The New York Times Reviews

The New York Times Reviews

Published by on 2021-06-18

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Table of Contents:
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2. Is it Safe?
3. Is it Legit?
4. App not working?
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The New York Times Reviews

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    New App is Awflul

    They won’t update the stories on the old app anymore, so I am stuck with the new one. No bylines for articles seems an easy thing to correct, but they refuse. Often I can’t close an article unless I close the whole app first. The app downloads ads and everything else pretty slowly at times and jerks up and down as it continues loading making it difficult to read anything. It takes a couple of minutes to get other sections or favorites most of the time. The format makes it slower to review the major stories and there may be annoying moving things on ads and photos that distract from reading. If this continues, despite reading the NYT for decades, I’ll check out WaPo. I wonder if the Times execs even know what the digital company that provides this garbage is doing. Ask customer disservice a question and you may never get an answer, or get several answers from different people. The answers frequently do not match up with the question so I guess they are hiring people from another planet with a loose connection with English. The Times claims to be supportive of consumers, but when it comes to their own product, they are just another giant corporation sticking it to the public. Being hypocrites rates you lower than the usual jerks.

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    Millennial going for print

    I have been a New York Times subscriber for digital and weekend print edition for almost 12 years now. I have always liked their news coverage,opinions, articles about everyday stuff that I could believe could be so interesting, Mini crossword, and almost everything they publish. But in the past few years the online version has become addictive and the way they seem to do it is by taping in the outrageous feeling and then suggests more articles like it. It’s very draining to feeling that way day in and day out. I can’t believe I come back to get more of it. I feel some articles have become to click-baity. That should not be the way to customer engagement and keeping them there longer.I don’t like that my attention is being used this way by a product that I pay for. Weekend with the print edition is so much better no way going down a rabbit hole and can stay away from the comments. I feel I’m in more control of the time I spent reading print. But I guess print won’t last beyond a few more years. Sigh!

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    The previous app was far, far better than the new one. Slow and inefficient to use (regardless of any claimed improvement in download speed). Simply mindless. For example, if you want to read an op-Ed that isn’t included in “Top Stories”, you have to click on “Sections”, which never works on the first try; go back to “Top Stories”, then click “Sections” again. This finally gives a choice of sections; for whatever reason, this back and forth process happens every time I try to use “Sections”. When you finally get to “Sections”, you click “Opinions “, which takes you to a list of opinions. But, often all you get is the opinion headline, with no indication of the author. (Yesterday, I don’t think any of the headlines had an associated author, today some do.) Ridiculous. I never want to be bothered with a Maureen Dowd opinion, but I never want to miss a Gail Collins opinion (unless she’s writing with Bret Stephens). Why make readers hunt like this for the info that they want? Didn’t have to do this with the prior app. Stupid, stupid, stupid. NYT might as well have hired someone to sabotage the app experience; sure as hell didn’t get someone to improve the experience. Disgusting!

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    App Keeps Getting Worse

    I really wish those responsible for this app would focus on delivering basic functionality for those of us who wish to read the news, rather than devoting so much energy to videos, virtual reality, and the like. I pay hundreds of dollars a year for my print subscription to the Times, and generally only resort to the app on days when it isn’t delivered due to a “production delay.” On those days, it drives me nuts that after recent updates, the last line of text before each ad is always partially obscured by the ad. It’s as if the Times has no respect whatsoever for its own reporters and the content they produce, let alone the readers who support them. Also, I have several iOS devices, including an older iPod Touch that runs iOS 9.3.5. It's very aggravating that this app basically doesn't work at all on that device, since the description claims it's compatible with 9.0 and above. The New York Times remains the indispensable source for Americans who hope to be informed about what is going on in the United States and the world. It is a terrible shame that this app doesn't do a better job of bringing the paper of record into the digital realm.

