things. It is very difficult to get all 6 picks right so u can imagine my surprise when I saw I had gotten all 6 right and was in 1st place. I was so excited. So I went to claim my prize and to my amazement I had won NO money. What gives? Why does it matter what place u finish in if they don’t give out the prize. Again, I am recovering from surgery thus I am confused why I can’t reach anyone about this. I don’t check my entries everyday because I am recover from surgery. I would appreciate it if someone would contact me and explain why I did not win the $10k or any prize at all. Thank u

By Bigalupnu
Mar 14 2021

I played this app for 2 years the only time I got all 6 right was this week on the masked singer I haven't recieved a dime!!!! This app is bull shit

By anolden
Mar 13 2021

I am confused about why on the march 10th masked singer why I did not win the big prize when I was the only one to get all six questions correctly, I hope someone sees this and gets back to me, I'm not real good on figuring out how to contact the correct department to find out why I didn't win, someone needs to reach out to me

By Joe Murphy
Mar 12 2021

Cant delete account

By Kurt OKeefe
Mar 07 2021

Had 6 for 6, app said first of 431,000, on MSU Iowa hoop. Had a dispute on one of the picks; resolved in my favor. Told I won$2,000 in a $10,000 contest. Then told had to split with other winners. Fine, whatever. Then $2,000 shows in the app on my iphone. Continue emails: how do I get it? told paypal. Now 2k disappears from app but not in my paypal. I send more emails. Today told they cannot find my account. Go to phone app to take screen shot, and account is gone. Someone is hacking them somewhere. I am a lawyer so let me know anyone interested in joining a class action suit.

By Jake mackanick
Mar 04 2021

I keep winning free $5 bets on the super 6 app for the fox bet app and when I get directed to fox bet I never have any free bets

By Joe Nocera
Feb 21 2021

This past week's stock market challenge had the question: "Will any stock in the S&P 500 have equal to or over a 15% gain for the week at market close (4 pm EST)? The app is telling me the answer is "No", but both Freeport McMoran (FCX) and Hollyfrontier (HFC) had >= 15% gain for the week.

By Abraham Slade
Feb 14 2021

Hi Fox Bet Super 6. I started the contest on October 10 2020. I was just wondering if I have to wait until the contest is done on August 23 2021 to receive my winnings. It shows my winnings in the winning column. Please contact me through my email or by my 📱

By Jeffrey Bates
Feb 06 2021

Had to get new phone and number want my account back

By michael lucas
Jan 28 2021

My phone number has changed how do i update my phone number

By Steven J Happenny
Jan 25 2021

Is there a number I could call to speak to someone

By Steven J Happenny
Jan 25 2021

I'm a winner of $166 and I don't know how to collect the money could you help me

By Reggie Shaw
Jan 25 2021

I think I won Terry Bradshaw truck from the Tampa Bay /Green Bay game .. Trying to get verification!!!

By Steven J Happenny
Jan 24 2021

Hello, I won $166 and I don't know how to collect it could you help me out

By Cherish
Jan 24 2021

I tried to place my bets on the app before the NFC championship game, but the app would never open up! As you know, I can’t place a bet until the app opens!

By jerome Kozlowski
Jan 24 2021

Can't enter for the free truck

By Sonya Nicholson
Jan 24 2021

Cant fix this says to update and I do. Still don't work. Please help

By Michael Farmer
Jan 24 2021

the last 2 super 6 picks when it came to entering my picks it goes straight to enter on the truck and it keeps coming back email cant be empty I don't understand what email and how is it empty it wont let me enter please help

By UserJB
Jan 24 2021

Terry sure won’t lose any money on me !! Unless their is a prize for lowest scorer.!!! lol
Notice I don’t give up —- yet !!!! Thnx

By Shaun Campbell
Jan 18 2021

Lately some of my picks I made are correct, but I'm being marked as incorrect on my picks. My latest picks for the divisional game between the Buccaneers and Saints for January 17th, I received 2 of my picks marked incorrectly? Why is this currently going on?

By James Kaat
Jan 18 2021

I am still awaiting my cash or my phone call or e mail or text on how to collect my money from winning on the first Presidential Debate from Cleveland. I do have an active Pay Pal account .

