Shazam: Music Discovery Reviews

Shazam: Music Discovery Reviews

Published by on 2023-12-11

About: Shazam will identify any song in seconds. Discover artists, lyrics, videos &
playlists, all for free.

About Shazam

What is Shazam? Shazam is a music identification app that allows users to identify any song in seconds. It also provides information about the artist, lyrics, videos, and playlists. The app has over 1 billion installs and is available on various platforms, including Apple Watch, iMessage, Mac, and iPad.



- Identify any song in seconds

- Listen and add to Apple Music playlists

- Follow along with time-synced lyrics

- Watch music videos from Apple Music or YouTube

- Shazam in Dark Mode

- Use Shazam anywhere, at any time, even offline

- Turn on Auto Shazam to keep finding songs even when you leave the app

- Find out what is popular in your country or city with Shazam charts

- Get recommended songs and playlists to discover new music

- Open any song directly in Apple Music or Spotify

- Share songs with friends through Snapchat, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter, and more

- Add Shazam's widget to your Home Screen to see your recent song history at a glance or be able to Shazam in an instant

- Thousands of 5-star reviews

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Key Benefits of Shazam

-Guesses random songs correctly

-Integrates itself into your heart and phone

-Can identify songs from a variety of devices

-Records and saves music

-Instant results

-Can find most songs

22 Shazam Reviews

4.9 out of 5


Well Earned 5 Star!!

Okay, so-I happen to decide to see what songs Shazam recognizes by playing random songs on my TV and seeing which ones it happens to guess! First, I tried Mario Kart Menu Theme, which it guessed, then I tried Broly Vs Gogeta (Epic song, btw), which it guessed, Rip & Tear, BFG Division, Blue Sizzle, you get the point! Well, I was thinking....No way it’ll guess Learn 2 Fly’s techno theme, right!? Riiiight! Well!!! That blew up in my face because it guessed it!! At first I was skeptical, thinking, “No way this is actually it! It must be confusing it for another song, right!?” NOPE!! It actually put a name to a song I had been wishing for the possibility to have on my playlist and I found it ON ITUNES and bought it!! Not the second that happened, I *SCRAMBLED* to Shazam store to give Shazam a 5 Star review!! You legends basically just reunited my child gaming spirit with its gaming music SOULMATE!!! I cannot thank you guys enough for making an app that can actually put names to songs that nobody else seems to know the proper names of! Seriously! You guys are awesome!!! Im gonna continue to use Shazam so I can expand my playlist from now on! You guys have a *SPARKING* day!!!

Sincerely & With Thanks,


Love it- but needs quicker access

So Shazam has been extremely helpful in the past. I HATE when I can’t remember the name of a song, or figure out who is singing when it’s on the tip of my tongue. Shazam has helped cut those moments down. But I usually run into the issue of not getting to it fast enough. By the time I remember to use it and go to open it on my phone and then press the button, it’s often been too late and the song is over 😫. If it could be listening in the background or as soon as I open it could fix that.

Also I understand the complexity involved, but a lot of times I want to look up or listen to a song but can’t remember enough lyrics or anything, just a tune. I wish there was an app that didn’t rely on exact recordings but you could hum or sing parts you remember and it could guess a few options..?! 😆 I know that’s a tall order, but someone will be able to do it sometime in the future I guarantee it! Go for it this app! Start now! Lol.

Anyway I had it at 3 stars for those 2 reasons. But given the amount of songs it recognizes (it’s never not recognized one that I’ve tried), and how it only needs about 2-5 seconds of ANY PIECE of ANY SONG, I evened it out to a 4 ⭐️. It’s really a 5 for what it does, but a 3 for its potential to expand. So bam, you get 4. Kbye.


Shaquille O’Kneel down to the king, Shazam.

