Shuttle Delivery Reviews

Shuttle Delivery Reviews

Published by on 2022-09-22

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Reviews (25)


Our lifeline

Shuttle has been our lifeline at least once a week during our 4 years in Korea! There are rarely any issues and if there is, shuttle costumer service responds quickly and they usually compensate any inconvenience with discounts. I do wish there were more descriptions for menu items, a few times a meal includes pork or onions for example but it isn’t listed as an ingredient...I’ve started adding a note for the restaurant to remove ingredients that my family doesn’t eat and that works perfectly.


Great service, not many restaurants.

I don’t have a korean phone number so I wasn’t able to use other korean delivery apps and while shuttle is a great service, the lack of restaurants is a bit disappointing. I’m staying in the center of Hongdae in Mapo-gu surrounded by thousands of popular korean restaurants and there are only 63 ( most of which is foreign (american/Indian/Mexican) food or chicken and pizza) available on ShuttleDelivery compared to hundreds on yogiyo. I was hoping for more korean foods or at least lotteria to be available but it is what it is. The service itself is quick and easy so I do still recommend it to anyone staying in korea but please add more restaurants!


Third try was the charm

I have tried three times to order food from ShuttleDelivery. The first two times were total fails. The first time they took over an hour to call and say they couldn’t get a delivery person to deliver the food. The second time they called me right away, but only to say they couldn’t get ahold of the restaurant to place my order. The third time, it finally went through and I got my food in a fairly decent amount of time. Another bad thing is the selection of restaurants here in Daegu is really limited. All in all, the idea of ShuttleDelivery is great, but I wish it had more restaurant options and more reliable service.



I have food ordering anxiety and I try to avoid ordering food as much as I can because I think something will go wrong and it’s terrible BUT Shuttle’s absolutely wonderful staff have helped me so much. Whenever I had any questions or problems they helped right away and I seriously can not thank them enough. So many food options and ShuttleDelivery is extremely well done, super simple follow along process. Once again, can not thank these people enough! I’m eating because of them!!


Best way to order out

Don't feel like driving this is on point. Very nice staff. Have a question about anything they are there to help you out. Love this service. All the food should have good quality pictures. Not everyone knows what each dish is so pictures would help a lot.


After many times using this service, I’m done

This is not a single incident, but a review after ~10 orders. Shuttle takes consistently longer for the same restaurant. For example, On Coupang Eats, Vera is free delivery and quotes 29-39 minutes. On Shuttle, they quote 40-60 minutes with a 5000 won delivery charge and they actually took 71 minutes. They rarely meet the early half of their delivery window… it’s over promise under deliver. I’m pretty sure they stack too many orders compared to other delivery services. They pick up 9 minutes away from me, but it takes 30 minutes to get to my door. The only reason to use them is for el pino 323, which unfortunately only utilizes shuttle.


This app would be better if..

ShuttleDelivery would be better if there was an easier way to chat about an order instead of having to click around so many places. The design needs a TON of work. You should be able to sort by price or distance but none of that is there. Plus I have ordered several times to the same location and they say it’s a new address when it is not… so they call which costs me money every time .. and the chat is so terribly designed it takes forever to get someone and by the time I get someone the restaurant closes …


Good if you don’t know any Korean

I’m pretty fluent in Korean and comfortable using Yogiyo so I didn’t use ShuttleDelivery until my family sent a coupon. Compared to the Korean apps the delivery fee is kinda pricey and the pickings are slim. Other than that I think the company is trying really hard to perform good customer service, and this really is a needed app for the many foreigners who find themselves stuck in quarantine without any knowledge of Korean.


Excellent selections and service

I absolutely love Shuttle!!! They have a great selection of restaurants for the itaewon area, and they always deliver on time. The customer service is great. I’ve been using ShuttleDelivery for years, and if there has ever been a problem with the restaurant food, or the delivery, they always do their best to fix it. Thank you, Shuttle!!!


App works well for English

I’ve used ShuttleDelivery for a while and it’s easy to get menus in English and place the order. It was a while ago that I entered my payment info but once it was entered everything is easy. We had 1 delivery mix up and they were very prompt and good about setting it right.



Actual godsend for a busy Korean-American in Seoul with poor Korean speaking skills, no Korean phone number, but an intense craving for good Korean food. Delivery times are not that bad for a congested city like Seoul and usually arrive even earlier than their estimates. Very reasonably priced and tasty food. Highly recommend to other Korean Americans and foreigners! Hope to see more restaurants added soon.