By Andy Shay
Jan 14 2021

I picked all 6 correct for the national championship game and they waited two days to let me know anything. I only won $0.16 this is so wrong. I know they split the winnings but that is so low it will cost more to retrieve that from PayPal. It also says $1000 guaranteed so where is my real money?

By Scott B
Jan 14 2021

What a genius scam this is. I got 6 out of 6 correct in the National Championship game last Monday night and won $0.16...that's right, 16 cents. However you can't cash out until you have over $10.00. How many of you suckers out there will end up with $9.99 in your account and just never win again and just quit/give up. Money goes right to the clowns that set up this thing. I'm getting rid of the app asap.

By Scott B
Jan 13 2021

Fox Bet Super 6 is complete BS. I can't believe that Terry Bradshaw is associated with this and is even promoting this scam. I got all 6 correct in Monday night's National Championship game, which is confirmed in my history section on their app, and I have not received payment. They say they pay within an hour of game ending. Multiple emails sent to the contact email shown in the FAQ section on their app have been ignored. Don't waste your time.

Jan 12 2021

I correctly picked all 6 on the National Championship game with Alabama and Ohio St. May I PLEASE get my earnings posted to my PayPal account?????

By Kevin tahod
Jan 12 2021

Terry a fuckn clown that a bunch of bullshit guys fake unistall that fuckn app

By Paul
Jan 07 2021

I got all the picks correct in week 14. No one has contacted me, how do I claim my winnings? Or is this just another bullshit scam??!!!!

By Marielle Bellamy
Jan 04 2021


I picked all 6 correct but not the spread, shouldn't I've won the game? My phone number is 8132200787 and email is above please call me so I can claim my money

By Simuel Payno
Jan 03 2021

Have anyone contacted super 6 by phone if so can someone please send me the info

By Joshua berg
Dec 30 2020

Last week I got all six right where's my money

By Khadafi Raheem Young
Dec 29 2020

This Foxbeat Super6 is some BS Terry B got tuning.I rather go seal dope and know I'ma get paid.

By Khadafi Raheem Young
Dec 29 2020

I thought this Foxbeat super 6 was free to play? Will the $ ain't free cause I've won and I ain't got nothing! Then there's apart on the Foxbeat super 6 that states I got to put in$10.00 I guess to withdraw my $. This is suppose to be free with no charge as they say.This is bs frfr.

By Khadafi Raheem Young
Dec 29 2020

I thought this Foxbeat super 6 was free to play? Will the $ ain't free cause I've won and I ain't got nothing! Then there's apart on the Foxbeat super 6 that states I got to put in$10.00 I guess to withdraw my $. This is suppose to be free with no charge as they say.This is bs frfr.

By Carlos Fizer
Dec 29 2020

Scored good just wondering why never received money for week 16 I don't think it's real either I think it's for publicity I'm from shreveport where u grew up terry bradshaw wzup with that

By Martin Carvajal
Dec 28 2020

I got 6 n f l picks correct on Dec 27 2020 how do I claim my prize

By Simuel Payno
Dec 27 2020

I won but not received any money and now it's 0 where the money go

By Derrick Robinson
Dec 22 2020

I put in a six pick and did not get paid for my picks yet what is the hold up?

By darryll johnson
Dec 22 2020

on dec 20 2020 i picked all 6 correct. but did not recieve any money.

By Winston Howard
Dec 21 2020

To the powers that be...the Dec 20th pick 6 games i picked 6 teams plus covered the spread...why am I not seeing my money...please respond..ty

By Gerald Williams
Dec 21 2020

I got all six games right, no one contact me in my email, how do I claim my winning

By M.myers
Dec 21 2020

I won six games Sunday but no money was put on my card yet ...see teamready that's me it says 22k but where is the money ?????

By William Smith
Dec 21 2020

Yes. I won all 6 college football games Saturday. And. Now. I can't. . get. My. 25.000 dollars. How can. I. Get. It!

By Winston Howard
Dec 21 2020

You know its really a shame how Terry Bradshaw bogus games would scam people just to get ratings..dec 20th pick 6 i picked all 6 plus covered the spread...nothing...if we all get together on a class action on the NFL..we will definitely get results...its really sad how you guys beat people..