I would like to put things into perspective by simply saying that if you are like me and have an acute fear of certain social interactions. One of those social underwear in school style nightmares is when I hear a song that just slaps my eyebrows off(in the best way possible) or that feeling you get when you hear a song that you haven’t heard since back when everyone discovered music via the radio. Each of those is a prime juicy example of how this app integrates its awesome self into your heart and phone haha I don’t want to boast too much but I have this app as a MF widget on my home screen... just saying all I do is click on the S-wait like 4 seconds-the BLAM- this app is all “here’s the exact song for you sir”- “would you like to add it to your playlist that you already had straight from here?”- I’m like “shhiii you already know” and it’s as simple as that folks...this app is a lifesaver/uniquely personalized playlist making/anxiety saving app god. If you are reading this then you have made a mistake.. you should have downloaded it first and then read all my app-praising whilst the downloadeth finished. Duh



There used to be a time in my younger years, it was a simple matter of identifying every single piece of music played on the radio. Now we’re in the 21st Century; radios have become practically obsolete, devices for playing music media beyond number. Each device having the capacity upwards of 100,000 songs. The average person needs some help knowing every song being played in a room within hearing range. Through the past ten years or more I’ve drifted back, and forth to this app. As my tool for telling me the name of the song I’m listening to. I’ve always never failed to notice, whenever there’s a song I need to know something about. Someone in the room has this app on the cell phone to help me out. Finally after a very long absence of getting by without this app on my phone. I downloaded the this app app on my phone for a long awaited reunion. The nicest feature about this app, it automatically connects me to my Apple Music. Then I can add the music I so quickly get identified added to my music collection on ITunes. Download the this app app, and give the music collection, and knowledge base a huge lift.


I’d be so lost without this app

Ever hate when you hear a song out in public but you don’t know what the title is/who is singing it? Then you find it after spending spend hours searching for it through all the songs that have the same or similar lyrics? Yeah let’s just say this song helps cut that process down to mere a minute on average.

As a note, sometimes (very rarely/really depends on your device) it may take closer to two minutes or may need you to activate it a couple times but most of the time once you activate it the first time you will find the song you’re hearing (granted if it is loud enough, but it can pick it up fairly well even if it’s barely in the background).

So in conclusion, I would recommend Shazam 100% for any music lovers, and/or for those who find themselves in a similar position as mentioned above. It has saved me a lot of time/headache trying to remember lyrics and find a song. Just one press of the button and you could have your favorite song saved/recognized


Almost Great but Still got a BUG ☹️

I LOVE 99% of EVERYTHING about this app. It Records & SAVES the Music I hope to ALWAYS have. It’s been recording & saving ALL my Music, even the ones I can’t remember I saved. And all to my Email too (Which I’ve had for YEARS). I love how instant it works & how it can find Most of the songs. Yeah, it still has trouble finding My Spanish speaking Music, but I Trust this app will get there Eventually.
Although, I regret to say, but I have the this app app Icon, on my Scroll down menu (on iPhone 11) & yes, it does the job. I can tap on it & this app will instantly start recording & recognizing the song/music being played (on/from another app). BUT……
Once the Notification is shown/pops up & goes away, I later go to my actual this app app & the song I KNOW I just played & wanted memory recognition from, is NO LONGER THERE. Yeah this app tells me the songs I shazamed for THAT DAY & the days/weeks/etc. Passed. BUT MOST of them are NO LONGER THERE. Like they simply VANISHED. PLEASE this app. FIX THIS BUG. I Hate how it’s beginning to Defeat the purpose of even having a this app if it won’t properly store my songs anymore. & Who knows how long this has been going on. I’ve probably been missing hundreds of songs that I “thought was saved” when really, they weren’t. Moments GONE☹️
Be awesome Again!!


I love your Shazam App, but there's one minor gripe I've with it!

While I love getting '80s & some of the current downloaded songs that comes on from my alarm clock radio everyday when I get up 1st thing in the morning, but after an few and/or several weeks later on down the road, the songs are COMPLETELY different compared than to ones they once when I had 1st Shazammed it afterwards….!!

I'm quite disappointed how your this app App DOESN'T even retained the original songs, music, and/or lyrics properly after few to several weeks later on down the road long after Shazammed it onto your this app App…!!

