Evernote - Notes Organizer Reviews

Evernote - Notes Organizer Reviews

Published by on 2021-05-25

Capture ideas when inspiration strikes. Find information fast. Share notes with
anyone. From meetings and projects to web pages and to-do lists—with Evernote,
everything’s in one place. Evernote syncs to all your devices, so you can
tackle action items on the go. Express yourself clear...

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Evernote - Notes Organizer Reviews

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    Daily staple, but has issues

    I’ve used Evernote for years across all platforms - laptop, phone, and iPad. A while back they limited the free version to just two devices, so I dropped the iPad for my phone and laptop. I use Evernote for everything - work, personal notes, journal, recipes. Pretty much everything I ever write down goes into Evernote. I have no complaints about the desktop version, however the mobile app has been giving me so much trouble over the last year. It’s been a lot slower and crashes more often. None of my other phone apps do this, and my phone is running very smoothly, so I know it’s not the device. The other thing that really bothers me is that notes don’t stay open when the screen turns off or when you switch apps then switch back to Evernote. For example I use Evernote to store all my recipes, and while I’m cooking I’ll have the note with the recipe open, and then if I switch to my web browser to look up something, or my phone screen turns off, Evernote closes the note and it goes back to the main screen where all your notes are. This is super tedious and frustrating because then instead of looking at my phone to see what’s next in the recipe, I have to go back and search for the recipe again. It seems like a minor thing, but I think it’s pretty basic and should be addressed. If my phone was off for a long period of time I wouldn’t expect the note to stay open, but it’s always a matter of minutes if not less than a minute.

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    It’s a great tool

    It’s a great tool for various different reasons. I think an interesting set of features would be a kind of automation, e.g., the ability to set up conditions so if I write certain words the note is added to certain folders or has certain reminders set to it or maybe even triggers a notification to specific people, etc. Also, something I think should be implemented is title caps in .… well, the TITLES of notes. Why is that not a thing? Or at least a toggleable setting? Lastly, why is it that the icon badge notification number is not at all connected to the actual trigger of the notification. I should open the app and it should be totally clear what the notification number is referring to, whether it’s reminders or updates or whatever. The user is just left adrift once he taps on the icon and then has no clue what triggered the notification. It’s just plain bad UX and your UX folks should really be talked to about that because it’s rather fundamental stuff they are missing.

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    App going downhill

    I’ve used Evernote for years, but lately thinking of switching. Major issues: (1) search function used to be awesome t has been getting worse and worse; lately it is missing simple matches such as plural vs singular, incorrect spellings etc. with all the text matching tech available today there is no excuse for this poor level of word matching. (2) I store all my recipes in the app and a super common use case is to create list from a recipe and or switch between 2 or more recipes that I am making at the same time; Evernote behavior for both of these is very time-wasting. On my phone c every time I switch away from Evernote (to add some items to the shopping list) when I return to the recipe it starts me back at the top of the recipe again. Since many of my recipes are clipped from the web the actual recipe text may be V long due to clipping issues- so I may have to scroll 4-5-6 or more screens to get back to the list of ingredients. There’s just no excuse for losing y view location when I switch to another app for less than a minute. And most other apps are able to keep my view with no problem- for example e-commerce sites with long pages of product lists. In short Evernote should get the basics right before advanced “recommended items “ features that I don’t find particularly useful.

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    Useful but imperfect

    This is still the best app for my needs, but it has plenty of annoying quirks. I've used Evernote for many years, with over 100 notes covering everything from the grocery list to future work plans to my son's college search. I find it helpful having access to all of these notes from my Mac, iPad, and iPhone, and being able to share certain notes with specific family members or colleagues. None of its competitors offers the same combination of selective note sharing, table creation and editing, and text formatting. Yet there are still quirks. Newly edited notes take a surprising amount of time to be saved, or must be saved manually - if you aren't careful about this and the note is later edited in another device, new versions of the note are created or sometimes appended to the end of the current note without warning you. Evernote on the Mac can change the font in notes, but not on iOS, and sometimes routine copy/pasting on iOS results in text with bizarre fonts that can't be fixed on that device. The use of Apple Data Detectors also means that anything Evernote thinks might be a phone number or calendar event is highlighted like a clickable link - I wish this could be turned off.

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    Customer Service

    If you are looking for a company that has accessible customer service, look elsewhere. For many people, we don't realize how important customer service is until we are in a dire pickle, but, let me be the one to tell you, it is VERY important to have the option to speak with someone during those times of need. Evernote, on the other hand, doesn't seem to believe in customer accessibility or satisfaction. When having an issue with my billing account, I attempted to call the customer service number given on my bank statement only to be transferred to a voicemail telling me to leave my email address. The only form of communication they offer is through email or online chat. While that is great for younger people, there are other generations who would prefer speaking with an actual person to help deescalate the issue before it gets out of hand. It is also in their policy to not give refunds. My experience today was joining an online chat, being told there was nothing they could do for the extra $64 in charges they cost me, and to have a great day. I will be checking to make sure that the companies I choose to give my business to have a phone number I can call from now on to know they actually care about their customers. It also says something about a site that has almost as many 1 stars as 5 stars. Thanks for nothing, Evernote.

