30 Day Fitness Reviews

30 Day Fitness Reviews

Published by on 2021-06-23

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Table of Contents:
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2. Is it Safe?
3. Is it Legit?
4. App not working?
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30 Day Fitness Reviews

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    Question about the workouts.

    I was doing the free week trial and I was doing a bunch of “challenges”. However I noticed that in few of he challenges I was working on, the exercises were repeated. For example, I was doing the flat tummy and I got “side leg raises”, I enjoy that workout. But when I went to do the arms challenge, I got this workout again. So my question is do you have a base of workouts and just random select them for a challenge or am I not knowledgeable of how side leg raises are supposed to help my arms get toned? Besides that, I think the app is super user friendly and very straightforward. I would like to be able to go back on a few calendar days of the challenges because I accidentally finished one without meaning to and couldn’t go back and finish it. I know there was an option to finish it, pause it, and get back to it later but I wasn’t thinking and finished it so my workout for the day was cut short. Please please let me know because I would like to pay to use this app because it’s super cheap and awesome but not if the workouts are just the same for all the challenges. Thank you.

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    Deeply Disappointed

    I am beyond upset with the financial and customer service with this application. I’ve consistently been overcharged. It is absolutely ridiculous that your ap promotes paying 4.99 a week, but I was charged 20 dollars on the same day on the 28th. Now, three days later on the 31st, which is less than a week I’m being charged another 4.99. This amounts to 25 dollars in one week, which is absolutely unacceptable. When I tried to voice my concerns and request a refund, I received an automatic email and then a failure to respond once I replied to the automatic email. There is also a malfunction with your software that forces me to subscribe more than once which results in you overcharging my account for multiple subscriptions. Even after I canceled the extra subscription and received a refund from Apple, the same issue occurred in a matter of a week. As someone who was truly enjoying this application and recommended it to many of my friends and family, I am deeply disappointed in the lack of customer service and regard for people’s finances. I will ensure to leave a review of my awful experience on any fitness website and on Apple as possible. I will also be receiving a refund from my credit card institution. I hope you all can improve one day. Sincerely, not happy. PS: Now that I’m trying to leave this review it isn’t letting me because I rated it so low. You all are scam artists.

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    Good way to get back in shape

    I like the built-in timers ... and the intuitive use of the user interface, it’s so easy to drag up between sets. The exercises themselves are ok, having done p90x and insanity when I was younger (I’m 56) I found their exercises well-designed, now I’m not up to that level and this app is seriously helping me get back to that — maybe it’s not a fair comparison, but it’s what I have. It’s not that the exercises are much different, but I find that they pay less attention to ergonomics and physiology than those systems — especially for those of us who need some steps to get to those movements. On the other hand, what this has that the others don’t, is the ability to adjust the load after each workout, very cool. The other thing I wish is that they paid more attention to earn-up and cool-down and actually spent a little time on stretches before and after. It’s not a bit deal because I’ve added those on my own ... but as much as I like this app there’s small tweaks that would make it amazing for me. I still give it a five star for finding an awesome app design that really helps me stick with it.

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    Tremendously Horrible App

    This app lifts your hopes so high when your hopes fall they break every single bone in their body. The app has a nice look and design and lets you customize your training level etc THEN when you're done putting in your name you have to pay or get a free trial! There is NO mention of having to pay in the description except for the fact it says In-app purchases which usually means you have an option to pay for something in the app. BUT NO you guys have to make the app free and make people download your app and then hit me with a MONTHLY payment to use the app. This is JUST a mobile app not a "personal trainer" as the makers of this app imply in response to another bad review. A personal trainer is a REAL PERSON who gives you advice, helps you with exercise, and has scheduled classes for you that they encourage you to physically come to. This is a simple planner with notifications and a little bit more than that, which has an unnecessary monthly fee. AT LEAST have a free version that only has a few features and then have an optional monthly payment for the whole shebang. I am extremely disappointed and the only reason this has two stars is because it looks nice actually SCRATCH THAT IM GIVING YOU ONE STAR. HORRIBLE HORRIBLE APP DO NOT RECOMMEND. I INSTANTLY uninstalled it. Fix this and don't respond to be with that copy and paste response.

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    Can’t even use the app!

    So I downloaded the app after my doctor told me I needed to lose some weight. I saw this was a highly rated free app, i tried some workouts and the next day I get a pop up about the working out like a pro. Which I didn’t want because it wasn’t what I was looking for. I did not want extreme workouts. The Pro option is, well, an option! The app forces you to pay for it in order to use it basically! I was frustrated so I started the trial and when my trial was up it charged me for it, I didn’t receive any emails about it being over soon because it went to my spam folder. So now I lost my $5 and now that I cancelled the subscription, the Pro Trainer mode thing keeps popping up again and I can’t use it! If you try and buy it and hit cancel it moves you to a screen that says “Are you sure?” But there isn’t even an option to click “Yes I Am Sure I Don’t Want To Pay!!” It is an in app purchase, it is optional and you need to give people the option to say “No Thanks” or “Skip” because I just was looking for the free and easy workouts, I’m not trying to become a super strong person, I am just trying to stay in shape! Please fix this problem and ad an “X” button to skip it! And if possible I want my money back because I am very disappointed!