I wanna keep your this app App on both of my iPhone & iPad, but if isn't neither fixed up properly and/or dealt within the near future by retaining all of the OG songs, musics and/or lyrics , I'm delete both of my this app App on both of my iPhone and iPad and I REALLY don't wanna go there when push comes to shove at that time….!!



this used to be the best of all time for finding it’s out right embarrassing that it takes me recording it like six times and the entire song is over and it still has no idea what song it is. not to mention the songs that keep getting recommended to me sound ABSOLUTELY NOTHING LIKE THE ONE IM TRYING TO FIND! i’ve been disappointed and let down more times to count thanks to Shazam. the worst part is, i type two of
the lyrics into google and i found the song immediately. also siri knows most of the songs i try to this app because they tell me 90% of the time when this app can’t even give me a song of the same genre or even by a related artist. Shazam is just embarrassing at this point. it’s embarrassing you call yourself a song finding app and you can’t EVER find a song. my phone works perfectly fine, so it’s not my microphone. it’s embarrassing standing there for the entire duration of a song completely still with no one breathing so it can hear you and it recommending completely wrong songs. over and over and over and over. DO SOMETHING. this all is garbage and belongs there. nothing has changed in years and it’s progressively getting worse every update.


Love the app, miss the global map

Perfect app for many reason that have been stated by the many users you have. Love it and could picture a normal life without it, given my admiration and passion for music and musicians. Over the many updates, my favorite new artist and try explorer “secret weapon” was the global map navigation. Yes, it was tedious to expand at times, but this really a (admittedly skewed) idea of what any town were listening to, that could be pulled on that. Hope that map makes a come back, otherwise, superb essential app.

Not sure how long ago that was...I have grown and I went to ups and downs!! Music is appeases the soul and spirit, and being able to always capture that “song”, and even do a bit of Karaoke with it...hope it leads to less wars..but also hope you are adding privacy respect to your mission. It’s a modern world and you must find a way to survive and be profitable. Just stopping by to say THANK YOU to you all AGAIN!!


Best APP Ever!

This review is long overdue but better late than......! this app was one of the very first apps I ever added to my first iPhone. It was surely in the top 5 if not the top 3, & it's so useful to a music lover like me! How I ever did without it still seems crazy to me, so it must never be allowed to go away or taken from any App Store. Let's make that a law so it will be legally protected! To the developers who created this app, I give all my thanks & appreciation for such a truly brilliant & useful tool that you've made available for everyone to easily use without the need to learn anything besides tapping a finger. Simplicity & Brilliance!
Even more impressive though, is your unending & seamless enhancement of features & capabilities, yet always keeping it's simplicity intact. I'd love to shake your hands & thank everyone who's had a hand in any part of giving the world such a great program - especially to music lovers like me, but until I can, all I can say is Thanks to all of you.


Thought It Was Good...But

Had been using Shazam on and off in combination with SoundHound. One feature I like about Shazam is that you can “search a song” and it will save it to a history log Same As SoundHound but unfortunately this history isn’t “device transferable” unlike SoundHound and also I did I a series of searches from the control center (panel) which is a extremely useful feature that I don’t think SoundHound has but it was to my surprise after (falling default) to this method that these “searches” weren’t being saved only the ones that were searched when Shazam was visible on screen which as mentioned before is device specific and I can’t view on a different device 4/5 stars if Shazam saved history from the beginning of time as SoundHound did it would get the 5 stars as even if you logged in later after searching a series they would simply get added to you me account history with location(SoundHound) A+ App though I will say


Not dependable

Shazam only needs to do one thing: tell me what the name of the present song is. It’s not that difficult. Songs don’t last forever, and by the time you realize you like the song, you probably only have a few moments to capture the song with an app, as you juggle with driving your car and getting away from any background noise. Yet, Shazam cannot the only thing it needs to do. It struggles to load every time, before eventually the button doesn’t respond at all to the touch. If you think updating Shazam might make it work, you’d be wrong. Admittedly, this might not normally merit the time to draft a negative review, but there’s nothing quite so annoying as having precious few seconds to capture a song and then having your dedicated app fail at its only job. If anyone from the this app bureaucracy is reading this, please make whatever simplifications are necessary to Shazam to make it work.


