Map My Fitness by Under Armour Reviews

Map My Fitness by Under Armour Reviews

Published by on 2021-05-27

Whether you're new to the weight room, or a seasoned weightlifter, you'll find
the features and tools needed to stay on track and motivated to hit your goals.
Get personalized workout routines written by the Under Armour Training Team.
Track your exercise progress over time. Share and di...

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Map My Fitness by Under Armour Reviews

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    MapMyFitness is a good app.

    It is made by Under Armour. I use the free version. In previous versions, I walked near Maumelle Park. Though outside Little Rock, I walked in a Little Rock address. When I finished, it recorded my walk in Maumelle. That was not fixable. On at least 2 instances, the app decided to pause itself. If one has the paid version, you can pause the app, drive 10 miles, and resume. My splits are different with the free version. I pause the app, go with it paused, and resume. Imagine you are running. In the split is a straight line that connects the split. When I walk, I keep my iPhone unlocked. Yes, it drains the battery more quickly. However, it gives better readings. Let me switch to the positives. I typed it can be free. I guess the paid version drains a battery faster. Every period of time (usually 1 month), you can complete challenges. Challenges give you the chance to win free things.

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    Deleted for good, back to Strava

    I started using this app to complement my use of MyFitnessPal and thought I would use apps from the same developer. The first 4 weeks it worked great then I guess they made changes and now I’ve deleted it forever and am going back to strava. First off they used to have segment and PR tracking and they got rid of it. Not a big deal but strava has it so I’m used to it. The big decision came from the GPS tracking failures. Every few days it stops tracking properly and will read off random splits like .6 miles or 1.7 miles despite me having it set to read off half mile splits. And my normal 5 mile loop turned into a 6.75 mile loop and I also apparently ran a 3:38 mile split somewhere in the middle. The only way to get the GPS to work properly was to delete the app and reinstall. After the third time I’ve deleted it for good. I don’t want to have to worry about that every time I go for a run. Strava has worked perfect for 5+ years so I’m sticking with it.

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    Buggy; Endomondo works better

    I was really hoping this app would be better than Endomondo since they’re both UA, but it’s buggy. The watch app “refreshes” after you choose your activity and if you don’t hit the start button within a few seconds it goes back to the activity selection screen. This is problematic in when in a class that uses a different timer. I need to be able to start the workout quickly without having to go through additional screens more than once. Also when I end a workout, it takes several seconds to sync, or whatever it’s doing, so if I need to quickly start a new workout, I either have to wait for it to finish or start the app workout after the class has started. The phone app is also a little convoluted and not easy on the eyes. I just have a much smoother experience with Endomondo so I’m going back to it.

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    Overall like this series

    I have the full array and overall like them. My only complaint is that on the map my dog walk they will not fix the issue of "challenges" for other versions add on so there is a number on the app you cannot clear. Seems like it should be simple- show the challenges or block it on dog walk version but they show as a known problem for over a year without fixing. Other than that- like the apps. Update. Sometimes gps is not accurate and could not get good help from them. No longer have dog walk or hike but use the fitness, walk and run apps all the time. Like the data and the challenges too. Motivating for me!

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    Great but rarely works with Apple Watch

    I have use the app extensively and have it paired with my Apple Watch (3rd Generation/cellular) and UA connected shoes. The app almost never works the way it should. The app on the watch will frequently crash during workouts which creates multiple workouts with inaccurate data or fails to record data. Its not uncommon for a 3 mile 27 minute run to show up as me running a 2 minute mile at some point followed by a 20 minute mile. The watch almost never syncs with with the app without closing down the app on the phone and watch, shutting off the phone and watch multiple times. Eventually it will sync with the app but old workouts will sync again creating duplicate workouts. Bottom line, if you are using an Apple Watch, look for another app.

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    Love MapMyFitness

    Updated yet again...MapMyFitness continues to be the only workout tracking app I use...had it for years and never searched for another, and it’s 100% free. Thanks for continuing to support the unpaid side with good features to keep us coming back. Updated: I keep getting app rating reminders, and it stays the same...awesome app, and the free version does everything I need it to. Love that UA continues to support so many features on the free side. Since I started using this app in 2012, I've logged 784 workouts, ridden 8,891 miles on my mtn bike and burned over 438,000 calories...being able to see this progress is HUGE. Updated: still an awesome free app. Tracks beyond the basics for the everyday exerciser without pressure to upgrade. This is the best free app I own. Older: I'm an avid mountain biker, and this app tracks everything I need to see. After a year using it, was great to look back and see how many miles I rode, calories burned, and how I tracked against others who ride the same trails.

