Fox News: Live Breaking News Reviews

Fox News: Live Breaking News Reviews

Published by on 2021-06-16

Welcome to the Fox News app! You can tailor your breaking news alerts, live
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Fox News: Live Breaking News Reviews

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    Excessive links

    Wrote a review earlier this morning about excessive links embedded within articles that make it impossible to scroll through an article without hitting a link on a mobile device. Folks, I’ve had to hit the “back” arrow dozens of times this AM because of these excessive links. If not repaired in the near future, I will be forced to switch to another app to read the news. The downside to that is I don’t trust most other news sources, so it appears I’m screwed. Please fix this problem. The excessive links are not necessary (most users don’t care about a 2 month old article that we already read 2 months ago). The excessive links have taken a great app and made it unusable on a mobile device. I, for one can’t take much more. I used to read the news “cover to cover” every morning on about 75 minutes. Now I can barely get through the headline articles without getting frustrated over links. I haven’t read the news “cover to cover” for the past week because it just takes too long as you hit the back button DOZENS of times just to get back to the article you’re trying to read. This URGENTLY needs to be fixed or mobile users will lose the only reliable source of national news available. HELP!!!!

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    After seeing the app creators TV commercials play so many times on Fox news, talking about how much it means that apps work correctly this app is almost a joke!! Slow to load, layout is ok but to be honest was already very easy to use in previous form. The real problem lies in the ability to login and watch Fox with my provider, atleast once a day I have to choose and resign into my cable provider. Then after that it's shaky at best if I can watch video, sometimes it loads up and starts playing only to go black during commercials and not come back and phone goes to sleep. Other times the video plays and and freezes sound still going but nothing on the screen till phone once again goes to sleep. CA Technologies please fix this app I wasn't to continue to use it daily! New plays now almost Everytime I tap watch TV (had to resign in) however while I'm watching if I get an alert or alarm goes off or text comes in I lose sound on the app have to kill the app completely (double click and slide it off) go back and open and back to the news which I've now completely missed what I wanted to hear :-( still not right someone get this thing going soon!

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    News app and content

    I have been an avid reader of a Fox News on my phone for years, but I find this latest version the most disappointing to date. Perhaps I am not using it properly, but one used to be able to select categories of news such as ‘World News’, etc.; today it’s only what you select for users to be able to see, read, or hear. My disappointment is in both format and content. The app loads slower than any other news app I have, and the content seems much more ‘entertainment’ and ‘editorial’ than actual news. Big disappointment. I never thought I would come to the point of only reluctantly opening Fox News, and if I am in a hurry I don’t open it at all. I used to check it multiple times a day, which clearly both you and your advertisers goals for revenue reasons; I’m guessing I am not the only Fox fan that has been visiting much less frequently. I opened recently an unsupported version of a Fox News app on one of my old iPhones and saw how it was far superior to several of the most current upgrades. Please again be a news organization; each ‘upgrade’ seems more disappointing than the previous in both content and functionality.

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    Can the FOX app get any messier?

    I use the FOX app several times a day as my primary news source. BUT, I am beginning to get seriously annoyed with the changes Fox is making to the app. This new format is NOT cleaner. In my opinion the app is messier and the reporting of the news is getting lazier. Stories are repeated over and over under multiple sections, the same story is left up for days, and it seems as though we have started to favor video clips of “news” taken from snipers of the various Fox talk shows. Is Fox slowly giving up providing written news content? Don’t get me wrong video news clips are nice, but not when you are in a setting where you can’t have sound. Please don’t give up providing written news stories. Update your news topics more frequently and stop making the app a with repeated content. I apologize to the programmers of the app, but I wish the people in charge of design and content would take a step back and think about where this news app seems to be going. I doubt anyone will read this but I gave 2 stars because you are FOX so that gives you an automatic star.

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    Too many hyperlinks

    News articles in the Fox News app have too many hyperlinks to other articles. It seems as though every sentence has a hyperlink in it. That may be fine for the desk top version where it is probably easier to avoid them, however, in this app it is difficult if not impossible to avoid the hyperlinks. Just by scrolling through the article as one reads it, the placement of links occur where one would naturally place one’s thumb in order to scroll the page down. Often, the link comprises the majority of a sentence in the app, equal to three or more lines on the page and thus, unavoidable. That, combined with the ad links that understandably appear on screen, makes for more time spent unintentionally switch back and forth from errant screens rather than reading the chosen article. The only thing more annoying than this is popups, but only just so. The excessive hyperlinks are bothersome and frequently point to backgrounders or old news articles- nothing helpful as the links seem to be intended. Annoying, to the point of not bothering to be bothered with the app.