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    More ads than text

    How many ads can you jam onto a page? Sooooo many, apparently. The same ad, over and over and over. Guys, if I don’t engage the first time, I’m not engaging the 25th time, either. Banner ads aren’t much more than blocks of color the eye skips over—take it from me, I’m in advertising, they don’t work—but MAN those blocks get annoying when they’re stacked right after each paragraph of text. Today I read the Times through my browser just so I could use Reader View. You want to push everyone in that direction? So no one ever sees any ads at all? Maybe just try fewer ads so resorting to Reader View doesn’t become a trend. Another thing—the blocks of links to other stories, BEFORE the end of the story I’m reading. So many times I think, wow, weird end to this article, then I realize it’s not the end, there’s another paragraph or two after links to 50 other articles. Super annoying. You don’t want people to finish the current article? You think my attention is that short? You know how bad you have to get for me to interrupt my morning, come to the App Store, and write this review? Seriously bad. I expect more of The NY Times.

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    NYT can do better than this

    I’m on a fast WiFi connection and an iPhone X with the latest OS. When I open the NYT app it takes 3-5 seconds to open. Then after another 3-5 seconds the top story reloads to a different story. I end up having to wait up to ten seconds to even begin reading, and after a jarring experience. I really love NYT and want to support it, but the iOS app is sub-par, especially when compared to the Washington Post app. I read both daily, but find myself always reading the WP first because the app experience and news layout is so much better. The NYT should be able to do at least as well, but the app is chronically a laggard. I’m boggled that an organization as large, esteemed and technically savvy as the NYT cant get this right and actually lead all the others. I actually worry about what it implies for the organization’s success, because I want it to succeed. If I ever have to reduce my subscriptions to only one major news organization, at this point it would be the WP. It would have been the NYT two years ago.

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    The ads aren't so bad, but the....

    I've been a NYT subscriber for over 20 years and I love it! It always made my day seeing the NYT in my driveway, especially on Sunday. After moving to the country I had to start using the digital edition and it's really, really great. This last update and new app could use a few tweaks. I do enjoy the layout and it's esthetically very enjoyable. And the ads, no big deal! You have ads in all print newspapers and magazines that you pay for, so what's the issue? They're not interfering with the stories so I'm fine with it. What I do not like is the fact you can't add or move more of your favorite sections to the top column like before. You can only move like 5 or 6 now. Really wish you'd correct that please. But other than that I still really enjoy it and will continue to subscribe. Thank you!

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    App encourages bad reading habits

    I love the NY Times coverage of news, in an abstract sense. But I’m increasingly disappointed with the presentation of it in this app. The top headlines keep changing on the front view, which encourages a bad habit of just skimming the latest. Some of the best content is now buried under multiple taps through the small “other sections” icon in the corner, easy to miss, while the “Opinion” section has unfortunately prominent placement. Additionally, it would appear the app development team either has no QA staff, or doesn’t empower them to test, or doesn’t fix any bugs they find as I continually see visual and navigational glitches all over the place. Advertisements bounce up and down, frequently the back arrow to exit an article disappears, and various other annoying quirks. I frequently have to close and reopen the app to work around these issues. This app could be really great, if there were UX designers and software testers to help spend the time on it.

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    Ads for paid subscriptions????

    I quite understand the need to support NYT journalism with advertising on the paper version (which itself involves costs) and on the unpaid version of the news app/website. However, to bloat every single article viewed through a digital subscription with multiple advertisements is a true disservice to loyal subscribers. It is all the more disturbing because under previous versions the platform was ad-free and more complete (i.e. archive access?). Thus NYT digital subscribers now pay exactly the same amount each month for a service that has considerably worsened over time. The majority of other news apps do not include advertising in the “premium”/ paid subscription versions of their applications. I have been a NYT reader for many years, and I am happy to contribute monetarily to the important journalistic work this paper does. However, there must be a better way, that is less offensive to the paper’s subscribers! Please return to the previous ad-free approach for digital subscriptions.

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    A Huge Step Backwards No longer

    It took the Times a while to fix all the problems with the new app, but now it is excellent. They have remedied all the issues I identified in my initial review. Thanks for listening. The app now mirrors the excellent layout used in the web page version. —- The Times thinks this is an improvement? They would be sadly mistaken. I subscribe to the Times to read journalism. The new app blows up photos so that less content appears on the main page. On the old app, I can scroll through the entire paper and pick out the most interesting articles by section, just as if I were reading the physical paper. Now just a fraction are on the main page and they are completely disorganized. Please don't phase out the old app. The new one reminds me of New Coke.