By Melvin Solomon
Dec 21 2020

I got all games won and some on the spread for December 20 shouldn't I receive something

By Melvin Solomon
Dec 21 2020

I got all six games and some on the spread shouldn't I have some kind of funds for December 20

By Richard Cowans
Dec 21 2020

I've won all 6 of my games dec,20 2020 check my entry its shows I've won by the spread but shows no winnings

By Lou
Dec 20 2020

Pick 6 .why can't l go higher than 22+ points? when picking a team to win l can't go higher than 22 points, then when a team wins l can't get more than 3 points per game 'cause l can't predict more than 22 points.

By Michael Marshall
Dec 20 2020

How can I get the money I won all 6

By Antonio A Solano
Dec 19 2020

When I'm asked to pick a team and by how many points the win somehow those points show up when I'm asked what team will have the most receiving yards and by how many so if I pick my team to win by 10 to 13 that is the number that shows where I pick how many receiving yards they will have you have to be crazy to think it's only 10 to 13 yards in total receiving yards but that is what's happening on my's been happening for some time now and it only shows that once the game starts so I can't edit it.... please advise

By Antonio A Solano
Dec 19 2020

when asked what team will have the most receiving or rushing yards and how many when I pick it and the game comes on it shows the most rushing or receiving yards I picked to be the same number that I picked the team that I want to win and the point spread that I picked for them is showing as the most receiving yards when I did not pick just 10 to 13 yards and it keeps happening

By Connie Mckenzie
Dec 19 2020

My friend magically disappeared off my friends contact. So bummed out were neck and neck with our score until now. Grrrrrr. Looked forward to a watching games and score
So how do we add him again?
Asking someone to join you as a friend is not working as it doesnt let you go in phone contacts. That's another issue.
His user name is I am USER3YGdXw
Look forward to this being resolved.
Thank you,

By Troy Davis
Dec 18 2020

Picked every question right for dec 8th game but it shows 9/14 points when I got all 14. Please help me

By Ali gill
Dec 14 2020

Won all 6 also for sunday's picks. No money nothing. Is this fake or what

By Donnial Beachump
Dec 14 2020

I won all 6 teams for suday 12-13-2020 please contact me on the winnings 310-430-4336 thank u

By Ethan Auten
Dec 10 2020

I open up my app and it prompts me to create an account. I already have an account. How do I fix this issue.

By Dion Womble
Dec 09 2020

Yes I got all questions right from Ravens vs Cowboys game last night and didn't give me 14 points. Should be a winner

By Raymond steadman
Dec 08 2020

I was in 66th place with one game to go. Problem is the game registered at 0to 0 for total score for the whole game in the Washington pitt game. I have no idea if I won the whole thing because I received no points for my win and I picked Washington . It seems as if this site is bullshit from all the posts I see.

By Michael
Dec 05 2020

i have been an existing player in your super6 foxbet game however i had lost my phone and am trying to enroll again but it will not link my old username and or account please help. sincerely,Michael Elliott

By Marcus J Bryant
Dec 02 2020

Where my money super 6

By Marcus Bryant
Dec 02 2020

I won in now I cant get my money in it not right I need that money to pay my bills

Nov 29 2020

How do I know if I won on college 11/28/2020 I picked 5 correctly

By Edward Rubio
Nov 29 2020

On Saturday games I chose Ohio state over Illinois and I didn't get credit. Plus I I pick all of the teams and I got all 6. But no money overall points 22-30pts

By Stella Sain
Nov 24 2020

Hi my name is Stella Sain and I played the fox bet super 6 for nov.22.2020 I picked all 6 games to win and won so my Question is how do I get paid I haven't heard from anyone yet I would like if someone could possibly contact me on this I would really appreciate very much by phone text are email thank you be safe Happy Thanksgivings and God Bless You

By Stella Sain
Nov 24 2020

Hi my name is stella sain and I played the game for Nov. 22 2020 and won all 6 games I haven't heard from anyone yet and was wondering when and how I claim my money wow this is a blessing so I'm waiting on a call a text are something soon Thanks

By Marcus dewayne THOMAS
Nov 23 2020

Got all six right out of Ohio State and Indiana and it supposed to be a thousand guaranteed I got 4:55 please give me my money

By Roberto Marquez
Nov 23 2020

Hi i wing all 6 ganes on sunday novemver 22 how much deed i wing? I dont have notificación yeat..

