Golf GPS SwingU Reviews

Golf GPS SwingU Reviews

Published by on 2021-06-07

SwingU is the top-performing, free golf GPS rangefinder & scorecard app in the
world, with more than 5.5 million users around the globe! This is not a "trial"
version with "limited functionality" -- it is FREE FOR LIFE and extremely
accurate, reliable, and battery-efficient, rivaling an...

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Golf GPS SwingU Reviews

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    App functionality is weak at times

    I have experienced several “simple functionality” issues during my 1st 3 rounds with the App = crashes requiring rebooting my iphone, lockup when trying to use the layup function (sometimes fixed itself after a few minutes of “ignoring the problem” i.e. = didn’t use the App & had to guess on distances to preferred landing zone... BAD), difficulty “finding” simple features like “Tee selection” for the round (how about an option in settings for “preferred tee” - if the tee is NOT SELECTED at the start of the round it seems to be IMPOSSIBLE TO CHANGE = BAD... some examples of a need for a more FLEXIBLE & EASIER TO NAVIGATE interface. I don’t want to be a rocket scientist to figure out “HOW” to find “WHERE” & “when” to make a change - frustrating, on an otherwise good App with some very useful information on the “Hole GPS screen”! However, I am not yet convinced that this info is in fact accurate & useful, ex. = “plays like x yards”, helpful a bit, but sometimes bordering on “NO that isn’t going to work & my decision for club selection actually did work”. Bottom Line... Functionality of GPS is fast, but somewhat inconsistent on reliability. User interface needs to be improved for “Setting changes” = more flexible? Layup feature, especially, needs improvement on functionality & reliability of loading - I want the answer NOW, not a few minutes from now when the players following are getting irritated!!!

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    Awesome App

    I have tried most of them and this is the one I have landed on for the past 2 years. I have logged over 130 rounds with it so I believe i have a really good idea what the program can do. The basic app is great for scorecard a d putts per round. You can also measure your shot, but not save data. To unlock the full potential you need to upgrade to Looper. Yes their is an annual fee but if you are serious about tracking where you are going it is far cheaper than one lesson. You can track multiple stats, measure AND SAVE distances with each club in your bag. It also will give you advice on shots based on wind conditions and using average distances charted (be careful and dont use in usga events). I have found yardage’s are spot in although if Verizon is your carrier sometimes a few yards off from time to time but that is Verizon not the program. All in All i have found this to be top of the class in this space !!!

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    I love my SwingU

    I have been a Looper for about a year and love my SwingU app. It is even better now that most carts have a USB charger so I don’t have to carry a charger. While others are fumbling with their lasers I have shot the middle of the green, distance to the water and the bunker on the right. I love it. The electronic scoring is a bonus. My only complaint is now that I actually measure my drives with the app I can’t hit my driver as far as I used to. Then came the shocker. I have never won anything in my life. Six weeks ago I got an email from SwingU saying I had won a Scotty Cameron puttering their weekly drawing. I said great all I have to do is pay $499 for shipping and handling right? No, they said, that is free. I chose the one I wanted and one week later it arrived. Amazing. Still can’t believe it. So when they say this week we are giving away a Ping driver they are not kidding. Love you SwingU Thanks Reg Friesen from Ohio

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    My favorite

    I love this App. It is the only one I use after trying several. The GPS is extremely accurate and the view of course is not bad either. I don’t even use my Garmin GPS now. I have this app with me everywhere I go because I carry my phone everywhere I go. I love that it keeps your score and putts. It only keeps your putt count though not those you add to the scorekeeper. It also allows you to save all of your scores and the courses you play to compare improving or slipping back. The GPS to find the courses nearby is extremely accurate and easy to use. You can even take pics and add them to your app. This app is the best one out there! Also it is not irritating where you have to sign in every time you want to use it. Can not stress enough the great quality of this app!

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    Vs 4.0.10 SbS

    This app keeps getting modified. One wonders that perhaps these software geniuses have gone over the top. (I get 2 emails whenever we start a round. Then I get 2 more emails announcing that I have completed my round. This was a GREAT APP ABOUT 2 r visions ago. But then as a software guy I beef to stay employed, due out with another revision. This new version 4.0 of swing by swing worked great the 2 times that I used it on golf course. I have been using this iPhone free app for about 4 years? Great App. (Only problem is it is slow and drains my battery). So my wife bought me a Garmin which lets me play 3 rounds on 1 battery charge). I recommended the swing by swing app but after over 284 rounds, I have left for Garmin s20.

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    Completely Unusable

    Have had this app for a few years now. I used to be able to use it on the course and it was pretty reliable but now it is completely unusable. I am able start the round and by the time I get to my first tee shot and check the distance to the pin the app crashes and all I see is a white screen. Some times I am to restart the app and get more then a white screen. Sometimes I am even able to enter a score, mostly though I am not. Once in awhile it will locate me on the course after restarting but then it will crash and back to a white screen it goes. I have been able to enter the scores at home when I use my iPad so I can track my rounds but the app is complete useless on my iPhone. I am not sure if these problems are because I have an iPhone 4s but all this started when the app was redone. Currently looking at dedicated gps devices right now.