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    Customized trainings are not really customized

    I used the first week for free and had no problems canceling the trial before being charged. For people who give l this app a low rating because you cannot cancel the subscription - you do it in App store app, where you cancel all other subscriptions, google for more info. The reason why I’m giving this app 3 stars is the following. The app promotes and gives an impression that you get customized trainings based on different names of workouts - Core, or Full Body, etc. I ended up purchasing the app because i loved that idea and also that it provided various challenges. However, after some time of using it, i noticed that the set of exercises does not really differ depending on the training i choose. For example, i’m recommended to do Core, Full Body and i also do a couple of challenges - for upper body and the other one for legs. So today i decided to check what exercises were planned for me for Core training, Upper body challenge and legs challenge. And i noticed that the exercises were all the same. So to train legs i needed to do crunches. Not sure if it’s a glitch or it’s meant to be that way, but i’ll be looking for a different app where exercise sets do vary.

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    Pretty Great!

    So, this app is amazing! The variety of routines and customized workouts are great! I’m hoping to pursue some of the monthly challenges, mainly the belly workout, and it’s going good so far (I’m a few days in). I gave it a 4 out of 5 because I’ve noticed the timer stopped a few times. I was doing a daily work out and saw halfway through that the timer was stuck at around 2:15. I tried to fix it, but it didn’t fix, eventually freezing and not letting me move on to my rest. Eventually the timer fixed itself, but I left the workout (losing all my progress) due to the issue. I will still continue to use the app, because it’s so professional and looks really good! Overall, I recommend the app to anyone hoping to lose weight fast and in a convenient, healthy way, but I hope some of the bugs get sorted out (unless I did something wrong, then my bad).

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    I’d give 0 if i could for misinforming the public.

    Your Ads are misinforming many people who are uninformed when it comes to their health and what “ideal” truly is. Telling people in your ads that 2-5% body fat is “essential” is extremely wrong. It is extremely unhealthy to live at this % of body fat. It is not in anyway “essential” or the “perfect” amount. The only people that should be doing this, if at all, are professional competitive bodybuilders. However, they reach this ONLY for competition and don’t live with it for longer than a week. Many of them have reported a decrease in quality of health during this 1 week period (obviously). They end up going back up to about 10-12% body fat or even higher after competition. Also, advertising that muscle isn’t “weight” is also very wrong. I’m not sure if the creators of this app are english speakers, but in the ad it says, “Put on muscle, not weight”. People need to understand that when you’re building muscle you’re going to gain weight. Misleading people into thinking you’re going to lose weight while gaining muscle is not the best thing because they’ll possibly lose motivation in their goal if they see that they’re gaining weight. It is totally healthy to put on extra weight, whether it’s muscle or fat.

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    Like most people on the review board, I’m upset I cannot use the app unless I do the free trail. I understand it says “in app purchases” but normally that means for other little things like to go to pro not the whole app in general. If you kept the app this way I’d much rather it just be the $10 at the start so it’s over with so I don’t get excited to try an app and then not even be able to us it. I suggest that the free trail starts automatically, with a notification that what they are doing is truly just a week for free and then at the end of the week have the pop up that is shown at the beginning of the app. I’m not going to agree to paying for something when all I’ve done is put in my name and other basic info. Your giving little taste of the app before shoving a wanted payment in someone’s face so of course a lot of people will be upset by this. Even if the free trail was just a day it would be better then not being able to get into the app without agreeing to something. I’d rather spend those 10 dollars at my local planet fitness to work out there instead of it going toward an app that I probably would forget I even had.

