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Published by on 2023-12-04

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Developer: Google LLC

E-Mail: [email protected]

Website: Visit YouTube Music Website

100% Contact Match

Developer: Google LLC

E-Mail: [email protected]

Website: Visit Google LLC Website

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Reported Issues: 25 Comments

4.8 out of 5

By Yolanda Blackshear

1 month ago

My issue is evertime I start playing music it will play for a while and then I dont even know what to call it it's like my speaker is blown out (but it isn't) and it makes a noise and sounds terrible that's why I stopped my subscription the first tim

By Арсэн

2 months ago

Здравствуйте многоуважаемый Агент поддержки, я ничайно подключил пробную подписку YouTybe Music Premium. Отключите мне её пожалуй.

By Michael Muhammed Gammon

8 months ago

My name is Michael Gammon i live in Bluefield wv and i can sue for 1 billion dallors and everyone even the police is mad at me they are letting black people kill there own kids 15 teen have died

By [email protected]

1 year ago

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By victor khoury

1 year ago

Please cancel my purchases done by my grandson without my authorization , Also cancel my free trial of youtube premium music

By David Hernandez

2 years ago

As trying to tell you .I have no problem paying my bill but ,that does not mean for you to decide it is alright for you to place a hundred songs into my created unity music list the are my devices not your or your families so don't ever ever add into my dam property with out my permission my devices not yours .only I fill in my music self created tyt app or tube app If this continues you will be served to court cause you could've just stud the heck out and if so ads could've been placive back that would now mean what about your racism act to my devices

By Kimberly Adkins

2 years ago

Cancel me please for the 3rd time

By WendyJerrell

2 years ago

I just paid my premium. It was deducted from my account but won't let me download because it says I need to be a premium member which I am.

By Susan

2 years ago

U tube music is driving me insane. I am autistic and music is my life. I pay £9.99 a month for individual use. Whatever list I play, downloaded, on WiFi or phone data keeps stopping, sometimes 5/6 times every song. It also alters the volume from zero to bursting my ear drums. I use wired, good quality headphones and have tried 3 different sets but still the same. I also keep getting a voice telling me the time or saying 'sorry I didn't get that'. I didn't have these problems on Google play music. So frustrating! Please someone sort this out. This is seriously affecting my mental health

By james bigler

2 years ago

I was under the impression that by me paying for YouTube music I would be able to listen to music offline

By Kim Mclain

2 years ago

I am in 30 day free trial on you tube music after buying a new phone. Would prefer to cancel the subscription now. Can’t find the appropriate instructions that apply to my phone to cancel. Can you cancel from your end? Or send me appropriate instruct unions for my Samsung 21 + 5 phone.

By Pat Marshall

2 years ago

I had a trial of Youtube music on my google speaker. I want to cancel this immediately. I only use is for a small amount of time and a senior citizen. I can not afford it at this time. Thank you for your help in helping me to cancel the trial or if I have been charged, please return. Please let me know that this have been taken care of.

By Vikas jain

3 years ago

Meri payment wapas do

By Floyd Spencer

3 years ago

Got new updated visa card. Want to give you the numbers so that you can get paid.

By Charlie Patterson

3 years ago

Don't you dare charge me . And your no reply address fucking sucks !!!!

By B Kofoed

3 years ago

Hey pleace help me My purchesed music is deleted by you.... Why


3 years ago

I transferred all my music from Google Play, exactly as instructed, and initially could access *most* of it. A few days ago, however, ALL of it disappeared. All the CDs I'd purchased and uploaded and transferred and all the music I had bought from Google Pay music. EVERY DAMN bit of it. I have been robbed of years and years worth of music, and there seems to be no one to even get help with this. Worst. Service. Ever.

By Doreen R Robbins

3 years ago

I am so very frustrated with the Youtube music app. As a subscriber, the playlist/library doesn't automatically go to the next track. It just plays the same song over and over and over again. I am not finding a specific solution to this problem and I'm ready to ditch this and go to Spotify or something more reliable. It's especially frustrating when I'm driving and I have to constantly press next to play the next song. It seems like there are a lot of complaints about this, but no solution.