Very Impressed. Amazed, really.

I've spent my lockdown time ripping my cd collection to FLAC, and I came across one of my electronic mix cd's from around 2002. No song listing, no CD-Text, not even a label.

I spent about an hour looking through my computer files to see if I had any notes or playlists or cd-burning files that would help me identify the unfamiliar music on the disc. I tried listening to it to see if I could figure out the songs, but no luck at all. I was thinking there was no way this app would be even remotely helpful for this kind of stuff.

I was dead wrong.

this app nailed every single song, even the remixes. It identified one song as "The Sheriff" by Fila Brazilla, but the times didn't match up when I double checked AllMusic. My version was longer than the listed time. I did a little more research to see if there was a longer version. When there wasn't, I decided to check to see if that song ripped with extra silence at the head or tail in error on my CD. Sure enough, this app was right, and my disc was wrong: 30 seconds of silence at the end of the track.

I am seriously stunned at what a great job this app did with such an eclectic disc of music. I knew it was good at the popular stuff, but most of these songs didn't have lyrics (and in some cases, melodies.)

Anyway, highly recommended and highly grateful.


When I need the right words...

Ever had a song stuck in your head. Regardless if it’s the latest top 40 hit or an old favorite from twenty years ago. Desperately wanting to put a little kick in your step or re-live a special moment, and you can’t because the words just are not there.
The toon or the melody keeps playing over and over inside your head, but disappointed as the mood is shattered trying to piece together a few key words and make up a couple words that don’t even belong, left to hum a few bars then fizzle out. It absolutely kills the moment.

this app affords the ability to locate that special song regardless of genre, artist, style or age of the hit. I am empowered to sing along with the tune, pull up the right lyrics and now that the frustration is over! You have helped me complete my day. Thank you this app!


Special songs I like.

I like to purchase music to play in my car. I do not usually want to buy full albums, but specific songs that I like. What I love about this app is that there may be a commercial with a song I like or a movie will feature a certain song. I may not know the correct name or who sings it. All I have do is this app it and there it is. I have used it so many times. My playlist for my car is unbelievable. All good songs. Not 30% or 70%, but 100% songs I like. The only bummer is that I used to be able to press purchase And it took me right to the place where I could purchase the song. I can’t do that now or if I can I do not know how. I am not interested in paying a monthly fee for all the music in the world. I want only specific songs and sometimes I might not be able to remember the name. Purchasing is the best option for me!


Songs while offline

Shazam is very useful for finding songs you may not know the name of or new songs that you've never heard before. I only have a few problems with Shazam. When you this app a song while your offline it says that it'll tell you the song when you have connection. I travel a lot and am a lover of all music genres so I have quite a majority of songs from around the world, and I might not always have wi-fi to connect to. I'm currently abroad for a wedding and my carrier doesn't support data outside of my country, so at the after party they played loads of songs I liked; I went to this app them and waited till I got back to my hotel to open Shazam , and there was no sign of them. Another problem I have is Auto-this app. I turn it on and when I go listen to a song on a video and it doesn't react. Overall Shazam is useful, but there are some features that claim to work, but don't.


Shazaman! Searchin!

I’ve been using this app for over 10 years I barely thought about giving it a review. Not that it really needs it, because many people already know about Shazam globally. It’s the best app to see what artist/tv/movie/radio is playing! I remembered when I first used it when 3G was barely the next gen with it at these speeds it made it so much better to search for the details without any needs to going the the webpage or anything else it is at your fingertips just one click their is a way to say “this app” to start the searching. I am not to sure if it works with everything. Most o the type I find my self just using Siri to do most of my stuff while moving around. It’s a very useful app because you may what to know what movie someone is watching or a friend my want to know without interrupting the movie they can search seamlessly!