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    News for A Non-News Enthusiast

    I’m not one for sitting down and reading the news. I’ve probably only picked up a newspaper maybe a good 15 times in my life, and I’ve always felt that watching TV news was always so biased depending on the channel you indulged in. The New York Times app (most particularly their podcasts) offers unbiased, factual accounts of the most relevant news you need to keep to date in. It’s like I get my own personal memo from them every morning of the world’s most relevant news. I can truly say that this app is for the millennial that wants to keep informed. Knowledge is power! So thanks, New York Times, for giving us power on a daily basis 👊🏻 So turn on those app notifications, and get your daily dose of power!

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    App works poorly on subway or whenever internet connection is lacking

    I love The NY Times, and I want to love this app, but I’ve noticed that whenever I’m on the subway, the app frequently hangs and freezes while I’m scrolling through an article. This bug has been going on for a long time, and seems to be related to the need to load images or adds while scrolling down. It seems to freeze or hang while it attempts to download the ad or image, which—when you’re on a subway with an unstable internet connection—means frequently the app appears to freeze for several seconds. There has to be a better way for developers to architect how the app is designed. I know I can’t be the only New Yorker suffering from this frustrating problem. The app didn’t used to do this, and other news apps don’t seem to have this problem. But for the past year or so, it really has impacted my ability to read The NY Times during my commute. Help!!!!

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    Buggy Ads, Inappropriate Ads

    The content itself, including images and video reporting all loads quickly but the ads load slowly, or sometimes not at all. Pre-roll ads on video reporting are particularly troublesome. I have to force close the app to get them to load, and the video won’t play until I watch the ad. Then there’s the ads in the middle of text articles, which sometimes flicker and move up and down the page, moving the text with it over and over making it impossible to read the actual piece. Then there’s the problem with inappropriate ads. The ads are provided by google apparently, so I presume there are no humans at the wheel deciding whether it’s a good idea to put lingerie on my screen while I’m trying to read the morning news in public. I don’t know how much my digital subscription is being subsidized by these awful buggy ads, but I’d be happy to pay a higher cost if it meant getting rid of all of this so I can actually see the content I’m paying for.

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    Great app ruined by too many inline ads

    I use this app every day, have been a longtime print and online reader, and find the app experience continuously degraded by ads. It usually fetches content quickly (on a good connection) though loading the app can be slow (scrolling is blocked, likely waiting on ad networks). Offline reading of designated sections is great. Any time the phone is negotiating a weak signal (eg when connectivity goes in and out on the subway), things freeze up. Most important and the reason for my low rating is that there’s an ad every few paragraphs! It makes for a terrible reading experience. Hopefully they’ll take the cue of other news orgs and offer an ad-free subscription for a higher price, I’d happily pay up. Also, full screen ads that unexpectedly take over while you’re reading are beyond obnoxious. News orgs are in a tough spot these days, but to the NYT - please don’t alienate subscribers with an ads-first mobile UX.

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    Still declining...Still no ad-free version!!

    Several versions back this application was exactly what was needed for a paying subscriber: the best content, good layout, no clutter, no ads. With the last few renditions, the app has become more and more ad focused. First, there were picture ads placed on the side of the articles & you could kind of ignore them. With this version, they are placed square in the center of the text column, with no way to ignore them as you must scroll down through them to continue reading the article. To say the least, this break in the flow of reading is terrifically annoying! NY Times - I will happily pay you extra $$ for a non-ad version of this app!! This is the fifth or sixth review of this app I've written over the last several years, and sadly each one has been more negative than the last. - Update - the Sports section of the app now no longer shows sections of sports, say the MLB scores for all teams, as an example. Terrifically annoying!

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Yes. The New York Times is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 32,533 The New York Times User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for The New York Times Is 48.6/100.

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