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    Does not correctly sync to Apple Activity

    I used this app for one walk. Map My Fitness accurately captured the distance and I’m hoping the pacing. It broke down the details of the splits, cadence, etc. When the data was pushed to Apples Activity and Health apps, it showed a completely different distance, pace, and only showed a (wrong) split time for the first mile. The other mile and a half never showed up. The real kicker is that when I tried to report this issue, I received a notification that I couldn’t submit the issue at that time. I wanted to use this app because it allows you to map your route out in advance, but unless I’m missing something, it doesn’t provide any audio cues for following the route you’ve mapped? I’d be better off winging it as I go.

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    Updated! Changes in calorie count

    Updated! After much searching for solutions online I found that my weight was logged at 19 pounds on my health app in my Apple Watch. I have no idea how that happened. I run again tomorrow so fingers crossed it worked. My normal 8 mile 800ish calorie run is now being logged for 110 calories, a 2 mile run is now 22 calories. I’ve looked on several other calorie calculators and haven’t found one that correlates with the changes I’m seeing. Is there a mistake with the new way of calculating calories or was the old way massively overestimating? I feel like this large of an adjustment warrants an explanation.

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    Easy To Use

    Great app with lots of features like GPS tracking, voice overs and a time delay start (which makes it easy to use in the rain because I can start it inside, place it on my waterproof band and once I’m ready to run outside, hit go). I also love the band that runs along the top when I’m using another app so I can tap back to it. My new phone doesn’t allow me to hit my home button through my old running band so this is a convenient work around. One improvement that could be made is the ability to remap my run in the app (as opposed to logging in online) if the GPS got my route/mileage wrong.

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    Calorie calculation is incorrect.

    I notified this provider a year ago about a problem with this app and again this week. If I pair this with my phone, the calorie count is roughly half of the value on the iPhone app (if only recording on the phone). Their calculations are incorrect for the Apple Watch app and they don’t seem to care to want to fix it. A ride this week was 123 minutes long and the phone app showed 1000 calories. The watch app showed 570. Compared to a website with weight, speed and difficulty, their calculation was 1100 calories. This app in the watch is seriously off and developers don’t care.

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    Free version is all adds

    For the free version, it is almost unusable due to the ads. When using the keyboard, most of the remaining space is taken up by the top banner (thanks, I know what app I’m using) and ads, so much so it’s hard to type. If you accidentally click on one of those ads, the ad loads full screen in the app and there is no back button or close button. This renders the app useless. Even exiting the app and then coming back in, the ad is still loaded. The only way to get back to the app was to reboot the phone. To be fair, the tracking function might work really well. I never tried it because I ran into the ad issue five times just trying to set up the app for use.

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    Awesome app and always improving

    Newest update has kept me on track with weight training with the creation of workouts - already seeing improved results and consistency- also helping with my running as I get ready for another marathon in the fall. I’ve run many marathons but needed a reboot so I signed up for a training plan. The active run coaching and scheduling is keep me on track and well ahead of goal without overdoing anything. Keep up the improvements- I’ve been an active user of the app for 7 years in July.

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    Back last summer, my mom got me into rucking. She has been rucking since she lived in Kentucky and injured her right ankle. She needed to find something as complex as running but also simple as walking, thats when she found rucking. I had brain surgery and ever since was trying to find something not to contact that I could do, then I got into rucking. Where you basically hike with a weighted backpack, and ever since I have loved it. This app helps me keep track of how long my rucks are. Great for when I am rucking with friends or family.

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    When you don't know where to walk/Run....

    Fairly new and a black man in America. Why is that important, you say? It's hard sometimes to find safe places to walk/run where you don't get hassled or deemed suspect. This app is a Godsend to me because I can choose my route or past routes that have been used by others. While everything isn't about race, I'm trying to exercise & make it home safely. And the most dangerous place for a black man to be while minding his business is in the imagination of a white person.

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    Inaccurate distances!

    I have used this family of apps for years, despite occasional, understandable glitches. But after my past several hikes, and even flat walks, I’ve had to manually fix my distance because it was wildly short! Like less than half of what we covered, even though the map shows my route. I select Hike for activity (but it also glitched on Walk on flat pavement), figuring it will allow for stops, climbs and descents, but I don’t have the time to keep monitoring as I go. I’m trying to exercise and enjoy nature. Anyway, thank goodness for the Apple Health app, at least I can count on it for accuracy. Very disappointed in UA, I’ve given so many chances to make it work. :-(

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Is Map My Fitness by Under Armour Safe?

Yes. Map My Fitness by Under Armour is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 60,823 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.8/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Map My Fitness by Under Armour Is 50.7/100.

Is Map My Fitness by Under Armour Legit?

Yes. Map My Fitness by Under Armour is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 60,823 Map My Fitness by Under Armour User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Map My Fitness by Under Armour Is 50.7/100.

Is Map My Fitness by Under Armour not working?

Map My Fitness by Under Armour works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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  4. If you are a Map My Fitness by Under Armour customer and are running into a problem, Justuseapp might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least you can warn others off using Map My Fitness by Under Armour.

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