BTCnews - Bitcoin Crypto News Reviews

BTCnews - Bitcoin Crypto News Reviews

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About: BTCnews, the #1 and most established crypto news app in the store, brings you
all the very latest news, analysis, and research about the world of Bitcoin and
other Cryptocurrencies, from all the very best sources, updated throughout the
day. In addition, financial information and charts are now included for numerous

About BTCnews

BTCnews, the #1 and most established crypto news app in the store, brings you all the very latest news, analysis, and research about the world of Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies, from all the very best sources, updated throughout the day.

- View trending news, news from just your select sources, or news about just your select topics of interest.

Too busy to sift through all the news? Trending news and interesting items are curated and tagged for quick access.

- Coverage of dozens of distinct, top quality news sources with fresh hourly content.

- With a focus on speed, usability, and ease of navigation, constantly maintained for iOS & iPhone updates, always making the user experience first and foremost.

Or, choose your favourite sources or favorite topics for a quick check.

In addition, financial information and charts are now included for numerous cryptos.


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Key Benefits of BTCnews

- Provides up-to-date news on cryptocurrency

- User-friendly interface

- Excellent filtering and grouping of coins

- Historical chart and conversion tables are helpful

- Keeps users updated on the crypto world

- No annoying ads

20 BTCnews Reviews

4.7 out of 5


Best crypto news app!

Third update here. While the issue discussed below still remains, the developer has been really awesome in terms of communicating with me, trying hard to get this figured out. Will upgrade to 5 stars as soon as we fix this!

*Downgraded it to three stars, as I tried to pay $4 to remove the in app ads, anddddd they still remain. I was charged the $4 and I’ve attempted to restore purchases on BTCnews , but nothings changed. Please fix this!*

Loveeee BTCnews! Great news and articles posted throughout the day. Love how easy it is to save your favorite articles, then share it to my Crypto Facebook group! Best news app on the market. Download it now for all your mobile crypto news!


Too many adds.

Used to love BTCnews, and I still kind of do. It is frustrating because it really is the best blockchain news source, however, you are walking on the verge of poor service quality. This is because most people are spending more time watching adds or waiting for them to disappear, than actually being able to utilize your service for what it is intended for, the dissemination of crypto news......or is that really your companies mission afterall? I paid the fee to get rid of adds and I have not noticed any difference. You are blatantly stealing money. You need to re-focus your business model and put an end to this nonsense.


Mostly good, with some improvements needed

Excellent source of crypto news.

1. Annoying advertisements that occur too frequently and are also intrusive and annoying (loud volume that surprises you and no fast way to shut off the ad)

2. Often receive “news” articles repeatedly from the same author - if you don’t like the author there is no way of blocking future articles from the author from your news feed, forcing you to unknowingly click on the article (because the title seemed interesting), only to realize too late that the article was written by the author you are trying to avoid.

Other than those two complaints, it’s a great app and efficient way to get your crypto news.


Very good support!

What is going on BTCnews doesn’t work anymore since the latest update 4.2 it will just exit as it turns on.

Edit: ok, thanks for the tip. But this will slow down my iPad even more like all the iOS updates normally do, so...... that’s pretty bad fix.


Useless because of ads

I liked BTCnews when I first installed it, but ads have made it useless. I’m fine with ads popping up, but in BTCnews, they take over the entire screen, and even after waiting however many required seconds for the ‘x’ to come up, when you tap the ‘x’ it does nothing. Waiting longer also does nothing. Devs need to fix that issue, it makes BTCnews completely unusable.


Awesome news app

BTCnews has seriously given me all the tools to learn and stay aware of all the news dealing with cryptocurrency. It's updated with current news all the time. I highly recommend BTCnews if you are interested in cryptocurrency and the world!


Pay feature

There should be a feature where I don’t have to view the ads. Even at a price.


Best app for knowing latest news about crypto

Marvelous user-friendly interface! Always up-to-date, concise information... Direct from Coin Market Cap. Excellent filtering and grouping of coins. What's not to love about BTCnews?


too many ads

Let me complete my review. Ads are totally acceptable the problem here is that they are so many that it compromises BTCnews . They popup every few seconds making painful the the news reading. The user read one news and have to watch 2 ads and the cycle repeats every time. I’ve never seen anything like rhat. I just removed it.


Great app and site for everything Crypto!

this app is a great app for everything Crypto! You can research all news, bring up graphs and charts, cap size, everything at your fingertips! Amazing resource!!


Great App!

BTCnews works flawlessly and has many features to keep you updated. The historical chart of the myriad of cryptos and the conversion tables are very helpful. News feed is improving every day.


A must have app!

BTCnews has kept me up to date on what's going on in the crypto world. A must have if you're investing in cryptos and don't want to be left behind!



Pretty great keeps u posted on everything cryptocurrency. Just make sure u keep ur notifications on. Just wish I had an app I could dump all my crypto investments into bitcoin.


Very useful and userfriendly app

Great app! I was looking for such an app since 2016, so I am really happy thar I have finally found it! All my respect for the developers! Keep up the good work!


Great job

By far the best I've found. Has everything you need to keep up with the market. Nice lay out, easy to read. And no pesty ads!


Great app. Simple but highly informative 👍👍👍

I don't usually give a feedback but BTCnews has everything one wants. Just amazing.


Best Crypto news app

Always updates new crypto articles by the minute. My got to app for crypto related news.


It's updated, accurate and doesn't bug

Very good app. Updates prices super quick and does what it's meant to do.


Great app

Always up to date, always a broad range of news - anything pertaining to cryptocurrency. Thanks for making!



I get my news about crypto and blockchain here. There are ads but easily avoidable. Been a good app all around!


Great info

If your looking for crypto knowledge this is BTCnews to get and you will be getting updates all the time.


Update help

I updated to the latest version and when I go to open BTCnews , it kicks me out and goes to my home screen. Please help


Really good

Collects nearly all of the majority of crypto news from the other major and minore outlets all in one place, great stuff

Is BTCnews Safe?

Yes. BTCnews - Bitcoin Crypto News is quiet safe to use but use with caution. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 562 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.7/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for BTCnews Is 35.4/100.

Is BTCnews Legit?

Yes. BTCnews - Bitcoin Crypto News is legit, but not 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 562 BTCnews - Bitcoin Crypto News User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for BTCnews Is 51.4/100..

Is BTCnews - Bitcoin Crypto News not working?

BTCnews - Bitcoin Crypto News works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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