Not nearly as accurate or useful as claimed

I really don’t get the appeal of this app. It usually doesn’t work.

If it’s a top-40 song, it works pretty well. Anything else, and most of the time it says “No result”. Or it picks a song seemingly at random. Then if you try again, it picks a different random song. It has no concept of “I’m not sure what this is so here’s a couple guesses”. The wrong answers are never even from the right genre. It’s like talking to a smart-but-dumb computer on a 1960’s sci-fi movie.

There isn’t a way to train it, either. It’s even difficult to remove an incorrectly this app’d song from the history — it takes about 6 taps, which is about 5 too many for something I want to do half the time I hit the this app button.

The other case where it’s good but not useful is classical music. Its accuracy with classical music is excellent. Unfortunately, again, it snatches defeat from the jaws of victory, this time by displaying only the title and *performer* (usually conductor), but not the composer. “String quartet #7”? I guess that narrows it down but it really wasn’t what I was looking for.

I wish this app worked well, and provided results in a useful format. Right now, it’s a novelty when it works at all.

UPDATE: Now it’s started nagging me about “cloud backup” and a bunch of other useless stuff. Please stop. You have one useful feature. Make it better. Don’t go trying to make me integrate my life or some garbage like that.


Classical and Modern Serious Music.

I absolutely love this app. I also love all types of music but especially classical music and especially of the modern genre. I play keyboards and was brought up playing an antique Harmonium (a pedal reed organ) and in a short time became accomplished enough to be the Assistant Organist for a large Presbyterian Church in the Twin City suburb town of Hastings MN. We had a small seven rank but very powerful Pipe Organ which was absolutely a GAS to play full organ even tho I had to sort of wing it on the full 32 note pedal keyboard. Now getting back to my review of this app. I think your App comes up short in identifying classical musical tracks and albums. Most serious music lovers prefer to know the Composer first before they know who are the Artists or Artist. I do wish this app would provide much more Info on the Classical Music tracks (PLEASE) but thanx a whole lot for what you do do.


Older songs

I’ve noticed you are using the release date of that certain song which may not be when it was originally released. I know songs released in 60’s and 70’s have this done when album is reissue. I’m having to look up correct year when making year specific play lists. Also, younger people take that as correct & won’t be argued out of it. Would it be a huge problem to add Originally Released showing that year.
this app doesn’t always recognize older songs. Just finished watching Ken Burns series Country Music and a there were a lot of artists not recognized at all. It seems to not recognize music that’s not mainstream. I don’t tend too listen to mainstream all the time. Local groups aren’t noticed sometimes either even ef they’ve had a few albums out.
this app not too bad keeping up with massive amount of music there is today. I just get annoyed sometimes when I can’t find the words to that dang song that’s playing right now!


Good not Great. Stop making it so hard to like you, Shazam

Shazam needs some TLC from a human. My sense is that it has spent too long under the hands of techies and over-aspirational leadership. I‘m a tech guy one; but Shazam would be better for molding by someone who just loves music and wants to snatch a title. I‘m that, too.
The problem, after signing up and upgrading, I find it impossible to get back to the this app screen to which I am accustomed - You know, The big blue this app button. Instead I have some incomprehensible screen with settings of undefined/ non-intuitive meaning; links to other apps; blah; blah. this app is not an all encompassing social environment. Stop it, this app CEO (or Creative Director or whoever is pitching otherwise). If I can‘t figure it out, I have to delete it and figure something else out.
I don‘t want to. Please give me back the blue button; make it easy to get music on the drive by again; and you got my 3 bucks a month for life. Deal?


ALMOST perfect

I absolutely love Shazam and I keep it on my main screen for easy access. I doesn’t tend to give me any problems. The only issue I have with it, and this is a big issue for me, is that Shazam icon is far too similar in appearance to FB messenger’s, so I often end up opening the wrong app when I’m frantically trying to this app a song before it stops playing. It would be really helpful if this app had a very unique and eye-catching icon that can’t be confused with most other apps.