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    Yards only option would be great for Apple Watch

    I used this for the first time today. I accessed the golf GPS from my Apple Watch linked to my iPhone. It was not a good experience. Way too much required interaction with the app. It has some interesting features, but all I really need is for the GPS to give me accurate yardage. For nearly every shot I really don’t want anything else. If I need wind and heuristic learning about my club lengths, then I can fuss with that later as a veteran user of your app. I am trying to avoid purchasing a hand-held GPS range finder which does the simple task of yardage. The app needs a setting which is yardage only and give me the option to set that display as my default. I do not want to enter my score digitally or enter my club used or get instructions on the course. The apple watch is too small to do that data entry on the course, the data entry right hand has a glove, and it slows down play. Suggest making a simple swipe of apple watch screen to advance to next hole. This needs to be automatic with very little input from me. Wrist up —> display gives me yards to green. That’s all I really need. I can do all the rest. If this is not an available simply option, then I’m deleting this app and will simply get a hand-held GPS range finder or find another Apple Watch golf GPS app that has option for yardage-only modes. Any feedback?

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    Changed My Game

    I’ve been playing golf my whole life and have always taken the club away inside. It usually leads to a draw, but without regular practice, timing gets off and it results in a two-way miss. I’ve tried numerous times to get it more on-plane, but its hard to re-route a golf swing after 30 years. That all changed with the commentary and 2 minute video the pro shared with me in the 1-on-1 feature. He sent the perfect drill for me to work on to think about it another way and I’ve gained significant consistency since I’ve been using this drill. It’s rare to have one drill make such a huge difference after playing golf my whole life, but thanks to SwingU for making that happen!

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    Very good App minor tweaking would make it great

    App works great on iPhone. Quickly locates course via GPS and maps very good. When finished iPhone automatically switches to scorecard for entry. IWatch could use some tweaking, display numbers very small could use a larger font. App does not default in dock so when you raise watch to get yardage it’s necessary to select App again from dock. Would also like to see an iWatch native mode so once course played would be stored and played again without iPhone using watch GPS. I find myself launching a competing App on iWatch and this App on iPhone. With these fixes would easily rate a five star

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    Simple, clean interface and great feature-set for price point.

    SwingU is my preferred golfing app to use on the course in conjunction with my Apple Watch after trying just about every other app available. I find the watch app to be far and away the most useful and practical compared to alternatives. That said, I am disappointed to remove a star because I do not feel that the club tracking feature (which I pay for) is not accurately calculating average club distances. It is tracking data wonderfully, but my reported averages simply do not change regardless of data collected. This is frustrating because it is the feature I like most about the app — is this something that will be fixed in a future update?

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    Trustworthy, Reliable and Accurate

    I’ve been using the Swing by Swing app since it first came out and has never let me down. I use it to keep my score and statistics as well as the score of the foursome I am playing with. I love everything about it! The paid version is absolutely worth it and a bargain. The only thing I don’t like is that it isn’t linked directly to the USGA’s GHIN system. It was great to be able to post scores directly from the app, but that feature went away a few years ago. I’m sure that was a USGA thing, but I hope it comes back someday.

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    Super app! Get it!

    I’ve been using it for 2+ years. Accurate, inexpensive for the full version and works well with the Apple Watch. Support is outstanding and responsive. My course didn’t have the front and back yardages on my Apple Watch. Emailed support on Sunday, got an answer back that night and the database was updated on Monday. Unbelievable! Shot data entry is easy on either iPhone or AW. I use it on every hole to keep my stats. The wind information is good and legal for all play. I steer all my friends to the app! A real value and great tool for any golfer.

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    Amazing app, -10 shots

    Real satellite imagery plus interactive map is the ultimate combo for trusting yardage and shot picking. You know your yardage to a tree is correct when you can see where the app thinks you are, and you see the satellite image of the tree with a line between the two. Easy peasy. Been using this since it was called Swing-by-Swing. While there are a few small glitches that persist, such as score prompting mid-hole and not after hole sometimes, it’s still an amazing tool far better than catroony maps or non-interactive displays. I’d give it 5-stars otherwise. Took 10 strokes off my game, and is freemium...can’t ask for more!

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    Looper features and I watch

    I think the app is great but trying to use it on I watch isn’t.i have been using Golfshot and decided to try SwingU because of the price and the new looper features of wind and elevation . Unfortunately the watch experience only provides middle of the green yardages, scoring and club tracking! No looper info. My phone also died on the 10th hole! The Golfshot app has yardages for front, middle and back and hazards, club distance tracking and scoring. It also has recommended club. I have searched the internet and app for additional instruction for using looper with the watch but have not found any help. I think the phone app is great and adding a better I watch experience should be a priority!

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    Amazing feature set

    The features available on this app for free are awesome. For less than the cost of one Pro V1 Ball per month you can do the Looper upgrade. I love it. Shot tracking is awesome. Tip: track ALL your shots, not just the ones you’re happy with. That gives you a much more realistic picture of your averages and better club recommendations. Basic distance feature is very helpful. I can find distances to many course features I can’t shoot with a range finder. I also love the stats and being able to track things over time. I used to do all this manually with score cards and Excel, but now it’s done for me and available at my fingertips while I’m playing. Great app - nothing bad to say. A couple of suggestions: the ability to add some personal notes to a hole would be cool. Also a feature to share a score card via text, email, save image etc. would be cool.

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Is Golf GPS SwingU Safe?

Yes. Golf GPS SwingU is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 75,186 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.7/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Golf GPS SwingU Is 40.2/100.

Is Golf GPS SwingU Legit?

Yes. Golf GPS SwingU is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 75,186 Golf GPS SwingU User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Golf GPS SwingU Is 40.2/100.

Is Golf GPS SwingU not working?

Golf GPS SwingU works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Reported Issues: 1 Comments

By Ken LaForce
Apr 13 2021

I used the swing u for the first time yesterday. I was unable to get the data from my phone to my Apple Watch so I had to keep pulling out my phone. The yardage was accurate but it would be more convenient if I could use my watch. The app appears on the watch but could not open it.

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