JXLCAM Reviews

JXLCAM Reviews

Published by on 2024-01-31

About: Jxlcam is an app that works with home surveillance camera devices 1. The
monitoring of the specified device uid can be viewed only by connecting to the
specified device uid 2.


Jxlcam is an app that works with home surveillance camera devices 1. The monitoring of the specified device uid can be viewed only by connecting to the specified device uid 2. No matter where you are, you can view the monitoring anytime, anywhere 3. It supports capturing screen photos and recording videos and saving them locally 4. Support monitoring camera equipment and intercom with camera equipment 5. Support SD card video playback function.


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Light bulb camera

So far two days that I’ve had it can’t get it to do anything I’ve even called every name in the book and that didn’t work either. Then I called everybody that made this thing everything in the book and it didn’t work either. I don’t think it works at all, I see a little red light on the top big deal. There’s red lights everywhere you look these days. I I bought this because I thought the government made this for the military that’s what was on the commercials. Must also be another lie to the public. These things only work on 2 to 4G networks and everybody’s running 5G they don’t work at all. No wonder they’re having a large sale. They say limited supply I can see why. They say hurry order now before they run out. Far as I’m concerned live already run out. Good luck to anybody that buys these piles of crap !!!


Thanks for update - however...

I use this this app app to interface directly with a XD WIFI mini cam as the AP. Am running ithe app on a iPhone 7 with IOS 16. It seems to work like it's supposed to except for 1 MAJOR exception: When pressing the camera button to take a single photo, a message is briefly displayed that says "completed", but the photo is never saved to the phone's photo roll. 😖 Taking videos works perfectly though and they are saved like they should be. This is a serious issue that needs to be resolved before I can give JXLCAM more stars. PLEASE correct this for the next update! Thanks


Security camera

I tried to send mine back for a refund and told I can’t do that, because there is no address and they don’t except returns, every company excepts returns what is up with this company, which I feel is a scam, would not recommend any of there products and don’t ever buy anything from this company. This produced is garbage and which now I’m stuck with
I paid way to much for it which I did not realize it was that expensive and then they sign you up to a subscription, must be in the small print, like the instructions I had to use a magnifying glass, and still unable to read all instructions


Could be better but I’m happy for now

The camera is not that bad, but the frame rate is pretty much trash and JXLCAM is pretty confusing. There’s also some misspelled words on JXLCAM , which usually makes me think that JXL didn’t even bother to check their spelling and didn’t spend much time making JXLCAM or the camera. I’m happy it has audio, though, because I thought it might not and that’s really important to me.

To make a long story short, 3 stars. Nothing more, nothing less.


The big lie

This product is trash. Don’t spend any money on this camera! The advertisement stated that it is made in the United States. Not true, I know this because I received an email stating that the product was being prepared for shipment to the USA. Once I received it, the User Manual I found that I needed to use a magnifying glass to try to read the instructions. Once I did that and downloaded JXLCAM more problems were realized. The instructions are not very good. And JXLCAM is confusing. I was able to get it to beep but not more than that. I’m really glad I only bought one!


Half a star

The camera I bought is not of excellent quality, but that was to be expected. JXLCAM makes it absolutely useless. It does nothing. It’s almost impossible to use remotely, does not save settings, so won’t record on its own. You must view directly and record manually. That is, if the camera decides to connect for more than 25 seconds. I believe JXLCAM is the main problem here. I’m returning the product, but if you want any customers, I’d suggest doing some work on JXLCAM. Red flag was very poor translation. Just garbage.


Previous version worked better

The last version was the best yet for me as it kept an active hot spot at the top right corner of the screen and touching that would immediately bring up the camera, and the camera was always active.

In this version, that hot spot is gone, and the cam is inactive when I do switch to it by other means and I always miss what’s driving by.


Total waste of money -Don’t Bother

I bought five of these because “great sale”. Well none of the cameras will even connect.
I have watched almost every you tube video (in other languages) available and they still don’t work! Why? 1) these will not work on 5G networks, only 2.4. So, I switched over to the 2.4 GHz band and JXLCAM doesn’t connect any of the cameras no matter what I do. Reset the lights, delete and download the this app app again and again. This is such a disappointment and I wasted $150 and hours of my time 🤬


Don’t waste your money or time

This is one of the worst APPS I’ve downloaded and tried to use. Half of the icons have no functionality or get any response or action from the camera. I have several HD cameras and I can tell you this camera doesn’t even get close for quality to any of them. Extremely disappointed and felt as though the selling points advertised for this camera were copied and pasted from some other camera and APP to this one. Does not live up to its specifications as described.


Do not buy these

If I could have rated zero stars I would have been more accurate- I blame late night insomnia for this purchase. Unfortunately, if you’ve gotten this far you’ve probably already been suckered in like the rest of us. Totally useless product! As they say - if it’s too good to be true it probably is. They look well made but I just couldn’t get this to do more than flash a couple of lights. Not even enough for a decent light show. Into the trash they go- what a waste! 😡🙄🤬


Terrible product, only works with 4G

Was so excited to get this product and now thinking I was on a page that they own saying it’s the number 1 camera to get. Well, first off, it only works with 4G which most people don’t use anymore and the instructions are so tiny that even with cheaters and a magnifying glass I still couldn’t see or read the instructions. Praying I get my refund. I returned and had to pay $17 to return them about 4 days after receiving them!