By Jim Yakaboski

3 years ago

When I had Google music I had over 1500 songs in my music library. When I transferred to YouTube music I only have 963 songs . Where are the rest of my songs and how do I download them???? Thank you for your help. All my songs in Google music were paid for over 20 years. A lot of great music. I don't want to lose them .

By Nev Marra

3 years ago

I have a Sonos One but unable to use free YouTube Music. I can only see my Playlist but can’t play it anyway-there are no other options. I am being told that Sonos will only work with Premium. Is that correct??? I have just closed Google Play and believe I am on free or a trial month of YouTube Music.

By SR Fischer

3 years ago

I never signed up for any " free trial". I don't want it and YouTube does not provide any way of cancelling it. It's some kind of scam. I will not pay for any of it's services, and will take them to small claims court if they try to force the issue.

By Izu

3 years ago

Annoying app. I cannot even use it without getting annoyed at the music recommendations. How do I cancel my subscription?

By Kjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjj

So bad

This is by far the worst app for listening to music that I have ever used. (And I have the paid subscription.) It takes a gazillion clicks to find my recent or commonly used playlists. I don’t get on the app to use mixes some rando made, I get on to listen to MY LISTS and to find new releases. Why do I have to click like five times to reach my playlists???? And even then it doesn’t show me the ones I’ve lost recently played, only the ones I’ve recently edited! The playlists are not sorted alphabetically. If I want to remove songs from a queue or move them to another playlist, it’s impossible to select more than one song at once—I HATE THIS ESPECIALLY. Such a basic and inexcusable oversight they’ve had months to fix. And if I’m already listening to a list I’ve downloaded and then I leave WiFi, it complains to me that it has no connection and needs to go to downloads, and makes me click through multiple times just to find again and shuffle the list I’m already listening to. Just awful. Also google play used to show me how many times I’ve listened to each song, and that’s what I looked at to find my favorite songs of the year. I don’t want a 2020 list they make for me, I want to make my own list! Why can’t they provide this basic thing that was already offered on google play? The web app is equally frustrating. I can’t believe we actually pay them to provide this abysmal level of service.

By Johns59


I wouldn't be very upset about how they are getting rid of Google Play Music if this app wasn't so crappy of a replacement. It is super glitchy, freezes way too often, doesn't let me download many things that were downloadable on Google Play Music, and it still hasn't downloaded the playlists that for which I initiated the downloads weeks ago...I mean come on! Google certainly has the resources to make this app so much better, so since it is hopeless that they will change their minds on getting rid of Google Play Music (which I heavily endorsed for the years that I used it and spent hours upon hours building up my library etc, and have been the DJ at work and many gatherings personal and professional), PLEASE GET THIS APP FULLY FUNCTIONAL related to my complaints above!!!!!!! UPDATE AFTER USING THIS CRAPP FOR OVER A YEAR: I think this (crapp) app has gotten worse somehow 😢😪😫 It has frozen a dozen times after playing DOWNLOADED songs during my cries country trip today. And it takes about a minute to get its bearings to even begin paying anything for EVEN THOUGH IT’S DOWNLOADED let alone the fact that I’ve got FULL 5G SERVICE 🤮

By NathanFilz

Poor substitute

The company offered free music storage to its users, in exchange users agreed to allow Google to use the music they uploaded to build their music library. Google took note of similar artists a user might listen to and built their recommendation engine off of that data. They acquired competitors solely to put them out of business and eliminate the competition. They stifled innovation at every turn, and users kept quiet because they still felt the relationship was mutually beneficial. But as soon as Google had milked as much date from the users libraries as they could, they eliminated the service, and in its place coughed up this garbage that in no way is an equal substitute for what they killed. Now if you want to listen to your music that you spent years cultivating and curating, you either need to pay up $150 a year, or listen to an advertisement after every single song, with no ability to cache music for offline play. Are you an advertising business ? A music streaming company? A phone manufacturer? You can’t be all of the above and still prioritize the best interest of the customer.

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