Nespresso Reviews

Nespresso Reviews

Published by on 2021-05-10

The Nespresso app allows to buy coffee capsules, espresso, machines and
accessories on the go or at home on your iPhone and iPad. Do more with the
app, with Prodigio* and Prodigio&milk*, the first Bluetooth connected Nespresso
coffee machines. Ensure you never run out of coffee by ge...

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Nespresso Reviews

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    Elegant meets sluggish

    The overall app works for ordering what you need, but there are a few thing I feel can be improved. First, when entering credit card information I shouldn’t have to select a card type. You can determine that by the number entered. Also, when having to edit information it seems it must connect to my online account to download prior to my editing as I received a 504 bad gateway error the first time trying to edit my information. I would prefer to edit the information saved on my phone, then have it sync after saving this way if the sync fails I can still continue on with my order. Lastly, which I don’t knock the app for but think it would be nice, using information of my order quantity and frequency to determine how fast I drink through my order and send me a reminder when I get low. The reason I like this as opposed to the reoccurring ordering is I like to try new coffees. I am less likely to order the exact same coffee every time. Fix these and you’ll have a great app.

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    NESPRESSO is my coffee and my machine!

    I have tried all types of machines and coffee. Yes, there is many machines that can make a good cup of coffee and a good espresso, but NONE can do it with the ease, consistency, and great taste on every level, as the NESPRESSO pods and machines! I will say I was a bit apprehensive at frost to only be able to get coffee on line, but after I set up the ap, and ordered, it was so easy and awesome! I have also place orders on the NESPRESSO phone line, and those guys are always so helpful and answer every question any time, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year! The other really great thing about the NESPRESSO pods is that they are 100 % recyclables! Whenever I order coffee, I order free UPS bags that I place my pods in, when it is full, I drop it off at UPS. Awesome set Up! Yes, it is a little bit more expensive then some other pod machines, but the quality and taste is day and night. NESPRESSO BLOWS away all the others! We have a second home, and I had to get a machine for there as well!!!!! Thank you NESPRESSO!!

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    A little disappointed

    Had high expectations for the app. Nice look and feel, intuitive design and easy to navigate. However, had multiple glitches during my experience- an error without any good description on trying to add a free gift without purchasing a welcome package. I read copy on the page later to figure it out, but would be nice to just be alerted that I forgot to add the welcome package to get a free gift. What is up with no ability to edit existing address? There was an error in my delivery address and I had to add a new one because there was no option to edit. Lastly, the lag time on page loads was pretty bad. I don’t think it was my WiFi because I have no trouble with other apps, and it wasn’t just a one page thing, it was consistent across the app- perhaps you need to look into performance enhancers. Overall though, I was able to place my order and will use the app in the future.

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    Simple for a long-time fan

    I’ve been hooked on the Nespresso system for 13 years. At a rate of 1-2 double shot drinks/day I figure I’ve saved thousands over a Starbucks jones, and I like the coffee (Roma) better. I now own 3 C190 machines in different locations, and everything works the same, every time, every place. I have a fancy Maestro in a box in case one of my old machines fails, but it’s getting long in the tooth waiting. I prefer a manual frothing wand for hot microfilmed milk, and my routine with 2 foaming jugs keeps things tidy at a distance from the sink - especially important for the office. The Nespresso app makes quick work of retrieving past orders and checking on new machines and coffee blends. I’ve also used it to contact support (replacement wand, water reservoir). I find Nespresso to be a class outfit with high quality, durable machines and consistent coffee. My expectations are generally high, and this has been a notably reliable espresso drink system for me.

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    App has some issues

    Let me first start out by saying I am a daily Nespresso coffee/espresso drinker so I find myself reordering more coffee regularly on this app. The best I can say about it, is that it doesn’t work as it should. Just tried ordering coffee on my iPad and the app never showed me the delivery options for me to pick one, but wouldn’t continue without my delivery option selection. So round and round I go, until I decided to try it on my iPhone. The first time, same thing happened - no delivery options to select. The second time, delivery options appeared! This coffee is not cheap, but it is high quality coffee. You would expect something as simple as the reordering app to work as expected. I don’t like wasting time - and there have been times where this app has not only caused frustration but has also wasted my precious time. Also, I noticed when using the app as opposed to ordering online, you don’t get to select your free sample. My recommendation: Best to just the online store.

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    Great information on coffee’s, I love trying new ones!

    I like the ability to order my capsules by using my smart phone and the app. Because the app contains so much information about the coffee in each capsule I found that I am ordering coffee that I may not have in the past just to try them. The only thing that I wish is I could order the steaming pitchers for the milk on the app as I have been unable to find them. Nespresso wants you to use their steaming pitchers however do not sell them themselves. When I try to email the company about this issue I go through the entire process and as I submit my email I get a fatal error and email cannot be sent I’ve tried this 10 times to no avail. In summary coffee – excellent. Ordering required support materials – needs improvement.

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    Great look but sluggish and BUGGY

    UPDATE. Dead on the iPad starting system v13. On the iPhone shopping cart is miscalculating the number of capsules or pulling old orders. Face ID activation locks app DEAD. In this day and age could Nespresso spend less on the overpriced actors and actually build an app that works as good as there coffee? We are actually buying and using your product so get better software development to match the product. OLDER review. Great photography used as in all Nespresso marketing:) App does work but there is no easy way to modify your order. The previous order pops-in uninvited and you have to kill items one by one and then close window and add more and verify the hidden items in the list. I am sure that app developers or Nespresso management never tried to use this app but just watched some video presentation. Again, in real life it somehow sluggishly works but you have to go around the stupid stuff to place the correct order.