By Gilbert Mora
Nov 23 2020

Says prize is split amongst those with most correct one entry I got 7/10 I should of had some cash correct? Today 19/30 no cash Whats up with That

By Gilbert
Nov 23 2020

Today I got 19 out of 30 you would think hey thats pretty good the app says prizes split between those who picked the most correct til this day I haven’t won any cash Whats up with that

By Calvin Green
Nov 22 2020

I won all 6 college games on nov 14th, and I have not received anything, I’m starting to believe that this may be a scam, check the dates and see for yourself . And then please send me my money. Because I haven’t seen anything in my PayPal account Waiting for my 💵💵💵💰💰💰

Nov 22 2020


By Monty Bacon
Nov 20 2020

I'm beginning to think this game is very crooked and it's false advertisement does it have anything to do with the man in the white house cuz it seems like it

By Monty Bacon
Nov 20 2020

November 14th college football I want all 6 games can someone please respond to me and tell me why I don't have $25,000 on my books

By Monty Bacon
Nov 20 2020

Why isn't the leaderboard ever updated I'm really starting to think this thing is a fraud just to get ratings for the sorry-ass NFC

By Monty Bacon
Nov 20 2020

November 14th I picked all the college games right still waiting on a response

By Will M Lancaster
Nov 20 2020

You got my point total wrong for the Seattle Arizona thurs night game. Please fix this error. I did not win but seen a lot of people did and did not get paid just a little worried. Think I'm done playing don't need the head ache. Terry keep your money sounds like your going to anyway.

By Monty Bacon
Nov 19 2020

I got all six correct on the college game last Saturday still waiting on payment why is it taking so long is this bullshit !

By Douglas Bernard
Nov 16 2020

Will someone please get a hold of me and explain too me why i didn't win when i picked all six NFL team's to win correct and had 22 out 30 possible points. You can reach by email.

By Douglas Bernard
Nov 16 2020

Hello I'm not sure if anyone has gotten my complaints but will someone please tell me why i didn't win when on november 15th i picked all six team's right i had 22 out of a possible 30 points. Please get back too me you can reach me by email.

By Fredrick Bergren
Nov 16 2020

When I put my phone number is being told it’s invalid I live in Oregon not Washington how can I fix this

By Johnathan ellis
Nov 16 2020

I predicted all 6 to win for Saturday college games how do I get the payment for choosing all 6 to win

By James D. Williams
Nov 16 2020

I won this Saturday, November 14, 2020, I won all 6 games and had one right point spread, but won all the games. I should be accommodated for winning all 6 games. My number is 240-484-3484, so u can contact me so u can send me some money for the games I picked correctly!

By Douglas Bernard
Nov 16 2020

On November 15th i picked all six NFL team's correct and i picked the correct points for two games. So can someone please contact me and tell me why i didn't win?

By Charles Ervin
Nov 16 2020

To Whom may concern I play the fox bet super 6, and I won all 6 game, Trying to claim my prize. Can someone please contact me.

By Jessica VanAvery
Nov 16 2020

Why did my $806.25 not get deposited to my account? It shows I won and that I cashed out but I never received the funds to my PayPal account. This is false advertisement and I think this needs to be corrected asap!

By Keith Schultz
Nov 16 2020

Just wondering why my point total quite adding up

By Jerry doss
Nov 15 2020

On Thursday night game the how many points combined I had 51-55but was shoe 46-50 please correct

By Kristopher Hughes
Nov 14 2020

Masters tournament on fox bet super 6 app said Fowler had more birdies I counted 9 and Phil Mickelson received 11? This is an error in reporting please advise

By Steve
Nov 13 2020

TNF. Nov 12
5 different players scored touchdowns...
But it was marked as 6 different players.
2 TD’S were scored by the same Colt player.
He caught one and ran one in for TD.
I picked 5 different players. Am I wrong?🐒

By Raymond Long
Nov 09 2020

Is an extra point after a td considered a score? A question for the Thursday night game asks what the last score of the 1st half will if its an extra point and I choose any other is that the proper choice for the question? Just curious.

By Karlton
Nov 09 2020

If you pick All 6 teams are you a winner

By Roy Shaddock (sammy5)
Nov 09 2020

Are you going to respond to my last message I picked all six games where are my winnings

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