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    Not enough thought

    It looks like a really good app that would help me out a lot but the con is I don’t want to be opening up my phone and stopping why exercise to check how long I’m doing it or be pulling it out of my pocket. This app would be 80% better if you offered it on Apple watches and such also. Easy to look at, don’t have to pull out my phone, and just makes the workouts seem more realistic. Because if I’m gonna e doing these workouts and I have to check my phone if I’m doing something right or if I’m doing it on time then it’s not worth it. This needs to be offered on Apple watches if I’m gonna be willing to pay 5 dollars a week. And that too. Way too much money a week for a workout that cost $0. If your gonna make it 5 dollars. At least to do it every month. But not every week because then your just taking money from clients. There’s gyms that charge less then this app monthly. But in conclusion the pro is that the workouts are things that will push you and that’s a good thing. So all together lower cost, make more accessible to other devices, and prove that the app is not just for clients money. Thank you

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    Not bad

    First of all, I really didn’t like paying $5 per week for this, but it did motivate me to actually open the app and do my workouts. However, I did think that was too much money for an app workout. Secondly, I liked the workouts at first but it was strange that the warm-up part of it was more intense than the actual workouts themselves. I’m not a fit person and actually injured my knee the second time I used this but I kept at it, pretty religiously at first, injured knee and all. I was doing three workouts per week at 20 minute intervals, using the lose weight exercises. It got really boring and tedious after a while to the point that I didn’t want to work out anymore. I also saw zero results. Didn’t want to spend money on this anymore because it got boring. I tried to change it up and do the gain muscle plan, but that had the exact same exercises as the lose weight plan. If you want to spend money on a workout plan that you can do at home on your own time, I don’t recommend this one.

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    Great app! But just a few suggestions...

    Overall I love the app but there are a few things that I would change. 1. You guys give the option to thumbs up and thumbs down a lot exercise but that doesn’t really do much. What I would suggest is that when an exercise is disliked there is the ability to alternate that exercise with a different one that basically works out the same muscles as the one that you thumbs down. 2. You should also be able to adjust the amount of reps you do for each set of an exercise. I understand that you could change the difficulty of your workouts but doing this would allow for a more personalized experience 3. Some exercises require equipment. I do these workouts at home so I don’t have any equipment to do some of the exercises in my workout. I suggest having a no-equipment option.

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    Love this app

    I read the reviews before getting this and I was impressed. Now I’m reading the reviews after using this app for 10 weeks now and people write such ridiculous reviews. Complaining that they haven’t lost weight even though they did it everyday, etc. Just a kind PSA: Every persons body is different!! Some people will lose weight just by exercising. Some have to eat healthier. It’s always different. I started this app 10 weeks ago and I haven’t lost weight but I feel healthy and that’s all I really care about and it’s all anyone should. It isn’t this apps fault if you aren’t losing weight so don’t blame it. I had no issues with how it charged me. It made me scan my finger print and it explicitly said “pay $4.99 weekly subscription” and I accepted. Easy as that. Thank you for helping me get healthy!

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    Give it a try !

    Many people complain about the 5 dollars a week in which they would gladly spend the same amount or more on a cup of coffee in the morning. There’s a free 3 day trial which was enough for me. The app is flawless and although I haven’t used it long enough to see any major gains, I have gotten fitter and more agile. The workouts and exercises are easy to customize to be easier or harder depending on what you feel like. They even walk you through workouts and give you instructions. So far I give 5 stars for a great app. Keeps me extremely motivated, love it. Stop crying about the 20 dollars a month and try applying for a real gym and see how much they charge and the terrible contracts. This is a cheap gym on your phone, not everything is free to use, especially if it actually works. Buy it, use it, gain from it.

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    In-App Purchase

    I know this may be weird coming from a 12 year old, but I do want to lose weight, and I can’t make a purchase because I don’t have my own money. I also don’t get to lose weight at a gym because I never get time to go with my dad, and no one can drive me. (I also hate going alone!) I’ve been searching the web for some workout that might be some help for me to lose 60 pounds, and I ended up finding this app on an ad while trying to watch a video on big girl problems. (And for my age, I’m a “big girl”!) I clicked on the install button because it seemed legit and I wanted to try it out, but then I saw that I needed to pay to use it?! I’m only 12, so I can’t pay! It also says ‘4+’ on the app details, so I’m NOT too young! There wasn’t even an X button either, so I just wasn’t allowed to use this app! I’m sorry if I sounding rude, but I have tried almost everything to try and lose weight, but it’s not working and this app made it even harder! 2 stars! (I’m sorry.)

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Is 30 Day Fitness Safe?

Yes. 30 Day Fitness is quiet safe to use but use with caution. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 56,646 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.3/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for 30 Day Fitness Is 35.8/100.

Is 30 Day Fitness Legit?

Yes. 30 Day Fitness is legit, but not 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 56,646 30 Day Fitness User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for 30 Day Fitness Is 35.8/100.

Is 30 Day Fitness not working?

30 Day Fitness works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Reported Issues: 1 Comments

By John Lu
May 11 2021

I noticed that I was charged for a yearly subscription on March 23rd or 22nd 2021, despite having canceled the trial. I have not used the app and would please like to request a refund for the amount paid on that date.

If you need anymore information please do not hesitate to ask.
Thank you!

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  4. If you are a 30 Day Fitness customer and are running into a problem, Justuseapp might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least you can warn others off using 30 Day Fitness.

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