I had to give it one star so I could write the review. I honestly would give it minus five if I could. Doesn't Apple ever check these reviews for scammers once they get to so many????
I was conned into buying two of these things. They clearly used ads from other companies!!!
They just don't work. End of. We've tried everything, nothing works. The only thing that DID work.... Was tossing them both in the trash!!!!
Don't buy them, just DON'T for your own sanity.


Don’t waste your money

I ordered 2 of these. When they arrived one of the boxes was opened and looked repackaged while the other was intact. The unopened camera worked for 30 seconds and shut off. The other did not work at all. Both cameras are poorly constructed, flimsy, and operating instructions, whether reviewed from the package insert or on line are terrible. It is not clear how this product can be marketed as is as it does not work as advertised. Buy something else.


Just a camera

I got mine today and the instructions are very hard to follow
I got the thing to work but realized
I was badly mistaken to think this would operate like a ring device IT DOESNT!
It is just a camera that you can log into like a baby cam or something and take a look around that area. It doesn’t notify you of movement or any thing. It does let you take a look and a listen or you can speak. I am very disappointed . Certainly NOT worth the cost!



This is a scam and I too wasted good money buying these light blub cameras. They do not work. I have read the instructions and my spouse did too. We followed instructions and even had the instructions sent to us from the company. The little pamphlet instructions are so small you need a magnifying glass. PLEASE, save your money and DO NOT PURCHASE THIS DEVICE it does not work. I don’t one to give it 1 star but it would not allow me to submit the review without a star rating. Pitiful


Motion detection doesn’t work.

I had no problem connecting this device and set up was reasonably ok. some others descriptions were poor. After screwing around for about 30 minutes, I was able to trigger the motion detection once. Mind you the camera was moving all the time. And the setting was set to high. The small form factor is nice, but if all the features don’t work, it makes the device pointless.


Returning its camera literally less than an hour it got delivered.

Should have Read the reviews before buying. This cam and app didn’t connect or configure its connection even though the requirements were filled if not exceed what needed for it do do it’s job. Worst product and app ever came across. If only negative Stars were the option I’d give it -10**********. What a waste of time, money and brainstorming it needs. SMH


Motion detection does not notify my phone

Motion detection does not notify my phone but when I open JXLCAM , I have tons of motion alerts that have been detected. I’m confused because both the camera and my phone are connected to the same network but I never receive any notifications.


Unable to connect period - MINUS 5⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

I’m not the sharpest tool when it comes to computers but I surely am not the dumbest either. Even a friend was assisting. The network was correct, the name & password were correct. Even the hotspot was correct. Still would not connect. I even deleted JXLCAM and pressed the reset button on the bulb camera. Talk about trash! This is what it is. Trash! If I could have given it a minus STARS I would have. STRAIGHT GARBAGE, BASURA!


The WORST!!! Save your money!

I purchased this camera knowing it wouldn’t be state of the art. However, this does absolutely NOTHING! It does NOT connect, directions are useless and there is NO SUPPORT. A complete waste of time and money. Btw- I am very tech savvy and couldn’t get this crap to respond at all. This camera should have been marketed as a dummy camera to scare people off. Instead i’m the dummy for having spent money on it.


Total Garbage

JXLCAM begs for a category for “0” stars. Bought two cameras. JXLCAM never registered either camera. Got message: “unable to configure camera. Please…” then no way to find out what follows the “Please…”. No tech support for camera and no way to return for refund. Only buy this camera if you want to use it as a dummy to look like you have surveillance. Otherwise, don’t waste your money.


App is terrible

The product (camera) and app are both terrible. The product would not connect with JXLCAM even after multiple attempts. JXLCAM does not allow one to delete a camera and start over, at least I could not see how. The overall functionality is poor as is the camera addition process. I’ve deleted it from my device.


Update is terrible

I feel the same as delarsen review. Everything this person reviewed and having trouble with I too have the same issues now. I agree the older version was better. Please fix it. I can’t even now reconnect camera after it drops off . Reallly need to fix your app! It’s not good. Please fix the bugs as soon as possible. Thanks or I’m going to have to go to another setup

Astrid   3 months ago

Don't buy!! Garbage! They work on my phone when I am home, but you don't see anything in the dark and the battery is low very quickly. You have to put them permanently in the socket.

Sid   4 months ago

These cameras are not worth the money the tracking doesn't work the app features are nowhere near the ones in video Don't waste your money in this product


Yes. JXLCAM is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 490 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 1.8/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for JXLCAM Is 44.4/100.

Is JXLCAM Legit?

Yes. JXLCAM is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 490 JXLCAM User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for JXLCAM Is 56.2/100..

Is JXLCAM not working?

JXLCAM works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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