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    Why the HELLO is going on??

    I’ve given Fox News a Great review previously, but can’t do it now! It’s always been the only News App I’ve trusted and the only one I have on my phone. I spend many hours a day on the App. However, after the last update (ios) and other recent changes, I’m going to do some major research for an alternative. 1. Wasting too much time trying to get back to the piece I was reading due to getting to close to one of your MANY BLUE words in an article. You don’t have to touch the word, just get close to it!!! 2. Why in the HELLO would you hire someone like Donna B. She sits there so high and mighty and condemns Republicans and our president while she admitted she gave Hillary the questions in advance, to debate questions. I wouldn’t expect you to hire a republican if they had done that for Trump! You might as well hired Rachael M.!!! 3. You still have a few REAL Journalists on your Team. Don’t do like several of your competitors and and end up with only Opinionists(if you will), and throw Journalism to the wind. There is always someone waiting in the Wing to become #1. Please get back on track.

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    Latest update is too touch-sensitive

    I enjoy and appreciate Fox News but The app needs work. First of all, the latest update is so touch sensitive that I can’t just stroll through an article anymore without triggering a link to another page. It’s really frustrating when I’m trying to read an article and I use my finger to scroll down the page, suddenly the app jumps to another page and I have to click the back arrow to return to the original article. Also, I understand the need to include show biz fluff but those stories should not be on the same page as real news. I mean, you might have a story about war, another about impeachment, and then comes a story about how great some 50 year old actress looks in her bikini selfies on Instagram. Really? I know click bait is important for revenue, but it cheapens your brand. Keep the show biz stuff in the show biz section. Finally, a huge frustration is when I click on a story that supposedly contains a video, but the video is nowhere to be found on the page! Drives me crazy. The more these frustrations mount, the less likely I am to continue using the app. Please fix. Thanks!

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    No editors, or bad editors

    Why do you wrote headlines like: "Jennifer Aniston's family tragedy" about the death of her elderly mother? That is not a tragedy. That is the normal expected part of life. Tragedies are what Patrick Duffy experienced when both of his parents were murdered. That's a tragedy; having an elderly parent die is sad but not a tragedy. Or is all you're trying to accomplish "click bait"? In that case, good job. This website has the most deplorable editors, if they have any, that I have ever seen. They consistently use the term "after" when they mean "when". A current headlines states: boy killed after home sprayed with gunfire. So what they're saying is that after the house was sprayed with gunfire someone then went and killed the kid. They clearly mean he was killed when the house was sprayed with gunfire. Fox wants us to believe that they are the smartest news site. Well, the people who read your news are smart too and your poor editing is just plain annoying. It's not like you update the website on any kind of regular basis, so there's no reason that you couldn't edit the things that you put up.

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    Used to love this app, now....not so much.

    The changes made with the last couple updates really make your app tough to navigate. My biggest problem is all the embedded links within a story. I click on the story headline to read it in more detail and have to literally mindfully avoid all the embedded headlines of headlines that should be closely related to the current story but sometimes there is only a word or two or a name that ties it. Here’s an idea. Take them out of the body of the story and put them all at the end. Then if we wanted to read more we could continue, but if we don’t then it won’t hinder our reading experience. I can’t tell you how many times while trying to scroll, through what should only be a few paragraphs of reading but becomes several pages because of large embedded text of links to other stories or videos I have no interest in watching, I have accidentally touched one of them and have to hit back and then reread to find my place again. It is getting so I am seeking my news elsewhere. Please fix it.