And this is just an idea for a feature that would be REALLY cool and useful in the future: if you could hum a melody into this app and it would recognize the song by the melody. A lot of times, you’re trying to remember a song that’s not playing, and you can’t remember any lyrics or who the artist was, but you remember the melody. It seems like the technology somewhat exists in those karaoke video games; it’d be really cool to see it utilized here.


I’ve Been Shazam—otized !!!!

This is the bestest app ever PEOPLE!
If you want to know the name of a song and artist this is Shazam you want. It is so accurate and on point. I always keep this app open in the background because I love any kind of music that sounds good to me since I don’t have a preference in music my playlist varies and this is how I use it .......when I am listening to the radio and a new song comes on and I have never heard that song....BAAM! I this app IT RIGHT AWAY!!!! when a car goes by with a good song that I like, or when I go into any business to shop and they’re playing some nice song I immediately this app IT......I love the fact that I it also finds latin music not only English music and Shazam is able to find both languages, and even classical music, well the list goes on. I love it and use it basically everyday. ❤️❤️❤️❤️😊


Life changer

Whoever created Shazam purely genius and only for the people who really enjoy music. People can tell you that the Love music, but people who really enjoy music Will tell you how music can change their mood around if they’re happy you can make them sad, if they’re sad or upset you can make them happy. These kind of people, allows the music to get inside her heart and soul those are the true believers of sound of music. Which is a great movie by the way a.k.a.. So thank you , this app you’ve allowed me to download music from anywhere I go to the department store, elevator, just listen to the music in your car, I can finally do you know who’s singing that song in actually have it downloaded it onto my Music list. Finally someone who is developed Shazam understands what I’m saying about music.



One of My Top 5 Apps

I LOVE Shazam. I’m always on the hunt for new music and Shazam helps me do that! I love how I can be out and about, hear a song, hold up my phone, and in less than five seconds I’ve learned what it is. And it can seriously hear the song even if you’re out in a public place and the music isn’t that loud! Let me give you a few examples. I was in a busy chipotle and it gave me the song title. I was in a lens crafter and could barely hear the speaker myself. And there was this song from this short 1 minute video where my friend is talking over the song and all you can hear in the background is the melody but I was like OMG WHAT IS THAT SONG and I thought there was no way Shazam would be able to get it because the song was so subtle but low and behold it discovered it! DOWNLOAD Shazam!!!!


Great app when it works!

Shazam is literally part of my daily routine so I use it quite a lot. However recently I’ve been noticing when I go to play a song using Apple Music through this app the entire app just stops working on my iPhone. So I figured it was just my phone acting up but then I went to use it on my iPad and the exact thing happened when I went to the map and tried playing a song. Also a lot of small things about the user interface will just stop working like the back buttons and scrolling on a page. It’s to the point every time after I this app a song and try to either add it to Apple Music or Olay it I have to close Shazam and restart it. Overall I love Shazam just wish I could use it a bit longer without having to restart it!


Most Reliable App Ever Made!!

Since day one and what seems like endless apps downloaded since apps were created, this app has been that constant, that rock, that reliable friend. Shazam has been with me throughout the years and hasn’t failed, hasn’t been stuck in some circling mode of hell or crashed. Sure, maybe it’s had some hiccups getting some songs incorrect or versions of certain songs but we all have hiccups! this app you have helped me be mom o’ the year and always knowing the song 😉. You didn’t stop there either- you went further with letting me sing along!! It doesn’t get better than Shazam. Thanks this app, we are super cool together! Please stay this way. Add a trivia guessing game and BOOM outta the ballpark. Stay away from bugs. Stay safe. Continue to be awesome!!
Love, Mom
this app ROCKS!