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    Needs some improvement!

    I have used the app to place an order 3 or 4 times since receiving my Nespresso machine as a gift. Each time I have run into a problem and have had to call the customer service line for help (and I am very experienced in placing orders online and via apps). Today the problem was the default on shipping. I ordered over $50 in sleeves, but my basket was showing $6.95 in estimated shipping, which I did not understand. The very helpful customer service rep explained that I must have chosen 2 day shipping. When I worked through the checkout process again, I discovered that 2-day shipping is the default! Seems to me that the free shipping should be the default if over $50 in sleeves is ordered, allowing users to upgrade to 2-day if they wish to do so. I saved my preferences in the cart so I hope that will apply to shipping selection as well, for my next order.

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    Very convenient

    Frankly, if you have one of these machines, the app is the only practical way to get coffee (which is kind of a downside for Nespresso). The app is simple enough to use, and my orders come within a couple days even with “free shipping” selected. A couple bugs I’ve noticed is the app will show me which size capsules will work with my machine (espresso, coffee, alto) but the spot for “recommended capsules” is blank or broken. Not a huge issue, but it would have been nice to use. Also after making my selection and trying to purchase, the app took me directly to the payment screen. After a couple error messages about needing to pick a shipping option, I was able to figure out that I need to go back a step then select what I needed.

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    Love the simplicity!

    I love the simplicity of this app. I can easily choose the coffee flavor and intensity, order what I will want for the upcoming month, and be done in as little as two minutes! But seriously, I never order that quickly - I love perusing to see what might be new or on sale. I love looking through the accessories, like coffee mugs and other items. I usually take at least 10 minutes what could be completed in 30 seconds! Oh - and did I mention that there is an option to set up a recurring order? Just in case I get busy and forget to order, I have that set up - and I just modify my list of coffee purchases if there is something new or I need something extra! This app is intuitive and simple! Love-love-love it!!!!!

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    Great coffees; “App", not so much

    I love the Nespresso machine, and coffees. Even the App was colorful, and mostly well-organized. There were some things I “hoped” to find... but didn’t (user manuals, videos of “how-to” make use of some of the features NOT covered well in the supplied documentation); but not too bad. THEN, I tried to complete my app on-line purchase, and “check-out”. The “ordering “ part of the app appeared to be written by a different company! After filling in (properly) all of my personal (and machine registration) information, I watched as the app changed my GENDER, re-parsed my ADDRESS (incorrectly), and refused to recognize ApplePay. You make great coffee; please hire someone to rewrite the “checkout” portion of your cellphone app! And, please, a little more info on how (precisely) to use the various features. The Aeroccino section, in particular, conflicts with what I was told in the Nespresso store.

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    Review refused to publish until I added a star

    I wrote a 2-star review because of the difficulties checking out. When I hit the Send button I kept getting the message “Nickname already taken”. I tried about 10 different nicknames before I gave up. I finally added a star to see if it would publish my review. Below is my original review: The checkout pop up is terrible. The app doubled my order the first time I tried to use it. I fixed the quantity and tried to pay. The screen was only partially visible no matter which orientation was used. I couldn’t enter my CVV because there was no visible place to type it in. At one point I was seeing half of one page and half of another. Either half was unusable. This went on for several minutes until suddenly the app normalized. I hope nothing goes wrong with my order.

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    Makes ordering from home easy!

    Great app for ordering Nespresso supplies.... The only suggestions I have for improvements are 1. New products may need clear descriptions, for example, the recycling Canister does not say whether his pearly for transportation or whether it assist with loading the recycling bags. 2. It would be nice to have a place for customer feedback to the company regarding different products. For example, some of the limited addition capsules are amazingly good (Such as the Apple strudel and one other Limited addition capsule that came out that time, I can’t member his name), while some others were not so good. Overall these are just suggestions, the app it’s in its current state works great for what it’s designed to do.

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    I despise this app. I feel it always offers poor or nonexistent answers to the problems it addresses with me. I've tried to order accessories in the past but it wouldn't let me. Turns out I was ordering cups the app didn't think matched my machine. If it had told me that at first I could have easily modified my order. It never told me any solution so I scratched my head and tried many options before I figured out the problem. Today when I pushed 'place my order' red letters came up at the top of the order page telling me to review my info tho it never revealed to me what info might be wrong! Misspelled address perhaps? Wrong payment info? Shipping unavailable to me? Perhaps the app thought I was ordering coffee that did not match my personality or felt that with my increased agitation I didn't deserve any coffee at all. In my opinion there is little intuitiveness with this app

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    No Apple Pay

    Giving 4 stars for a three reasons mainly the app has not integrated Apple Pay. Had to enter my credit card details into the app and save them for quick checkout later. Would prefer to just double click for Apple Pay. Sleek interface, however, I would like to be able to access product information from cart view rather than just pictures of the pods. A simple back link from picture to product information would be nice. Product information is very descriptive but there really is no “key” to detail how the 1 to 12 rating system works, or even what is being rated, one can only assume it is how blonde or bold the espresso is? Or caffeine levels per serving?

A better way to Contact apps

You can now contact Nespresso customer service directly
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Contact Nespresso directly

Is Nespresso Safe?

Yes. Nespresso is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 25,619 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.4/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Nespresso Is 42.7/100.

Is Nespresso Legit?

Yes. Nespresso is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 25,619 Nespresso User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Nespresso Is 42.7/100.

Is Nespresso not working?

Nespresso works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.
  4. If you are a Nespresso customer and are running into a problem, Justuseapp might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least you can warn others off using Nespresso.

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