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    Bring back native Dark Mode and fix time outs

    Longtime Pro user of Evernote and love it. It’s great for my dream journal and all the other notes I need to take as well. I just really wish you didn’t get rid of native dark mode in the app. I like using dark mode in Evernote regardless of what my iPhone is doing. It is just much easier on my eyes and I’ve been using it that way forever. I’ve seen similar requests in the reviews to bring it back, and it really doesn’t seem like a big deal to do. Please consider it, it was a great touch and details like that matter when you’ve been using them forever. Also the app times out MUCH quicker now. I have also seen many others annoyed about this in the reviews. I, too, will be doing research in another app or browser, and quickly move back and forth between that and Evernote to make notes. It used to be no problem, but after these last updates, it essentially times out immediately upon shifting from Evernote to a different app. Coming back to Evernote, it might not have even saved what I had just written and it’s back to the top. Please fix this! I’ll gladly change my rating to 5 stars once these bugs and features are fixed. Please listen to your customers or they’ll start moving to the competitors who do.

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    Desktop App Needs Better Security

    I absolutely love Evernote. I’ve been a premium member since 2012. One of my biggest complaints that they still have not addressed is the security issues. Specifically relating to the desktop app. The mobile version allows you to set a time that it automatically logs you out. Unfortunately, the desktop doesn’t. That leaves your content vulnerable to people who wish to access your content without your permission should you step away from your computer and forget to log out. Yes I know I could use a screensaver to achieve a similar layer of security but that blocks me from everything on my computer. I don’t know why this is possible on the mobile app but not in the desktop. Also, Evernote does not allow you to set additional layers of security for notes or notebooks. You can encrypt text in a note but it doesn’t save that password in an admin settings area. So if you forget or lose the password you lose access to your content. These are sloppy and unrefined security issue if you ask me. I believe Evernote should address these issues and by doing so it can add tremendous value to their overall product.

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    Evernote Remains Tone Def & Continues to Ignore Their Fan Base

    Beloved Evernote! You have so gone astray. Eagerly waiting to see how the new changes in leadership and team at large would impact the future developments of the IOS app and Evernote app at large, I must say it’s been an underwhelming experience. It’s great to see the direction Evernote is going and vision. At the same time, the IOS app continues to suffer the pain staking issues. This app once was my go to all things productivity and business app but has grown to be such a crusting tool to use that I can no longer support a company that continues to ignore and refuse to listen to the requests fans and supports alike have been begging for. In a time of industry disruption and competition, it’s hard for me to see Evernote being able to keep and attract new customers to their platform while being gone def to the user base needs/requests. Me personally this rant has been building up. The lack of usability, reliability and restriction on the IOS platform mainly, has been the biggest frustration. At this point I feel the company just isn’t competitive enough nor is in tune with the user base to make the necessary course corrections to deliver a product that makes work and life easier. This brand and app have really taken a turn off the beaten path and into the abis.

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    No customer service

    So I've been using Evernote for over three years now and I really do love some of its features. However, two things really grind my gears. 1) When they changed to basic free accounts vs. paid upgrade accounts, we lost the ability to access on all devices as they limited basic users to two devices. I have it on my phone & laptop, so I can't have the app on my tablet. So I tried to access through the browser on my tablet and it wasn't "formatted" for that kind of access. Now it just forces you to the app store. Beyond irritating. 2) There's ZERO customer service. As a basic user, your only option is the user forum which has too many posts to read, and it's just users - not Evernote help desk. So how some rando user is supposed to answer my account-specific issue is beyond me. Not only that, but from what I see in the forums from paid users, Evernote takes weeks to respond to inquiries, if at all. So what's the point of upgrading to paid service? I don't understand how they run a successful user-based business without supporting the users. It's really disappointing because when functioning properly, it's a great product.

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    Evernote still the best for organizing and searching

    I have tried OneNote a few times to see if it was as good as Evernote. OneNote has good editing tools within a note, but seems to be lacking when comes to FINDING your notes. I like Evernote’s search ability - select one ore more tags or a notebook - and then search within that context. I like that you can see Evernote’s list of tags at a glance on the left - and then quickly see a list of those notes that have that tag. And when you put in a search string, Evernote instantly shows you a list of notes that match, along with the first few lines of the note - even if what you’re searching for is within an embedded image (or PDF file since I have Premium). This ability to quickly find what you’re looking for within a thousand notes is critical for me. I don’t think ON is a replacement for Evernote for me - because of this alone. I hope Evernote stays afloat for a long time to come!