3.5 stars

The live music lyrics could be better. Like I don’t understand why it hears the lyrics and recognizes if it is an a wrong place and “catches up”, but really, it doesn’t recognize if it’s paused? Can’t even hear any music but it continues as if it does. Pointless feature. And I appreciate that it has lyrics, but some popular songs don’t. They should sync to more than one website for lyrics. The ads aren’t personalized either, and honestly I wish it was. I don’t mind a clothing ad geared towards my interests every now and then, but constantly seeing the same add for AHS Apocalypse while trying to look at lyrics for my worship songs... I keep covering it up with my hands as I read bc I don’t want those kind of frightening images in my head. Being personalized ads, even just variety would be nicer. Don’t want to see the same ad every time I this app a song. And auto this app doesn’t work that well either


Several Issues

this app is a very useful tool, but it does have some issues in this version.

For starters, I’d like to modify Notifications Settings… but the link in Shazam takes me to the front page of Settings and there’s no panel for this app available on my new phone.

Additionally, when upgrading to a new iPhone I lost access to the ad-free experience I bought into years ago with the since-depreciated this app Encore. I’m using the same account as before, but I have ads now… I’ve submitted a ticket and am waiting to hear back.

A final complaint would be with Facebook integration. Most apps now show me a page asking to sign in with the Facebook app, which takes me there to authenticate; this app, on the other hand, wants me to sign in directly in Shazam instead of taking me to the Facebook app to do so; this is less secure, sends my data through this app for additional lost security, and is just not the way I want to do things. Security and privacy are important in today’s world, and this app needs to add simple support for Facebook’s newer secure-authentication system.

Other than those issues and occasional minor bugs, this app works great. Aside from the emails about the top charts that I can’t seem to turn off in Shazam for some reason, I enjoy using this app and it has proven extremely helpful in identifying music on many occasions.


Reading my mind

this app has been around for a long time and throughout its development what’s amazing to me is how it has kept up, not only with contemporaneous music but also music from antiquity. There are other amazing apps for music out there - think radioooo - But this app really defines the music discovery app process. I only wish that there could be a one button or step process to acquiring the music easily. I’d happily pay a dollar for every song I’ve Shazammed. If they can figure that out a lot of money will be made and a lot of musicians and music lovers will be happy. Musicians because hopefully they’ll get paid for their efforts and music lovers because they’ll have access to the music that they have discovered with this app. Well done and keep up the good work.


Too many changes, too much Greed $$’s

When this app app first came out, IT was a fantastic product!! and you could this app a song on radio, in a car, on TV... and listen to it “”all”” later & see lyrics, share complete song/video with family & friends.... it was a 5-star App... after it was sold... purchased and changed & compromised by ? Apple ...
? ?new ownership.. the immediate Greed for money appeared and then extra music fees, purchases, memberships tainted this once useful App... greed, yes, greed... absolutely destroyed the once marvelous features and freedom of use and listen to songs, many saved & shared.. & CD’s purchased at retailers... Family & friends tell me they seldom use it since all the changes and restrictions and new, greedy charges imposed/required to ‘checkout a song’.
I’d have to say... that’s what killed its once, highly rated popularity... Apple Music and Spotfy biggest issues I hear about...$$$’s
Good luck !

Asasiel   1 year ago

My shazam app isn't working with my mobile data. It keeps saying "you're offline". It only works with wifi. How can I fix this please? There are a lot of songs with lovely melodies I really want to identify. Thanks in advance.

Anzelika   2 years ago

Hello-i try cancel Shazam payment and it’s very difficult to found haw I can cancel,I have iPhone phone-and I want cancel payment-but I don’t know how?! Please help me!

Is Shazam Safe?

Yes. Shazam: Music Discovery is quiet safe to use but use with caution. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 7,397,110 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.9/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Shazam Is 39.8/100.

Is Shazam Legit?

Yes. Shazam: Music Discovery is legit, but not 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 7,397,110 Shazam: Music Discovery User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Shazam Is 64.2/100..

Is Shazam: Music Discovery not working?

Shazam: Music Discovery works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Pricing Plans

**Pricing data is based on average subscription prices reported by users..

Duration Amount (USD)
Billed Once $5.99

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