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    Thank You

    Fox News is the only news channel that provides fair and objective information. We very much appreciate each journalist in reporting the facts - good or bad. It is very disappointing and unfortunate that the other so-called newscasters from the other channels fail to carry out their work responsibly. There are usually 4 or 5 glum people that look like they are at a funeral. Well, we had to tolerate 8 long years of Obama’s very bad leadership; knowing that another Democrat would not get in because of Obama”s poor performance. Thank the Lord there was a far better alternative. I do not vote by party. But, the Republican Party has shown for the most part that it has class and are in Congress to do what is right for the American people not because of “their” party. Keep up the objective and factual reporting!!! God bless America. We need His blessings to guide this country to be a better nation and not a divisive nation.

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    New Fox App is working better, but....

    Update: March 2018: the app is working fine, I use an an iPad Pro working on iOS 11, no problem. Also live feed is great. My issue is the news and the way it is presented. It’s a daily drum beat about Trump this and that. I stopped watching CNN and never could stand MSNBC. They are not providing news anymore, more a outlets for the radical left. Sadly the Fox News stories on the AP look like something out of the tabloids in the UK. It is too much, I get my news with on line with Newsmax and Bill O’REILLY’S pod casts. It’s all way to much information. Fox is still reliable to bring us the truth, it’s just the way they are doing it. The app works works 5% of the time, other than that it shows a blue background with a few words on it. If I try to get something by hitting home on it, it crashes. Upon start up it crashes. No visuals no stories. Should all be working because I'm on a iPad Air 2 with up to date iOS 8. Fox please fix this!

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    To Far Right

    In this environment of spin, eagerness to get the story out first before fact are complete or verified, and way too many inaccuracies, FOX simply does the best job verifying facts and getting them out timely. Their right of center bias overall is known with Hannity, Carlson and Ingram but that is commentary. Bret Baier is the best objective news available. Commentary on Baier’s program is clearly demarcated from objective reporting segments. Harris Faulkner, Martha MacCallum are excellent interviewers and also separate objective news and commentary well. Their field reporters are simply the best in the business though some other media outlets can claim excellence too; e.g. Major Garrett. Finally, FOX really does include in commentary a number of well informed commentators from the left. While they are sometimes stifled on Hannity, Ingram and Carlton’s programs they are herd and considered by Baier, Faulkner and MacCallum. In sum, the best, most accurate hard news and most balanced commentary with clear right but not far right lean.

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    The best Alternate News around!

    Fox is like no other news outlet. Never the same boring take on the big events of the day that we constantly find in the Mainstream Media, but truly exciting alternative ways of looking at the same events. Especially rewarding for those who are rarely satisfied with how so many of the most interesting happenings always seem to turn out the same way in the M.M. Not on Fox though! They’re the only source for news who really knows how to bring out it’s strongest entertainment value. Wonderful distractions from reality and excellent creative writing with original interpretations on just about any subject, especially current events, but also from intricate scientific and sensitive personal issues also. I particularly love the testimonials at the top of the reviews section. They say it all. Proof that Fox is getting the job it’s been created for, done!

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    I’m hoping for an improvement

    Before starting this review, I read through most of the previous comments. I have to say, the complaints I have are shared by many other readers. I am a loyal Fox News reader and watcher. However, the format of the Fox News app is atrocious. Ads cover content and this is getting worse. Today’s stories are only about half visible. The photos are not “zoomable”, the editing (if there is any) reads like a fifth grader proof-read the story. There are misspelled words, improper usage and PLEASE find a synonym for “slam”. Everyone is “slamming” everyone else. Is there no other way to get that message across? I’d like to read Fox News and not get diverted to another source or, worse yet, sent to another site and story completely. When the DOES happen, the article i WAS reading has often changes and I am unable to finish. Ads are now covering content most of the time and this app really needs to be improved.

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    Fox News Reputation

    I and my friends depend absolutely on Fox News as the verified, absolute truth, not somebody’s opinion, “telling it like it oughta be”, slanted to hopefully produce a desired effect, or just out-and-out “alternate facts” (called “fake news”, or damned lies in Texas). I would expect Fox to make an error now and then, and correct it as soon as they find it - I’m sure they do, but I can’t recall an example. In an age when it seems that not one single person in government can be relied on to tell the absolute truth about anything that might affect their career, Fox News is there with the unvarnished truth. Fox keeps the honest guys honest and the liars hopping. It seems more and more likely that there are elected officials out there who, for some reason, actually want to destroy our great country. Fox News is quite possibly our first and one of our most important lines of defense. Never change.

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