Good App, Good Company

I don’t order food often, but Shuttle makes it easy when I do. App is user-friendly, with pictures and descriptions that make clear what I’m ordering. I’ve only had to call customer service once, and that was super easy too.


If you’re willing to pay a higher price for English service

Which is me, I don’t speak Korean well enough to use native apps. I appreciate Shuttle’s bilingual customer support and little discounts they sometimes give for late service. Speaking of, expect things to arrive in around an hour if you live in Jongro-gu, no matter what the estimate says.


Great App

Good app targeted for non-Korean speakers. The service is good too and the estimated delivery time is almost always on point. A bit more pricey but with COVID, it’s more convenient. One suggestion for Apple Watch estimated delivery time notification is to display correct time format set on watch (mine is set to military time 1pm = 1300)


Amazing app

Love ShuttleDelivery. So far I didn’t encounter any problems with them. But I really hope they would add more restaurant around our area. Like more Korean food since we are here in Korea. We live here in Songtan area. We would love to try some jajangmyun or jokbal. Since we can’t go out because of the outbreak.



Living abroad and unable to order take out because of the language barrier or not having a local bank to link has he been a challenge, but ShuttleDelivery is really a lifesaver. I do wish there were more restaurant options and ways to get points to use towards food or delivery.


Delivery fees

Not sure if this is on Shuttle or the restaurants, but the delivery fees can quickly add up, if I order from 2-3 or more different restaurants for the same delivery. Should be some sort of discount. I may order at different times to make them come several times, since I am charged per delivery.


Quarantine saver

Went to Korea and self quarantined. Perfect app for foreigners allowing you to use your foreign card and link to a kakao ID as opposed to having a Korean phone number. Saved us. Selection is somewhat limited, but there are some great choices.


Poor customer service - Waited an hour then they canceled

Ordered food, waited for 1 hour and they finally called saying that the restaurant wasn’t going to fulfill my order because it was late. They asked me to order again, but after an hour wait, I didn’t want to wait another hour. I won’t be doing business with them again. Worst was they didn’t even apologize properly. Even as angry I was, they gave a throw away “well what are you going to do, sorry” apology. Very unhappy with this service


Great When Working..

I have tried to use ShuttleDelivery so many times. The first try was great got delivered quick and fast with exactly what I ordered. Every other time nothing has worked it continuously states service unavailable on my card please try again later on my foreign card and/or continuously states that my paypal password is not valid and just shakes stating that it is wrong when it is 100% correct. Please fix this aspect of ShuttleDelivery because it was a godsend when it worked...


Love it!

Nice variety of restaurants. Food came promptly. Easy payment using PayPal. And when they had a question about my order, I got a text immediately from a real person in English - nothing lost in translation. Would recommend!


The provided service is wonderful but selection is small

The actual service is excellent and ShuttleDelivery is easy to use (much better than the website) but the listed restaurants are very limited so that’s the trade-off. Hopefully Shuttle can successfully market themselves to more and more restaurants soon.


Few Restaurants and Expensive Delivery

If you have no other choice for delivery apps here, this will work. But the delivery fees are so much more expensive than the korean apps that getting a SIM card here and downloading the korean apps would certainly save you money (if you order delivery often). And there are so few restaurants available.


Great app for foreigners in korea

Shuttle accepts paypal. A huge winner in my case who makes income through paypal. Delivery came 15 minutes before the expected time. Seemless experience. Definitely big thumbs up and good luck to you in this very competitive market :))


Drivers always right

Forced to use this since they’re one of the only English apps that take foreigner cards. Beware their customer service. After 20 successful deliveries, one driver can’t find the same address and insists they ran my doorbell when they didn’t. I didn’t receive food, I was charged full price for the fold, and I was told that I will need to pay an extra delivery fee to have my cold food delivered to me. Wonderful customer service.

Is Shuttle Delivery Safe?

No. Shuttle Delivery does not seem very safe to us. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 1,625 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.7/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Shuttle Delivery Is 15.6/100.

Is Shuttle Delivery Legit?

No. Shuttle Delivery does not seem legit based on our analysis. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 1,625 Shuttle Delivery User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Shuttle Delivery Is 15.6/100.

Is Shuttle Delivery not working?

Shuttle Delivery works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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  4. If you are a Shuttle Delivery customer and are running into a problem, Justuseapp might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least you can warn others off using Shuttle Delivery.

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