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    Revolutionized my leadership

    John Maxwell says that you should read, write, and file EVERYDAY. This unquestionably is the app which allows you to do just that. And best of all, it's free! Add copied text right into a new note. All your data is available on any device that you have Evernote installed. Move seamlessly between iPhone and multiple computers which are instantly synced. Just plain AWESOME!! As a pastor, this is an invaluable tool allowing me to keep a daily prayer journal, sermon ideas, prayer requests, and note taking all in the same program!!! As an adult with ADHD, Evernote is a place I can offload my brain, and get all those random thoughts, things I’m supposed to remember, and stuff I don’t want to forget, a place to land and be organized. It also provides for me a stable platform to GTD (Get Things Done) using available GTD templates which greatly aid in my focus and organization. I cannot write anything negative for Evernote. So I won't even try! Get it!

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    My most useful—and most flawed—app

    I have used Evernote as a paid user for almost its entire lifespan (>10 years). I use its desktop and iOS apps for nearly everything in my work and personal life. It is a wonderful tool. That said, Evernote is falling further and further behind its competition. The app is incredibly buggy and is in desperate need of a modernization and overhaul. Evernote has been promising this for years, but I wonder if that day will ever come. The current version in iOS 13.2 has one major bug that makes it *incredibly* difficult to use. If you are working in/on a note and move away from it for any amount of time—say to read an email, copy content from a web browser, or your auto-lock kicks in—you lose your place when you return to Evernote. At best, EN reloads your note and takes you to the top of the note when you return to it. At worst, EN takes you back to the “all notes” list where you have you navigate back to the note you were working in and find your place. This goes against all principles of basic multi-tasking and is a major productivity killer. My rating will be stuck at one star until this serious issue is resolved.

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    Great idea, great app, a number of annoying things

    It’s a great app. I would easily put 5/5 if not only for annoying little nuances that make it more difficult to use. I went online to see if any of the issues I experienced were already addressed in the past. Turns out, many of them were addressed a long time ago (like 5-6 years back) - and the Evernote team simply does not seem to care to fix them. For instance, tables are not mobile friendly. Like at all. You have to swipe back and forth to navigate. You can’t change the size of pictures. You can’t create a table on the app. There are only 3 font sizes. You can’t select thumbnail for your notebooks and notes, it selects it for you - which is pretty irritating. The size of annotations are not uniform which means they may appear smaller or bigger depending on the size of your picture.. Etcetera, etcetera... Evernote team! Is it that difficult to fix all of this?!? It’s been taking you guys years now. Maybe you should hire new developers?

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    Two problems to fix

    When taking a note, there are many problems with Voiceover. First, when swiping to the right, sometimes it skips over the title field & other times it skips over the multi-line text field. When typing in the field, you can’t move by letter or word & have it affect where the cursor is located. When The keyboard is brought up from simply looking at a note, the cursor is somewhere in the middle of the text already in it. Unlike most text fields, double tapping on it does not move the cursor to the start or the end of the text field. You also cannot listen to the entire note when the keyboard is available. This makes creating & editing notes inaccessible to Voiceover. Sharing to Evernote takes a long time after entering text & choosing the folder. Once I hit save, a loading icon is shown while I have to wait for a long time to share it. If these problems are solved, I will be satisfied with Evernote. Until Evernote is Voiceover accessible, I will use another note taking app that is accessible.

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    Essential tool for my small business and life

    Been using Evernote for five years plus now. Subscribe to the premium edition for the encryption and privacy protections. Use it to keep detailed information about clients. As well as my own life/hobbies. Photos. Audio. But mostly written records that are usually dictate. Powerful search abilities even if I don’t bother with tagging etc. I have always found it when I am needed. Use it on multi platform. Desktop computer, iPhone, iPad and it even logged in remotely via the web. Do you like Evernote apps for the platforms; add speed and I’m able to store key files locally (do not need Internet access). Have needed their tech-support a couple of times. Resolve the issue quickly. If I had it suggested to improve, I’d like to see better Apple Pen support have an apple pen capabilities in the iPad app. My guess is; they are probably working on that

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Is Evernote - Notes Organizer Safe?

Yes. Evernote - Notes Organizer is quiet safe to use but use with caution. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 30,129 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.4/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Evernote - Notes Organizer Is 20.8/100.

Is Evernote - Notes Organizer Legit?

Yes. Evernote - Notes Organizer is legit, but not 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 30,129 Evernote - Notes Organizer User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Evernote - Notes Organizer Is 20.8/100.

Is Evernote - Notes Organizer not working?

Evernote - Notes Organizer works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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  1. Pulling issues faced by users like you is a good way to draw attention of Evernote - Notes Organizer to your problem using the strength of crowds.
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